Could your volunteers solve most of your fundraising problems?


give to the organizations for which they volunteer and these high net worth volunteers give 56% more dollars overall than similar net worth non-volunteers. of high net worth individuals want to learn more about how to identify the right volunteer opportunity for them.

American Red Cross Hurricane App wins Digitals 2013 Not for Profit Award

Giving in a Digital World

A diverse range of campaigns and projects were shortlisted for the Charity and Not for Profit Category of this year’s The Digitals Awards , including the WaterAid Big Dig campaign I worked on in Malawi last summer.

Want to learn fundraising or social media? Check Out These New November Webinars & Workshops!

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November 14th, 2012 Workshop: Advanced Content Marketing for Your Business, Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce (APACC) Portland, OR, 5:30pm Register here. November 19th, How to Find new Donors for your Nonprofit NOW! If you’re looking for sponsors, take this course!

How to measure ROI of social media? Book Review: Measuring The Networked Nonprofit

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Do you want to do social media for your nonprofit? How can you measure ROI on social media for your nonprofit? There’s a wiki here where you can find presentations and updates and resources for that book. For example: Low-level engagement behaviors: Views on youtube.

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A response to “Bad Nonprofit Consultants” from Inside Philanthropy

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He writes: “Often exiles from nonprofits because they were ineffective, burned out or just wanted a bigger paycheck, bad consultants can drain nonprofits’ limited funding in return for simplistic advice masquerading as strategic thinking. I’m not trying to pass the buck here.

Why do people at work treat me this way?

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We, in turn, feel resentful if senior leadership do not fundraise enough, and we make most of the money for the agency. Even we, looked on as the source of money by our co-workers, do not have enough of it. But it’s not that simple, is it? Are you a Catwoman?

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Call for Posts – What Book Changed Your (Professional) Life?

Getting Attention

Please blog on: What single book (not blog, not conversation, not Facebook page) has changed your life as a nonprofit staffer, consultant or vendor? For an example of a fantastic post on this theme, take a look at this post by Pamela Grow.

12 More Interview Questions for your Fundraising job interview

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Are you looking for a new fundraising or nonprofit job? You can talk about what you know of the nonprofit or company culture (not much!). And there’s no good way to answer this question except to say, “I prefer not to reveal that at this time.”

Do you have people from the community you help on your board?

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I’ve written before about how quotas for women on our boards can help change the face of management, and how naive aid to africa is misplaced. Not just a part of defining the problem, but designing and implementing the solutions.

Annual Report Makeover!

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No, not this one. And most of us never got trained in graphic design, messaging or marketing for our nonprofits, yet we’re expected to know exactly how to make our programs shine in 10 pages or less! I’m going to break it down for you, why one is better than the other.

Take it or leave it

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Are you applying for nonprofit jobs? When you’re looking for a nonprofit job, do you get all, uh, how am I supposed to be equally excited for every single job I apply for? Is it difficult to get jazzed about each job you apply for?

INTERVIEW: Lisa Taylor of Challenge Factory Talks Your Career Transition

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Are you a boomer who is looking for a take-two career? Are you in the corporate world looking to transition into the nonprofit world for greater meaning in your work? Not really! In Toronto, where I am, for example. For some people the value is that economic return.

Givewell talks about their mistakes

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I’ve been watching Givewell for the past couple of years, because I think they’ve been trying to take on a serious issue with accountability and transparency for nonprofits. It started simply by saying, Who will give you the most bang for your buck, charity-wise? And then they got even more sophisticated, and they said that for each different type of nonprofit, you have to rate them in different ways.

This is not a pity party. You understand?

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Here’s my question for you. ” Proof: And it's not like we're going to get paid significantly more in other sectors. Proof: More Proof: That means MOST people, not just nonprofits, are getting the short end of the stick. And that IS worth fighting for.

Reader Questions: Snow White and the 7 Faces of Philanthropy

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On 08/24/2012 09:01 PM, Queen B wrote: I would love more information on raising money through events (NOT auctions), planned giving, and I have not even the foggiest notion what the seven faces of philanthropy are. But I guess that’s not it anyway…:).

