Unsubscribe vs. Opt-out

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I thought I had my email terminology down pat, however I recently came across a blog post from our wonderful email service provider ( Blue Sky Factory ) which explained the difference between “unsubscribes&# and “opt-outs&#. Opt-out. Insight Marketing difference email newsletter opt-out opt-out vs unsubscribe unsubscribe

3 reasons to run an OPT-OUT campaign


I said you should run an OPT-OUT campaign. Not an opt-in campaign. That’s why helping people change their preferences and/or helping them opt-out of receiving emails could be a really good thing. By allowing people to opt-out, you show that you have empathy for your constituents. And, if you really do this well, you should include some survey questions to find out why they are opting out.


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Opt-in/Opt-out: Special to UK and EU Readers

The Agitator

[ Attention Agitator readers elsewhere in the world: There’s plenty here that applies to you as well, but we’ll do a special opt-in/opt-out feature for you later focusing on opt-in/opt-out for newsletters, unsubscribes, etc.] Regardless of the outcome of next week’s Brexit referendum on whether the UK should stay in or leave the European Union, fundraisers will continue to face the Opt-in/Opt-out Dilemma.

Opt In vs Opt Out: The ‘Make or Break’ Decision In The UK And EU

The Agitator

Here’s a question for fundraisers in the UK and the European Union: Would you rather lose 50% or 85% of your donor base? That’s the essence of what’s at stake as fundraisers stand on the tracks staring at the fast approaching train of new regulations on donor data protection that go into effect May 2018. First, some background on what’s coming and some frightening results of early testing indicating it’s not gonna be pretty.

Email List Predicament: Is This OK?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The problem is we are purchasing the congressional contact information and these contacts did not opt-in. Many of these staffers attend our events and provide us with their contact information, but still do not meet the definition of opting-in (at least not until after-the-fact). So, we need some help to sort this out. How do other groups who communicate with Congress deal with the opt-in situation? And that’s just single opt-in. Thumbs Up or Down?

LinkedIn Gender Gap

A. Fine Blog

And given all of the discussion about women opting out and opting back in again, shouldn’t professional networking be at the top of our list of things to do to keep our options and opportunities open? Uncategorized LinkedIn Lisa Belkin Opting Out Pew Internet Project

Should You Contact People Who Unsubscribed from Your Email List?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Better Opt Out Pages. We talk more about opt out pages in these blog posts: You Need to Fix Your All or Nothing Email List 3 Nonprofit Email Unsubscribe Pages That Might Inspire You Best Practices for Your Email Unsubscribe Page. No, you shouldn’t.

There’s No Such Thing as “Email Readership”


Average opt-out rate = 2%. When I received this I said, first of all… an opt-out rate of 2% is very high. That vendor’s emails must be borderline offensive to garner such a high number of opt-outs. Generally our stats blow these out of the water! There’s a very well-known planned giving marketing vendor running around talking about “email readership.” ” Here’s what I mean.

Vendor 116

The New HIPAA Rules and What They Mean to Fundraisers

JCA Insights

The entire document is 563 pages ([link] ; this article focuses on the changes that affect fundraising, broken down into three main points: 1) the additional information fundraisers may access, 2) stronger opt-out requirements, and 3) the penalties for violating of the new rules. Stronger Opt Out Rules. That can create a lag between creating a mailing list and updating to the opt out list. Does an opt out apply to all forms of fundraising communication?

Rules 115

3 questions to ask before you spam, spray and pray


2- Did you give your direct mail supporters a chance to opt-out of getting your communications? But why not give people on your list the opportunity to opt out? When done right, email and print work very well together to produce results. But too many nonprofits turn those effective channels into “spam” and “junk mail.” ” I call this brand of offensive, obnoxious, and irritating marketing “spamming, spraying and praying.”

Spam 109

Email Metrics – Explained!

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Find out which metrics you need to be tracking and how to do it in this free download: Email Metrics Explained. Unsubscribe or opt-out rates. You don’t have to have a math degree in order to make sense of your email metrics. If you want to get better results from your email (and social media), join Kivi for our next Nonprofit Marketing Accelerator that STARTS TOMORROW. Learn more and claim your team’s spot.

