American Red Cross Hurricane App wins Digitals 2013 Not for Profit Award

Giving in a Digital World

A diverse range of campaigns and projects were shortlisted for the Charity and Not for Profit Category of this year’s The Digitals Awards , including the WaterAid Big Dig campaign I worked on in Malawi last summer.

Could your volunteers solve most of your fundraising problems?


give to the organizations for which they volunteer and these high net worth volunteers give 56% more dollars overall than similar net worth non-volunteers. of high net worth individuals want to learn more about how to identify the right volunteer opportunity for them.

How to measure ROI of social media? Book Review: Measuring The Networked Nonprofit

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Do you want to do social media for your nonprofit? How can you measure ROI on social media for your nonprofit? There’s a wiki here where you can find presentations and updates and resources for that book. For example: Low-level engagement behaviors: Views on youtube.

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Ask and Answer - A Tale of Two Oranges

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not-for-profits clementine nuance Business not for profits A/B testing valencia ask Small nonprofit orangesTwo Oranges by Carolyn Texera Sometimes it isn't a question of apples and oranges, but a question of two different flavors of oranges. The small nonprofit where I'm currently contracting couldn't decide whether the solicitation letter they were sending out should have the ask upfront or in the middle.

Want to Preview The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media?

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If you want to learn how to succeed in marketing your business or nonprofit online, starting from zero, this is the book for you. This is not a “Get-rich-quick” ; book. This book tells you exactly how to get subscribers for yourself.

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Givewell talks about their mistakes

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I’ve been watching Givewell for the past couple of years, because I think they’ve been trying to take on a serious issue with accountability and transparency for nonprofits. It started simply by saying, Who will give you the most bang for your buck, charity-wise? And then they got even more sophisticated, and they said that for each different type of nonprofit, you have to rate them in different ways.

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Passion for the mission is a MUST!

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Have you ever read a nonprofit job description that included the words, “Passion for the mission”? “Passion for the mission is a must” has lost its meaning. But you don’t have a passion for, say, the environment. To save for retirement.

NonProfits - Failure Is An Option

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Image from It's hard to work at an organization where the head honcho is always saying, "Let me tell you why that will not work." Both for-profits and not-for-profits are often exhorted to innovate in order to succeed, but the will to innovate often loses to the status quo. Maybe because not changing is easier. social communications not-for-profits chance gamble innovation Small nonprofit failure experiment

The Way We Role - Modeling Your Small Nonprofit

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From childhood, people start looking to those around them for advice and guidance. not-for-profits volunteers roles mentors inspiration cooperation role model organization influence Small nonprofitVia T-Shirt Guru This week Social Media Birdbrain has a guest blogger, Erin Palmer, with a post on role models and your small nonprofit. Find Your Nonprofit Role Model Where would you be without your role models?

Radical Openness

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I'll remember it for a good while, I think, because it was the first time I thought I was seeing the real man. social communications not-for-profits openness honesty election vulnerability romney Small nonprofit transparency communicationsThis was a rough election. There's lots I could say about it, but very little of that would be germane to a discussion of social media and small nonprofits.

Does Your Small Nonprofit Have a Disaster Plan - for Social Media?

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social communications social media disaster plan 50 Shades of Grey not for profits nonprofit Olympics communication Chick-Fil-ADetail from a work by Ian Thomas What do A British hotel that replaced bedside bibles with 50 Shades of Grey and A food nonprofit in Chick Fil A land have in common? Both of them were caught in a social media crossfire. The hotel got a little snarky when the bad press came in.

Innovation As a Rolling Donut

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Rolling Donut via Glob-a-Log As the latest PR disaster rolls out across the internet, we can take a moment to congratulate ourselves and our small not-for-profits that we've actually embraced social media and seldom make fools of ourselves with it. Did you see the possibilities in social media marketing for your nonprofit early on, not-for-profits Non-profit organization creativity social media innovation fear

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The Party's Over - Post Event Socializing

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But while you were putting together your engagement plan for before the event, did you remember to create a plan for after? not-for-profits small nonprofits social media marketing eventsImage via Blu-Reviewer The Big Day has come and gone. You worked long hours in anticipation of the event and worked as much social media magic as possible to generate excitement and ensure an audience of room capacity size.

