10 Awesome LGBTQ Organizations You Should Support This Pride Month


There is no better time to support local and national nonprofits protecting LGBTQ rights and serving the LGBTQ community, and while there are far too many organizations doing great work to list them all, these are a few that we're big fans of. The National Center for Transgender Equality is the nation’s leading social justice advocacy organization winning life-saving change for transgender people.

Do You Need to Organize Your Images and Stories?

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We get a lot of questions about how to organize stories and photos. Find the answers to these questions and more in this FREE e-book: Storybanking and Photobanking: How to Organize Stories and Images at Your Nonprofit. We sent out a survey to our network, conducted interviews, read tech reviews and asked the pros to give advice about the benefits and challenges of collecting, organizing, and sharing stories – written and verbal. Short answer: YES!


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Your Organization’s Superhero

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One of the questions Tom Ahern always asks during our Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits E-Clinic is, “Are you treating your donors like your organization’s superhero?” Tom says this about appeal letters, “Your appeal is not about how wonderful your organization is. Making your donors the superheroes for your organization helps them understand they need to keep helping your cause, keep fighting the bad guys, and keep making the world a better place.

11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know


Across America, Hispanic and Latino organizations are leading the way in every realm, including advocacy, education, healthcare, and social services. Here are just a few of our favorite organizations, which deserve your support this month and all year-round! NALEO Educational Fund is the nation’s leading non-profit, non-partisan organization that facilitates full Latino participation in the American political process, from citizenship to public service.

5 Simple Strategies to Organize Your Nonprofit’s Donor Data

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But if you aren’t organizing it in a way that is useful, you may be wasting your time and not being as effective as you could be. Jay Love of Bloomerang joins us today to give you ideas on organizing all of your data. Kristina Guest Post by Jay Love Whether you’re a part of a large nonprofit organization or a small shop operation, the consensus is clear: smarter nonprofit fundraising starts with the right data.

Promote Your Organization with Hashtags

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Our online social media campaign advisor Kerri Karvetski shows you how to harness the power of hashtags to promote your organization on social media with How to Use Hashtags to Promote Your Cause. You probably know that hashtags are words or phrases with the hash symbol (#) in front of them. The hash symbol creates a link and clicking on that hashtag will bring up other posts with that tag.

Avoid this Communications Don’t – “Our Organization Needs Your Input”

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Has your organization ever alienated its audiences doing something like this, something totally narcissistic ? Let me say it again— it isn’t about you and your organization. That’s the subject line of this morning’s email from our local Jewish Community Center (JCC), asking for my input on its member survey. My immediate response was to delete it because it’s all about the JCC’s needs and not about what us members need.

5 Features Environmental Organizations Need From Their CRM


Most nonprofits know firsthand the benefits of using a CRM system to manage their supporter data, and while every organization has common basic needs (reliable tracking for multi-channel campaigns, intuitive donor management, and clear reporting tools, for example), there is also much variation when it comes to the specific needs that arise across issues and missions. This month we’re talking about an area near and dear to all of our earth-loving hearts: environmental organizations.

CRM 105

5 Organizations To Support On World Refugee Day


This World Refugee day, here are 5 organizations you can support to help refugees travel safely and keep families together. In addition to working to protect Syrian refugees, they participate in the Share The Journey Migration Campaign with several other Catholic organizations, encouraging supporters to make a pilgrimage in solidarity with migrants around the world. For even more organizations doing great work, check out these 7 Nonprofits Fighting for Immigrant Rights

5 Steps to Discovering Great Stories for Your Organization (Even if You’re a Policy Organization)

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This is especially true at policy organizations. Kivi has a great post on telling stories when your organization helps indirectly , with creative ways to get around this challenge by utilizing partners’ clients, drawing on from stories in the news, and using testimonials. But sometimes you need the real deal – a straight-from-the-source, personal story that’s both compelling to read and perfectly captures why your organization’s work is so important. Marta Lindsey.

Question for You: What Keeps You Organized?

