How to Raise Awareness [Free Online Course]

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We get this question so often we created a free online course that will help you create a plan for real success (as opposed to vague “awareness” activities that are usually a waste of time).

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Making Online Meetings Better #NPCOMMLIFE

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I shared Beth Kanter’s post on making online meetings less exhaustive in this past Friday’s Mixed Links edition, but thought it was worth going into a little more.

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Nonprofit Communications 101 [Free Online Course]

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If you are new to either nonprofit work or communications work, then we have a FREE online, self-paced, video course for you in our new Learning Center. The post Nonprofit Communications 101 [Free Online Course] appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

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Missed Our Free Webinar on Raising Awareness? Take the Online Course Anytime!

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We have a free online course that will help you create a plan for real success (as opposed to vague “awareness” activities that are usually a waste of time). In this free online, self-paced video course , you’ll learn: The five steps to creating an awareness plan that actually works.

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Marketing Your Online Auction: 3 Tips to Boost Interest

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In order for your virtual fundraiser to be a success, your online auction needs to be marketed before, during, and even after, to build donor & brand loyalty. . With this in mind, how can your nonprofit effectively market your online auction? . In the world online, making?

Online Fundraising Success When Surrounded by Skeptics

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When we were helping Jen Newmeyer brainstorm the title for her new book, as soon as one of us said, “ The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics, ” we knew we had it.

7 Things I Learned from Neil Patel about Online Marketing

Getting Attention

Neil is the co-founder of Hello Bar, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, and he is a main contributor to the online […]. Neil Patel is definitely one of the coolest guys I’ve ever come across.

How to Handle Negative Online Comments

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The Chronicle’s editors loved the piece and posted it online. After all, online comments are part of the cost of doing business in today’s media world. So how should you react if you’re the subject to name calling or trolling online? While negative comments can hurt and can sometimes be damaging, they are also part what you sign up for when you publish written or video content online. Flickr Creative Commons photo by Serra Boten.

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Time Saver: Online Press Conferences & Media Events

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That’s why online press conferences and media events are a growing trend in the busy news world. What is an online press conference or media event? An online press conference or media event allows the organizer to invite a group of attendees to watch a live online video presentation. I will be sharing more details about the Who, What, When, Where, & How of an online press conference during a budget-friendly webinar on Tuesday, July 9th.

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How to Build an Online Community: 4 Ways to Get Started

J Campbell Social Marketing

Today’s article on how to build an online community is such an important topic for nonprofits as they navigate the challenges of fundraising both during and after the pandemic. Discount codes for your online store.

5 Reasons Your Online Fundraising Campaign Isn’t Raising Money

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Once you have planned and launched your online fundraising campaign, what happens now? Here are five common reasons that an online fundraising campaign may not be raising money like it should. Fundraising Nonprofits Online Fundraising Crowdfunding digital campaigns gofundme

5 Clever Online Engagement Ideas for Nonprofits

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Looking for ways to engage supporters online? Invite an artist to illustrate your supporter’s thoughts submitted online. A Super Effective Online Fundraising Tool: The “Wins” Blog Post. Creative Ideas Ideas for Nonprofit Writers Nonprofit Communications Online MarketingGet inspired by these real nonprofit digital engagements! Ask An Artist To Illustrate. Take that hashtag contest to the next level.

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Non-Profit Marketing: How to Win Supporters and Donors Online

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Non-Profit Marketing: How to Win Supporters and Donors Online. A special guest post by Michael Akinlaby to help nonprofits, NGOs and Social Enterprises utilize the power of content marketing to win supporters and donors online. Community building is everything online.

5 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Events and Engage Your Online Community

J Campbell Social Marketing

Have you signed up for my new online master class for nonprofits? To help you feel more confident and get the most out of your efforts, we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks from industry experts to help you improve your virtual events and better engage your online community.

Can You Really Get Rich Quick Online?

Getting Attention

I can almost guarantee that you can make a decent income online with enough persistence and proper training & guidance. Internet Marketing get rich online get rich or die trying make money onlineHonestly, That’s a tough one! I know that you want to hear a resounding yes!

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Online will-making tools: My pros and cons.


I wrote it because digital will-writing tools are popping up to help your supporters facilitate their planning conveniently online. MarketSmart does not necessarily compete with online will-writing platforms. Your supporters might be tempted to use one of the following online will-writing tools: ? There are essentially three ways nonprofits can employ online will-writing tools to potentially expand their legacy gift programs. Brace yourself. .

