Here’s a job description for a major gift or legacy gift lead outreach associate


Let’s get started with the job description stuff noting that it is wise to invest in an entry-level lead outreach associate to open up lines of communication and dialogue. Here is the type of person you’ll want to find along with a loose job description: Job description: Lead Outreach Associate. The main task of a Lead Outreach Associate is to call and email potential donors who have shown interest in making a gift.

“Dear donor, you rock! Here’s why…” Jeff Brooks’ powerful donor outreach formula


But if you don’t have time for that, just apply the following to your communication efforts: Dear Donor, = Make sure you sound like you are talking to one person with great affection in your outreach. Here’s why…” Jeff Brooks’ powerful donor outreach formula appeared first on MarketSmart | . If you want to know how to communicate with your donors, I strongly recommend you listen to whatever Jeff Brooks says.


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Engagement Calling Metrics for Lead Outreach Associates Tasked With Arranging Meetings With Major Donor & Legacy Donor Prospects


However, they are usually not yet leads and probably not ready for outreach. Highly-qualified ‘outreach-ready’ leads – These supporters have met the criteria outlined above and have engaged recently. NOTE: You can, indeed, make outreach to all of these categories. The best way to ensure that the meetings arranged by a Lead Outreach Associate are highly qualified is to have the gift officers provide feedback after their calls/visits.

Pause Non-Essential Outreach A.S.A.P.—April 19 Alert

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As of Friday, April 19 1:42 pm ET—Will update as the news story evolves. Please share your take, questions and/or how your org is responding. PAUSE. That’s my #1 recommendation for your nonprofit right now, as responders chase down the second bombing suspect. We’re all too tense (at least now, at least the people I know) to absorb anything much right now. And if you try to spark engagement on non-related or non-essential issues right now, you’ll fail.

Why your donor prospects lie to you and won’t accept your outreach


” Even when I DO need help, I sometimes reject their outreach for no good reason. So why on earth would I reject their outreach to help me learn and make a decision? Then, when a customer or donor prospect reaches the desire stage of the consideration process, they’ll be most accepting of one-to-one outreach. The post Why your donor prospects lie to you and won’t accept your outreach appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |.

Staying Cool: 5 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat While Doing Voter Outreach


Non-partisan civic engagement efforts are so important to the health of our democracy, but how do you protect your canvassers from the record-breaking summer heat? Here are five tips for keeping you and your canvassers safe while they're engaging voters and knocking doors. Stay hydrated. Make sure that you and your canvassers have access to plenty of cold water. The key is to drink as soon as you become thirsty.

The top 10 reasons why your donor outreach fails


The post The top 10 reasons why your donor outreach fails appeared first on MarketSmart | . It’s boring. #9. It’s impersonal. #8. It’s irrelevant. #7. It lacks emotion. #6. It’s confusing. #5. It fails to tell the donor what you want them to do. #4. It fails to prove “what’s in it for them” #3. It fails to provide a way for the donor to respond to someone directly. #2.

#FUNDRAISING: Causevox Improves Online Outreach & Fundraising To 2.0

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But so too have Facebook, Twitter, and (HTML) email outreach opportunities been expanded and easily tweaked to your organization. And if your nonprofit or charity is looking for an excellent set of tools to establish an online presence (both outreach and income), we encourage you to contact Rob and his colleagues. The post #FUNDRAISING: Causevox Improves Online Outreach & Fundraising To 2.0 Easy-to-customize donation pages.

Time Your Nonprofit Marketing Outreach for Greatest Impact

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But if you connect with your network members at a time when their minds are closed – when they’re getting their kids ready for school, prepping to deliver a key presentation, gobbling lunch or about to finish up for the day – your outreach will fall flat, no matter how well it’s crafted. Timing is everything. It’s the gatekeeper to having even a chance of connecting with your target audiences.

Google One Today and How it Improves Nonprofit Outreach


Google One Today and How it Improves Nonprofit Outreach. Find out how the Google One Today app will increase your outreach and excite your supporters. Social donating increases outreach. You may be thinking that such a simple boost to your outreach sounds too good to be true.

Fitting Online Outreach into an Overall Fundraising Strategy

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The Price: Adding online outreach to your fundraising strategy is a wise budgetary move. The highest marketing cost for most nonprofits is direct mail newsletters and appeals, so it’s frugal to move as much of your outreach online as possible. Email is vastly less expensive than offline outreach, and online donations are far more efficient than processing checks – plus the average online gift is triple the typical offline one! Why Raise Funds Online?

