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Work Our Audience-Driven News Climate

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In their day, legendary journalists like Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post essentially defined the day’s news for their audiences.

Nonprofit Communications in the Fake News Era

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Fake news isn’t actually new. ” It’s easy to see how nonprofits can get caught up in the fake news trap.

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How to Get Your Nonprofit Into the News During the Holidays

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Some newspapers and TV news programs even take the step of running series that profile local heroes or charities. Recognize a Generous Donor.

Good and Bad News: Communicators More Strategic, But Less Focused

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That’s the good news! But when we asked about the ability to focus on the implementation of the strategy, we see some bad news.

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Great News, Great Time to Ask

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It seems easiest to just send a quick victory email sharing the great news and linking to more detail on the win. What do you suggest?

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Your E-News and Social Media Should Get Married. Really.

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s time to marry your e-newsletter and social media strategies. It makes zero sense to manage them separately. Intrigued?

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Good News For A Friday

The Agitator

If your organization regularly beats 29%, this is a good news Friday! Just saw a brief analysis from Constant Contact of what gets emails opened. And it turns out that, as an industry, the nonprofit sector generates the highest open rates, with an average of 29%. DUH … doesn’t everyone do that?

A reflection on the reporting of “breaking news” during the Boston Manhunt

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In the pre-social media past, most news junkies such as myself would tune into a breaking news channel (e.g. What do I mean?

Cable News Fundraisers

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Is there a similarity between cable news and the way some nonprofits operate? In Cable News Seth Godin wonders: “What if the fear and maiaise and anger isn’t merely being reported by cable news… “What if it’s being caused by cable news?” Tom’s Does Your Fundraising Depend on Urgency posted last week would suggest so.

Revamping Your E-News Sign-Up Box

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If you want website visitors to sign up for your email newsletter, you have to make it easy and give them a compelling reason to do so. Want More Tips?

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Great news: Charity as the “new necessity”

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The good news for us? There are the things we need in life - and the things we want in life. ”

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News Flash … Emotion Works!

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Along with your general avalanche of year-end online fundraising messages, I hope you’re including video to sell your story. December should deliver a boatload of compelling video fundraisers to eager donors! Communications Research premium

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Good news about Millennials and Fundraising

Fundraising Coach

There is good news for the future of philanthropy coming from reports about giving trends among members of the Millennial generation in North America.

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NEWS FLASH: Most of your supporters don’t really want to be in your legacy society


The post NEWS FLASH: Most of your supporters don’t really want to be in your legacy society appeared first on MarketSmart | .

Bad News: Donors Don’t Hang Around, Either

Non Profit Marketing 360

The only news that could make a 50% churn rate of development directors look good is the 73% attrition rate of first-time donors. The post Bad News: Donors Don’t Hang Around, Either appeared first on Nonprofit Marketing 360. Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann. Nonprofit Donor Retention (all donors) 41% Attrition 59%.

Good News About Mobile Donors

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The mGive Foundation has released a survey indicating that mobile donors — whose giving experience normally involves texting $10 or $25 in response to an emergency appeal — can be cultivated through multiple channels. Just like most other donors (see yesterday’s Agitator post, What Is Integrated Marketing? ).

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How Nonprofits Continue To Get Facebook Marketing All Wrong

J Campbell Social Marketing

This is a big reason why I have no problem with the latest news from Facebook. So let me ask you – Why is your nonprofit on Facebook?

5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

To activate it, go to the Facebook app on your phone, tab the “More” icon – in the lower-right corner of the News Feed. Literally. Good luck!

Social Media News Roundup

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Facebook made significant changes last month. In the Stanford Social Innovation Review, blogger Amy Sample Ward explains their impact and directs you to links with more information. Twitter has launched a Twitter for Nonprofits program. Google Analytics has released a new and improved version. Allyson Kapin of Frogloop can explain it all.

Bad News From Breaking Bad

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You’ve heard the old chestnut: ‘No publicity is bad publicity’ Well, the folks at the National Cancer Coalition are re-thinking that one! This ‘charity’ was recently listed as #21 on the “ America’s Worst Charities ” rankings by the Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Good LinkedIn news - and 3 things reasons to react

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This is great news for us for three reasons. Here are two ways you can capitalize on the social good potential of today’s news: a. But I’d say these nice things anyway, because this is really good news for our sector For those of us trying to advance worthy causes, this is an enormous help. Check out more info here.

7 Ways to get better response rates to your e-news

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You want your e-news to have a focus and one clear call to action. A Donate button off to the side isn’t enough if the goal of the e-news is to raise money. She was wondering how to increase donations through this email outreach, and kindly agreed to my sharing my advice as a post. Here are my 7 ideas for better response rates.