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Online Campaigns

A Small Change

When approaching multiple donors in different ways with your online campaigns diversify your approach to fundraising beyond soliciting donors to converting donors to fundraisers. Maybe you could ask an online businesses to donate a portion of their online sales? Asking for a specific donation amounts and encourages shorter timeframes for an online campaign. Tags: Technology and Online Fundraising

Seven Great Online Marketing Campaigns Every Nonprofit Can Run

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Webinar Details: Seven Great Online Marketing Campaigns Every Nonprofit Can Run. If you had a boss who wasn’t really into digital communications, I hope they are on board now!

How to Address Negative Online Comments About Your Nonprofit

J Campbell Social Marketing

Addressing negative online comments about your nonprofit – something that every single nonprofit social media manager has had to deal with at one point or another. . The short answer to dealing with negativity online? . 4) See if your online community will go to bat for you! .

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7 Reasons YOU’RE not making any money online

Getting Attention

Top 7 Reasons YOU’RE not making any money online Yup, you read it right. Below I’m going to go into the top 7 reasons why YOU’RE not making any money online! I’m calling YOU out! ??

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Want To Be An Online Fundraising Master?

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Online fundraising should be a major part of your strategy this year. Last year, online fundraising campaign #GivingTuesday raised 90% more in 2013 than in 2012 – about $19.2 in 2013, while online giving grew 13.5%. M+R and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) studied 53 nonprofits and found that nonprofit website traffic increased 16% in 2013 and that there was a 14% increased in online revenue just from email. The post Want To Be An Online Fundraising Master?

Week of Freebies, Day 4: Documenting Communications Decisions [Online Course]

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The post Week of Freebies, Day 4: Documenting Communications Decisions [Online Course] appeared first on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog. Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Content Marketing Nonprofit Editorial Calendars Nonprofit Marketing Plans and Strategies Webinars and Online CoursesHappy Holidays! It’s that time of year where we show our readers some love with some FREE goodies. Today’s freebie is a little more advanced, but one a lot of you will need.

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How to Use Social Media to Raise Money Online

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How to Use Social Media to Raise Money Online from Julia Campbell. The post How to Use Social Media to Raise Money Online appeared first on marketing for the modern nonprofit. Fundraising Nonprofits Online Fundraising Social Media community building Facebook fundraising instagram fundraising social media fundraising youtube fundraisingMy webinar with Nonprofit Tech for Good went so well I wanted to share the slides with you!

[TOMORROW] Your Very Practical Beginner’s Guide to Online Fundraising

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Are you tapping into the potential of online fundraising? Online revenue grew 19% in 2015 according to the M+R Benchmarks Report. If you are ignoring online revenue you could be missing out on a major fundraising tactic. Join us tomorrow for a BRAND NEW webinar: The Very Practical Beginner’s Guide to Online Fundraising. Presented by online fundraising expert, Kerri Karvetski. Do you want to learn how to raise funds for your nonprofit online?

Amazing Tools for Your Online Business Stack

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Amazing Tools for Your Online Business Stack. Check out which Tools to include in your Online Business Stack. What Tools Are Best Suited For Online Business Stacks? Google Ads provides your business’s ads when users use keywords for online searches.

Top online marketing strategies for your business

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Top online marketing strategies for your business. Online marketing can seem a quite complicated and daunting job. Unfortunately, this can deter many of the focused business owners from implementing a great online marketing plan. Do you want to grow your business?

Best online video makers for your business

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Best online video makers for your business. Check out our list of best Online Video Makers. You need reliable online video makers for this. It can help pretty much anyone willing to make online videos. This terrific online video maker is simple to use.

4 Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Fundraising Campaigns

Get Fully Funded

We help equip nonprofits with the tools they need to pursue better online fundraising efforts, such as well-designed digital donation forms and a text-to-donate platform. Knowing how vital online fundraising has become, his goal is to help nonprofits raise more money online each year!

Online Community-Building for Nonprofit Members

Ann Green

How important is online community-building for your nonprofit members? Read our guide to learn how online engagements can strengthen your membership base. When you put the effort into building your online community, your nonprofit can: Offer unique opportunities and attract new members.

Online Fundraising Continues to Grow

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Online fundraising will be a huge part of the conferences I’m attending this week. Just in time, Convio has released the latest update from its Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index Study. Here are a few highlights: Online fundraising continues to grow. Overall, 79% of organizations included in the report raised more in 2010 than 2009, while 21% saw declines in their online fundraising. Fundraising Online Marketing Trends

Can’t Stop for an Hour? Enroll in These Shorter Online Courses Instead

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We know there are A LOT of webinars being offered right now including ours. Even before COVID happened we already knew how busy you were so we have always had training available 24/7.

