Fundraising and Marketing Teams: Integrated or Separate But Equal?

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In 39% of nonprofits, you’ll find an integrated team, with marketing and fundraising working together on an equal level under the same manager. In 37% of nonprofits, you’ll find separate marketing and fundraising teams with different managers, but with equal authority within the organization.

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Extend Your Reach with a Staff Messenger Team

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Here are four compelling reasons—backed up by the kind of research findings nonprofit decision makers adore—to launch your team of staff messengers a.s.a.p.: 2) Your colleagues are already discussing your organization—a lot.

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Launch Your Team of Year-End Fundraisers: Free Training Th Oct 6

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Join me to learn how to turn your board, staff, and loyal volunteers into a team of passionate and engaging messengers. Bonus: They’ll connect your organization with their personal networks—many of whom you’d never reach otherwise.

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Nonprofit Marketing Team Roles and Tasks – Who Does What?

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I am working with two clients, ASPCApro and the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy , who are both looking at the best ways to staff what are essentially content marketing teams, even though the organizations don’t call them that.

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Your Take: All-Staff Marketing Team (Nonprofit Blog Carnival)

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Welcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival on Launching and Supporting Your All-Staff Team of Powerful Marketers— the best methods and tools to ask, train, support, and thank your colleagues to be effective insight gatherers and messengers. . Here’s how I train orgs like yours to Extend Your Reach with an All-Staff Messenger Team. It’s a big shift from how my organization has done its communications, since always. All-Org Marketing Team

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Empowering Your Team with a Marketing Bank

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During the webinar, I talked a lot about giving other staff members and your board the tools they need to effectively help you, and to feel empowered as marketers for your organization. Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications

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Blending Marketing and Fundraising into Community Engagement Teams

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Layla Fry, director of communications for Southwest Key Programs , emailed me this question: “My organization is interested in merging the now separate functions of fundraising and communications into a ‘Community Engagement Team’ as you recommended in your book.

10 Exciting Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Fundraiser Ideas

Sports teams often have to raise money for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason your team needs to raise money, here are 10 exciting fundraising ideas for sports teams: Fast Pitch Fundraiser – This is a great fundraiser for baseball teams. Organize your fundraiser at a time when lots of other teams will be in attendance, such as during a tournament. Goal Kick Fundraiser – This is similar to the fast pitch fundraiser but only for soccer teams.

Recruiting Corporate Partners with a Small Team: The Edge This Nonprofit Has That You Don't [SPONSORED]

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However, after an uptick in company requests for sponsorship and cause marketing in 2016, Operation Warm created a dedicated team to focus on corporate partnerships. The Catalist team helps us understand and interpret the data.

People First—4 Steps To Your All-Org Marketing Team

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These four steps—clear and doable by every organization, really—have the potential to absolutely transform your organization, so take some time here. FORMAL and ongoing marketing training for all employees, leadership and others who touch your organization’s supporters.

3 Steps to a Powerful, All-Organization Team of Messengers

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I recently completed an all-new message platform for the largest human services organization in Massachusetts. The platform included a tagline, positioning statement, talking points or key messages at organization and program level, and elevator conversation.

7 Steps to Passionate Volunteer Messengers

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For those of you with small or all-volunteer organizations, there’s absolutely nothing more important. Take these seven steps to launch your team of passionate volunteer messengers. 3) Recruit your first team of messengers (Pilot).

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How Employee Matching Gifts Can Help Your Fundraising Team Succeed

Ann Green

Your nonprofit likely feels like it is doing all that it can to raise money to keep your organization’s engine running. Your organization probably holds amazing events that bring your donors together with each other and members of your team. Guest Post by Adam Weinger.

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What Skills Should a Communications Team Have?

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I’m a member of EARN’s first-ever communications team, and we’re thinking strategically about what roles and functions we’ll need to fill for the coming year. I was wondering if you’d be willing to share any insights or resources into how best to setup a communications team at a nonprofit. Perhaps a better way to frame my question is this: what skill sets do you think a two- to three-person team should have ? Can you help me answer this question?

How to Organize Your Nonprofit’s Photos

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How do you organize your photos so you can actually find what you need? I asked one of my favorite nonprofit photography and storytelling teams, Throwing Light , to share their ideas with you. It can be overwhelming to know how to organize all those photos. Get Organized.

Ep187: Evite, Pledgeling Team Up to Turn Birthday Parties Into Fundraisers for Charity

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to James Citron , CEO, of Pledgeling and Victor Cho , CEO of Evite about Evite Donations , which has raised over $1M in donations for 20,000 nonprofit organizations across the United States.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Online Communication Is A Team Sport

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It takes a team, and everyone contributes something critical to the overall success. Whatever the extent of your staff, you need to structure a social-media team who are dedicated to listening, contributing, and monitoring your outreach both quantitatively and qualitatively.

How to organize your fundraising job search like a pro with Phil Gerard

Wild Woman Fundraising

Phil will be speaking about how to structure and organization your fundraising job search. Then as opportunities come up in the future, I have a much better understanding of who could be a good fit for what job in what organization. Mazarine Treyz: Hey, everybody. Welcome.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

J Campbell Social Marketing

Baldrick’s Foundation contacted me to highlight some of the great strides the organization has taken in the area of social media fundraising. They want to be able to measure, conclusively and in revenue terms, how much that post meant financially to the organizations.

A list of some humongous bequests that should get your planned giving team psyched up for only 3 seconds!


Because your organization will probably never get a gift as large as any of these. Call, write letters, send emails and meet with people who care about your mission so deeply that they are willing to make your organization a member of their family by including you in their estate plan.

Thrive thru Year End: Together!