10 Partnership Outreach Tips For Nonprofits

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Many nonprofits make the mistake of using just one outreach technique, like email. There’s so much emphasis put on relationship building during outreach that some people forget to be up front about the business side of things. When you rely on email to make contact, strengthen your outreach communication techniques by using subject lines that are personalized, intriguing and unique. The post 10 Partnership Outreach Tips For Nonprofits appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Rise Of Micro-Networks Might Reconfigure Social Outreach

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The opportunities for outreach are expanded exponentially through a social network like Twitter or a blogging site like Tumblr. Online social networking is all about the sharing, even sharing stuff you wished the rest of the world didn’t see. For businesses, to garner thousands of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ can be testament to your product’s popularity in the market.

How to Build Capacity and Strengthen Outreach

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The post How to Build Capacity and Strengthen Outreach appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Sponsored by Jitasa. Nonprofit or not, a lot of businesses need help filling the gaps where their shortcomings lie. Not all nonprofits have a problem with hiring ample staff and creating resources to achieve their mission, but many of us do. . It doesn’t take a genius to find an issue, but not all organizations have the capacity to fix glaring problems as well or as timely as needed. .

#SocialNetworks: What Should You Expect From Your Online Outreach?

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” If support is not being given, then the outreach is not motivating the targeted audience. ROI can offer profits in income, in personel and skills, and in reputation. Whether we invest time, money, other capital, or any combination of them, we want to see some results come from the investment.

Freud, Buddha, and Online Outreach at #09NTC

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I attended “The Seven Things Everyone Wants: What Freud and Buddha Understood (and We’re Forgetting) about Online Outreach&# this morning with two of my favorite big brains in nonprofit marketing: Katya Andresen of Network for Good and Mark Rovner of Sea Change Strategies.

#Communications: Fine Tune Twitter Use To Enrich Outreach

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The idea of using Twitter can overwhelm some, and how to use it as a smart tool for strategic engagement seems downright contradictory to many. Yet as the social-networking platform matures -- Rather, as the people who use it explore that myriad ways to make it work for them -- an ever growing number of provable strategies are being developed.

#Development: How To Make A Video And Make It Grow Your Outreach

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If part of an overall strategy of outreach, video will certainly bring a striking return on investment because it can make human in a few minutes what your organization does year-round. Telling stories is one of the elemental qualities of humans. We love to tell them, hear them, and watch them. But sometimes changing media can short-circuit our storytelling instincts as we work our way through the technology yet allow the narrative to dissolve.

Generating Leads By Combining Identity and Programmatic Outreach

The Agitator

They were able to combine mission outreach – helping people with a greater likelihood of hangnails manage their risk and get diagnosed – with their development efforts using an online lead generation campaign. Since part of their mission is to help people with this awareness, they were doing programmatic outreach. (Yes, The natural assumption is that most donors to the American Hangnail Society either have hangnails or care about someone who does.

#FUNDRAISING: 2011 Was A Good Year For Email Outreach By Nonprofits

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For me, one of the biggest surprises in the report was not so much the fact that email remains so important a means of outreach , but that response rates went up by 28% since the previous year, and fundraising via email outreach went up as well by 19%.

#COMMUNICATIONS: In Outreach, Less Can Be More If You Avoid 3 Common Mistakes

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Well, let’s just chill out a bit this Monday (now that the national heatwave has finally been clipped) and follow some sage advice from Brad Smith : avoid three common mistakes, and the outreach can better take care of itself. What mistakes do you see out there in social marketing and outreach? You won't be the first, but how to avoid a #Fail?

#HOWTO: Connect Your Facebook Page & Your WordPress Blog For Seamless Outreach

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Click to enlarge Last week Facebook and WordPress announced a plugin that will link both social-media platforms: posts on your nonprofit’s WP blog will be updated in your nonprofit’s Facebook Timeline, and your blog entries can have ‘Like’ and ‘Recommend’ buttons on them. One of the great things about the WordPress blogging platform is indeed the plugin feature: most are free and open source.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #2 Investment in Strategic Blogger Outreach

Giving in a Digital World

One reason for this gap may be that Blogger Outreach is managed by the Communications or Media Relations teams in your organisation. If this is the case, then offer to get the relevant person a coffee and book some time with them to talk through just what the Blogger Outreach Strategy is and how well fundraising is integrated into it. More likely, your organisation won’t have a properly developed Blogger Outreach Strategy.

