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Seeing Your Marketing Future in the Obama Re-Election Campaign

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

“In 2008, the campaign encouraged supporters to create profiles on a social networking site called Need help with this?

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5 Signs You're Not Ready for Social Media

Marketing for Nonprofits

Don't invest in a social media presence or strategy UNTIL you optimize your website and email list. Your email list is under 10K names.

Notes from the Digital Governance Forum (#DGF15)

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Media amplifies bozo eruptions of politicians. Social network analysis mapping and visualization – need to educate and demonstrate value.

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What Nonprofits Can Learn from the Obama Campaign – Lessons from FRDNY

JCA Insights

At Fundraising Day in NY (FRDNY), we welcomed back Stephen Geer, the architect of the groundbreaking 2008 online campaign to elect Barack Obama. At the 2009 FRDNY, Steve spoke about some of the cutting-edge online strategies that the Obama campaign used to leverage social media and more “traditional” email. Usually not.

4 Ways To Set Yourself Apart With the New Twitter Layout

J Campbell Social Marketing

First Lady Michelle Obama @flotus. Twitter is changing its look , and like it or not, your nonprofit better be ready. 4) Filter tweets.

#Interview: Allison Fine, Author & Analyst — Examines Intersection of Social Media & Social Change

Non Profit Marketing 360

Allison Fine researches and writes about the intersection of social media and social change. Social media is a part of it.

What Does the Obama Social Media Community Do Next?

Social Marketing and Social Change

Would you like to continue to volunteer in your community as part of an Obama organization?: Yes. Tags: Obama Social Media Transition The pundits ponder this question. The campaign does the right thing - ask them. Some of the questions from the transition team. Working on local issues that impact our community.

Direct Mail Drop and Social Media Rise

A Small Change

I think that we are still at the early stages of social media fundraising and we will see direct mail continue to decline and social media & online fundraising continue to grow. There are already organizations that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars using social media.

Do You Consider President Obama a Whippersnapper?

Social Media Bird Brain

you've been holding off on using Twitter or other social media for your. Tags: Pew Research Center Sarah Perez Secret Service social media Twitter Social network Can't blame him - as I've discovered in the past few months, Twitter is both fun and useful.If

How to get mobile donors to convert


Remember the Obama campaign’s enormous success with this technique! Online Fundraising Social Media and Mobile mobile mobile fundraising

Small to Middle Donors and Obama

A Small Change

In Viral Loop by Adam Penenberg (you can read an earlier interview with him), they talk about a technique employed during Obama’s presidential campaign showing a new kind of value in asking for small gifts. “If If Obama had asked for $100 million in the weeks leading up to the election, he probably wouldn’t have gotten it.

Hunger Knows No Party: Social media engagement campaign for Share Our Strength


In-house social media formatting tool. Social Media and Mobile blackbaud Convio PART TWO: Hunger Knows No Party. HTML/CSS.

Obama's Wired Campaign: Lessons for Public Health Communication

Social Marketing and Social Change

Lorien Abroms and I take a look at the Obama campaign's use of social media in the latest issue of Journal of Health Communications (2009;14:415-423). peer to peer and social network) communications of campaign messages as social influence and modeling are important drivers of behavior. Encourage horizontal (i.e.,

#SOCIALMEDIA: Politicians & NonProfits Need Agility With Online Outreach

Non Profit Marketing 360

By contrast, Mitt Romney inspired 14,289 tpm, which was about half as many as reactions to Michelle Obama’s presentation two nights ago.

Obama Campaign's Lessons for Fundraising

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Nonprofit fundraisers are looking at the Obama campaign's extraordinary, game-changing fundraising for lessons to use in their own work. As Seth Godin might say, Obama handed the megaphones to his greatest fans. Tags: Obama fundraising Intelligent Giving suggests it was the context of his message.

#Interview: Syam Buradagunta, Blogger & Co-Founder of Blue Sky Collaborative

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Peer-to-peer fundraising was a big component of the Obama Campaign fundraising in the last campaign. Peer-to-peer was our angle.



Social Media and Mobile hashtagChildhood hunger is a hidden epidemic in America that we can no longer ignore. The

Free Copy of 'Obama's Wired Campaign'

Social Marketing and Social Change

I am delighted to note that the article, Obama’s Wired Campaign: Lessons for Public Health Communication , I co-authored with my colleague Lorien Abroms at the GWU-SPHHS Program in Public Health Communication & Marketing , is a FREE selection in the current issue of Journal of Health Communication. Tags: Social Media

GOOD Gobbles Jumo

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Jumo, the social medium that started with a bang nine months ago, ended with a whimper in August by being absorbed into GOOD , a content-rich site catering to activists across a broad spectrum of causes.

