Social Media Awareness That Works: S’mores in the Outdoors

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If you know anything about me, you know that whenever I am not working, I am outdoors – hiking, biking, skiing, paddling, camping, taking long walks with the dogs (my self-proclaimed motto is “I brake for trailheads”). A: We are always looking for good ways to introduce people to the outdoors in general and to the natural/cultural resources and recreation opportunities in our state parks and reservoirs specifically. Julia Reich.

Cause Marketing at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show

Cause Related Marketing

Starting today in my fair city is the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the trade show of the $10.85 billion Outdoor Industry Association. I’ll snag interviews, get comments and talk to leaders about how they’re using cause marketing to give them strategic advantage in the growing outdoor industry. Corporate Social Responsibility Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Alden Keene and Associates Twitter cause marketing


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Cause Marketing Signs at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show

Cause Related Marketing

Yesterday at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market was the Open Air demo. Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Twitter cause marketingToday the indoor portion of the twice-annual show starts. So when I walked through the Salt Palace Convention Center on Wednesday the aisles were filled not with throngs of people but with the detritus of a giant trade show. Reminds me a little of the time when at a charity softball tourney I saw Larry King take his shirt off! :o

OluKai Cause Markets For Local Cause at Outdoor Retailer Show

Cause Related Marketing

For instance, at the Outdoor retailer show that took place last week in my small State of Utah, the show was right around the 30th largest city in the State! Outdoor Retailer Trade Show OluKai Cause Marketing at Trade Shows Kellen TrachyTrade shows are a natural for cause marketing because there are so many like-minded people under one roof.

Buy One Plant One Cause Marketing at the Outdoor Retailer Show

Cause Related Marketing

But at the Outdoor Retailer Show that wrapped up Saturday, August 6, 2011 I found a new favorite. BOGO Trees for the Future Paul Jones Oboz Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Alden Keene and Associates Heifer InternationalOver the last few years I’ve profiled about a dozen or so variations on a theme of ‘Buy One Give One’ (BOGO). Footwear company Oboz , which is a contraction of the words Outside-Bozeman specializes in shoes and boots true to its Montana roots.

The Winter Doesn't Mean the End to Outdoor Fundraising Events

Cause Related Marketing

The snow has already begun to fly here in the northern hemisphere, so that means all those outdoor charity walks, runs, races, golf tournaments and such are done everywhere except in the sunbelt until Spring 2012, right? In fact, plenty of opportunities remain for outdoor events during the cold winter months.

Winter 127

Ep236: REI Aims to Reclaim Outdoors for Women with 'Force of Nature'

Selfish Giving

The goal of Force of Nature is a total disruption of the dominance of male imagery, heroes and stories as "masters of the outdoors." and and seeks reclaims the outdoors for women of all ages, races, sizes, and gender expressions. Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Laura Swapp , Director of Public Affairs & Next Gen Marketing at REI , about an ambitious new campaign called Force of Nature.

Size Matters in Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

I was reminded of this when I saw this ad for Outdoor Research in Outdoor USA Magazine , a trade publication that I picked up at the Winter 2011 Outdoor Retailers trade show. Outdoor USA Magazine is tabloid sized and printed on matte paper. This ad for Outdoor Research , a 27-year-old outdoor gear company, is roughly 10.25” x 15.85. To put it another way, Outdoor Research’s ad is about 162 square inches.

Grants Available for Schools & Youth Non Profits Creating Sun-Safe Outdoor Areas

Seeking Grant Money Today

American Academy of Dermatology Announces 2008 Shade Structure Grant Program Deadline: March 5, 2008 To assist organizations in creating sun-safe outdoor areas, the American Academy of Dermatology ( [link] ) has announced the availability of grant applications for its Shade Structure Program. Tags: American public schools youth groups RFP sun safe outdoor areas grants American Academy of Dermatology the foundation center From The Foundation Center.

