5 Examples of Nonprofit Storytelling that Compel People to Give

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Meet Chuna: Empowering women in rural Nepal – a READ Global video . Filmed in Nepal, this story is told by the woman it features – Chuna – and her experiences being a girl in a traditional culture that would not let her get an education.

Nonprofit Link Round Up

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Nice to see our friend and NTEN CEO Amy Sample Ward featured in this NPR piece: Crowdfunded Campaigns For Nepal Are Huge. At Network for Good, we’ve enabled nearly $1M in giving for Nepal Earthquake relief efforts. It’s the weekend, y’all!

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I Give It A ‘B’

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Recently I received a Quarterly Impact Report from Possible , a nonprofit providing health care services in Nepal. It’s a modest-sized organization that has treated a bit over 300,000 patients in that one country since 2008.

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Reach Out during Crises: w/Recognition, Respect & Sensitivity

Getting Attention

How can our orgs communicate effectively in the middle of two huge crises — 1) police brutality and misconduct in Baltimore, spurring active response by community members fighting for their rights and lives; and 2) Nepal’s crushing earthquake, and the millions whose lives will be impacted for years to come?

Disaster Fundraising: Be Honest

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The earthquake disaster in Nepal, the scale of which is still unfolding, requires international. Last week I saw a reference to a television (HBO) documentary — Haitian Money Pit — that, among other aspects of political corruption and paralysis, sheds light on the fate of charitable funds raised for Haiti in the aftermath of its 2010 earthquake.

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Guide & Planner: How to Raise Money with Companies on #GivingTuesday [Sponsored]

Selfish Giving

Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Nepal Earthquake Relief to design a special ‘Gifts that Give Back’ collection. For all of #GivingTuesday’s success, it’s lagged in one key area: corporate partnerships.

Knock it Out of the Park

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This update gave specific examples about how bringing beehives to Honduras, goats to women farmers in Nepal, and chickens to Cambodia is making a difference for the families and communities in those countries.

15 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Instagram

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Using @charitywater again as an example – this photo was posted with the caption: 60% of childhood deaths in Nepal are due to malnutrition, which is exacerbated by dirty drinking water. This post was first published on the GiftWorks Guest Blog. . Instagram is hot.

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Why Your Donors Want to Remain Anonymous

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When there is a large scale natural disaster, such as the Nepal earthquake, or an event that inspires charitable giving, my media alerts for Network for Good go through the roof. We’re proud to facilitate giving to nonprofits across the country, including $1 million in donations for Nepal earthquake relief efforts. It never fails.

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4 Thank You Musts for Monthly Donors

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Editor’s note: Our thoughts are with those affected by the massive earthquake and aftershocks in Nepal. You can help. To donate to the relief efforts, visit our disaster response page. We’re in the last few days of our Recurring Giving Challenge — check out which campaigns are sitting atop our leaderboard and are in the running for their share of $20K in challenge rewards! You’ve put a lot of work into recruiting recurring gifts from your supporters.

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What’s Your Ask: One-Time or Monthly Giving?

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Did you donate to the relief effort for victims of the Nepal earthquake a few months ago? I contributed via GlobalGiving , thanks to the on-the-ground guidance of a friend living there. Here’s the donation page I encountered, and I have to tell you, I was confused. Take a close look.

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