Online Marketing Best Practices from the Obama Campaign

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

M+R Strategic Services just released a report outlining the strategies and best practices from the Obama new media campaign and how those practices should be applied to nonprofits and their online marketing and fundraising efforts. The most successful new media strategies for the. obama campaign, online marketing. Rinse.

44 Social Media Books for 2009-2010 Plus One

Diva Marketing Blog

for your reading pleasure here's a list of titles of social media books scheduled to be release 2009 – 2010. Ta da. Yes We Did!

Aw Girl, are you JADED?

Wild Woman Fundraising

Do you advocate for people to give to causes, but never give to causes yourself? Why is that?

A case for Twitter, Facebook, & social media for healthcare fundraisers

Fundraising Coach

Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube are sites that are in the broad category of “social media.” Social media sites are sites that make it really easy for people to connect with other people. And social media sites often have made-up names or names with weird spelling like Plurk or Flickr.

What YOU Can Learn from Obama Fundraising

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Tags: social media 101

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Social Media and Online Marketing. Are you social networks like Facebook and Twitter all professional or all personal or both?

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A Marketing Lesson From President Barack Obama's Address

Diva Marketing Blog

As I was listening to President Obama's speech I found that several ideas/words rang out for me: to choose our better history. Probably not.

#PUBLICPOLICY: Online Privacy Becomes Concern For Service Providers

Non Profit Marketing 360

But such cookies take on a different meaning when we willingly tap into our social sites, which – by definition – are about public sharing.


New Study Shares Secret Sauce of Obama for America Online Campaign

Marketing for Nonprofits

It's almost a year since President Obama's election, but there is still a LOT of interest in the staggering success of Obama for America (OFA).

24 Nonprofit Marketing Jobs:New Opportunities for the New Year

Getting Attention

8) Communications & Social Media Intern and Marketing & Insights Intern , VolunteerMatch (San Francisco, CA). Go to it!

Scribd Your Own Script: Social Publishing Meets Collaboration and More


At DC’s Social Media Club event this past week, I heard many mumors about Scribd , so naturally I checked it out. I mean, individuals like Obama and groups like the New York Times and the World Economic Forum are on here too! I have yet begun to explore the site, but already I am impressed. Not only can you. Cheers!

Campaign like Obama - and see him sworn in

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As I’ve said in this space before, there are two secrets to campaigning like Obama—a one-two punch of audience connection and infrastructure to serve the audience. So now you can campaign like Obama - and enter a lottery to see him sworn in. Read the horrific superlist of social media blunders of the year here

Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator – Nancy Levesque

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

check email, Google Alerts for media hits, and then check in on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Nancy Levesque. It was amazing! Go O’s!

Fake News. Fake Fundraising.

The Agitator

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What is the Value of a Holiday Greeting

A. Fine Blog

And speaking of unimportant…how about those Obama emails, eh? Uncategorized biden email Obama rosh hashanah

Where Does 'Transparency' Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

Diva Marketing Blog

Unlike most business strategies, social media is built on a culture that is developed by the people who are involved in digital communities. The concepts of transparency, authenticity, honesty and passion for the topic/brand have evolved as 'society norms' for communicating and forming relationships in the world of the social web.

Friday Futures – Nonprofit Marketing Jobs – June 10, 2011

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10) Writers and Editors , Obama for America , (Chicago, IL). People are reading, and applying! NEW OPPORTUNITIES. RECENT OPPORTUNITIES. P.P.S.

June 28

Presidential Candidates Online

The Agitator

Pew Research has released its latest study on US presidential candidates’ use of the web and social media. Looking at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and campaign websites, Pew finds the Obama campaign generating more content by nearly four to one. The campaign wants to be your ‘friend’ … engage in a dialogue?

Hope is Here

A. Fine Blog

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#SocialNetworks: Primary Politics Offer Models For SM Strategy

Non Profit Marketing 360

And social networks are how ever more people are doing all that. Ask not what your social network can do for you. Click to enlarge.

U.S. gets a new President, White House launches new web site & blog…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

We have all heard how Barack Obama leveraged social media during the campaign ( just Google it… ). Obama.