Ning to freeloaders: Ta ta!

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You may have heard that Ning is having trouble making ends meet. They're laying off 40% of their workers. Their new COO is implementing a drastic plan to keep them solvent. And they're getting rid of their free networks.

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Not Just Another Post on Ning Alternatives for Your Small Nonprofit

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Image by guspim via Flickr A lot of bloggers and folks on Twitter are talking about Ning and their decision to go completely to a paid service. Tags: small nonprofits social media Online Communities ning Social network As you might expect, a lot of the focus is on the free communities and what alternatives are open to them. And some are concerned that this is the opening move in a "free is dead" movement. Call me Pollyanna, but I think this is a good opportunity.

Ning Announces shut down of it’s free service, fires 40% of staff

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If you have a free Ning network, you will now be forced to upgrade to a paid account or take your business elsewhere. Read more about Ning’s shut down of free service. Tagged: ning. Just announced today.

Social Media is About Them - Not You

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13 tips on how NOT to get your annual report read

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Add this to Ning. Here are some helpful tips that I’ve gathered through the years on how NOT to create an annual report. Make it over 20 pages, and an extremely hi-resolution pdf. the longer, the better, really. No graphics on the cover , just a blue field.

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How Can You Use SMS/Text Messages to Get Donations?

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Add this to Ning. $37 Million given in January 2010. Incredible. Unbelievable. The Red Cross, together with mGive , made history in January with possibly the biggest text message fundraising campaign ever. How does Text Message fundraising work?

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5 Fictions About Social Media for Public Health and Healthcare

Social Marketing and Social Change

I have been particularly impressed by how many health communities I can find on Ning for example. “We can reach and change the behavior of our target audience through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

Reader Questions: Bootstrap your nonprofit startup in 4 steps!

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I checked out your web presence, and you need a website, not a ning group. The ning group is closed, and you need to be OPEN. First off, if you haven’t done it yet, please, for the love of everything, Take the survey here! If you HAVE taken the survey, very good, carry on, biscuits will be served at 3. Second: Are you in the Austin Texas Area? Do you want more donors? Yes to both questions? We have two slots left in this presentation.

Greenwashing, Whitewashing, now PINKWASHING?

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Add this to Ning. Have you seen a pink ribbon recently? Perhaps on the shirt or backpack of someone in the street? Or maybe on a can of soup or a yogurt cup? Though, honestly, if it were me, I would stick to bumper stickers (ha ha). Who would want to eat yogurt and soup with cancer on it? Does anyone else see how unappetizing and trivializing this is?

Israel Day 4

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Again, perhaps not a particularly helpful answer, but any social media platform they use, Google groups, Ning, are not really private just temporarily shielded from authorities and he needs to be aware of that and make choices that work for his efforts.

Shakira Shakira Goes Global with World Bank Fundraising

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Add this to Ning. Shakira is no johnny-come-lately to the world of nonprofit causes. She started singing when she was 13, and started her own foundation, ( The Barefoot Foundation ) when she was 18, and to date has helped 28,000 in Colombia, her native country.

Where is your money?

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Add this to Ning. The real cost of war, by Good Magazine, is estimated at 3 Trillion dollars. What nonprofits in America are working on this issue? Should we have a department of peace, as well as a department of war?

5 ways to Overcome Interview jitters

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Add this to Ning. two women interview. First of all, you got the interview! Congratulations! Now you’re getting ready for it. You’ve researched your organization on Guidestar. You’ve got your interview questions.

You honor me!

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Add this to Ning. Oh wow, it’s an EXPLOSION of INCREDIBLE PEOPLE! I am honored to have been listed by Jason Dick in “A Small Change&# blog in his Nonprofit Blog Carnival, By Jessica Journey, in her blog responding to my question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?&#. By the gracious Pamela Grow as one of her top blogs that she reads on the Getting Attention blog , By Sharlyn Lauby at the HR Bartender in this month’s Leadership Development Carnival.

