Seeing Your Marketing Future in the Obama Re-Election Campaign

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The current edition of Newsweek has a very interesting description of what the Obama campaign is cooking up , including these especially noteworthy observations.

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Framing the Issue: How Obama Won the War of Words

Mission Minded

Nonprofit communications Nonprofit Messaging Storytelling 2012 campaign communications election frame message frame nonprofit obama president romney story“To frame an issue is to reduce it to a story for which there is only one possible outcome.”—Geoff Geoff Nunberg, linguist Something very interesting happened on the way to the polls this election cycle.

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This Cause Marketers' Wish List for President Obama

Cause Related Marketing

Everybody has their wish list for President Barack Obama. Speaking as a cause marketer, here’s my wish list for President Obama, expressed in an open letter. . Tags: Barack Obama Andrew Jackson Anup Malani Cartier M.Todd Henderson Salvation Army

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Barack Obama-Presidential Candidate, Fundraiser Blackbelt


Whether you are an Obama supporter or not, we all have to admit that his campaign really "gets it" on how to get to and mobilize Gen Yers. Whether they know it or not Obama is a high-end brand to this target audience." (the the Obama "brand" logo).

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Small to Middle Donors and Obama

A Small Change

In Viral Loop by Adam Penenberg (you can read an earlier interview with him), they talk about a technique employed during Obama’s presidential campaign showing a new kind of value in asking for small gifts. “If If Obama had asked for $100 million in the weeks leading up to the election, he probably wouldn’t have gotten it. Related posts: Obama Crowned Direct Mail King Organizing Your Donors All Donors as Major Donors More on All Donors as Major Donors Major Gifts or Middle Giving.

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Will the Lincoln Movie Trailer, Cause Marketing, Help Obama Win?

Selfish Giving

Like most Democrats, I was disappointed with President Obama’s performance during the debate last week. Instead of giving us a two-hour plus historical drama to sip on, the trailer serves a pro-Obama shot straight up. .

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Mobile Smack Down: Obama’s Responsive Design vs. Romney’s Mobile Site (and More)


It’s also worth noting that while Obama solicits a responsive design approach and Romney a separate mobile site, both also have their own apps as well. Image Courtesy of Smashing Magazine.

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Obama Campaign's Lessons for Fundraising

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Nonprofit fundraisers are looking at the Obama campaign's extraordinary, game-changing fundraising for lessons to use in their own work. As Seth Godin might say, Obama handed the megaphones to his greatest fans. Tags: Obama fundraising Intelligent Giving suggests it was the context of his message. That sounds right to me, but it was also and in my judgment more importantly this: theirs was a community organizing strategy, not a sales and marketing campaign.

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How YOU Can Attend the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama


With the holidays quickly behind us, many are looking forward to the next one: The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama on Jan. Changeblogging: NP, activism, social change + Jan 20 2009 historical news Barack Obama witness history Inauguration road trip social event chance of a lifetime President event opportunity current events 20, 2009. Indeed, many companies [at least in the DC area] are giving an added holiday to their employees in recognition of the day!

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How It Happened: Obama Relationship Management

Social Marketing and Social Change

How did Barack Obama do it? President-Elect Obama stated last night in his victory speech [video and transcript] : This victory alone is not the change we seek. Tags: Campaigns and Programs Enagagement New Media Obama Realtionhip-Building

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Obama's Wired Campaign: Lessons for Public Health Communication

Social Marketing and Social Change

Lorien Abroms and I take a look at the Obama campaign's use of social media in the latest issue of Journal of Health Communications (2009;14:415-423). Tags: Mobile Thoughts Social Media Campaigns Health Communication New Media Obama Public Health Social Marketing Social Media Lessons for public health campaigns include the following: Consider new media--social networking sites, uploaded videos, mobile text messages and blogs—as part of a comprehensive media mix.

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Online Marketing Best Practices from the Obama Campaign

Search Marketing for Nonprofits

M+R Strategic Services just released a report outlining the strategies and best practices from the Obama new media campaign and how those practices should be applied to nonprofits and their online marketing and fundraising efforts. Did you know that the Obama campaign had a 81-person new media team that grew to nearly 170 people by the end of the campaign? If you look at where the staff for the Obama campaign came from – it was largely corporate online marketing experience.

What Nonprofits Can Learn from the Obama Campaign – Lessons from FRDNY

JCA Insights

At Fundraising Day in NY (FRDNY), we welcomed back Stephen Geer, the architect of the groundbreaking 2008 online campaign to elect Barack Obama. At the 2009 FRDNY, Steve spoke about some of the cutting-edge online strategies that the Obama campaign used to leverage social media and more “traditional” email. is engaged by a super-PAC to help Democrats, including President Obama, prevail in the upcoming November elections.

