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Search Engine Optimization Tips – Jeff Lenney’s SEO Manifesto For Exponential Organic Traffic Growth! Before we begin, let us address one important thing… Why Should You Listen To Me? I do SEO full time and have built dozens if not hundreds of highly successful websites.

What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

Getting Attention

conversion rate optimization) along with my SEO strategies for quite a few years now, with mind-blowing results. In this post, I'm going to tackle a question as old as time itself; What is CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization.As a full-time Affiliate ?Marketer, Marketer, I've been ?utilizing


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Optimized Mobile Donations Now with Apple Pay


While there are numerous reasons why supporters are less likely to make a mobile donation, one item that all nonprofits can work to improve is their mobile optimization of donation pages. Features like Apple Pay are one part of what makes an optimized donation page. EveryAction provides standard mobile optimized donation pages that automatically resize to fit any screen and out of the box multi-step donation forms that are built for one click giving and making secondary asks.

3 Powerful Tools to Help You Optimize Your Nonprofit Website

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Find out what your users think and do on your website with these three optimization tools. What tools do you use to optimize your website? via GIPHY. Want to make your website better? And by better, I mean get more people to join your email list, sign up to volunteer, and donate. You could ask for user feedback, but what users say and do are often polar opposites.

3 Keys to Making Your Nonprofit Website Mobile Optimized

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Unfortunately, if your nonprofit hasn''t yet optimized its website for smartphones , you could also be frustrating potential donors, volunteers, and supporters. There are three different ways your organization can become mobile-friendly: optimize specific pieces of your nonprofit website, optimize the entire website, or create a responsive design that automatically adapts content to a mobile device.

Testing 101: 4 Steps for Optimizing Your Fundraising Approach

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We recommend creating an annual testing calendar in line with the scientific method so you can optimize your learning. For instance, by December (the biggest fundraising month of the year), you’ll want to have tested your donation forms thoroughly so you are serving the most optimized version. People are influenced by innumerable whims, impulses, and values. You never know what marketing and fundraising strategies and tactics will work best until you test them.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising


Improving your website donation pages is the single best way to raise more money during the year-end giving season. The unfortunate reality is that the average fundraising page completion rate is only 17%, according to the M+R 2017 Benchmarks Study. You’ve already invested so much effort in attracting supporters to your donation page - it’s important to take a few final steps to make sure that they complete the process.

Donor Acquisition: What is It? And How Do You Optimize It?

Fundraising Report Card

And How Do You Optimize It?". And How Do You Optimize It? Simply put, donor acquisition is the number of first-time donors you’ve acquired within a given time frame.

#MARKETING: Build Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy With Solid Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes numerous tools and plug-ins that help (first) web crawlers and algorythems find your organization’s website, so that human web searchers can then find your site via Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

5 Ways to Optimize Your Web Presence for Mobile Donors

Ann Green

In order to effectively appeal to your mobile donors, your organization should: Optimize your donation page. Incorporate mobile-optimized emails. Optimize Your Donation Page. Your online giving form is a great place to start your mobile optimization processes. In addition to optimizing your usual online fundraising page, a great way to encourage mobile donations from your donors is by including a text-to-give option. Incorporate Mobile-Optimized Emails.

Time to Integrate and Optimize Your E-Newsletters and Social Media

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How do you regularly update your community? Email and social, right? But if your email and social media strategies aren’t in sync, you are missing out on important connections! It’s time to integrate your strategies and bring it all together. That’s what we’ll help you do with our next Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator : Updating Your Community: How to Get Great Results from. Your E-Newsletters and Social Media. April 19th – May 24th.

How to Optimize Your Planned Giving Inserts for Results in 6 Steps


So I thought I’d write a post to show you how to optimize your planned giving inserts for results. Now, having said that, here’s how I recommend you optimize your efforts : Step 1. That’s how you optimize your planned giving inserts for results. The post How to Optimize Your Planned Giving Inserts for Results in 6 Steps appeared first on MarketSmart. I always recommend including inserts with my clients’ annual fund thank you letters.

