Are you in love with your organization’s mission?


This is simply the way the universe works. The post Are you in love with your organization’s mission? Fundraising charity blog free non profit mission statement examples mission statement examples for business mission statements of nonprofit organisations nonprofit mission statement requirements nonprofit mission statement template nonprofit mission statement worksheet nonprofit vision statement organization mission statement examples Philanthropy philanthropy blog philosoph

What Is Your Organization’s Social Media Workflow?

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There is a misconception that the work of social media is easy – simple posting and tweeting. created a great infographic depicting how much time organizations invest in social media management. He examined a typical social media workflow in a 40 hour work week.

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Asana—Streamline the Work Behind Your Work (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

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Guest blogger, Leili Khalessi is the Marketing and Communications Manager for RedRover , a national animal welfare organization. As nonprofit communicators, we all know what it’s like to try to find balance in our work despite competing priorities, multiple teams and never-ending deadlines.

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Work Our Audience-Driven News Climate

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How YOU Can Work this Trend to Benefit YOUR Organization. Respond on behalf of your organization if it’s appropriate, or mobilize your constituency to respond as individuals. Thanks to guest blogger Mollie Katz, Multimedia Strategist at Mollie Katz Communications.

Bring Yourself to Work? James Porter Does

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Do you bring yourself—with your passions, personal history, and personality—to work, or do you check “the real you” at the front door? Here’s hoping you bring “all of you” to work. It’s the only way to feel fully at ease in your job, to nurture the relationships you need for success and satisfaction (for you and your organization), and to bring the greatest value to your role and responsibilities.

How to Recognize and Manage Different Work Styles

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Pacific) Carson Tate , author of Work Simply, will join us for a FREE webinar – Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style. During the webinar, Carson will discuss how to prioritize your work based on the way you think and process information.

Do you have bad boundaries?

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So I wanted to ask you since we’ve both had fundraising jobs and worked in nonprofits for a long time, what happens when people who work at nonprofits don’t have good boundaries? SG: Well, I think boundary issues, there’s really no separating work from life.

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What does an LGBTQ nonprofit organization do?

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Since I didn’t know a lot about various LGBTQ organizations, I pointed him to the now sadly defunct Planet Out (which now redirects to ), where I thought he might be able to find more people in the community. An FtoM organization is not a choir.

How to organize your fundraising job search like a pro with Phil Gerard

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Phil will be speaking about how to structure and organization your fundraising job search. Then as opportunities come up in the future, I have a much better understanding of who could be a good fit for what job in what organization. Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome.

5 Steps to Discovering Great Stories for Your Organization (Even if You’re a Policy Organization)

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This is especially true at policy organizations. Kivi has a great post on telling stories when your organization helps indirectly , with creative ways to get around this challenge by utilizing partners’ clients, drawing on from stories in the news, and using testimonials. Marta Lindsey.

Does Ask, Ask, and Ask Again Really Work?


I don’t believe that major gift fundraising works to get results the same way pounding a hammer against a nail does to get it into a piece of wood. But the people who invest the time to get to know me, build a relationship with me and match what their organization does with how I want to find meaning in my life… they get my money every time.” The post Does Ask, Ask, and Ask Again Really Work?

Nonprofit Websites that Work: Showcase Your Personality, Passion & Impact

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Because I thought nonprofits wanted to work with an agency for their website. People want to work with those who provide the best results. And they want to know the name, face, personality and qualifications of the folks they’re working with.

10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working in Fundraising

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Nonprofit organizations are PATHOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTS that allow all pressure to be put on the Development Director, who is expected to overcome all organizational issues and raise millions in the first month. “Why should I fundraise for an organization where everyone is an idiot?”

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Working in Canada goes Mobile

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Essentially these are government services that I have discovered through my consulting work, which are not always well known, yet extremely valuable. It was initially developed for skilled immigrants looking to work in Canada, however once you try it out yourself you’ll realize that it’s useful for domestic audiences as well. There is also the very useful branded Working in Canada YouTube Channel with useful videos and enabled comments.

What Type of Communications Team Works Best at Your Nonprofit?

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According to our research, 75% of nonprofit communications teams are organized in one of four ways, based on how the workload for the team is created. That has major implications for the effectiveness of your communications work, depending on your goals.

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How to Organize Your Nonprofit’s Photos

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How do you organize your photos so you can actually find what you need? So you know photos are important and you have found staff and volunteers to help document the great things that happen at your organization. It can be overwhelming to know how to organize all those photos.

Some people find me abrasive. Here’s why.


Could the majority of them, perhaps, feel that they don’t need to donate since they already work hard all day helping to make an impact? If not, please get out of the way because this sector must change for the good of donors everywhere, for the good of the beneficiaries of your donors’ gifts, for the good of the staff at your organization, and for the good of millions of organizations around the world.

Spread the work around

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If you working on raising the money of your dreams, you should always be on the lookout for people who can help advance your cause. After all, you can’t do it yourself and many hands make light work. The right people can be infinitely helpful to your organization: they can volunteer, they can donate money or stuff, they can help spread the word, and they can connect you to other people who can be tremendous resources for your organization.

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Simple Rules, Part II: How to Get Better #NpComm Work Done Faster

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Today, let’s look at three more, this time related to work processes, or how to do things better. They can create deadlines, rhythms, and sequences to the work. Yesterday I introduced you to some of the concepts from Donald Sull’s and Kathleen M.

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Why the #IceBucketChallenge works

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It wouldn’t have the same effect if a complete stranger (or an organization) asked you to take the challenge. Are your social networks full of friends being doused in icy water? You’ve witnessed the #IceBucketChallenge.

