How Businesses Can Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims (Hint: Learn from Boston)

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But like everyone else I heard the sad news about the tornados in Oklahoma and the terrible loss of life and property. And after seeing how businesses responded after the tragedy in my hometown of Boston, I have a few suggestions.

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You'll need an email pop-up and a service that pings you when a company visits your site (e.g. Wayfair's calls are spammy and unwanted. But calling a few select people after they visit your site and/or sign-up for email updates isn't such a bad idea. Marketing Your Cause 1.

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Parting the Kimono (a little) on Cause Marketing ROI

Cause Related Marketing

I’m working a speech I’ll give next week on cause marketing and the meeting planners asked if I could share some actual ROI data. But in just the last week, I’ve seen two prominent cause marketers who have parted the kimono… but only a little… on actual results.

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Good Cause Marketing Lessons From Bad PR

Cause Related Marketing, this humble little site you’re reading right now, is the Interweb’s largest, most diverse and comprehensive blog on cause marketing. Maybe the site's size and renown explains the volume of off-topic pitches I get from well-meaning PR people.

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There She Blows! Cause Marketing, Mobile Gifts Surface with

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I’ve talked a lot about the coming of mobile payments and their intersection with cause marketing on both my blog and at speaking appearances. But the waters are parting and I see something rising:

Ep175: How This Texas DQ Franchisee is Fighting Childhood Hunger

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan Strand and I talk to Bill Spae , CEO of Vasari LLC , a Dairy Queen franchisee with 76+ locations in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. On the show, Megan, Bill and I discuss: Bill Spae, Vasari LLC.

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Due to the climate crisis and rising ocean temperatures, more seals are visiting the balmy waters of the Cape and they've brought company: lots of great white sharks.??Sadly, Last summer, a surfer was bitten by a shark and died. Marketing Your Cause 1. Build an audience.

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Fundraising on Film: What Hollywood Thinks of Fundraising?

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Here’s a little holiday surprise for you, courtesy of my friend, movie buff, and fundraiser extraordinaire, Rob Blizard. I suspect many of us will be watching some old movies on the holiday break, and Rob gives you his take on a few of them with fundraising at the core of their plots.