Get Your Dream Job

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Did you ever wish someone had taught you in high school how to interview, apply for jobs, and succeed in your first 90 days of a job? In this brand-new 4 week e-course, I’ve got the answers for you. People are competing for fewer and fewer jobs. It is not a live webinar.

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Do you want to sit on a nonprofit board?

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Two nonprofits I’ve worked for had this happen. It entails making sure your executive director is not stealing money with the nonprofit credit card. That just happened to a nonprofit I used to work for. As a board member, you are fiscally responsible for the nonprofit organization. Call people to say thank you for giving a gift. Advocate for more funds at the government level. If a board report is not making sense to you, ask to have it explained.

10 Shocking Scary Secrets of Working in Fundraising

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It was just after I finished a crazy job, and so many things on this list rang true for me. In honor of Halloween, here’s are 10 scary secrets for you! Nonprofits do not rigorously define what success is, programmatically. Accountability is not clear. Apparently not.

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Improve your nonprofit website by moving down the ladder

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So for example, if you’re a cancer charity, they’re the ones typing “Multiple_myeloma FAQ” or “Cancer caretaker meetup Kansas city” into their search engine to see what comes up. What are people searching for around your cause?

Part 3: How to Send an Appeal Letter

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Are you sending appeal letters for your nonprofit? For added personalization, put in the amount and date of their recent donation. Once you’ve merged all of the letters, click SAVE on the new file you’ve created, and make a folder for these letters.

Pin It! Pinterest & Your Small Nonprofit

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I thought it was time to tell you how much I like Pinterest and why I think it's good for your small nonprofit, but I was late off the mark and more than a few folks beat me to it. there's a great tutorial for how to get your not-for-profit set up on the site as well as a bit about how Pinterest is being used by savvy nonprofits. SOPA PIPA not-for-profits social media Pinterest nonprofit Small nonprofit

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How to get tons more traffic for your nonprofit blog

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When I first started blogging to build an audience for my book, I read Yaro Starak’s blog. How to get tons more traffic for your nonprofit blog originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on January 3, 2013.

Part 1: What is an Appeal Letter?

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get tons of money in the mail for your nonprofit. Making it easy for people give: The Remit Envelope. . An appeal letter is a letter you send to donors to ask for money. Writing a letter is not the most effective way to get money. Think about that for a moment. .

Reader Questions! I want…. EVERYTHING FUNDRAISING! Okay then.

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I fell into the latter category for a long time. Then I got up and boldly said, “Okay, I’m ignorant as hell about fundraising, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” By the way, I bought the Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising and it is very helpful and I’m grateful for it! Creating a media empire for your nonprofit. Free Social Media tools for your nonprofit from Social by Social. How to do Direct Mail: Oh do I have resources for you!

Are you fundraising for Africa? Read this!

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For several years, she worked as a volunteer with the Ugandan Conservation Foundation, and now works in a tourism company in Uganda. You can really increase a person’s productivity through sharing simple PC skills that the average Westerner takes for granted. Must not dos?

The Inner Game of Writing Your Appeal Letter: Part 2

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Why not take a page from Paul Simon? “The easier it is for people to understand, the better it is, I think. Maybe it’s a crayon from a girl in your program for developmentally disabled children. Subscribe to the comments for this post?

Your Nonprofit is in Trouble. How? Read on.

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how we need better wages for every not for profit worker. ” Your nonprofit could start have to pay taxes and pay for a number of things. Maybe we have to ask ourselves, is it because we are not speaking up in defense of the sector?

How does an appeal letter edit work?

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I recently did a series of webinars for National Meals on Wheels, and the latest one was on appeal letters. Here’s a sample letter that someone sent me, asking me for feedback. For some seniors, receiving Meals-on-Wheels, transportation to their neighborhood senior center or a weekly grocery trip may be all the help they need to maintain their independence. She also began to hire people to do things around her house and was being over charged for the work they did.

