Great online advocacy and membership campaign by Amnesty in Norway

Giving in a Digital World

I’ve been meaning to mention this great campaign ever since I heard about it when I was over in Oslo for the Norwegian Direct Marketing Association’s @Norge Conference in November, but lots of fun client work and then the Christmas break has kind of got in the way of my blogging.

Why you should come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference? Alumni tell you.

Fundraising Coach

Even from as far away as Norway! Wondering why you should come to this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference ? I could share why I think you should. It's an event like none I've ever been able to be part of. But as a co-producer of the conference, you'd expect me to say that. – great free online insight from TNS

Giving in a Digital World

This scale means that many countries on which it can be difficult to access comparative data have been included (including Norway – which was especially handy for me as I was preparing my session for the NORDMA MMM @Norge Conference in Oslo last week).