The Two Words You MUST Include in All Your Outreach

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Scammers love to trick you by pretending to be someone they''re not. For instance, how many times has "Your Bank" attempted to get you to confirm or re-enter your personal information for their records? They''re basically saying, "Haha, we''re not real. Yoink*!" " (*That''s the sound of your information and identity being snatched.) Now, put yourself in the shoes of someone new to your organization.

#HOWTO: Tumblr’s Advanced Features Won’t Overwhelm Ease Of Outreach

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We have been working our way through Tumblr now for a few weeks in the hopes of inspiring you and your colleagues to consider creation of a Tumblr presence for your nonprofit. Tumblr got going in 2007, and really took off a couple of years later as twenty-somethings found in the platform a sweet spot of posting stories longer than those allowed by Twitter but short and quick enough to make sharing a breeze. Since then, organizations ?

The Power of Timely Outreach -- 3 Snowy Day Campaigns

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There's nothing like online communications for getting "of the moment" word out to your organization's networks. I was delighted to see these three orgs reaching out via facebook and Twitter, inviting those of us in blizzard conditions to learn and be entertained (in person or online). This is smart communications--seeing a key point of connection (stuck at home, bored perhaps, a bit more time than on the typical work day) and communicating around it at the moment of.

Where’s the donor in your outreach efforts?

Sea Change Strategies

We can learn a thing from Bruno Mars about making our audiences (and donors) the “stars” of our communications vehicles. Bruno Mars is featuring fans dancing to his hit “Treasure” on a new website called The site looks for videos posted with the hashtag #TreasureDance on Instagram, takes the newest 100 videos and places them in a random sequence alongside Bruno Mars’s preexisting music video for Treasure.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Politicians & NonProfits Need Agility With Online Outreach

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But what both parties know well is the fact that they must be ‘agile’ with their social-media outreach. As the Democratic ‘nominee’ Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech last night in Charlotte, NC, a record number of tweets on politics were sent out ? some 52,756 tweets-per-minute (tpm) being posted as he wound up. By contrast, Mitt Romney inspired 14,289 tpm, which was about half as many as reactions to Michelle Obama’s presentation two nights ago.

Three Ways to Humanize Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Outreach

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(Credit: United Way, Source: Peter Panepento/The Chronicle of Philanthropy). Social media is a fantastic tool to make your presence known online. But are you using it correctly? Many nonprofits are using it to promote themselves, but often in the wrong ways, said Peter Panepento , assistant managing editor at The Chronicle of Philanthropy , at the Washington, DC, edition of the Social Media for Nonprofits conference.

Blogger Outreach. Tread Lightly.

Marketing for Nonprofits

Blogger outreach isn't a bad idea. And blogs are more personal than MSM (mainstream media) so unless you're pitching the Huffington Post you must approach blogger outreach in a personal way. It's official. I'm a publisher and here's how I know. I'm getting a lot of requests (several per week) to publish others' ideas, studies, services, etc. via my blog. Strange thing is, I'm both honored and annoyed. Here's why.

Exit Center Stage and Bring Your Suitcase with You: Switching Your Messengers and Making Your Outreach Portable

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Online Fundraising Change #6: Think Portable in All Outreach. PART 3 of 4: "The 8 Online Fundraising Changes You Must Make in 2010" (You can download the full, free online fundraising eBook on which this series is based!) Online Fundraising Change #5: Switch Up Your Messengers to Attain Social Proof. Over the past few years, trust has eroded in traditional, official messengers. We increasingly look to people like ourselves for reliable information.

Extend Your NGO's Reach With Wikipedia

Social Media Bird Brain

articles Just Giving outreach small NGO WikipediaSince I'm old, I remember the days when school report projects involved trips to the library and waiting and waiting for the volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica I needed to be freed up. In these internet days, knowledge is just a Google search away, but a lot of people prefer to look up their subject on Wikipedia. Not that it doesn't have its problems: there have been instances where.

How to Communicate in the Shadow of Disaster -- Guidelines for Respectful but Effective Outreach

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As I read accounts of Haitians struggling for basic needs post-earthquake, I'm struck by the number of lives that have been taken and touched by this disaster. It’s almost all one can think of. That's a significant communications challenge for the nonprofit organizations delivering aid: How to mobilize giving while communicating respectfully about their efforts and impact on the ground? How to keep giving going even as the earthquake, and the plight of survivors, is no longer top of mind?