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Getting a Fresh Start for Your Organization

The Agitator

Certain asks – membership, recurring donations, planned giving – are going to work better when someone is looking at their year, month, week, or life with a blank slate. You can see how one organization made this shift here.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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They use it to broadcast announcements, not to build relationships with donors and to showcase the results of their work through impact stories and testimonials. They want to be able to measure, conclusively and in revenue terms, how much that post meant financially to the organizations.

Bursting the Organization-Centric Bubble

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If you still believe—or even worse, tout the fact– that your organization is the end-all and be-all this will burst your organization-centric bubble. American donors are more valuable to American nonprofit organizations than the organizations are to the donors.”. Otherwise, why would the vast preponderance of organizations ignore the importance of retaining donor. Continues to ignore the work and investment required to boost retention.

Your Organization’s Story: In Five Minutes

Mission Minded

With your One Minute Message and your Two Minute Messages developed, you’re well prepared to give an arresting introduction and explain why your organization is needed. Now it’s time to paint a picture of the impact of your work. Used effectively, these messages give you a greater chance at keeping your listener interested. What happens […].

Work Your Small (Case Study: Meals on Wheels)

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Here’s my top takeaway from my first three months on the job at Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland: Smaller, more nimble nonprofits like ours typically know their audiences better—so are far more connected with them—than large, complex organizations ever can be. . million marketing budget funding the work of three departments and 13 staff members. Together they make our organization strong and our impact significant!

7 Year-End Fundraising Practices That Work All Year

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A favorite year-end tactic, storytelling brings your nonprofit’s work to life. Hone in on a particular person or community that was helped by your organization. The photo should be high-quality, and it should feature the person being helped or show the impact of your nonprofit’s work.

Put Shakespeare’s Storytelling Skills to Work for Your Nonprofit

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In the nonprofit world, being memorable is critical to an organization’s visibility and long-term viability. For example, a public health organization wants to eliminate blood lead levels in children. Guest blogger Kim St. John-Stevenson is the communications officer at the St.

Why Social Fundraising Works

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So, why does social fundraising work so well? Why can’t organizations get the same results just sending out direct appeals to their audiences? How does tapping into the power of relationships transform a simple ask into a more effective, inspiring call to action?

Can Your Organization Pass the Donor-Centered Test?

Ann Green

I recently received a newsletter from an organization that focused mainly on themselves, then their clients, and then barely mentioned their donors. There’s no question this organization does good work, but their newsletter failed the donor-centered test. Can your organization pass the donor-centered test? Are your fundraising appeals focused too much on your organization – rambling on about how great you are? and not On behalf of X organization.

Making It Work – Nonprofits and Pro Bono Creative

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Welcome back to guest blogger, Susie Bowie, Communications Manager at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County … There’s an unexpected stranger standing at the intersection between nonprofit organizations and creative agencies offering “free” website, advertising or marketing services.

How to Work With a Social Media Consultant

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If you are a nonprofit professional at a small organization, chances are you are resource-constrained. Despite your best intentions and great ideas, perhaps you do not know how to begin to work with a consultant or what to expect. 6) Be ready to do the work.

Strengthen your organization with a sacred story

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Storytelling champion Andy Goodman reminds us that stories can also work within our organizations to inspire and build stronger teams. Simply put, these are the stories that tell the story of how and why your organization was founded. These stories help root people in the culture of your nonprofit, motivate staff, and set expectations for your ongoing work. These stories reinforce the resiliency of your organization and show that you’re evolving and improving.

Is Peer Fundraising Right for Your Organization?

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How do you know if your organization is ready to launch a peer-to-peer campaign? You’ll have a sense for what works and what doesn’t, plus you’ll have many of the tools in place that you’ll need for a successful social fundraising effort.

7 captivating ways to build trust so your fundraising efforts work better


Here are 7 ways to build trust so your fundraising efforts work better: 1. Be “real”, transparent, open and honest about your organization’s efforts (both the successes and failures). Communicate the impact your organization achieves but don’t use big stats (instead, tell stories about real people). The post 7 captivating ways to build trust so your fundraising efforts work better appeared first on MarketSmart | . Trust leads to commitment.

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Working with Bosses and Volunteers

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How to Work With Bosses and Volunteers to Raise More Money. I spoke to them about working with bosses and volunteers in fundraising, especially when you don’t like your boss or volunteer. I remember working as a Development Director and not liking my boss much.

Your Print Nonprofit Annual Report Can Work Wonders (Case Study via Tom Ahern)

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P.S. Get more peer guidance on strengthening your organization’s marketing impact with the just-released, no-charge Getting Attention 2012 Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide. Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Tom Ahern. Tom is a leading expert on making donor communications more successful.

EveryAction Development: Make Your Fundraising Tools Work For You


With EveryAction Development, we’ve made it truly simple to manage your donors in one, unified platform, giving you more time to focus on your organization’s mission, raise more money, and operate more efficiently. It’s a huge change because the tools are working for you instead of you working for your tools.". You really get to understand their interaction with your organization which is a big deal. We can work with them.

What Actually Works In Marketing in 5 Sentences

J Campbell Social Marketing

One man asked, “SO, after all this – Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, blogging – can you tell us, in 30 words or less – What actually works ?” But at the end of the day – What actually works ?

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Online Awareness Campaigns for Your Nonprofit – What Works and How to Do It!

J Campbell Social Marketing

In this presentation, given to a fantastic group of nonprofits organized by the Foundation for MetroWest, we reviewed actual case studies from nonprofits that had success with their online awareness and marketing campaigns.

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Why traditional newsletters don’t work anymore

Get Fully Funded

They want to know about the people whose lives are bing changed by the work your organization is doing. Share those human-interest stories that make your donors feel good about their decision to support your organization. You know that saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, it’s time to fix what’s broken with your newsletter.