5 Expert Opinions on the Future of Email Fundraising


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Move Your Nonprofit Agenda Forward with Opinion Editorials

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Margot is an expert trainer on writing and placing opinion editorials. At the end of the 1990s, I worked for an advocacy organization that had – more or less – dropped opinion editorials from their communications strategies.

Mobile Giving Research and Opinion

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You’ve been provided some facts and general information about mobile giving. I’ve learned a lot through this process and want to hear your thoughts and experiences in the mobile giving space. Below are a few different theories and philosophies regarding some of the benefits and specifics of mobile giving. Instantly Viral. Cell phones and smart phones are all over the world and have saturated America. People carry their mobile phones with them almost all of the time.

Picture this: Expert opinions on telling your story with images

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There’s been a fantastic response to this month’s nonprofit carnival topic: telling your story with riveting images. Here’s everything you always wanted to know about the topic from an exceptional range of experts.

Finally we’re releasing the HIPPO killer!!!


HIPPOs tend to be far removed from regular engagement with donors and their decisions tend to be based on opinions— not data or fact. The HIPPO is the highest paid person in the office at the time when a decision needs to be made.

And Now on Opposing Opinion on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Jen Dinoia, who dealt with breast cancer in 2010, is no fan of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Awareness did nothing for me," as she puts it. Jen Dinoia writes The Dinoia Family blog while running her happily crazy Foreign Service family household. Currently in the U.S.,

#Tech: SOPA Inspiring Blackouts & Lobbyists – Should Nonprofits Care?

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Could SOPA chill free speech? On the surface, not much seems to be of relevance in the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ ( SOPA, H.R. 3261 ) because nonprofits aren’t really in the business of selling digitized content, much less pirated content.

10 Tips for Getting Your Op-Ed Placed

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Unlike reported news stories, op-eds are opinion pieces that are written by those who aren’t on the staff of a newspaper, magazine or website. They offer outside voices the opportunity to express opinions and share ideas in their own words.

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Fired or Having A Personal Opinion

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Michel was an employee of the Jewish Federation of San Francisco , who was fired for writing her opinion about the ways the Jewish community are overlooking middle-aged people in favor of Millennials in their programming. I would have written this differently had I seen the original post, however, Michel still doesn''t criticize the Federation directly and she makes it quite clear that this is her opinion not her employers throughout the article.

#VIDEO: Freelance Producers Wanted for Brooklyn Independent Television. Stipend Offered.

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Audience Research: Where to Find Polls and Survey Data

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Cornell Universities List of Public Opinion Surveys. Harris Interactive Vault - 40 years of public opinion data. PollingReport.com - variety of public opinion polls. World Public Opinion - polls from around the world. You’ve accepted that “the general public” is not a target audience. Congratulations! Now’s the fun part: learning more about the groups of people who really are most important to your success.

Work Our Audience-Driven News Climate

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Other examples abound, affecting news, feature, and opinion coverage. Digital media has exploded with new outlets representing diverse opinions and covering an incredible range of subjects. Thanks to guest blogger Mollie Katz, Multimedia Strategist at Mollie Katz Communications.

#SocialMedia: Facebook’s Updates Strive For Timelines About Its Users

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Communications Community eNewsletter Facebook Marketing Media Review Nonprofit Opinion Permission Marketing Public Relations Social Media Software Review Storytelling Technology Video Web and Print Web Design Beth Kanter Charitable organization Farmville Google Non-profit organization Online Communities Social network Spotify Timeline videoLast week Facebook presented its latest iteration and updates with fanfare unusual even for Facebook.

Best Facebook Groups for Nonprofits

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It’s a very active, very helpful, and very opinionated group of people in all different kinds of nonprofit work, although fundraising and communications topics seem to dominate.

How a Small Nonprofit President Got a Big Spot in The New York Times’ Room for Debate

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SPIN Academy taught them a number of strategies for connecting with the media — one of which focused on having Pfeifer author submitted opinion pieces for newspapers. It’s more difficult than ever for nonprofits to get media coverage.

Nonprofits Grew Online Giving, Website Traffic & Social Media Fans in 2013

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Most important finding (in my opinion): “So, when is the best time to send a fundraising message? It’s that time of year again – the M+R and NTEN annual Nonprofit Benchmarks Study ! This year they surveyed 53 nonprofits, looking at data on online fundraising and advocacy.

3 Barriers to Integrated Marketing Success

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Streamlining the process internally to accurately and fully convey your organization’s identity ensures you don’t confuse your audience with different personalities, opinions and voices. Then, find a way to integrate this opinion into your work, and give credit where credit is due.

Cut the Glut! Wordy Phrases to Eliminate from Your Writing (And Alternatives)

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it is our opinion that = we think. We’ve all read those mission statements or fundraising appeals that seem to have smart ideas, but when you take a closer look you realize they just have a lot of words. Shorter is nearly always better.

The JianGate Twitter Universe Visualized

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Ok I’ll admit it, while I’m usually very careful before jumping in with personal opinions during breaking news, I, like many others this week , let my emotions dictate what I typed regarding the Jian Ghomeshi fiasco.

How big is the average major gift?


What we found was this: The most-repeated answer: $1,000 – $2,499 (that’s a pretty low dollar amount for an average major gift in my opinion). “What’s your average?” ” I found myself asking that question in meetings with clients all the time.

Lessons from the Boy Scouts Controversy: Be Prepared

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In turn, he made it appear as though the BSA is endorsing those opinions. They should have supporters who are ready to post messages on social media about the importance of the organization and how no single person’s opinions reflect what the organization is about.

