What Conferences Should Nonprofit Marketers Budget for and Attend?

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direct mail, telemarketing, national advertising). I’ll be speaking at the state conferences in Montana and North Carolina this year. I received this email today, and it’s question I get a lot. Dear Kivi, I am a new communications specialist working for an adult charter school. I’m so excited to be telling the story of an organization doing great work: transforming individuals, families and communities.

Is Your Nonprofit Going The Way Of The GOP?

The Agitator

In another 4 to 8 years the Hispanic block alone could deprive the Republicans — whose outreach to this community and its agenda is horrible at best — of their ‘safe’ red states of Texas, Arizona, Montana and a number of other states as well. I’m not faulting the brokers and telemarketers. The liberal cable news pundits are having a field day chronicling the ‘demise’ of the Republican Party as a major factor in the future of national politics in the U.S.