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Two Free Twitter Network Visualization Tools

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

Use this tool to quickly visualize a network based on a Twitter username. Hashtagify. To find related hashtags. olympics). MentionMapp.

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What are the best and worst times to post on social media networks?

J Campbell Social Marketing created a helpful infographic listing the best and worst times to post on each of the main social networks. Tweet.

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Cold Calling or Networking

A Small Change

And how else do you find these relationships without networking or cold calling? We are all looking for new donors and new partnerships.

5 Steps to Building Your Generosity Network

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

In The Generosity Network , authors Jennifer McCrea and Jeffrey C. Build your Generosity Network by taking action in these 5 areas: 1.

How DecentWork can take your nonprofit to the next level: Interview with Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network

Wild Woman Fundraising

So to answer this question, we decided to offer a session on decent work, which is the research that Ontario Nonprofit Network is doing. So Ms.

A word from The Networked Nonprofit: People are partners, not ATMs!

Wild Woman Fundraising

The Networked Nonprofit is a book by Allison Fine and Beth Kanter , which you should really go buy, okay? So guess what? Who would read it?&#.

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#Social Networking: Netflix Losing Control of Social-Network Goodwill

Non Profit Marketing 360

Should it have tested the waters of price restructuring via the very social networks it had courted for the last four or five years?

Friday fun: Find your social networking personality

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

This is a fun Friday flowchart to determine your social networking personality via Mashable. It’s extreme. What are you? Go here

Which social network to use, when

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here’s a nifty infographic with some ideas, courtesy of Mashable. View the original here ).

Facebook Turns 12 – What’s In Store for the World’s Most Popular Social Media Network

J Campbell Social Marketing

Love it or hate it, the world’s most popular social network turns 12 today! Happy Birthday Facebook! What do you think?

Learn from AARP’s Social Networking Strategy

The Agitator

But perhaps most striking is the growth in use of social networking sites by this group, with 34% of online seniors now using. AARP, the ‘skunk works’ of social networking with seniors. Boomers communications Don't Miss these Posts media usage online advocacy online publishing online video social networking

Partner with Program Staff & Your Network for More Marketing Impact

Getting Attention

They “Get&# It from Communications Network on Vimeo. They “Get&# It from Communications Network on Vimeo. Casey Foundation.

A dozen free ebooks from Network for Good

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At Network for Good , we generate lots of great, free content. For today’s post, I wanted to highlight a great resource: our library of free ebooks for fundraisers. You can view and download the guides here. Learn about everything from mobile to social media to fundraising to behavior economics. Enjoy

New Social Media Network Road Map

Diva Marketing Blog

Much of our learning about social media/networking is derived from experience and experimentation. New Social Media Network Road Map.

Which social network to use, when

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here’s a nifty infographic with some ideas, courtesy of Mashable. View the original here ). Handy for nonprofit marketing, online engagement and time management

Social Media Networking: Gone Is The Luxury of Privacy

Diva Marketing Blog

We are building relationships and networks in very public forums. A different world than a private book club networking connection. .

6 Ways to Tame the Social Media Monster — Communications Network Report

Getting Attention

I recently returned from Boston, where I co-presented a session titled “How to Tame the Social Media Monster” at the Communications Network conference. Social Media #comnetwork11 communications network foundations grantmakers Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketingNTEN’s Holly Ross talks more about that here.

Email: the original social network

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The post was a reaction to all the debate about email vs. social networking. Done right, email is just as personal, conversational and bond-building as social networking. In fact, as the article points out, you could say that email was the original social network: Philosophically, there is no difference. Normally, my son (8 yrs.)

Dabblers vs. diehards: How engaged are visitors from social networks?

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

The most active readers came from referrals from content sites or search. This makes intuitive sense to me.