Do major gift and planned gift staff need “sales managers”?


The best authority on this topic (in my opinion) is Mike Weinberg. Sales managers? But we don’t sell anything! Actually, you do! You’re selling value. Any exchange of money occurs because a person sees value in giving away their hard-earned cash. The private sector usually has sales managers for their teams. The nonprofit sector usually doesn’t. Instead, they have Directors or CDO’s.

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The High Cost of Communications Chaos #CALMnotBUSY

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Plus you might work with people who don’t really understand best practices in marketing communications but still have oh-so-many opinions about your job. Many nonprofit communications directors feel like they work in a constant state of chaos.

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3 Things Successful Nonprofits Do NOW to Prepare for December Online Fundraising

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Then ask for her brutally honest opinion on the experience, and learn! Source: https://flic.kr/p/8q7cDb. p/8q7cDb. The other day my daughter and I were walking down an aisle in a department store and she noticed a huge Halloween products display. “Oh Oh come on!” she said. TOO SOON.

Showcase Your Experts—Speakers’ Bureau How-Tos

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The opinions she shares here do not represent those of the American Red Cross. The opinions she shares here do not represent those of the American Red Cross. Our guest blogger Amanda Aldrich is Regional Communications Specialist with the American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio.

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Op Eds: Writing Leads that Grab Readers by the Lapels

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Guest bloggerMargot Friedman, principal of Dupont Circle Communications, conducts trainings on writing and placing opinion editorials. That’s why the lead or opening paragraph of your next opinion editorial is so important.

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Digital and Media Literacy

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Photos have always been powerful in capturing global attention , swaying public opinion, and altering the course of political direction, hence why photo journalism exists. You see, in the past, these public micro expressions of opinion (likes, shares ,re-tweets and comments) based on emotional on-the-spot reactions were never captured. In a recent workshop I held here in Ottawa, the topic of digital and media literacy came up on a few occasions.

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To Go.ngo,ong, Or Not

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Agitator reader Greg Worley wrote asking us to weigh in with an Agitator opinion of whether or not adding these domains is worth it to U.S.

A Valentine For Fundraisers

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However, while we were eating our chocolates, Cupid delivered a thought-provoking message to our inbox in the form of an opinion piece from Jennifer and Peter Buffett, co-presidents of the NoVo Foundation, appearing in last week’s Chronicle of Philanthropy.

6 Ways to Deal with Your Devil’s Advocate

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Here’s what works best when a devil’s advocate surfaces in one of our client organizations: Depersonalize the difference of opinion, staying calm and confident. Validation trumps opinion every time.

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Cut the Glut! Part II – Redundancies to Eliminate from Your Writing

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consensus of opinion = consensus. Last week, we talked about those wordy phrases you need to trim (and what to use instead). For example, just say “enough” instead of “a sufficient amount of.” ” Today, we are going to cover redundant phrases.

Why do you hate your job? 3 Reasons

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9 ways nonprofits are conning and duping supporters (all of which you should do without)


Not asking for their opinions / feedback. New donors, are testing you out. But many feel duped. I think that’s why retention is so low. Everyone hates to be duped! In fact, a fundraiser recently admitted to me that a major donor once told him he and his wife would rather meet with a used car salesman than a fundraiser. Here are the ways nonprofits are conning and duping supporters: 1. Using tricks or gimmicks to gain new subscribers and/or donors.

Newsjacking for Nonprofits

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And opinion pages are often looking for writers to respond to or add opinions about timely topics. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos set the nonprofit world ablaze earlier this month by tweeting a “request for ideas” about how to direct his charitable giving.

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Meet the 4 Types of People Who Make Up Your Online Community [Infographic]

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This group is opinionated. Nonprofits tend to lump all of their constituents into just a few boxes – staff, volunteers, donors and clients. Within that box, these groups of constituents often get lumped further into just one category. Our donors aren’t online!” “Our

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Are You Preparing for Life After Facebook?

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” Facebook Nonprofit Opinion Social Media Geoff Livingston Social networkNoting that the number of Facebook users in the U.S. is declining, author and marketing strategist Geoff Livingston argues that “it’s time to hedge your bets and start investing in networks other than Facebook.” ” As new social networks start carving up the marketplace that Facebook now dominates, he says, nonprofits must go where their communities go.

Are You Preparing for Life After Facebook?

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” Facebook Nonprofit Opinion Social Media Geoff Livingston Social networkNoting that the number of Facebook users in the U.S. is declining, author and marketing strategist Geoff Livingston argues that “it’s time to hedge your bets and start investing in networks other than Facebook.” ” As new social networks start carving up the marketplace that Facebook now dominates, he says, nonprofits must go where their communities go.

9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors


Try not to inject your opinion – Unless it is appropriate to do so, avoid the temptation to include your personal thoughts. I failed to get into business school. I hoped to be a business major at the University of Maryland in the 80’s. But my ability to read, comprehend and recapitulate the institution’s business lessons was not so good. I didn’t make the cut and failed to get even close to acceptance into the business school.

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It ain’t friendraising… it’s fundraising


Popular opinion is wrong. Usually, it is believed that extroverts make the best sales people (and fundraisers). But, according to tons of recent research including this paper written by Adam M. Grant (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), there is actually a weak and inconsistent relationship between extroversion and sales performance. My take on it: Extroverts tend to be very outgoing, social and overtly expressive. They want to be friends with people.

Editorial Planning When Everything Is Up in the Air

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2) Opinion Pieces. You should be able to write at least one opinion piece for each of your core topics. You know that an editorial calendar is a great tool, in theory.

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