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Here’s RedRover Responders volunteer Jodi snuggling with a feline friend rescued during the 2011 flooding in Minot, North Dakota. ?#?TBT? Looking for an easy content idea for Instagram and Twitter? Try a day-of-the-week post with one of these hashtags. Some of them, like #ThrowbackThursday and #InspirationMonday, can even be used on Facebook. 3 quick tips for using this tactic: . Do your research. Hashtag meanings change over time.

Opportunity! Nonprofit Communication Jobs

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Social Media Marketing Strategist , Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota (St. Post YOUR comms job here —nonprofits, grantmakers, B Corps & vendors serving nonprofits. Advocacy & Communications Associate , RespectAbility (Bethesda, MD). Cause Marketing Business Development Leader , Phil & Co. New York, NY). Communications & Impact Specialist , Institute of International Education. San Francisco, CA).

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This is what a fundraising email looks like

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While many Americans are already aware that there is a national emergency in North Dakota, the email frames the urgency even more directly: "President Obama has already declared a state of emergency in this area, because of flood waters that could reach over 44 feet! Dakota flood emergency" -- it also gives the appearance of an email you might receive forwarded from a friend. Dakota flood emergency Fred, The situation for animals in North Dakota is bad.

National Organization for Women targets women’s rights offenders


In anticipation of the GOP’s aggressive efforts to criminalize abortion in states like North Dakota and Virginia, Donordigital is helping National Organization for Women raise funds to defend women’s rights. Who do you think is the #1 women’s rights offender? Right wing extremists are trying to downplay the “War on Women” with rhetoric but continue to push anti-women legislation at the state level.

Current Canadian Opinion on Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

I’d caution American cause marketers from drawing exact parallels from their North American cousins. The rock-lined creek represents the border line between Canada and the United States and the borders of the Province of Manitoba and the State of North Dakota respectively.) A public opinion survey published Nov. 1, 2012 by Ottawa-based Abacus Data finds Canadians very supportive of the basic practices and premises of cause marketing.

The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

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North Carolina. North Carolina charitable registration: $0-$200 depending on gross contributions ($0 if exempt). North Dakota. North Dakota charitable registration: $25. South Dakota. South Dakota tax license application: varies based on taxes, licenses and permits required. The process of starting a nonprofit requires a fair amount of savvy and know-how. Building from the ground up, it’s often difficult knowing where to start.

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How to Incorporate March Madness in Your Nonprofit Fundraising

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Anyone can become a quick basketball expert by predicting that North Dakota State would beat Oklahoma or that Mercer can play superior basketball to Duke. March Madness is one of the annual rites of spring time—right along with setting your clocks back an hour and discovering what toys were hidden in the huge snow pile in the backyard. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is an annual tradition that can turn even the most indifferent people into basketball fans for three weeks.

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A Jargon-Free Guide to Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies (L3C)

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North Dakota. North Carolina even rescinded its laws that allow L3Cs because of this, with the drafters of the act stating that L3Cs were essentially “deadwood,” since other classifications exist for the same purpose, but with more certainty. So you want to start an organization that benefits a specific cause. Great! That’s why we’re here: to help you navigate this confusing sector simply saturated with content, ideas and innovation.

Why Your Year-End Ask Should Last 12 Months

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Heather Stulken, the donor relations manager at Great Plains Food Bank, which serves North Dakota, said the end of the year was important because they conducted 60% of the mailings during the last four months of the year. This article originally ran in our Nonprofit Hub Magazine, a free bi-monthly magazine dedicated to providing focused content on a particular topic. In our September/October edition, we explored year-end giving.

How generous is your state?

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And, at the bottom, Iowa, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and North Dakota. Thanksgiving is done with (hope yours was peaceful and happy), and we're now officially into the Holiday Season. That means plenty to each of us personally, of course, but as nonprofit professionals it also means quite a bit work-wise as well.