We Launched a Product Feedback Group to Help Us Create Better Products


You’ll be asked to think out loud as you complete the tasks. You can easily manage your interests or opt out of the Product Feedback Group at any time by unsubscribing from any invitation email. We're always looking for ways to incorporate user feedback in our product development process. That’s why we’re launching the Product Feedback Group , to connect EveryAction users directly with our product team.

9 hard truths your fundraising operation needs to face in the post-pandemic era.


Donors should be asked to opt-in for a deeper relationship. If your value proposition is clear and found to be acceptable to the donor, they will opt-in. Competition is fierce and everywhere. Nonprofits don’t only compete with other nonprofits.

Fundraisers: Stop Blaming Facebook For Donors Not Wanting to Hear From You

J Campbell Social Marketing

Now LISTEN because this is IMPORTANT: I’m not saying to completely discard all other forms of fundraising, to throw out everything else, to ONLY focus on Facebook, and all of the other things I’m sure you are assuming (and getting ready to angrily tweet at me).

You Need to Fix Your All or Nothing Email List

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you do several different things and the people interested in those different things don’t overlap much, then allowing people to opt-out of content on the topic that doesn’t interest them as much could also work. If the results of our informal webinar poll last week are any indication, about 2/3rds of nonprofits can’t or haven’t customized their email unsubscribe pages.

List 112

Week of Freebies! Day 4: Email Metrics Explained

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Unsubscribe or opt-out rates. That’s a savings of $200 off the regular price and comes out to less than $10 a week. Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year where we show our readers some love with some FREE goodies. . You don’t have to have a math degree in order to make sense of your email metrics. We show which metrics you need to be tracking and how to do it in today’s freebie: Email Metrics Explained.

6 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors


We’ve rounded up six ways to reach out to millennial donors to help boost your fundraising efforts. Additionally, if a donor keeps giving online, despite your repeated mail asks, consider dropping them from the mail list or include a mail opt-out button. Or if you have a store, drop an email every so often and encourage them to check it out. Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation's largest living generation.

Donors 169

6 Overlooked Ingredients Your Year-End Emails Need

Fundraising 123

It''s also important that you put in an easy way for readers to opt-out of your nonprofit emails (and if you''re not sending from a email service provider like Constant Contact , be aware of CAN-SPAM laws ). Make sure your emails are mobile friendly so you don''t miss out on connecting with donors who want to give on the go. When creating your year-end email appeals, remember these six key ingredients: 1. An easy to find donation button.

Email 132

CAN-SPAM Act – What Do I Need To Know?

JCA Insights

don’t allow recipients to opt out. don’t honor opt-outs when you receive them. New to e-marketing? You need to understand and abide by the CAN-SPAM act. First of all, it’s CAN-SPAM as in “stop spam” rather than “canned spam,” the lunchmeat Monty Python couldn’t live without. The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that affects every organization that uses email in its operations. It covers not only bulk email campaigns, but every commercial email message.

Facebook Metrics Nonprofits Need to Know


Check out some of the Facebook data findings: Comparing email subscribers to Facebook page users – On average, the nonprofits studied had 110 Facebook fans per 1000 email list subscribers. Opting out – Unlike your email list subscribers, Facebook page users can opt out of receiving your posts in their news feed while still being counted as “likes.&# The study used both opt-outs and “unlikes&# to calculate churn rates.

14 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

Fundraising 123

Respect all opt-outs. Need an email service that allows subscribers to update their addresses, includes forward-to-a-friend links automatically and takes care of opt-outs for you? So you're sold on the idea of email marketing. In fact, you're already polishing off the next stellar edition of your e-newsletter. But, creating the content is only the first half of the battle--you need to people to receive and read it. How do you build your list?

List 157

Is There No End To Stupid?