Managing up when your boss is not a fundraiser!

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If your boss does not understand fundraising, give them a 2 minute explanation of how fundraising works. Show them that they’ll get the best bang for their buck from major gifts, and individuals, and the least from foundations, corporations, and events.

Reader Questions: Where to find grants for a center for children?

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Darya Asks: Where to find grants for a center for children in New Hampshire? ————————————————— Dear Darya, Here are three places to find grants for a center for children. So if there’s a Center for Children in, say, Vermont, or in another part of New Hampshire, you can start to see who is funding them.

I'll Take It Up With My Stakehol.uh,, Base? Umm.*Those* People

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So it's not a term I use in my writing when talking about. donors obsolete small community not for profits social media seth godin clients nonprofits stakeholders pigeonholes genres labelsImage via IsraBox MP3 Downloads (band: Incognito) A couple of years ago, Seth Godin started talking about 'tribes' and the online folks got all excited. It was an interesting concept and generated a lot of discussion.

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The Way We Role - Modeling Your Small Nonprofit

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From childhood, people start looking to those around them for advice and guidance. not-for-profits volunteers roles mentors inspiration cooperation role model organization influence Small nonprofitVia T-Shirt Guru This week Social Media Birdbrain has a guest blogger, Erin Palmer, with a post on role models and your small nonprofit. Find Your Nonprofit Role Model Where would you be without your role models?

The Right Tool May Be in Your Head

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46 and 2 Tool Head by Justin Roberts In its younger days, social media was full of such conversations related to tools - tools for using social media, tools for managing social media, tools for measuring social media. strategy ROI tools goals platform not for profits community social media Small nonprofit

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Is Your Small Nonprofit Uncomfortable? Good.

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For me, the last two paragraphs really hit me because I often prod when I should pivot. not-for-profits discomfort action pivot leadership Small nonprofit safeLike I expect many of you do, I get the NPQ's email newsletter. In the most recent, I found Leaning Into Discomfort : Social Sector Leadership in the 21st Century. And it's true that a desire to protect can make us play it safer and stay in the comfort zone. There may be times to do that, but those times.

Are you feeling stuck?

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If you are ready to move on to a new job, I hope this post will give you some food for thought. Do you wish you were free from a hierarchy that means if you want more money you need to get a degree to do the job you’ve already been doing for five years? I’ve enjoyed his books for many years, and used them when I was teaching children overseas. You do not have any rights. Good people wait for a teacher to tell them what to do. Why not do that now?

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Using an Honest and Open Hand

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I've never been much for resolutions or predicting the future - I figure you don't resolve to do things, you do them or you don't. resolutions partnership predictions goals not for profits community collaboration directions Small nonprofit small business listsEnd of the year and beginning of the next year are the times you'll see a lot of prognostication about trends.

Investment or Influence? It's Not That Simple

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Let's look at ROI, for example. not-for-profits choices Brian Solis ROI investment solutions social media marketing influence Small nonprofit salesI know most blogs focus on providing a solution with a viewpoint that backs that up, but I've come to realize that one person's solution can be another person's headache and that, like social media platforms, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. Nor is the world easily divided into this versus that.

Rotten To The Core: Now the truth can be told

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You may think I’m the wild truth teller, but I’ve been holding something back from you for years. Judge for yourself after you’ve read this article. I’m not saying that ALL urban league affiliates are corrupt, just many of them.

Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Why not put in as many stories as possible? Marshall Kirkpatrick, in a recent article called “ The Value of Online Influencers is not parroting your message ” says: What if the best gift a top market influencer could share with you was not their voice, but their mind?

Innovation As a Rolling Donut

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Rolling Donut via Glob-a-Log As the latest PR disaster rolls out across the internet, we can take a moment to congratulate ourselves and our small not-for-profits that we've actually embraced social media and seldom make fools of ourselves with it. Did you see the possibilities in social media marketing for your nonprofit early on, not-for-profits Non-profit organization creativity social media innovation fear

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