Nike Vet Keeps Bike Inner Tubes Out of the Landfill and Benefits the Humane Society

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Paul Fidrych left a promising career at Nike to start a business with his wife that takes old bike inner tubes and upcycles them into useful things like dog collars, chew toys and water dishes. Cycle Dog Alden Keene Outdoor Retailer Trade Show TerraCycle Nike Paul Fidrych

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Which is more important? Fundraising or The Olympics?

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They are having a fight over whether athletes will wear Nike or Adidas on the winning podium. This seems about right. Have you heard about everything going wrong with the games in the UK this year? Olympics corporate are just not making any friends at all.

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The Holy Trinity of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Starbucks, along with Coke, Amazon, Fedex, Apple, Target, Ford, Nike, Southwest and Nordstrom are the April 2012 cover of Entrepreneur magazine as the “10 most trusted brands” today. Coke, Target, Ford, Fedex, and Nike practice all three to varying degrees. Target Fedex Nordstrom Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility Coke Amazon Apple NikeSome things go better together in threes; a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke, for instance. Or, Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Gamifying Cause Marketing

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Because of the ubiquity and power of small portable computers (aka smartphones) a raft of personal development software has emerged; Epic Win , Chore Wars , Super Better , and physical training apps like Nike+. Gold's Gym Will Ferrell Plus 3 Network Ron Burgandy University of Phoenix Gamifying Cause Marketing General Mills Zynga Cheesecake Factory Gamification Coke Nike Feeding America

Why Your Nonprofit Needs an Enemy

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We choose Nike over Reebok or Coke […]. A recent article in AdAge argues that every great story, and every great brand, has a strong, evident antagonist–someone to fight against. The author explains that Apple’s enemy was Microsoft, just as Luke fought against Darth Vadar. Great consumer marketing does this: It positions one product against another. Blog Nonprofit Branding Storytelling

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Meet the Story Wars author and get tips on improving your stories

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Nike is a master of empowerment marketing. And while we’re on the topic of Nike, my favorite app is Nike+. Are you looking for a better way to tell your organization’s story? Tired of watching your cause drown in the flood of marketing messages?

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How Nonprofits Can Be #InstaAwesome on Instagram

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Many brands on Instagram showcase their products and how people use them ( Nike , Sephora ). Instagram is a marketing powerhouse for brands, companies, and nonprofits alike.

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The Girl Effect

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

This video (created by Nike) illustrates how re-branding the approach on poverty (note that re-branding is a marketing technique) could have a powerful effect on how we deal with it.

LIVESTRONG Cause Marketing

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Co-Branding and Cause Marketing

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Jude Hasbro Starbucks Southwest Airlines Apple Accenture NFL Motorola Hershey Tiger Woods Nike Salvation Army Five or six years ago the term 'co-branding' was one of those hot marketing buzzwords. Nowadays co-branding is so commonplace as to be mundane.

A call to arms: Let’s win the story wars

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Iconic brands like Nike and Apple get it - and have broken through and touched hearts with the approach. Check out this fantastic video on the story wars. Here’s the idea: We shape our understanding of the world through mythical stories.

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Sticky Notes Part II – The Practicum

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Nike: just do it. A great follow up post from our friend Josh : 2 weeks ago we talked about my friend and his sticky notes – the big point: your technology doesn’t make your organized, YOU make you organized. All the tech in the world doesn’t change how you approach, prioritize, and organize your life. So, here’s 10 simple tips for getting organized – from theory to practicum. Reject the idea that bright, new, and shiny will make you more productive.

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Capturing Awe to Inspire Change


Organizations that are top-of-mind in terms of inspiring “awe” include: MisFit Wearables , charity : water , Half the Sky , TED , Nike and TWLOHA. How are you inspiring awe?

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How Smithfield Foods is Doing Well by Doing Good (And What You Can Learn From Them) [SPONSORED]

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Check it out: Here’s a story that will inspire you to think bigger about your organization’s cause marketing efforts and goals. * * * Smithfield Foods is to the packaged meats and pork industry as Nike is to the athletic wear industry.

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3 Simple Tips for Nonprofits to Win at Email in 2020 [Guest Post]


For instance, my Nike sneakers don't appear to be lacing themselves up (shame), but my iPhone is beyond anything Marty Mcfly could imagine. The future is unpredictable.

Cause Marketing for Dummies is Here!

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Jude or Product Red, and that didn’t work with the likes of Walmart, Coca Cola and Nike. Order Now and Get Free Stuff! 316 pages of lessons, advice, inspiration and examples that will guide your cause marketing success.

3 Ways the Lance Armstrong Foundation can Survive

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So Foundation staff will need to work with Nike and all their other contracts to reassure them that the good the Foundation is doing is great for the company brand, far outweighing any legal challenges Lance is facing.

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Groupon’s Fumble Gives Causes Chance to Score Big

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Groupon has a brand with the potential to join ranks with some of the best brands in the world (Starbucks, Mercedes, Nike, Apple, etc.).

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3 lessons from cause-conscious companies

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It’s called Disrupt & Delight and it outlines five principles that reflect the best work of socially responsible companies like Nike, Patagonia and Unilever. BBMG has a new guide out for cause-conscious companies. I think some of the principles of so-called sustainable brands can work for nonprofits, too. So here are three that I find relevant, with my commentary on how they relate to our world. Start With What’s Sacred.

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Are you a nonprofiteer AND a good consumer?