9 tips to create a winning cover letter!

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Add this to Ning. Do you want a fundraising job? What will it take to get the hiring manager knocking on YOUR door and calling YOU back? Here are 9 tips. Be clear. Be concise. Bullet Points. Convey your passion. Convey your experience as it relates to their job tasks. Show that you’ve actually read the job description. Further, show that you’ve actually read the website, and the listing, if they have one. Look up who the hiring manager/decisionmaker is.

For your favorite comic artist-a grant deadline

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Add this to Ning. Do you know a person who loves to draw and write comics? If so, they could get up to $5,000 to publish a comic book with this grant. The Xeric Foundation grant deadline is coming up. The grant must be received by March 31st , or they can wait until the next cycle.

Pat Your Weave Ladies-A New Nonprofit by Beyoncé

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Add this to Ning. Beyoncé launches Beauty School for Rehab Graduates. There are many different concepts for celebrity nonprofits. Teaching kabballah to prison inmates. Giving kids karate lessons. But a beauty school for drug addicts?

Are you a Fierce Fundraising Superheroine?

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Add this to Ning. Super Fundraising. What’s your super power? Is it your vision for your cause to succeed, and your clear fundraising path to get there? Do you have a magical truthtelling lasso? Are you able to clearly state what you need, and identify your allies? Can you levitate above ordinary problems, or attack them head on? Do you have a lot of guns, and some kangaroo friends to back you up? What makes you fierce? What’s your fundraising strength?

How can you measure your return on Social Media?

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Add this to Ning. Check out this presentation by Olivier Blanchard. Olivier Blanchard Basics Of Social Media Roi. View more presentations from Olivier Blanchard. What do you think? How does this give you new ideas for how to measure your impact? If you’re a social media manager, are you using any of these metrics right now? if you’re a development professional, can you make a case for devoting more of your time to social media? Share this on Digg this!


Why Should We?

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Add this to Ning. Why Should We? Why should we? Why should we fundraise? Why should we gather stories? Why should we enter donations? Why should we write grants? Why should we hang banners? Why should we throw events? Why should we ask for major gifts? Why should we manage volunteers? Why should we make social media groups? Why should we create direct mail? Why should we knock on doors? Why should we nurture others? Why should we ask for money? Because, if we want clean air.

Show your boss these social media statistics

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Add this to Ning. I found this on Howard Lake’s UK fundraising website , and it makes me happy to see so many people online and connecting. This is certainly a case for your cause to be using social media. Whether it’s SecondLife, SMS fundraising, Facebook, e-newsletters, or Twitter, if this is where people are, this is where you can fundraise.

Can your nonprofit blog for cash?

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Add this to Ning. Last week I went to a Rise Austin presentation by Cindy Cesares, managing editor of Guanabee , a blog which is like Perez Hilton for Latinos. It’s pretty funny. She never did get around to telling us how to blog for cash and prizes, though she did have a lot of interesting things to say about why people read your blog, how often to post, and how she got involved in blogging.

Livetweeting your Abortion

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Add this to Ning. Currently, on twitter, there is a woman named Angie who is making history. She is livetweeting her abortion, which you can follow at @antitheistangie. There is a lot of stigma around abortions. Angie is the mother of one special needs child, and even though she used protection, this pregnancy happened. On her blog, she talks about other people she met in the waiting room, what the chemical abortion feels like, and her thoughts on religion.

This is what gives fundraising a bad name.

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Add this to Ning. Have you heard how the RNC is trying to get money by making people think their mailer is the US CENSUS? The Story Here.

How to DELETE Your Yahoo Search Engine Marketing Account

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Add this to Ning. Your nonprofit can advertise with Google Adwords. Why would you want Yahoo Search Engine marketing? Well, the story goes, because some people still use Yahoo to search.