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Free Copy of 'Obama's Wired Campaign'

Social Marketing and Social Change

I am delighted to note that the article, Obama’s Wired Campaign: Lessons for Public Health Communication , I co-authored with my colleague Lorien Abroms at the GWU-SPHHS Program in Public Health Communication & Marketing , is a FREE selection in the current issue of Journal of Health Communication. ABSTRACT: The Obama campaign has relevance for how we conduct and build communities around our public health campaigns.

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What Does Obama's Administration Mean For Nonprofits?

Seeking Grant Money Today

The Chronicle of Philanthropy , on November 6, 2008; posted Peter Panepento's great article, "Charities Can Expect New Regulations And Increased Giving In An Obama Administration" and it does a good job of describing how President Elect Obama's administration could benefit American nonprofits, especially given the current economic downturn. Tags: Obama The Chronicle of Philanthropy fundraising

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New Study Shares Secret Sauce of Obama for America Online Campaign

Marketing for Nonprofits

It's almost a year since President Obama's election, but there is still a LOT of interest in the staggering success of Obama for America (OFA). Tags: social networking email marketing online marketing online fundraising Obama for America market research M+R Strategic Services

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5 tips for email optimization from the Obama campaign

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

In a recent MarketingSherpa webinar on email optimization , Director of Digital Analytics Amelia Showalter shared how President Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign generated more than $500 million in online donations. The Obama campaign found that plainer, less stylized emails produced better results.). Unsurprisingly, more people unsubscribed from the Obama campaign as a higher volume of emails went out.

What Does the Obama Social Media Community Do Next?

Social Marketing and Social Change

Would you like to continue to volunteer in your community as part of an Obama organization?: Yes. Tags: Obama Social Media Transition The pundits ponder this question. The campaign does the right thing - ask them. Some of the questions from the transition team. The following relate to the future of this movement for change. We would like your input on what we should do next and how you would like to be involved.

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A Marketing Lesson From President Barack Obama's Address

Diva Marketing Blog

I asked myself that question as I listened to the commentary from mainstream media and the social media pundits as they analyzed President Barack Obama's inaugural address and the inaugural poem written by Elizabeth Alexander.

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GOOD Gobbles Jumo

Non Profit Marketing 360

Cross-Post Fundraising Nonprofit Social Media Barack Obama Barack Obama presidential campaign 2008 Ben Goldhirsh Chris Hughes Facebook GOOD Jumo Non-profit organizationJumo, the social medium that started with a bang nine months ago, ended with a whimper in August by being absorbed into GOOD , a content-rich site catering to activists across a broad spectrum of causes.

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Obama email team reveals what worked - and didn’t - in election fundraising

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

It highlighted insights from the digital team who sent out fundraising emails for the Obama campaign. For more findings, check out the full post, “ Surprises from Obama’s New Media Staff.” M+R had a fascinating post* last week about political fundraising. While political fundraising is its own animal, I do think many of these insights apply to all forms of fundraising.

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Is Your Org Ready To Put An Engaged Base To Work? -- Pew Survey Findings Show High Voter Expectations Of Involvement In Obama Administration

Getting Attention

Researcher Aaron Rich reports that most of Obama's campaign troops plan to remain engaged with the incoming Obama Administration and mobilize others in support of his agenda. Rich also reports out that: 62% of Obama voters expect to be involved in moving the administration's agenda forward by asking others to support its policies. Things are clearly different now, with Obama's base (and McCain's too, to a lesser extent) unwilling to shrink into the background.

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President Obama's Nonprofit Press Conference and the New Nonprofit Tax Form 990

Seeking Grant Money Today

President Obama spoke, yesterday, to the press, at the White House, about the nonprofit sector, federal funding, and what the private sector can do to assist the nonprofit sector, today. To read more, click on [link] For more about the Obama administration's work for the nonprofit sector see [link] and listen to the podcast discussion. Tags: tax form IRS form 990 Obama administration news Non Profits 990

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What YOU Can Learn from Obama Fundraising

Marketing for Nonprofits

Here is my first column in Fundraising Success magazine. Check it out! Jocelyn.

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#FUNDRAISING: Presidential Candidates Ramp Up Mobile Giving

Non Profit Marketing 360

Cellular customers can donate via text the text message GIVE to 62262 (which just happens to spell “Obama”) The donations will be billed to monthly cellular bills, and one can give $10 a time and up to $50 per billing cycle.

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What?! An Obama Online Campaigning Mistake?

The Agitator

Most politicos concede that the 2008 Obama presidential campaign re-defined online political fundraising and mobilization. recently ran this article, What You Can Learn from Obama’s Video Email Marketing Mistakes. So, do you think the Obama online campaign messed up? Could it be that the “B Team” is running his online campaigning in 2012?