Nike Vet Keeps Bike Inner Tubes Out of the Landfill and Benefits the Humane Society

Cause Related Marketing

Listen now to this interview with Paul at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City as he talks about Cycle Dog's products, how they keep inner tubes out of the landfill, how they benefit the Humane Society, and how to crack open a cold one with man’s best friend. Cycle Dog Alden Keene Outdoor Retailer Trade Show TerraCycle Nike Paul Fidrych

Nike 183

Cause Marketing During Trade Shows

Cause Related Marketing

The Summer 2011 Outdoor Retailer Show attracts something close to 25,000 people… about the population of a small city… and puts them in a space about the size of 2 city blocks square. Gerber, the knife maker repeated a promotion in ran in January 2011 at the SHOT (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) Show in Las Vegas by selling a knife branded to TV adventurer Bear Grylls and benefiting the Boy Scouts of America.

Cause Marketing Blog Interview with Neil Bradshaw of AVEX

Cause Related Marketing

In this second video interview from the 2013 Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, I talk with AVEX’s Brand Ambassador Neil Bradshaw about how this product feature figured into their decision about which charity to support when it came time to do some cause marketing. Paul Jones AVEX Neil Bradshaw Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Alden Keene and Associates Cause Marketing Blog cause marketing

Camelbak Announces New Cause Marketing Effort for

Cause Related Marketing

In an exclusive interview with at the Summer 2011 Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, here’s Shannon Stearns, senior marketing manager at Camelbak, to explain it. David Letterman Camelbak Facebook Shannon Stearns Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Matt DamonCamelbak did a cause marketing campaign with last year wherein the hydration company created a specially-branded version of its water bottles that the charity sold as a fundraiser.

Made in America Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

The night before my interview with Alex Strickland of Liberty at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City the company hosted a beer bash that raised $2000 for BCM. During the Summer Outdoor Retailer show in August 2011, Liberty released a bottle designed by Yakima graffiti artist Bernardo Boeragor and sold in stores to benefit BCM.

Cause Marketing Blog Interview with Randy McKinley of Bearpaw

Cause Related Marketing

The Outdoor Retailer Show increasingly features a lot of cause marketing. Paul Jones Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Alden Keene and Associates Cause Marketing Blog Bearpaw Randy McKinley cause marketingYou can always find a lot of very visible ‘big cause marketing’ at the trade show, which took place in January 2013 in Salt Lake City. But in my fifth time at the biannual trade show I went looking for small efforts; cause marketing that’s just being tried out.

Getting NPO Logos Size Right in Cause Marketing Ads

Cause Related Marketing

I beat up Outdoor Research pretty badly in yesterday’s post for promoting its sponsorship of the nonprofit charity Leave No Trace so inconspicuously that it could scarcely be seen. I suspect that Outdoor Research's advertising budget is modest. Like the Outdoor Research ad, there’s an attractive person representing the target market. Pure Protein's use of the National MS logo is big enough, while Outdoor Research's use of the Leave No Trace logo was not.

Ads 116

Trade Show Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

I spent a few hours at the Outdoor Retailers annual winter trade show on Friday, January 21, 2011 going from booth to booth and looking for notable cause marketing efforts. Like any trade show, a good portion of what goes on at the Outdoor Retailer show is business intelligence. Jinn Brunk Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Columbia Sportswear Conservation Alliance

Teva’s BOGO Cause Marketing Returns Company's Philanthropy to its Watery Origins

Cause Related Marketing

A Pair for a Foot BOGO Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Teva Jaime Eschette Buy One Give One cause marketingTeva, the footwear company, started out making sandals for Colorado River Guides. And at its founding in 1984, Teva supported the nonprofit Save the Colorado, as it still does today. But as the company grew the footprint of its corporate philanthropy got ever-wider and more diffuse. No one likes to say to worthy causes with compelling stories, after all.

Outré Cause Marketing?

Cause Related Marketing

A special sale of the knife at the SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) in January 2011 in Las Vegas generated $22,000 for the Cascade Pacific Council in Northwest Oregon, where Gerber is headquartered. I saw the item in Outdoor USA Magazine. a trade publication for the outdoor retailing industry, and was just a little surprised. And making outdoor gear is Gerber’s business.