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How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Press Releases for Search

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting a website''s visibility to search engines, but how can you actually make your press release appear first in search results? Jessica Pajak and Tyler Ragghianti of PR NewsChannel share some tips on how to use keywords and hyperlinks to elevate your press releases. Keywords. What are they? Keywords are the most relevant single words or phrases that are commonly searched for in top search engines.

Press 101

Using Online Data to Optimize Your Non-Profit Marketing Efforts

Exactask Marketing

Marketing Technology

Optimize Your Landing Pages: Improving the Odds You Get What You Want from Your Supporters

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For even more tips from John on optimizing your landings pages, check out the recording from this webinar. . A landing page is any page on your website where you want someone to take an action. That action could be collecting an email, signing a petition, donating or sharing your content with others. A successful landing page is about having one clear call to action. Everything on that page will focus on getting the visitor to take that one action. .

Kick-start Your Donation Page Optimization Efforts: Test These 7 Emerging Techniques


Online Fundraising Testing and Analysis donation page landing page optimization year-endTo improve your odds of raising more money online in 2013, most organizations would be well served to dedicate more time and resources to donation page testing. But a greater commitment to testing is no guarantee of better results. The fact is, not all things on your donation page matter for conversion.

2010 Fundraising Plans – Creeping Optimism

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Compared with responses to our mid-2009 survey, we’d term the latest results "creeping optimism." This modest optimism is reflected also in response to the following statements: I’m bullish on 2010, and so I plan to ramp up my fundraising aggressively — 20% agree. All in all, an impressive degree of optimism given how low fundraisers were feeling only six months ago … to say nothing of one year ago!

Poorly optimized Google Adwords copy could be wasting a quarter of your search budget

Giving in a Digital World

They’re an international AdWords copywriting agency who have developed an ad text effectiveness algorithm which enables them to audit Google Adwords copy and score it to show how well optimized it is. Talking with them about the serious impact that can result from AdWords copywriting that doesn’t follow optimization best practice was a real eye-opener. Assuming you’ve optimized your landing page, the last variable in the QS calculation is your ad text.

SEO Tip: Post the Kind of Content People Will Link Back To

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

One important element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — in other words, getting Google to send traffic to your website — is how many other websites link to your content. Nonprofit Content Marketing Nonprofit Websites and Blogs search engine optimization SEO

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Optimizing Your Donation Pages to Increase Giving: A Bright Spot in a Tough Economy

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Indeed, landing page testing and optimization may be the closest thing non-profits have to a magic bullet in 2009 — and it's one of the surest ways we've found to help our clients raise more money in a tough economy. Download Donordigital's brand new report, Landing on Gold: Optimizing your donation landing pages to increase giving: a bright spot in a tough economy and find out what's working. Your e-mail and web copy may persuade people to "click to donate now."

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Optimizing Your Website for Word of Mouth

Cause Related Marketing

Last Thursday, January 10, I heaped praise on the TOMS Shoes use of strategic cause-related marketing to improve the world, launch their business, and generate terrific word of mouth.Their appeal is specific, easy to understand, and streamlined. For every pair of TOMS Shoes you buy, another pair is donated to a child who needs them.I also greatly admired their “shoe drops,” whereby they invite.

Optimize Your Personal Brand

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" He predicts that before too long "digital personal optimization" services will emerge … folks who help you burnish your personal online image! G’won, admit it … you google your name every now and then! And what "personal brand" emerges? In this article from Online Spin, Max Kalehoff of search marketing firm Clickable advises that folks who want to stand out and get ahead had better put some serious thought to their online "personal brand."