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Campaign like Obama - and see him sworn in

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

As I’ve said in this space before, there are two secrets to campaigning like Obama—a one-two punch of audience connection and infrastructure to serve the audience. According to Case, one lucky citizen (and guest) will be randomly selected to attend the Inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama and related Inaugural festivities here in DC. So now you can campaign like Obama - and enter a lottery to see him sworn in.

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#SOCIALMEDIA: Politicians & NonProfits Need Agility With Online Outreach

Non Profit Marketing 360

As the Democratic ‘nominee’ Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech last night in Charlotte, NC, a record number of tweets on politics were sent out ?

#SocialNetworks: Primary Politics Offer Models For SM Strategy

Non Profit Marketing 360

Nonprofit Barack Obama Business communication Marketing and Advertising New York Times Non-profit organization Online Communities Politics Rate of return Republicans Return On Investment ROI Social network Twitter United States White HouseClick to enlarge.

#PUBLICPOLICY: Online Privacy Becomes Concern For Service Providers

Non Profit Marketing 360

In this new world of sharing, the Obama Administration is trying to encourage private companies and internet-browser developers to draw up their own guidelines. Perhaps the most famous statement of internet privacy from 'The New Yorker' (1993).

My Cause Marketing Wish List to the President and the New Congress

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Barack Obama

#Philanthropy: President’s Jobs Bill & Tax Proposal Not Warmly Welcomed By Charities

Non Profit Marketing 360

As arguments over what to do with and about the US economy and the federal deficit continue to shed more heat than light, President Obama sought to take the fight back to the Republicans with the ‘American Jobs Act’ announced last week. President Obama needs the support of many nonprofits and charities as they tend to support government’s efforts in healthcare, the environment, and education.

Obama isn't faking it about his BlackBerry -- but ad execs would make it seem like he is

Donor Power Blog

Barack Obama. But if you could, according to a recent New York Times story, it would cost you something like $50 million ( For BlackBerry, Obama's Devotion Is Priceless ). "I'm still clinging to my BlackBerry. They're going to pry it out of my hands.".

U.S. gets a new President, White House launches new web site & blog…

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

We have all heard how Barack Obama leveraged social media during the campaign ( just Google it… ). More specifically, I’m interested as to how President Obama will continue to leverage social media under White House restrictions. Obama.

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Social Marketing as a Solution


I invite you to read Barack Obama’s remarks about the Social Innovation Fund from earlier today. . In the remarks, Obama references individuals working for great changes, telling of their success. We all like solutions, right?

Social Marketing as a Solution


I invite you to read Barack Obama’s remarks about the Social Innovation Fund from earlier today. . In the remarks, Obama references individuals working for great changes, telling of their success. We all like solutions, right?

Looking for a Job in Social Change? Look No Further

SocialButterfly made a major announcement Thursday in response to Obama’s call for public service: Jobs for Change.

Debate Highlights 9 Communications Lessons

Getting Attention

If you watched last night’s Romney vs. Obama debate, you know that Romney reigned as the far better communicator. Reports this morning are consistent in that conclusion and even diehard Obama supporters have to agree. Obama’s meandering sentences hid his key points.

Personal, Political, and Professional

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

That said, my final point here is this: The Nonprofit Consultant Blog proudly supports and endorses Barack Obama for a second term as President of the United Sates. We need to give President Obama another term to continue the progress that he has made. personal liberal Nonprofit activism social media barack obama presidential election privacy politics

Data Driven Campaigns Can Help Small Nonprofits

Social Media Bird Brain

SSIR has a good article about learning from Obama's data-driven campaigns. Example: Obama's campaign focused on buying ads in places where they could. graphic via Robert Kirrily on Flickr I really dislike numbers, but sometimes it can't be helped. They make it about measurement, but I make it about reach. Here's the gist of it: Target your audience for the best returns on your outreach. data segment research measurement targeting Small nonprofit outreach

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Scribd Your Own Script: Social Publishing Meets Collaboration and More


I mean, individuals like Obama and groups like the New York Times and the World Economic Forum are on here too! Tags: Social Media collaboration web social media highlight social networking social publishing content management search obama social software Scribd Web content internet At DC’s Social Media Club event this past week, I heard many mumors about Scribd , so naturally I checked it out. I have yet begun to explore the site, but already I am impressed.

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What is the Value of a Holiday Greeting

A. Fine Blog

And speaking of unimportant…how about those Obama emails, eh? What the direct mail campaign of 2012 proves is that the campaign of 2008 was a fraud; the Obama-ites never really believed in us, never believed in transformation, but just wanted to win an election.

swipe this: check out the sites and practices of these web-savvy nonprofits

Studio 501c

P.S. Very interesting that Barack Obama decided to announce his presidential exploratory committee via the web yesterday. That video, which features Obama speaking directly to the camera in a home setting, has been featured on major news sites and blogs around the world. Having been on hiatus, I thought I would jump back in with an easy post: This list of the 59 Smartest Orgs Online from, Net2, and GetActive is a great one to explore.

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