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How to Make Online Donations Simple for Potential Donors

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Abby Jarvis joins us today to share some tips on creating a simple online donation process.~Kivi. Abby Jarvis is a blogger, marketer, and communications coordinator for Qgiv , an online fundraising service provider. Fundraising Guest Bloggers Nonprofit Communications Online Tools Abby Jarvis. A potential donor visits your website, but never makes a donation. It happens all the time, but have you done everything you can to prevent that?

6 Ways Nonprofits Are Getting Online Fundraising All Wrong

J Campbell Social Marketing

Almost every article I read about online fundraising and online giving starts out something like this: Despite the hype and the assurances of social media experts, online fundraising still accounts for an abysmal 2% of total dollars raised by charities. I frequently see quotes like this one, from a recent article: “I have yet to see pure online fundraising really take off,” says (nonprofit fundraising/marketing officer). “It

3 Online Donor Retention Tips That Everyone Should Know

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We’ve compiled 3 online donor retention tips that your nonprofit can use to maintain your all-important engagement levels. Future donations: Your online donation form should be customizable to include a recurring donation button. Start by considering the online giving processes you can make available to your donors. Launch this research with Qgiv’s list of top online donation tools , then consider what offerings might be missing from your organization’s toolbox.

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Online Fundraising Fundamentals

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Next week on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, I’m presenting a webinar for CharityHowTo on Online Fundraising Fundamentals. If you are still trying to figure out how to make online fundraising work for you, I hope you’ll join us. You’ll leave the webinar with a basic online fundraising strategy that you can customize for your organization. Online Donor Follow-up Checklist. Join Us for Online Fundraising Fundamentals at Charity How To.

Want to Fire Your Online Engagement System?

Getting Attention

In fact, most nonprofit organizations have a degree of dissatisfaction with their online engagement tools – primarily because there is no perfect platform. Fundraising, advocacy, email marketing, events, eCommerce, and CRM are all standard components of most nonprofits’ online engagement software. So we put all our experiential goodness into our free Nonprofit Guide to Online Engagement Tools covering six systems: Charity Engine. Luminate Online.

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How to Communicate with Your Donors, Members, and Online Community Right Now – #NPCOVID19

J Campbell Social Marketing

The post How to Communicate with Your Donors, Members, and Online Community Right Now – #NPCOVID19 appeared first on marketing for the modern nonprofit. I’ve been thinking about you. I want you to be safe. You ARE social distancing, right? Just checking.

Oh, Online Communciations Officer

Getting Attention

6) Corporate Communications Manager and Online Communications Manager. 14) Online Communications Officer. 15) Senior Director of Online Communications. Please post your nonprofit marketing position here for full-time or part-time staff, consulting or internship opportunities. Thanks! NEW OPPORTUNITIES. 1) Communications and Community Advocacy Associate. Sage (New York, NY). 2) Communications and Fundraising Intern.

Thirsty for Online Fundraising Data? Check Out the Luminate Online Benchmark Report 2016

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These are some of the key takeaways from the new Luminate Online Benchmark Report 2016 by Blackbaud. The report aggregates data from July 2015 to June 2016 from 631 mature Luminate Online customers — orgs with at least 3 years of consecutive usage data. A few data points to support the beginning of a shift in online marketing and fundraising: The charts below visualize the 2016 median, the lower and upper quartiles, the percent change from the prior year, and the 2015 median.

Need Some Online Fundraising Ideas?

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Network for Good just released a new online giving study that provides all kinds of good ideas for increasing the amount of money you can raise online. Here’s one of the central lessons from this study of over $381 million in online giving, including 3.6 million gifts to 66,470 different nonprofits between 2003 and 2009: Even small upgrades to the donor experience make a measurable difference in online giving. Online Donor Follow-up Checklist.

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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Giving Process

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Giving Process. online? ?giving? Online giving is one of the top ways that nonprofit organizations collect funds and engage with their supporters. Provide a streamlined online donation form. Provide a streamlined online donation form.

Successful Online Fundraising Campaigns – Tips from @karvetski

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Kerri Karvetski is a wonderful nonprofit copywriter and online strategist (and she also teaches the webinars in our Social Media Starter Kit series ). I recently interviewed Kerri for some tips on how to put together a good online fundraising campaign. E-Newsletters Fundraising Nonprofit Communications Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Online Marketing Storytelling

We’re Cutting Through the Noise in May with Great Online Campaigns, Brilliant Press Releases, and New Rules for Marketing

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Online Training: May 7: Seven Great Online Marketing Campaigns Every Nonprofit Can Run with Kivi Leroux Miller. On the Blog: Kivi will focus on creating online content. Here’s what’s happening in May at Nonprofit Marketing Guide….

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