Democratized Cause Marketing With a Lower Price of Entry

Cause Related Marketing

American Express Pepsi The Members Project Matthew Effect Great Outdoors Project Redwood Creek Pepsi RefreshAmerican Express has its Member’s Project and Pepsi has Pepsi Refresh, both of which award millions of dollars in prizes and cost perhaps two to three times as much to activate, promote and administer. But can smaller sponsors do this voter-driven democratized cause marketing in a way that is both in reach and effective?One

Price 119

Cause Marketing Your Customer Satisfaction Warranty

Cause Related Marketing

A news report in Outdoor USA Magazine put Sole’s U.S. Ford Dress for Success Aeron chairs Big City Mountaineers Outdoor USA Magazine Herman Miller Soles4Souls Sole Junior AchievementOrthotic insole maker Sole offers a cause marketing approach that addresses a different side of business than I’ve ever seen before.

Cause Marketing Sponsors Wanted to Help Save Millions of Lives

Cause Related Marketing

World Vision, the very able humanitarian organization, has an ambitious goal to End Malaria by 2015 and they’re at the mammoth Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in Salt Lake City to drum up corporate support among outdoor retailers and brands. Malaria Cause Marketing in Africa Outdoor Retailer Trade Show World Vision Twitter Angela Appleton

Using Cause Marketing to Preserve Retail Pricing Power

Cause Related Marketing

That question came after reading the unsigned editorial at the left in a recent issue of Outdoor USA Magazine , a trade publication of the outdoor retailers and manufacturers industry. The editorial is specifically about the dangers to outdoor retailers of using Groupon. REI business benefits of cause marketing Outdoor USA Magazine Facebook Deals Groupon The North FaceThe Consumer Wars have been fought, and frankly, Consumers won.

Price 109

Using Cause Marketing Money to Fund Your Charity’s Endowment

Cause Related Marketing

When I read the news item in Outdoor USA Magazine, a trade publication, above it occurred to me that one of the ways a charity could use cause marketing funds is to build an endowment. Komen for the Cure Children's Miracle Network Benefits of Cause Marketing Outdoor USA Magazine Activation St. One criticism of cause marketing I often hear is that money raised that way is almost certain to be a pittance for most charities.

Mission Minded Wins PEAK Award from CO American Marketing Association

Mission Minded

Nonprofit Design advertising American Marketing Association award billboard campaign Denver Art Museum design Marvelous Mud nonprofit advertising outdoor PEAK WinMission Minded’s work on behalf of Denver Art Museum won a Colorado American Marketing Association PEAK award in the integrated marketing campaign category last night.

Mission Minded Wins PEAK Award from CO American Marketing Association

Mission Minded

Nonprofit Design advertising American Marketing Association award billboard campaign Denver Art Museum design Marvelous Mud nonprofit advertising outdoor PEAK WinMission Minded’s work on behalf of Denver Art Museum won a Colorado American Marketing Association PEAK award in the integrated marketing campaign category last night.

6 Summer Fundraiser Ideas for 2021

NonProfit Hub

Plenty of options are available—from outdoor events to virtual fun. Outdoor fitness class. Get outside and earn donations by hosting an outdoor fitness event. In short, summer is an ideal time to head outdoors while also allowing the option for virtual fun.

Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for May 2021

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The end of May is the unofficial start of summer, so you’ll see lots of discussion about outdoor and warm weather activities. Don’t rack your brain trying to think of clever ideas for your social media updates, blog posts, or newsletter articles.

May 249

How Greenpeace & Other Environmental Groups Are Using Technology to Build a Better World


Outdoor Alliance. The Outdoor Alliance is another organization that demonstrates how to achieve effective advocacy asks especially when it comes to targeting your Congressperson. Outdoor Alliance achieves this perfectly with their action alerts. There are thousands of nonprofits changing the world in big and small ways every single day.

Groups 120

Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for June 2021

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s also: Great Outdoors Month. Hopefully you are scheduling some vacation time which means you may need some quick ideas to fill your editorial schedule while your gone. Don’t worry! We have exactly what you’re looking for with these writing prompts.