The Agitator

The Agitator has written about this here … offered a free download of the DonorVoice white paper on Opt In/Opt Out … held several free webinars and live sessions on the subject … and pointed our readers to research on donor consent here.

UK 59

REI Gets It Right

A. Fine Blog

REI posted this on its website: REI opted out, literally. They opted out of the soul-sucking, frenetic shopping frenzy on Black Friday and they literally opted to encourage their 12,000 employees at their 143 stores to go outside and take a hike – while paying them. It has always been easier to find companies and organization that get it wrong.

Growing Your List Audience with EmailNow

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Then you'll let EmailNow go to work, handling bounces and opt outs, spotting formatting issues, protecting against duplicates, and making sure your lists are always safe, secure and accurate. How EmailNow makes life easy: Your EmailNow lists are self-cleaning: whenever formatting or delivery issues are spotted, we'll pull those members out of your active roster and into an error bin for easy follow-up.

This Headline Terrified Me

The Agitator

When I saw this headline on Holly Hall’s Chronicle of Philanthropy article on Monday I groaned out loud, and added an expletive. Assuming Smile Train is good on its word, and does not solicit those who opt out, the reality is that many — probably even most — responders will not opt out. And even those who do opt out will get a non-solicitation ‘Thank you’ And guess what, an appreciable percentage will respond with a second gift!

5 Ways You Can Get Meetings with Major Donors (Even When They Won’t Answer their Phone)


Reach out via multiple other channels. Here’s a cheatsheet to get the most out of LinkedIn. You might have to reach out via telephone and through other channels three, five or even ten times before you finally connect with them. Consider adding a line in your communications that says, “If you’d rather I stop reaching out to you, please let me know.” They should be given the power to opt-out.

Newsletter: Sales Email vs Phone Call: Which One is Better ?? ; Calm App is Paying Tennis Players’ Fines, Donating to Charity ; It’s Taking Longer to Close Partnership Deals

Selfish Giving

Maybe he's a Yankees fan hiding out in the 'burbs?? Figure out what works for YOU. Test a bunch of different approaches and measure them to find out which methods yield the best results for you.

Email Marketing Know-How: Get More Opens, Avoid the Trash

NonProfit Hub

Sending out emails can be frustrating, especially when you look at open rates. It’s required by law to have opt-out options in your emails (typically at the bottom). Then, if they go to opt out they can choose what type of content they’d like to opt out of. You could still save them in another aspect, but you should still have an option to opt out of all communications.

Should You Use Pre-Checked or Unchecked Opt-In Forms?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We are currently using an “opt out” function. Canadian spam laws require an explicit opt-in, where you use a separate check box for the email opt-in, and the check boxes can’t be pre-checked. IMPLICIT OPT-IN WITHOUT CHECK BOXES. Supporters are Opted-In According to Site Terms of Service. PASSIVE, IMPLICIT OPT-IN with UNCHECKED OPT-OUT BOXES. Supporters are Opted-In Unless They Check the Unsubscribe Boxes.

Opt-in 103

Learning About Email at #15NTC

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

This is known as a “double opt-in.” Opt-outs – You must have an unsubscribe link in your emails, and make sure they can unsubscribe easily (as opposed to making them log in to edit their subscriptions). 19 When I go to the Nonprofit Technology Conference, I try to attend sessions that will be helpful to our readers back home who couldn’t make it to the conference.

Email 154

Four Essential Tips for Planning Year-End Email Campaigns

Fundraising 123

When mapping out your email appeals, keep the following four topics in mind: Even though your donors might procrastinate, you can''t! Carefully think about your email frequency—every fatigued subscriber who opts out in December is someone who won''t see your emails at all next year. Did you know that year-end donations make up 30% of giving for the entire year? Because year-end fundraising goals are often so big, it''s important to start planning your year-end campaign now.

Why Gmail’s New Unsubscribe Feature, and Unsubscribers in General, Are a Good Thing

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I read last week that Gmail would moving an unsubscribe button to the top of its email messages making it easier for people to opt out of unwanted messages. . First off, if you are putting out crappy communications that no one cares about, then unsubscribes are not a good thing. You don’t have to do any math to figure it out. But stop freaking out if you get an unsubscribe.