Groupon Update - the Ugly Side

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The post included some things to consider before your small not-for-profit jumped on the bandwagon. Non-profit organization thanksgiving not for profits groupon deal nonprofitBack in April, I wrote about Groupon and it's near-instant popularity. Here's an update from someone who learned the hard way: "Without doubt, it was my worst-ever business decision.". As I said; it's a look-before-you-leap proposition. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Book Review: Fired up Fundraising by Gail Perry

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I remember going into a board meeting with a new board member and having his enthusiasm for the mission of the nonprofit just be CRUSHED by the sheer level of tedious process of Robert’s Rules of Order they had to run through in every board meeting. Set a theme for each meeting.

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Investment or Influence? It's Not That Simple

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Let's look at ROI, for example. not-for-profits choices Brian Solis ROI investment solutions social media marketing influence Small nonprofit salesI know most blogs focus on providing a solution with a viewpoint that backs that up, but I've come to realize that one person's solution can be another person's headache and that, like social media platforms, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. Nor is the world easily divided into this versus that.

Annual Report Makeover!

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No, not this one. And most of us never got trained in graphic design, messaging or marketing for our nonprofits, yet we’re expected to know exactly how to make our programs shine in 10 pages or less! I’m going to break it down for you, why one is better than the other.

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Don't Go By the Numbers

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From a website you should not visit I really hate those 'services' that promise to get you hundreds or thousands of followers, likes, or whatever. It's not honest, for one thing. Having lots of followers who are not engaged with you and disinterested in your content can serve only one purpose - to fool other people. social communications not for profits followers interaction numbers Small nonprofit content

I'll Take It Up With My Stakehol.uh,, Base? Umm.*Those* People

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So it's not a term I use in my writing when talking about. donors obsolete small community not for profits social media seth godin clients nonprofits stakeholders pigeonholes genres labelsImage via IsraBox MP3 Downloads (band: Incognito) A couple of years ago, Seth Godin started talking about 'tribes' and the online folks got all excited. It was an interesting concept and generated a lot of discussion.

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Who Do You Think You Are? Your Brand and Social Media

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Change Has a Ripple Effect I wrote a post not too long ago about being a huckster. not-for-profits inauthentic social media huckster truth nonprofit internet interaction change susan G. I've come to realize that being viewed as inauthentic is a horror of mine.

Pin It! Pinterest & Your Small Nonprofit

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I thought it was time to tell you how much I like Pinterest and why I think it's good for your small nonprofit, but I was late off the mark and more than a few folks beat me to it. there's a great tutorial for how to get your not-for-profit set up on the site as well as a bit about how Pinterest is being used by savvy nonprofits. SOPA PIPA not-for-profits social media Pinterest nonprofit Small nonprofit

June Roundup of Good Stuff

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I'm hard at work on some fiction, so I apologize for being, ahem, a little less regular than usual. video not-for-profits mobile tools legislative Fractured Atlas Email products Mail Chimp Sunlight Foundation nonprofitsHere's some good info or tools I think you might like to know about. Mail Chimp's Mobile Push An earlier post of mine discussed the fact that mobile is the future of social communications and Mail Chimp's recent e-newsletter reinforced that viewpoint.

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Influence? What Influence?

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In keeping with that, I get a lot of 'invitations' to seminars, conferences, and webcasts (not to mention book debuts) to learn. social communications not-for-profits social good programming influence Small nonprofit coding

A Google Search Change - Will Your Nonprofit Be Considered Relevant?

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In my example (left), I searched for Nitrous Oxide and. not for profits knowledge graph search google Small nonprofitGoogle Search With Knowledge Graph Panel Google has subtly changed its search results layout to include something called a Knowledge Graph. When some search results are returned, a panel on the right of the page may display, providing what Google has determined is an appropriate bit of extra information related to the search terms.

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Monthly Social Communications Round-Up

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social communications Kickstarter Mission Statement Philanthropy community social media Nonprofit Facebook Guy Stanford not-for-profits data gathering NPQ innovation nonprofit fundraisingThe King is Dead - or Is He? It's been said that Web 2.0 is over -that the future is all about cloud computing and mobile. That may be true, but that doesn't mean that social communications is going away. It just means that Silicon Valley and other like places will be less focused on it.

To Mobile or Not to Mobile? Part 2

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Image from So let's pick up where we left off last time, looking at what's involved in either creating a separate mobile website or redesigning your site to be mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile. redesign mobile optimized usability friendly not for profits website nonprofit design content

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Return of the Scary Stuff

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Sorry I'm late; been working on communications for a big nonprofit event in my community and it's been keeping me busy. not-for-profits Facebook advertising timeline marketing nonprofit changeAnyway. let's return to last week's subject: Jay Baer's post, " 14 Ways New Facebook Betrays Small Business. If you haven't read last week's post on this subject, that's where we covered the first 7 Ways. On to the next 7. New Tab Width I'm in total agreement with.