Upbeat Fundraising News

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Here’s a good round-up of end-of-year fundraising projections , courtesy of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The Chron’s own polling indicates that nearly six in ten charities expect to raise more in 2011 than 2010, with 28% expecting less. One out of five in survey said contributions are outpacing their 2010 donations by 20% or more.

Facebook in 2015 – What Nonprofits Need to Know

J Campbell Social Marketing

According to Facebook , the average user has about 1,500 new items they can see in their News Feed when they log on. Native links on Facebook.

You Can Now Save Links On Facebook To Read Later – And It’s Awesome

J Campbell Social Marketing

Have you ever been browsing Facebook, on mobile or on desktop, and wanted to save something that you saw in your News Feed to read later?

How to not contribute to fake news.

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The post How to not contribute to fake news. Advice Tools berlin fake news lorry toolsAs I write this post, I’m waiting for a flight at Pearson International Airport reading through the incoming notifications on my mobile regarding the tragic Berlin Christmas Market lorry incident. Bottom line, share responsibly.

Three questions to ask yourself about your “e-news”

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Do you need it? People are inundated with newsletters. Is there something truly special in yours? How about simply sending out something useful to your audience? At Network for Good, we send out weekly free fundraising tips rather than a newsletter about ourselves. Our nonprofits love it! Write to the medium. People skim online. They don’t read.

E-News that Gets Attention & Generates Action—NYC Workshop, Feb. 16

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Best of all, you’ll walk out of the workshop with a practical, doable plan for your e-news launch or re-do, ready to be implemented ! Invest three hours to learn how to use e-newsletters to grow and engage your organization’s base of donors, volunteers, program participants and more. But you have to use it right! Subscribe today.

How to Get More People At Your Nonprofit Event Using Facebook

J Campbell Social Marketing

I am talking about narrowing and targeting the News Feeds that you get seen in. Simply sending out snail mail letters doesn’t cut it anymore.

The Godfather of Cause Asks: Where Do I Get The Latest Cause News & Information?

Selfish Giving

I got a tweet the other day that made me think of a scene from The Godfather when Vito Corleone calls in a favor from the undertaker.

Fake News. Fake Fundraising.

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But, just as I was fearing that here in the.

Where I Get My Cause News (and Everything Else for That Matter)

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Today, on Razoo I posted 3 Steps to Using Twitter to Gather Nonprofit News. But man does not live by cause alone. … Keep reading.

Dealing With Gloomy News

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that two-thirds of donors are planning to cut back their giving in the balance of the year, blaming the sour economy. And this Peter Hart survey for Citibank provides an excellent look at the depth of the public’s economic gloom. What to do? I like that phrase. Be flexible — in your asks.

News Flash - Innovative New Idea! Listen To Your Customers.

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She asked, "What should we talk about in this new social web of yours.". I responded. It's not necessarily my social web. Ah," said She. Just saying.

Smarter Museums – News from the Frontlines at the AAM Conference

JCA Insights

I love going to Minneapolis and St. JCA has a number of clients in the twin cities and it’s always great to catch up with them to see how they’re doing. The events were wonderful as we all celebrated these great cultural venues and all that they represent. But digging deeper, not all was as wonderful as it seemed.

The Difference Between Making the News and Being the News


According to the website, aggregates the best research news from a number of top universities (see image below for the list).


Dear WhatsApp

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Insight Media News Social Media acquisition Android apple bbm cross platform Facebook messaging Mobile whatsapp What is Whats App?

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Rhode Island News

Fundraising Breakthroughs

Legal Separation is one of America''s finest colonial artists as well as two houses of worship, which symbolize the rhode island news in his wake. After the rhode island news and answer are filed, there is an exciting tourist spot situated in Narragansett Bay. Island News Rhode These hotels may not be a factor in child support.

Nonprofit Branding: & the Good News is….

NonProfit Branding

The good news is that we finally got past last Fall’s Colorado Flood Disaster. Now we’ll resume regular blog posts. You’ll note that the blog is now organized into five ever-evolving content libraries. The one I think will be most cool and most fun is The SNARK TANK! We begin posting new content next week. But […].

Sandusky. Child Abuse. Penn State: Nonprofit Branding Lessons From a Toxic Soup

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PROTECTION: Guarding & Repairing Brands Uncategorized brand management brand protection crisis communications managing news mass media nonprofit management Nonprofit marketing nonprofit stewardship Penn State public relations SanduskyForget about Komen. In 2009 Penn State got in another branding scrape that was reported in this blog.

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