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Methods for addressing those pressures are you- and organization-specific, but some game-changing strategies work across the board. The power of teamwork surrounded me this weekend, as I did a triathlon with my beloved Team Triumph pals. All-Org Marketing Team

Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Marketing and Fundraising Departments #17NTCteam

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Check out our research on the difference types of communications teams and which are most effective. Does your organization’s strategic plan consider your roles and the priorities of your departments? Let us know how you work with other teams in your organization in the comments below.

How to Use a Street Team to Enhance Your Crowdfunding

Fundraising Coach

One of the biggest benefits of this immediate access is the ability to create campaign evangelists—people who can be our voice, champion our cause and speak to their friends, contacts and followers about our organization. One thing I often talk about in my crowdfunding workshops is the importance of creating these campaign evangelists, or an online street team. Tell them upfront, “I want you to be a part of my team, and here’s what I need from you.”

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Build Your Message Team: Part 4—Grow Energy, Insights & Skills

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It’s the ultimate low-hanging fruit for organizations like yours. This is the last in a series of posts outlining the steps to building a team of effective messengers, following Part 1: Why & What, Part 2: Groundwork and Part 3: Skill Building.

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How to Define Roles on Communications Projects

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Each person on the team is assigned a letter to indicate their role related to the project as a whole, or to individual tasks, depending on how you organize the work. Let’s say you have a two-person team with a communications coordinator and a marketing director.

The Kinds of Meetings Communications Directors Need

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As a communications director, you need to ensure that several different kinds of meetings are taking place at your organization so that you can do your best work. These meetings are about getting ideas, information, concerns, and insights out on the table and shared among team members.

Strengthen your organization with a sacred story

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Storytelling champion Andy Goodman reminds us that stories can also work within our organizations to inspire and build stronger teams. Simply put, these are the stories that tell the story of how and why your organization was founded. Andy says: If you work for an organization, you should be able to answer the question, “Where did this organization come from?

Turn Colleagues, Board, & Supporters into Powerful Year-End Fundraisers

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Joking aside, it may seem like your team’s hard work and limited resources won’t be enough. There is a way to move past this seemingly insurmountable barrier—Launch a team of messengers to be your nonprofit’s ambassadors for year end (and beyond). Identify a small group of folks most likely to succeed as your first team of messengers. You can mix and match these traits to compose a powerhouse team of fundraising ambassadors.

11 Weeks to Go: Launch Your #GivingTuesday Team!

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First up: Building your #GivingTuesday Team. The most pivotal person on #GivingTuesday is the leader of your team – the Envoy of Enthusiasm. Who is that passionate, committed, ORGANIZED, individual who can quarterback your #GivingTuesday team? The Best December Ever.

6 Ways to Train All-Org Messengers

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Why not recruit folks already connected with your organization to help as marketing and fundraising ambassadors? The more comfortable your ambassadors are in sharing their passion and your organization’s impact, the more they’ll do it (and do it well). All-Org Marketing Team

Getting Other People to Meet Your Deadlines

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And that means that they understand the strategic role of communications for your organization, and how great communications are essential to great programmatic and fundraising results. Be explicit about consequences to the project or the organization.

Communications Directors, Step Up and Lead

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What’s more often the case is that people within your organization are hoping you’ll put your fears aside and step up, even if they never say that out loud. CALM Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Professional Development

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Let Your People Do the Talking (Do It Differently: Part 1)

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Keeping It All about Our Donors, Not Our Organization. That’s how most organizations do it, after all. All-Org Marketing Team all-staff messengers fundraising storytelling year-endOur first post in the 2016 Do-It-Differently series, featuring fresh ideas from the field.

Social Media Takeovers: 6 Nonprofits That Gave It Up for Good (PLUS: 6 Tips for Getting it Right)

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It’s a tactic well suited for arts organizations and orgs with great visuals (think food porn), but any org can use it with a little creative thinking. Fast hands get the job done and Team Olek is working non-stop for the Ball. Image Source: p/dzN6Vp.

Having a Book Club at Your Nonprofit

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We love what Melinda Billings at Peacehaven Community Farm came up with to bring key players in her organization together – a book club! We organized ours into the following categories: general notes, questions, what’s working well, and new ideas. Guest Bloggers Marketing Team

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What a Development AND Communications Director Really Does

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One integrated team of several people? Of course, sometimes this is the best the organization can do. My hope is that the executive director and whoever takes a job like this are honest with themselves and each other about expectations, and work diligently toward growing the team.

4 Ways to Save Your Sanity: Review & Approval 2.0

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A recent rebranding project for a large human services client organization reminded me of how challenging the review and approval process can be, especially for larger organizations (this one has 500+ employees throughout the state of Massachusetts).

5 Leadership Failures That Hurt Communications and Fundraising

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But if your organization is spending six months to create a two-year strategic plan, that’s way too much pie-in-the-sky pontificating and not enough doing of the work. Marketing Team Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Professional Development Trends leadership

5 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Fundraising Team

Fundraiser Ideas

When I think about how I came up with the skills to motivate my fundraising team, I remember a team I was on years ago. I never felt so inspired and motivated to sell as I did in that fundraising team. Looking back now, there were five reasons why that particular fundraising team motived me more than any others did. It was fun to be creative about how to present our organization’s vision. Successful Fundraising Comes from a Motivated Fundraising Team.

Best Way to Get Timely Input: Review & Approval 2.0

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You can imagine the complexity of marketing an organization that’s so diverse programmatically and geographically. We worked hard to shape a participation process , with staff teams representing each department’s point of view, to springboard brand development. This brand team was brought into the process from the very beginning via two group working sessions. Brand team members were invited to stop by or weigh in via email, and given a final deadline for input.