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Last week, we had another great discussion on the All-Access Pass Holder private Facebook Group about tools to keep you organized at work. What do you use to stay organized and on track? Just comment below and let’s get organized together! I want to know what you use to keep track of everything. Here’s what some of our Pass Holders use: WorkFlowy. Google Drive. Getting Things Done (GTD) Philosophy. Asana. Trello.

How This Organization Uses an Internal Newsletter to Keep Their Staff Updated

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared some tips from other nonprofit communicators on how to communicate internally at your organization as well as other resources on getting people to meet deadlines and the best communications apps to use. The post How This Organization Uses an Internal Newsletter to Keep Their Staff Updated appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog.

Getting Our Big Picture Organized for 2016

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Get everyone on the same page in your organization by doing your Big Picture Communications Timeline for 2016 before the end of the year. Kristina and I spent most of Saturday working on our Big Picture Communications Timeline for 2016. This is the exercise that I highly recommend you do BEFORE you attempt work on an editorial calendar. And if you are an office supply nerd, like we are, it’s a great excuse to go shopping! So many beautiful colors of post-it notes these days.

Are you in love with your organization’s mission?


The post Are you in love with your organization’s mission? Fundraising charity blog free non profit mission statement examples mission statement examples for business mission statements of nonprofit organisations nonprofit mission statement requirements nonprofit mission statement template nonprofit mission statement worksheet nonprofit vision statement organization mission statement examples Philanthropy philanthropy blog philosophyIt’s all about love.

Distressing Disconnect—INSIDE Your Organization! (Part One)

Getting Attention

As a consultant who’s been the fly on the wall in so many organizations, I’ve come to see such radical internal disconnects to be the norm. And that’s a norm that sabotages communications and fundraising impact for every organization blighted by disconnects. But in most organizations, the existence of the gap and what the conflicts are—must-knows for organizational success fundraising and beyond—remain hidden, and dangerous. Surprising, distressing but all too true!

#FUNDRAISING: Maximizing Your Organization’s Return on Fundraising Events

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In today’s post, I ask readers to imagine a world in which fundraising staff and programmatic work closely together with a variety of “programmatic” events in order to expose the organization to those very individuals who have the financial capacity to enhance and/or to ensure the organizations’ future. Given how much time, energy and effort tends to go into organizing fundraising events, I thought we might start with one question: Just what is a “fundraising” event?

Is your organization really that special?


For example, if you search for environmental organizations on Wikipedia , you’ll find the following list: Why should anyone make a major gift or plan a legacy gift for your organization? If your organization engages and involves your supporters more often and better than the others, they will choose your organization over others again and again. The post Is your organization really that special? Sorry. It isn’t.

Does your organization deliver quality?


Quality might even be expected from the very people your organization aims to help since those same people could someday become your best supporters. About quality…. Quality is the cornerstone of growth. Quality is expected — from your donors, non-donors, workers, volunteers, board members and everyone else. Quality delivers results for those you want to help. Quality delivers results for your supporters. Quality maintains your existing donor base. Quality acquires new donors.

Storytelling for Nonprofits: How to Organize Stories and Images [Free Download]

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Catch up: Why Stories Are Important for Nonprofits Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Challenge Plot Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Creativity Plot Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Connection Plot To wrap up this little series, I wanted to share a free resource we have to help you organize all of those great stories (and images) you are going to be collecting! For the last couple of weeks, I have shared tips and resources on nonprofit storytelling.

8 Organizations to Support this Black History Month


From ensuring equal access to education to advocating for mental health awareness to creating black history for future generations, all of these organizations inspire us, and we hope they inspire you too. Check out the campaign here and learn more about this incredible organization. The Urban League of Portland was established in 1945 making it one of the oldest African American service, civil rights, and advocacy organizations in the region.