Where’s the donor in your outreach efforts?

Sea Change Strategies

We can learn a thing from Bruno Mars about making our audiences (and donors) the “stars” of our communications vehicles. Bruno Mars is featuring fans dancing to his hit “Treasure” on a new website called The site looks for videos posted with the hashtag #TreasureDance on Instagram, takes the newest 100 videos and places them in a random sequence alongside Bruno Mars’s preexisting music video for Treasure.

3 questions to spark more creative outreach

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Do you ever feel you’re mindlessly repeating the same outreach methods? This was one of my first posts, from years ago. Since it’s likely no one read it back in the early days of this blog, I’m repeating it here in answer to a question I was asked this week: How do I break through the communications clutter? Wristbands, emails, brochures? With 1.8 million nonprofits in the US alone, you need creativity to cut through the clutter.

How many LinkedIn contacts do you have?


Fundraising Lead Generation strategy charitable giving communication and engagement LinkedIn contacts LinkedIN marketing tips LinkedIN profiles Nonprofit nonprofit social media marketing Outreach on LinkedInI’m always surprised when I click on a major gift or planned gift fundraiser’s LinkedIn profile and see that they only have 30, 50 or 100 connections. How can that be possible?

Data Driven Campaigns Can Help Small Nonprofits

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Here's the gist of it: Target your audience for the best returns on your outreach. data segment research measurement targeting Small nonprofit outreachgraphic via Robert Kirrily on Flickr I really dislike numbers, but sometimes it can't be helped. SSIR has a good article about learning from Obama's data-driven campaigns. They make it about measurement, but I make it about reach. Example: Obama's campaign focused on buying ads in places where they could.

Obama 113

Interview: How to better integrate digital tools into your outreach

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Allyson Kapin and Amy Sample Ward have written a new book, Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to Implement Online Multichannel Strategies to Spark Advocacy, Raise Money, and Engage your Community. Since I get so many questions about how to best integrate online and mobile efforts into an overall strategy, I thought I’d ask them to share their thoughts with us. This is the first part of our conversation. I’ll post the second half tomorrow.

Webinar: Making the Case: Grant Funding for Online Outreach & Advocacy


Find out how some nonprofits are making the case to foundations that funding online outreach is a great investment, and are growing their base of online donors in the process. Online advocacy is the cornerstone of online fundraising strategy for many nonprofits. Advocacy helps you recruit new committed supporters and keep your existing supporters engaged. But how do you get started building a program, especially if most of your funding comes from foundation grants?

Sept 49

#SocialNetworks: Videos Demonstrate The Power Of Video For Nonprofits

Non Profit Marketing 360

And what better way to appreciate the impact of video outreach than to watch a couple of videos that explore the impact nonprofits like yours have made with such outreach? The participants of a panel presented their recent successes on ROI thanks to social media generally and thanks to video outreach specifically. This video, an oldie-but-a-goodie (2007), outlines five foundational points when developing a video-outreach strategy for your nonprofit: 1.

Video 109

Your Volunteers Make, Or Break, Web 2.0 Outreach -- But You Have To Help Them Do It Right

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You know an idea is big when it bubbles up from various sources at the same time. That's what's been happening today with this one. Putting social media tools to work should be on your "to-do" list for 2009, although you have to take a quick look at what your communications goals are before jumping in. But even if you don't see a strong immediate match with your goals, it makes sense to experiment with a tool or two so you'll be up to speed when the time is right.

Mining Newsletters for Fun and Nonprofit

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not-for-profits perspective MailChimp newsletter bikinis nonprofit Small nonprofit WordPress outreachImage from History of Pala Mining If you're like me, you are getting a boatload of e-letters in your inbox. Half the time, I scan their headlines for anything that seems worthwhile, and if I don't see it - BANG - into the round file. I don't do this with everything, of course.

Four ways to inject social contagion into your outreach in 2012

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In your outreach in 2012, make sure that you keep this in mind. Include social sharing links in all of your outreach to encourage word of mouth. A recent review of more than 20 academic papers on social contagion, published in the book Consumer Insights: Findings From Behavioral Research , shows that consumers are heavily influenced not only by word of mouth - which we all know by now—but also by merely observing the behaviors of others, even if no communication takes place.