Wyclef Jean’s mistress is true recipient of Haiti donations

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Add this to Ning. According to Gawker , Wyclef Jean is running a bogus charity where he directly funnels his money from donors to his mistress.

Did you watch the Oscars? How about the TOXIES?

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Add this to Ning. While everyone is at home looking at the Oscars, the Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (CHANGE) are making their own Toxic Chemical Oscars, the Toxies.

Ask your volunteers

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Add this to Ning. What is your call to action like? Is it as good as Amplify Your Voice ? If not, consider how to engage a volunteer, no matter what time of the day or night it is, with the skills that they possess right now. Do they like to blog?

The Fog of War

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Add this to Ning. A lesson from a previous generation. What can we learn from The Fog of War? What does Robert MacNamara’s experience of the Vietnam War have to teach us about fundraising?

Cabinet of Curiosities-Crowdsource solutions

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Add this to Ning. What are Foundations talking about? Well, they’re talking about how to measure which nonprofit programs work, and how to replicate that, the usual, right?

Where is your target audience spending money?

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Add this to Ning. How much do people spend in your region and on what? Can you compare and contrast regions? This is not only a way to see what people’s disposable income is, but a way to sense how money could be redirected to your nonprofit.

Who is your nonprofit friend?

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Add this to Ning. Who makes your workday go quickly? Who is always there if you need to go grab a cup of tea and vent? Who is your friend at work? Do you make friends with staff, volunteers, or board members? Who do you meet outside of work to catch up? Who can you count on? The right friends at work can make or break your work experience. I remember my going away party for a nonprofit in Boston a few years ago.

Who do you need on your board and how can you get them there?

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Add this to Ning. If your nonprofit is new, making a tiny amount of money with events, or has a disengaged board, it might be time to get new board members. Where do you find them? You want people high up in a corporation, so that they can approve thousands to sponsor your event, or a year-end gift to your organization, if they have left over marketing dollars in their budget. You also want people who have used your services, who are passionate about your mission.

What’s your favorite color? And other donor get-to-know you questions

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Add this to Ning. Get to KNOW your Donors! You are not in the fundraising business! You are in the relationship business! Ask open-ended questions. Be polite. If they respond with one word or monosyllabic answers, it’s not personal. They’re probably just in a hurry, or want to talk to someone else. Quick questions to ask a donor when you’re sitting next to them at a fundraising event. Why are you here today? How did you get involved with this cause?

Do you belong to a fundraisers union? Should you?

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Add this to Ning. If there is corruption at your nonprofit, who can you go to? Who helps you get a fair salary for your fundraising experience? Where do you go with fundraising questions? If you raise lots of money, are you promoted? And if not, why not? What do you do if you’ve been wrongfully terminated? Remember your employment contract? Remember seeing the words “At Will&# employment?

Fundraiser of the year of Mismanaged Nonprofit of the Year

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Add this to Ning. Guess who made Fundraiser of the Year? Miriam Isserow, of WEAVE , an organization almost entirely dependent on government money, raised the organization out of penury by raising $85,700 in 10 days, and was fired for her troubles. Even after being fired, she continued to work as a consultant for the organization. I’ve never read of a fundraiser continuing to fundraise for an organization, even after being fired, and making the goal she set.

And the Nonprofit Social Network Survey Says.

Marketing for Nonprofits

Interested in learning more about how other nonprofits are using social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Ning? This photo is by hfabulous. Want to know how much money and time charitable orgs are spending in cyberspace?

How you can get into fundraising from sales or marketing

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Add this to Ning. This is part one in a series of three: How to get into fundraising from sales or marketing, how to get into fundraising from more blue-collar fields, and then, how to get OUT of fundraising and into something you like better.

So you want to lead a nonprofit? Part 1

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Add this to Ning. So you want to lead a nonprofit. Maybe you’ve got a cause you really care about, and you’re ready to see a new nonprofit created. Maybe you’ve run programs, and you feel confident that you can lead a nonprofit now.