Boost online response by optimizing your donation landing pages


Over the last three years, Donordigital has been running landing page optimization tests that have increased conversion rates – the percentage of people who land on a donation page who actually make a donation – by 10%, 20%, even more for some organizations and some pages. Of course, your mileage may vary, but if you optimize your landing pages, you’re pretty likely to increase your conversions and your revenue, even if you have to pay a consultant to help you.

5 tips for email optimization from the Obama campaign

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In a recent MarketingSherpa webinar on email optimization , Director of Digital Analytics Amelia Showalter shared how President Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign generated more than $500 million in online donations. Here are a few especially important tips for optimizing your nonprofit email campaigns: 1. By using simple email optimization tactics, you can learn more about your audience and take your digital strategy to the next level.

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From Surfers to Supporters: How to Optimize Your Donation Pages to Convert Visitors into Donors

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Small changes to a web or email donation page can dramatically increase the number of visitors who actually make a gift. From the way you frame your ask to the form fields you require donors to complete, there are multiple ways to improve your conversion rate and bring in more donations. And in tough times like these, non-profit organizations cannot afford to overlook opportunities to immediately improve their bottom line.

Optimizing Facebook display advertising results through audience testing


About the Results: By finding the best responding audience, NPF drove engagement with a 92% conversion rate, while optimizing budget by lowering the cost per like by up to 30%, giving them almost 30% more voice to start the conversation with! With social media a growing component of major nonprofit campaigns, organizations need to be prepared to jumpstart the conversation online and drive engagement for their cause.

To Mobile or Not to Mobile? Part 2

Social Media Bird Brain

Image from So let's pick up where we left off last time, looking at what's involved in either creating a separate mobile website or redesigning your site to be mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile. Separate Mobile Site One of the reasons a separate mobile site can be problematic is that most non-mobile optimized sites have a lot of content. redesign mobile optimized usability friendly not for profits website nonprofit design content

Mobile 114

To Mobile or Not To Mobile, Part 3

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Image from We've looked at what's involved with evolving your social communication by making your website either Mobile Friendly or Mobile Optimized in Parts 1 and 2 of this blog post. social communications mobile texting mobile-friendly smartphones website evolution mobile-optimized feature phones

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Successful Link Building Strategies for Nonprofits

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those things that a lot of nonprofits don’t want to think about, because they think it’s too hard to understand, or too difficult to keep up with. This is especially important to nonprofits that typically have minimal time and assets to devote to optimizing for search engines. Accidental Techies Nonprofit Communications nptech search engine optimization SEOBrian Honigman.

Support to Promote Habitat Conservation on Private Land for Landowners Seeking to Optimize Wildlife Habitat Conservation

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working with NRCS field offices to provide technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, foresters, and other private landowners seeking to optimize wildlife habitat conservation on private lands. From The Foundation Center. [If

Identify search engine keywords used by your target audience in 60 seconds

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Advice Learn in 60 Seconds Marketing Videos audience research google insights for search Marketing Research quit smoking search Search Engine Optimization SEO SERPThis week’s “ Learn in 60 Seconds &# video is ready to go. The Lesson? How to identify search engine keywords used by your audience in 60 seconds. I personally think that Google Insights for Search is one of the most under appreciated free marketing research tools out there.

#HOWTO: Get Guidance From Google On Simple SEO Success

Non Profit Marketing 360

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a social media buzzword: gotta have it, gotta work at it, gotta pack it in to your website or blog! Is your site worth searching for? And it is true that SEO needs to be a part of your nonprofit’s online and outreach strategies. Why develop a new site or even update your outdated one if people will struggle to find it, much less relevant information on it? The go-to standard for web searches (including images and videos) is, of course, Google.

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#TECH: Title Tags Can Make Or Break Your Site’s SEO

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Advice Blogs Cause Marketing Communications Education: Technology How-to Marketing Marketing Skills Measurement Site Administration Technology Web and Print Web Design Writing blogging communication html John Haydon Joomla marketing Online Writing Search engine optimization Social Media Web search engine WordPressSEO success starts here. Oh, the last official weekend of summer, and it’s three-day long one to boot!