Finding Data Management Solutions for Arts and Culture Organizations


Arts and culture organizations such as media companies, magazines, public radio stations, museums, theaters, and arts advocates have unique needs when it comes to data management. Database and CRM systems for arts and cultural organizations should offer the capability for several key tasks: 1. Securing funding for organizations which promote arts and cultural awareness in society is an extremely important task, and requires that staff are set up to achieve their fullest potential.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Facebook Opens Timeline To Organizations

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Those features – of which Timeline is perhaps creating the most buzz – will be hidden until 30 March if you wish, so you have time to play with the features and prepare your organization’s new public face. The reason the Timeline feature is so anticipated a feature for businesses and nonprofits is that it will allow what many are calling a ‘humanization’ of the organization. Which can make an organization’s presence there seem haphazard as well.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: Facebook Adds Handy Scheduling Features To Organizations’ Pages

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Let’s take a look at those features and how they can be a real boon to your organization. Then you can turn to organizing the darn thing, knowing that Facebook will keep reminding people about the approaching festivities. Facebook is not known for its simple elegance, and some recent developments might not change that fact. But Facebook developers have added some great features to organizational accounts and Pages.

Leading the Resistance: 28 Organizations You Can (and Should) Support Today


There's a long fight ahead, but for issues that stir you, one simple, positive thing you can do today is give - your time, money, voice, or attention - because so many organizations need your urgent support. No matter how much you give or to whom, the important thing is to support those organizations whose tireless work is striving for a world you want to live in. United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation.

Lead 191

#COMMUNICATIONS: Is Your Organization Moving At The Speed Of Mobile?

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If you’re a community organization, how about asking supporters to photograph and report activities in their local neighborhood using Facebook, Twitter or other mobile-enabled social media? With the rise of the smartphone and its ability to be the computer for millions of people around the world, mobile technology is becoming more powerful and less expensive every few months. And with those technological changes come changes of habit and expectation.

Mobile 130

How To Find Effective Database Solutions for Social Services Organizations


For social services organizations such as food banks, shelters, and community centers, managing data well is a critical part of keeping their doors open to members of the community in need of their services. When looking for a data tool for social services organizations, four functions are especially important to keep in mind: 1. Operating this type of organization presents unique challenges, and requires that staff are set up to achieve their fullest potential.

4 Ways That Health Organizations Benefit From a Unified CRM


A broad range of healthcare focused organizations depend on member and donor database software to manage relationships with supporters. From Health Foundations and Retirement or Assisted Living facilities, to Community Health Systems that span states or regions, though they have a diverse set of missions and directives, the common thread running through each is that these are the organizations that Americans trust to keep them safe and healthy throughout their lives.

CRM 100

#HOWTO: Tweak Your Organization’s Facebook Site For Graph Search

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Help your supporters find your organization on Facebook. This week we want to help you and your organization make the most of the new feature by prepping the content you post on Facebook. Facebook offers the opportunity to create a (rather) personalized URL , which is both easier for humans to remember, and will likely be used by humans who are searching for what your organization does or is.

Search 116

Why Your Organization Needs to Change


Nonprofits keep doing the same things that deliver the same results (usually prompting donors to hop from supporting one organization to another– hoping for a better value exchange and a more meaningful experience). Here are some other (more positive) reasons why your organization needs to change: Change will make you feel good… Really! The post Why Your Organization Needs to Change appeared first on MarketSmart.

How to Organize Your Nonprofit’s Photos

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How do you organize your photos so you can actually find what you need? So you know photos are important and you have found staff and volunteers to help document the great things that happen at your organization. It can be overwhelming to know how to organize all those photos. Here are some simple tips we have found helpful in organizing digital images. The first step in organizing your photos is pretty simple: download & backup your files. Get Organized.

Photos 192

Does Your Organization Have a Soul?


So what about your organization? The post Does Your Organization Have a Soul? Most businesses don’t have a soul. They are cold and heartless. And, that’s probably (at least in part) why most businesses don’t succeed. But the ones that thrive and endure are usually the ones that have a soul. And the souls of these businesses are usually a result of their founder’s passion. For instance, Apple had a soul when Steve Jobs ran the show.

11 reasons why donors and organizations love charitable gift annuities


Why organizations like CGAs. The post 11 reasons why donors and organizations love charitable gift annuities appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Why donors like CGAs.

Can your organization be Great?