The current state of social networks

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

From Mashable , a wonderful bird’s eye infographic of social media

9 Tips to Improve Your Small-places Writing: How to Compose Better Microcontent and Social Network Updates

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For more detailed information and examples on microcontent, check out Kivi's e-book from Network for Good - Big Impact in Small Spaces: 9 Ways to Write Better Email Subject Lines, Headlines, Tweets and Facebook Updates. In these areas, you don't have much space to work with, but they are some of the most important spaces out there now.

Digital Social Networks and Health: Reviewing the Research and Evidence

Social Marketing and Social Change

endeavor into a social health experience, and the implications this has for patient privacy and confidentiality in digital social networks.

Demographics of Social Network Site Users - 2013

Social Marketing and Social Change

The rise in the use of social network sites (SNS) among internet users over the past 7 years has been dramatic. References. boyd dm, Ellison NB.

#SOCIALMEDIA: Rise Of Micro-Networks Might Reconfigure Social Outreach

Non Profit Marketing 360

Online social networking is all about the sharing, even sharing stuff you wished the rest of the world didn’t see. Forever. Forever.’

Data on the Safety of Health Social Network Sites

Social Marketing and Social Change

Everyone has an opinion about the veracity, safety and privacy of health information on social network sites (SNS); now we have some data.

#SOCIALNETWORKS: StumbleUpon An Early & Still Independent Social Network Web Searcher

Non Profit Marketing 360

Creating social networks before anyone knew what they were. They chose their embryonic search-engine project called “ StumbleUpon.”

Starfish Televison Network, 1 Year Later

Cause Related Marketing

Tags: Marshall McLuhan Starfish Television Network HDTV Dish 1000

#Development: Jumo And Join To Create Largest Nonprofit Network

Non Profit Marketing 360

that will make it/them arguably the largest nonprofit socially-conscious network around.

Flint as a Network Problem

A. Fine Blog

The people of Flint lack the “bridging” power of social networks. The post Flint as a Network Problem appeared first on Allison Fine

Blocking Access to Social Media is now “Against Policy”

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

PANDU stands for Policy on Acceptable Network and Device Use. Consequences for unacceptable use of such networks and devices. above?

Book Review: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

Selfish Giving

Beth Kanter’s first book, The Networked Nonprofit , taught us how to use social media tools. on CauseTalk Radio. … Keep reading.

Social Media Impacts The Trust of People Not In Our Digital Networks

Diva Marketing Blog

Sometimes the smart people can be the most naive when it comes to social media and social networks. She was angry. She felt betrayed.

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From Print to Email: Take Your Newsletter on an Epic Journey – My New E-Book from Network for Good

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Print newsletter or email? “To switch or not to switch?” ” is definitely the question a lot of you have on your minds.

Natural Helper Networks in Community Social Marketing Programs

Social Marketing and Social Change

Lay health advisors is a term used to describe a more formal role these natural helpers might play in an intervention. Roncarati et al. in press).

Social lipstick on a network pig: 4 ways your online efforts can go awry

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Mind these four points - otherwise, you’re doing little more than putting social lipstick on a network pig. Buy a ticket to Morocco.

Network Weaving Personalities

A. Fine Blog

My friend, Lisa Colton , wrote fascinating post on the personality of network weavers. Meyer-Briggs for network weavers, she called it.

Membership 2.0: A Socially Networked Museum Membership

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Membership organizations looking for ways to entice constituents who have demonstrated an interest in their organization but haven't made the commitment to join are sure to find inspiration from the Brooklyn Museum , which recently launched a socially networked museum membership called 1stfans. Brooklyn Museum launched 1stfans on Dec.

13 Secrets of Holiday Fundraising Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Tis the season for email marketing. We can help. Visit our website to learn more. The best is yet to come! Inspire your donors. Learn. Fix problems.

Wired Workforce, Networked CSR: Employee Involvement in the Age of Social Media

A. Fine Blog

Wired Workforce is a terrific snapshot on the state of corporate philanthropy right now.

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Want People to Share Your Story? Stop Making It So Hard! Do This Instead.

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Size the images properly for each network (Facebook and Twitter are a must…everything else is TBD based on your audience). Gabe himself.