The Right Tool May Be in Your Head

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46 and 2 Tool Head by Justin Roberts In its younger days, social media was full of such conversations related to tools - tools for using social media, tools for managing social media, tools for measuring social media. strategy ROI tools goals platform not for profits community social media Small nonprofit

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Is Your Small Nonprofit Uncomfortable? Good.

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For me, the last two paragraphs really hit me because I often prod when I should pivot. not-for-profits discomfort action pivot leadership Small nonprofit safeLike I expect many of you do, I get the NPQ's email newsletter. In the most recent, I found Leaning Into Discomfort : Social Sector Leadership in the 21st Century. And it's true that a desire to protect can make us play it safer and stay in the comfort zone. There may be times to do that, but those times.

Call for Posts – What Book Changed Your (Professional) Life?

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Please blog on: What single book (not blog, not conversation, not Facebook page) has changed your life as a nonprofit staffer, consultant or vendor? For an example of a fantastic post on this theme, take a look at this post by Pamela Grow.

Nonprofit Idea Roundup

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Here they are (in no particular order): Facebook is testing private messaging for Pages: If you had a brand Page in the olden days (like last year), you could privately message the people in your community. PDF web development outsiders not-for-profits community social media smartphones NPQ nonprofit Twittercame across several very interesting articles this week which had little in common except that they were good ideas or good news or just something I didn't know.

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The Continuing Saga of: "To Mobile or Not to Mobile" Pt. 1

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So is it time for your small nonprofit to get a mobile website? I'm afraid that - for me - the answer is once again yes and no. mobile internet access not for profits social media smartphones Small nonprofitimage via what's your digital IQ Adoption of Smart Phones is rapid. People in my age group are probably some of the last hold-outs, but most of us will likely adopt them, because it will make sense.

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Mining Newsletters for Fun and Nonprofit

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Half the time, I scan their headlines for anything that seems worthwhile, and if I don't see it - BANG - into the round file. not-for-profits perspective MailChimp newsletter bikinis nonprofit Small nonprofit WordPress outreachImage from History of Pala Mining If you're like me, you are getting a boatload of e-letters in your inbox. I don't do this with everything, of course.

Be More of a Difference

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to help you feel better is to make things better for someone else! not-for-profits adopt a family small nonprofits thanksgiving donate christmas nonprofitsWhat with our own expectations, traditions, and the constant admonition. to make this the "best Christmas EVER!" the whole season can quickly. degenerate into a mass of anxiety-ridden desperation. The quickest way.

All Hat, No Cattle in Social Media

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connectivity not-for-profits Non-profit organization introverts small nonprofits extroverts social media NPQ nonprofit transparency susan G. Buck Jones With Big Hat via Fine Art America I've got several articles whirling round in my head. One of them about how Social Media 1.0 is over, one about how being average will send you to the bottom of the pile, one about knowing your brand.

Re-Viewing and a Review

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titles not-for-profits ideas social media advice giving 2.0 Image via Alfred Hitchcock Geek One reason I have thought about ending this blog is because I didn't think I had anything in particular to add to the cacophony of advice and insight from people who have made giving advice and insight a profession (and do damn well at it). My own insight has never seemed to me to be particularly. insightful. Maybe it's because I live in my head that I.

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Using an Honest and Open Hand

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I've never been much for resolutions or predicting the future - I figure you don't resolve to do things, you do them or you don't. resolutions partnership predictions goals not for profits community collaboration directions Small nonprofit small business listsEnd of the year and beginning of the next year are the times you'll see a lot of prognostication about trends.

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Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Why not put in as many stories as possible? Marshall Kirkpatrick, in a recent article called “ The Value of Online Influencers is not parroting your message ” says: What if the best gift a top market influencer could share with you was not their voice, but their mind?

Letter 153

Improve your nonprofit website by moving down the ladder

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So for example, if you’re a cancer charity, they’re the ones typing “Multiple_myeloma FAQ” or “Cancer caretaker meetup Kansas city” into their search engine to see what comes up. What are people searching for around your cause?

Get Your Dream Job

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Did you ever wish someone had taught you in high school how to interview, apply for jobs, and succeed in your first 90 days of a job? In this brand-new 4 week e-course, I’ve got the answers for you. People are competing for fewer and fewer jobs. It is not a live webinar.

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