June 177

How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

Get Fully Funded

Inclement weather: Outdoor and even some indoor events may need to be cancelled due to inclement weather. If your organization relies on volunteers, even just a little, you need a volunteer handbook that spells out expectations, policies, and procedures.

How To 234

Your Official #NN18 Local's Guide to New Orleans


At this intimate Frenchmen Street bar, catch one of two live music sets (at 6pm and 10pm) seven days a week, and don't forget to stop by the outdoor art market next door. The space is contemporary and invites a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor. So it’s great for the outdoor vendors, who are usually just regular New Orleanians with special culinary talents, to sell cut fruit, crawfish pasta, and other snacks.

Guide 113

How to Pick the Right Fundraiser for Your New Nonprofit

Get Fully Funded

Would they prefer an outdoor activity or a fancy indoor party? Movie Night: Bring the whole community out with a beloved family movie, shown outdoors on a big screen.

How To 137

Great Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: Monday Matters!

Getting Attention

Communications & Public Engagement Coordinator , Outdoor Alliance (Washington, DC). Please post your open nonprofit marketing positions here. Associate Director of Marketing & Communications , The Center for State and Local Finance (Atlanta, GA). Chief Marketing Officer , Net Impact (San Francisco, CA). Communications & Marketing Manager , The Lewy Body Dementia Association (Lilburn, GA).

Jobs 149

Why You Should Run Your Nonprofit Like a Business

Get Fully Funded

Let’s say our donut shop owner wants to increase sales by expanding outdoor seating to accommodate more people and increasing hours of operation. You started your nonprofit because you saw a need in your community and felt inspired to meet that need.

Your Official #19NTC Local's Guide to Portland


The Pacific Northwest is full of natural beauty, and Portlanders love to spend time outdoors - so make sure to bring a jacket (and maybe some hiking boots if you're really feeling adventurous) and take full advantage of the city and nearby surroundings. We’re eagerly packing our bags, and can’t wait to see our nonprofit friends and family from around the country at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Tis the Season for Bad Cause Marketing

Selfish Giving

As first reported in Nonprofit Quarterly , a New Mexico company sponsored a Coyote Kill Contest this weekend, saying that half the proceeds will go to the Children’s Outdoor Adventure Association. on outdoor adventures. I couldn’t make up this stuff if I tried. I found these two examples of bad cause marketing on the same day! That’s a first.

How to Launch Your Travel Business Digitally

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Her interests include outdoor activities, fitness, technology, entrepreneurship and everything in between. How to Launch Your Travel Business Digitally. The travel industry has been booming for years. If you want to start your Travel Business Digitally, check out the following tips below.

Social Media and Newsletter Ideas for June 2020*

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It’s also: Great Outdoors Month Gay Pride Month National Adopt a Cat Month National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month Student Safety Month Zoo and Aquarium Month. These writing ideas come from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts email newsletter.

June 178

Bringing a Reporter to a Pine Beetle Battle (With Apologies to Dr. Suess)

Cause Related Marketing

What I found was a self described “portal for all things outdoor” and a “news source for recreation information and advocacy.” Help Choose Outdoors sustain the outdoor experience for all Americans. Encourage your legislators to provide resources to preserve America's public lands and maintain outdoor recreation infrastructure. Introduce someone to outdoor activities."

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Jennifer Peifer

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

In her free time she enjoys being outdoors, cooking and reading – always reading! Jennifer Peifer Welcome to the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators! This series lets you describe your workday in your own words. Jennifer Peifer has worked in nonprofit communications for close to 20 years.

6 not-so-conventional tips for working from home

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Get some fresh outdoor air at regular intervals. It’s been quite interesting reading the influx of posts about people adapting to their new reality of working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work 195

How to Stage a Successful Virtual News Conference

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Often, these are outdoor affairs, so you also have to contend with the potential for rough weather. The nonprofit One Warm Coat used a virtual news conference to kick off its annual winter coat drive campaign. Nonprofit communicators are preparing for a year-end giving season unlike any other.

News 180