Myanmar Tops In Giving

The Agitator

How does Myanmar manage to come out on top? The Charities Aid Foundation (UK) has published its World Giving Index, which uses three simple questions to measure ‘giving’ around the world. The Gallup polling organization asked these questions in 145 countries during 2014.

Cell Phone Fundraising

Cause Related Marketing

There you are walking down Lake Shore Drive past the rising Chicago Spire building eating a Chicago Red Hot, when you’re struck by a billboard with a message from, say, MercyCorps, asking for help providing relief to the cyclone-battered people in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy delta.

Getting the whole world to sit in on your cause.


Or, if we all linked to say Myanmar to bring attention to the need for aid and relief for survivors of the cyclone?

Miriam's giving year in review


This was in response to the double-header of the earthquake in China and the cyclone in Myanmar. So yes, I am showing some of my Gen Y ADD by promising a post about video blogging and getting distracted by other topics, but I was reviewing my documents today for taxes (yes, I get started early), and it occurred to me that it might be fun to review my "giving" from the past year as a case study of a Gen Yers giving habits. The Gen Yers in the wild if you will.

Review 100

What Condoms Can Teach Causes About QR Code Marketing

Selfish Giving

You got the condom in Washington but you used it in Myanmar, my ass.). You gotta love this QR code marketing program from Planned Parenthood of Greater Northwest.