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#SocialNetworks: Google+ For Business Is Now Open!

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Advertising Advice Communications Community How-to Marketing Measurement Media Review News and Current Affairs Nonprofit Public Relations Reviews Site Administration Social Media Technology Business Business Pages communication development Google Google+ Business Page Online Communities Search engine optimizationYes, the release of Google+’s Business Pages is the biggest news in social media this week. And in business news.

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Is your charity website ready for Mobilegeddon?

Giving in a Digital World

The online industry (never knowingly understated) has labeled the change ‘Mobilegeddon’ out of concern over the number of non-mobile optimized sites that will see their organic search rankings tumbling following the algorithm update. From a quick check, I did find several big brand charity sites who score a FAIL on this test – so I can only hope their web teams have mobile optimization on their to-do list before April 21st.

#HOWTO: Tumbler Can Be Social Media Hub, But Other Tools Are Available

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But one thing that simplicity costs your organization is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Advice Blogs Case Study Cause Marketing Communications Fundraising How-to Marketing Marketing Skills Nonprofit Public Relations Resource Reviews Site Administration Social Media Software Review Storytelling Technology Twitter Web and Print Writing communication Google Microblogging Nonprofit organization Online Communities Search engine optimization Social network Tumblr website WordPress

How to find out who’s linking to you in 60 seconds

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Learn in 60 Seconds Tips Videos learn in 60 seconds link tracking links Mike Kujawski Search Engine Optimization SEO SEOmoz videoI have an easy hands-on video tip for you today. Lesson #7 of my “ Learn in 60 Seconds &# video series shows you how to use a tool like SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer to find out how many other websites/web properties link to your own. This is a great way to benchmark interest in your properties from a traditional SEO linking sense.

Protected: Google’s new “Content Experiments” testing tool


To view it please enter your password below: Password: Testing and Analysis google website optimizerThis post is password protected.

Test 60

Ensuring that your blog is SEO friendly

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

I stumbled on these series of videos which I think do a great job of explaining the challenges of optimizing your blog for search. Tagged: blog seo optimization, optimizing blogs, seo friendly. Tags: SEM blog seo optimization optimizing blogs seo friendly

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2015 Digital Fundraising To Do List #1 Conversion Rate Optimisation

Giving in a Digital World

Online Fundraising Web design Bryan Miller Conversion Rate Optimization digital fundraising trends In my first post of the New Year ( Why Bitcoin probably shouldn’t be top of your 2015 Digital Fundraising To Do list ) I promised to share some thoughts over the next few weeks about what I believe digital fundraisers should be prioritising on their 2015 To Do lists.

5 tips for increasing traffic to your nonprofit’s website

Fundraising Coach

When it comes to search engine optimization, content is king. search engine optimization Websites Q: Do you know of the best way for my web site to come up on search results when people type in the words “Aids, South Africa, Africa”? I wish to increase traffic to my web site and since this is unfamiliar territory I thought you could help me with this. A: Great question! I’m not an SEO expert, and I’ve never played one on TV.

10 Steps to Data-driven Decision-making


Free or low-cost testing tools are much more plentiful than a few years ago (GCE, Optimizely, and Visual Website Optimizer are good options for nonprofits with tight testing budgets). Dawn speaks regularly about testing and optimization at industry conferences and publishes papers highlighting what’s working and not working with our testing clients. Testing and Analysis landing page optimizationPart 2.

Get ready for year-end giving by improving your website donation pages


To help you get the most out of your donation pages at year-end, we’ve prepared a list of ‘best practices’ based on our experience testing and optimizing such pages for a wide variety of clients over the past 5 years. Dawn speaks regularly about testing and optimization at industry conferences and publishes papers highlighting what’s working and not working with our testing clients. Online Fundraising donation page landing page optimization year-end