How to Connect Email Engagement to Your Big Goals

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Our CRM tells us who is engaged and who isn’t according to a basic test: If they have opened or clicked any email or filled out a web form in the past 90 days, they are considered “Engaged.” ” After 12 months of no opens, clicks, or forms, they are moved to “Unengaged Non-Marketable” and opted out of our mailing list.

Goal 138

Associations as Networks Not Organizations

A. Fine Blog

Rosetta Thurman wrote a terrific post this morning about the Fort Wayne chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network opting out of the national association. It seems that it was too much work, too burdensome, for the local chapter to follow all of the rules that the national association set to be recognized as a [.].

5 Data Hygiene Methods for Your Nonprofit

Ann Green

What are you looking to get out of the audit process? Examples of these unusable data points include: People on do not call lists: People who wish to opt out of telemarketing calls register with the National Do Not Call Registry.

Tampa 62

5 ways to get your email marketing ready for the holidays

Fundraising 123

Perhaps you're out to drive donations, promote an event, or just share a festive little greeting with your customers. But think about your email frequency carefully - every fatigued subscriber who opts out in December is someone who won't see your emails at all next year. Send an email now that gives your subscribers the option to manage how frequently they hear from you, or start slowly ramping up your frequency now (and keep a close eye on ye olde opt-out rate).

Email Rules to Live By

A Small Change

There must be a method for an individual to opt-out of future emails. For more information on the law check out these articles: What’s in an Opt In. Many fundraisers are fuzzy on the rules of email solicitations. Nonprofits seem to receive a little grace with people regarding how we use and reuse our email lists. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know the rules.

Rules 132

Is Your Nonprofit's Website Driving Donors Away?

Fundraising 123

I''ve got a few questions to run by you to figure out if your nonprofit''s website is doing all it can to bring in donations. B) We have an email list and send a newsletter out every few months. C) We have a snail mail newsletter that goes out semiannually. Make it clear that when someone gives you their email address for a downloadable asset, they''re automatically opting in to your subscriber list. Give them the option to opt out. This is a test.

Are Your Emails Being Delievered? [New Report]

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

” Turns out the answer to that question is, “a lot!” Opt-in and confirm. It has improved our open rates and lowered our opt-outs and spam complaints. Download Your Copy. Email deliverability measures how successful an email is at making it into a recipient’s inbox. EveryAction just released their annual Email Deliverability Report which answers the question, “How much is spam costing your nonprofit?”

Report 104

How you can email your supporters every single day


I realize you and your communications team members probably just fell out of your chairs. Also, that’s why so many people either opt-out of receiving your organization’s emails or ignore them altogether by filtering them into their ‘trash’ folders. ” But you didn’t want those and you didn’t subscribe (opt-in) to receive them. Until, finally, you throw her out and change your locks. What if she cleaned out your gutters?

Email 116

Essay Help: No Longer a Mystery


Today, it is possible to just use an essay helper and also opt out to get a movie or simply relax to the settee. Each debate ought to be stated in an alternative paragraph commencing out of the strongest person. Thus, don’t waste your time and effort and get essay out of us as soon as it’s possible! Essay Help – the Conspiracy.

Help 100

Small to Middle Donors and Obama

A Small Change

I believe we do this because it can cost a lot of money to send a mail-out multiple times a year. What if we sent an email out to our donor-base regarding specific needs? We could also provide an opt-out box and let him know we will connect with him in a week’s time if we do not reach our goal. I’m just throwing out one idea that popped into my head as I was considering this.

Obama 106

M+R Benchmarks Study

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

The M+R Benchmarks Study came out last week. I also want to encourage you to check out their handy interactive Benchmark Yourself feature that allows you to add your stats for fundraising and advocacy and other metrics to compare with the Benchmarks in the report. Unsubscribe or opt-out rates. As always, it’s jam packed with lots of insightful information that will help you better understand the online world and how it works for nonprofits.