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When Dan Pallotta says in his book Uncharitable that nonprofits are competing with Nike, Coke and other big name brands for the attention of donors, he is correct. Over on White Courtesy Telephone , there’s a new post on the Challenge of American Consumerism to Nonprofit Work.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2010

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One of the Grand Prix awards winners at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2010 was for a Nike effort on behalf of Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation. The year 2010 was a memorable year for cause marketing.

Trying to motivate people to change? Reward them.

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For example: If I buy Nikes, I’ll feel like an athlete. If you’re familiar with marketing, you know the principle of a benefit exchange: a reward offered in return for taking an action. A benefit exchange answers the question: What’s in it for me? If I go to your meeting, I’ll get some face time with senior staff. Benefit exchanges are useful for all kinds of situations.

Advice On Boosting Email Response

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My favorite for getting it right is the Nike example, where you build your own boot. Here from Email Insider is some practical advice on improving response to marketing emails. These examples are from the commercial sector, but the advice applies to online fundraising as well: 1. Make the journey creatively seamless.

Augmented reality—Search moves from text to objects


Or how Nike is providing exclusive video from their posters. Hold onto your hats! I just read a Trendwatching report about the not-too-distant future when Search transcends Google and spreads to everyday objects.

How to Adapt When Everything Around You is Changing- A Nonprofit Organization Survival Guide

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Nike Changes everything. When I was writing my book, Shift and Reset, I wanted to shake people up a little bit. I didn't want to just encourage you or point you in the right direction when looking for solutions, but I wanted to make you feel uncomfortable and look at things in different ways than we're used to. I want to shift your thinking, press the reset button and start over with the way you communicate. .

8 “Pinktober” Promotions that Deserve a Ribbon

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The Details: In addition to selling many pink ribbon products in their stores from names such as Nike, Reebok and Under Armour, Dick’s will kick-off the giving with a $250,000 donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Fill In The Blanks

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So Nike might mean something a bit different to each of us … but not so different that the brand has no essence. In this recent post, The theater of the mind , Seth Godin advises marketers: “The most effective marketing story isn’t the one you tell to someone in your audience, it’s the one the person tells himself.” ” In Godin’s view good marketing opens the door to the prospect having a conversation with himself.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs an Enemy

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We choose Nike over Reebok or Coke […]. A recent article in AdAge argues that every great story, and every great brand, has a strong, evident antagonist–someone to fight against. The author explains that Apple’s enemy was Microsoft, just as Luke fought against Darth Vader. Great consumer marketing does this: It positions one product against another. Blog Nonprofit Branding Storytelling

#SOCIALMEDIA: Rise Of Micro-Networks Might Reconfigure Social Outreach

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The first one is Nike, who developed a means to keep a running diary of your, well, running. Online social networking is all about the sharing, even sharing stuff you wished the rest of the world didn’t see.

The new world order of branding - and what it means to you

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Jelly is principal of a communication arts studio in Portland and a former executive creative director of Wieden+Kennedy , where he was creative director for Google, Coke, Starbucks, Target and Nike, among other brands. Branding is changing, and it requires us to dig deeper. That was the message Jelly Helm delivered at last week’s Communication Network conference.

Magnetic Cause Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

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In You’re Not Nike – Get Over It Jeff highlights the perils of corporate branding and why they shouldn’t be adopted by nonprofits. Fundraisers ask me all the time how they can have a successful cause marketing program, or build upon the one they have.

Nonprofit blog carnival: Your 25 pieces of best advice

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Do it gently, but as Nike says, Just Do it!” For the month of April, I’m hosting the nonprofit blog carnival. A carnival is a mix of contributions from bloggers and readers on a shared theme, and I chose the theme, “best advice.”.

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Do you know the difference between sponsorships, cause marketing and co-ventures?

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Or when Nike and the Livestrong Foundation get together and make a shoe with little bikes on the bottom and the Livestrong colors, which, when you buy it, partially benefits the Livestrong foundation. Earlier this week, I attended the DonorPerfect conference (#dpcnc on Twitter).

Who’s Behind Arby’s $2M Gift to ‘No Hungry Kid,’ Santa or The Grinch?

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Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nike). The Arby’s Foundation , the giving arm of Arby’s Restaurant Group , the second largest sandwich shop chain in the United States, did something last week that rivals the good deeds of Santa Claus himself.

What is Cause Marketing?

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There is no better example of this than Product RED, which has built a top philanthropic brand through its cause marketing pacts with partners like Gap , Starbucks , Apple, and now, Nike.

Your Google Analytics Questions Answered!

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It doesn't matter how Nike or MTV are building their web sites. On our Nonprofit911 webinar , we discussed why your web site's ability to convert visitors should be top of mind for program managers, fundraisers and executive directors. When you use Google Analytics , you'll have true visibility into what your visitors do online. Don't get trapped in endless meetings where your team argues about web site design issues!

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Just Do It - Post #1

Diva Marketing Blog

What if Nike was right? In this overwhelming world what One - 1 - I - thing would you "just do it?" " This is an experiment in synergy. Would love to hear your answer. It can be business or personal. You decide

Capturing Awe to Inspire Change


Organizations that are top-of-mind in terms of inspiring “awe” include: MisFit Wearables , charity : water , Half the Sky , TED , Nike and TWLOHA. How are you inspiring awe?

What social branding does for your brand, community and cause

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He is an award-winning branding expert for Nike, Motorola and Toyota, and Forbes, Mashable and Fast Company blogger.

A Three-Way Cause Marketing Tie-up Between Hasbro, Duracell and Toys for Tots

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The Apple-Nike tie-up. The point of co-branding… of which cause marketing is one type… is for brands to combine their advantages in such a way that they create worthwhile synergies.