Get Fully Funded

You’ve got to have a good Executive Director in place to keep the organization moving forward. But what about people who are already working for your organization who are stuck in the status quo? From the top leadership, you can shift the culture of your organization to encourage staff to reach for more. I read “Good to Great and the Social Sectors” recently.

Organizing Your Acquisition

A Small Change

Book meetings at your organization. If you have a nice meeting room or space in your office, meet at your organization. This gives you an opportunity for an individual to see a little bit more about the organization first-hand. Over the past few weeks I have had a number of conversations with new donor prospects. My goal has been to meet with a number of new people each week and begin a relationship with them.

What Does Your Organization Do? Draw It Out

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Jessica Pullano, who is currently participating in my Mentoring Program , shares how her organization created one to help explain what they do. Like many communications people, my ongoing quest is to find simple, compelling and new ways to answer the question, “What does your organization do?” b) engaging all of the individuals and organizations that care about schools to work together—so we can collectively achieve stronger and faster results. Jessica Pullano.

Organizing Your Donors

A Small Change

A number of weeks ago I had a question about organizing your donors, so I thought I’d say a few words about how different organizations I’ve worked with have organized their donor pools. Even if you are just a one-person shop, you still need to think about organizing your donors in some way. Often these donors are founding donors of the organization or individuals who have responded with a larger gift through your mailing campaign.

What Kind of Organization is Your Nonprofit?

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Below, you’ll find some of those types of organizations, and if your nonprofit fits the category, I would love to know. It’s super easy — all you have to do is fill out the form below and click on the button that best describes the type of service your organization provides. This data will be associated with your email address so I can be in touch when I’m writing about organizations like yours.

What are your nonprofit organization’s assets

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As an organization, you have assets that you can leverage in your fundraising plan that can make your case for support stronger. Incredible organization name recognition (like Habitat for Humanity). Well-known local, regional, or national celebrity who supports your organization. Another organization I worked with had an awesome facility that lent itself really well to tours. So, what are your nonprofit organization’s assets?

Using Facebook Targeting to Boost Performance on Organic and Promoted Posts

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Now page mangers can take advantage of those same targeting tools on organic content. Enabling page mangers to target organic posts gives them a say in the targeting process. The new organic post Interest targeting feature gives you a great way to target specific groups of people with specific social actions (petitions, fundraising appeals, etc.). In this article, we’ll talk about both paid Interest targeting for advertising as well as organic Interest targeting.

Target 216

10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


Whether you are looking for a quality organization to support this month, or a good example of fundraising, volunteer management, and advocacy best practices for nonprofits, this list is a great place to start. Positive Education Program is a unique organization, originally created as a consultant to area school districts to help them serve their most challenging students. Community of Hope , an organization that provides healthcare and housing services to Washington D.C.’s

Lead 156

10 Twitter Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Fundraising 123

" Simple and powerful, Twitter is a must for nonprofit organizations. It’s better to create a personal Twitter profile in order to only follow those select few you are interested in reading, but if you are going out on Twitter behind your organization’s logo a.k.a. Use “Favorites” to organize the chaos and feature your most important Tweets! The favorites option on Twitter is a simple, excellent tool to help you organize the chaos.

#INTERVIEW: Joanne Fritz, The About.com Website Guide on Nonprofit Charitable Organizations

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Joanne Fritz is the guide to About.com ’s “ Nonprofit Charitable Organizations ” site. If it’s difficult for those of us who work in this sort of milieu all the time, I can only imagine the problems confronting people in nonprofit organizations who are trying to use the social networks for fundraising, volunteer coordination, and the like. A former high school and university teacher, she has also been a senior manager at two nonprofits and two universities.

Nonprofit Branding: We Screwed Up A Good Organization

NonProfit Branding

Staff conflicts? Indifference? Team working in silos? This story may help you fix these common problems. As a well intentioned board of directors, we underestimated the need for institutional focus and and the related need for internal (INTERNAL!) marketing. So, because we miscalculated, some staff played games, grew estranged and undermined mission. The story of […]. Snark Tank brand management nonprofit board nonprofit branding nonprofit management nonprofit stewardship VisABILITY

Brand 138