Is Your Logo Effective? Tips to Evaluate Your Visual Identity

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A logo, as the visual representation of your nonprofit brand, is often the first touchpoint your audience will have with your organization. If you offer services for the homeless, for example, you wouldn’t want your logo to look like one for a contemporary art museum.

Testing Your Donor Identities

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If they’ve been to your museum/opera/library/monument/park. Commitment studies go into depth with your donors about all their touchpoints with you: brand positioning, donor relations, fundraising asks, cultivation, channels, messaging, etc.

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Branding Your Nonprofit: An Investment in Your Tomorrows

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Similarly, names like the Phoenix Art Museum or the National Center for Victims of Crime give prospective supporters a good idea of their mandates. Their experiences at every organizational touchpoint help establish their impressions and may make the difference between their support and avoidance. In the nonprofit sector, we sometimes market services and occasionally a product, but most frequently, we market "heart."

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