There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Every nonprofit organization needs more of two things: time and money. Hey, now that I think about, I could use more of those two myself… Time and money are the most valuable resources in the world , and for nonprofits the impact of having more of either can be immeasurable.

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Five Content Marketing Strategy Essentials for Nonprofits

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For the most effective nonprofits, 24% consider content marketing an essential strategy, with only 5% saying it’s a low priority. Clearly, nonprofits have some work to do to embrace content marketing fully and to get the most out of this strategy. Here are five content marketing strategy essentials to get you headed in the right direction. That allows you to set goals and objectives for your strategy.

Developing a Modern Public Relations Strategy

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Guest Post by Peter Panepento of Panepento Strategies. Peter Panepento is principal at Panepento Strategies , a full-service content, digital, and social strategy firm for nonprofits and socially-minded companies. Peter Panepento.

Is your job really to raise money?


– Your job is to facilitate the process of giving money away. Money gets raised after you provide value to your organization’s supporters and make them feel good! Render more and better service than is expected of you and you’ll raise more money.

How to Create Your 2019 Digital Content Strategy

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Today’s topic – Digital content strategy! Do you have a well-defined plan and strategy for the content you are going to share on digital channels in 2019? Why is having a Digital Content Strategy for your nonprofit crucial to success heading into 2019? Strategy #2: Share stories.

3 Surefire Communication Strategies to Follow Your Events

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Take a look at these top 3 communication strategies that will help you reach, retain, and engage your attendees. These updates should include: How much you raised and how the money will be used to further your cause. Kerri Moore.

How to Raise Money On Instagram Using the Donation Sticker

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In a previous post, I laid out 5 steps to get started and prepare your nonprofit digital strategy to use the Instagram Donation Sticker. Nonprofits and individuals create an Instagram Story, add the Donation Sticker and start raising money.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Nonprofit Digital Strategy for the Instagram Donate Button

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These tools helped raise the largest amount of money ever for a social media platform in a single day – $125 million on Giving Tuesday 2018. Here are 5 steps to prepare your nonprofit’s digital fundraising strategy: 1) Register with Facebook.

April Action: Google Analytics, Social Media Strategies, and Growing Your Email List

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Registration is $50 or free with an All-Access Pass Learn More and Register April 11: Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money [Updated 90-minute format] Learn proven formulas for successful donor newsletters.

Raise More Money by Inspiring P2P Fundraisers

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Trying to think of ways to inspire them to raise money for you is much harder. Sure, some people will sign up for your event because they’re passionate about your cause and want to raise money to make a difference in the world. So how do you inspire those people to raise money?

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5 Strategies for 2015 to Make You a Rockstar Fundraiser!

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Always remember that you will raise more money for your mission by focusing on a few key essentials, rather than tweaking the flyer/ postcard design (let’s admit it, we’ve all done that!).

Is Responsive Design the Right Mobile Strategy for Your Nonprofit?

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You have enough money in your budget. Your SEO strategy is very important to your overall web traffic strategy. Share your mobile marketing strategies here. Mobile Tools Ad Council mobile marketing mobile marketing strategy nonprofit marketing responsive design

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6 Strategies to Maximize Nonprofit Text-to-Give Donations

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Text-to-give, text-to-donate, or text-to-tithe are all names for the fundraising strategy through which your donors are encouraged to give through their phones’ native text messaging app. So what are some proven ways to maximize your nonprofit text-to-give strategy to drive donations?

How to Create Your 2018 Nonprofit Content Strategy in Just 2 Steps

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In this article, you’ll discover how to create a content strategy for 2018 in just two simple steps. In study , after study , after study , it is always “revealed” that donors simply want to know 2 things from nonprofits: What did you do with my money?

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Raise Money Like charity:water

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You may have heard of the mammoth success of the nonprofit charity:water and its effectiveness in raising money online. Here are 5 ways that your small nonprofit can start raising money and awareness just like charity:water: 1) Learn the model.

Free Webinar: 9 Useful Proven Strategies To Get The Major Donor Visit (Claire Axelrad)


When to talk about money. The post Free Webinar: 9 Useful Proven Strategies To Get The Major Donor Visit (Claire Axelrad) appeared first on MarketSmart.

5 Tech Strategies for Making a Multi-Channel Fundraising Ask

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In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the many ways your nonprofit should be diversifying your asking strategy by leveraging tech tools across multiple fundraising channels. Learn from data insights to hone your fundraising strategy.

The Ultimate Planned Gift Marketing Strategy (4 simple steps)


Most planned giving marketing strategies are not effective. They waste money. So why on earth would you choose a targeting strategy that only includes your organization’s donor database and leaves out non-donor supporters, volunteers, staff and others?

The 4 Questions You Need To Answer When Raising Money Online

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Raising money online seems to confound many nonprofits, especially smaller ones. As with any kind of fundraising campaign or appeal, you are putting the cart before the horse if you worry about the tools before figuring out the message and the strategy.

Why your capital campaign feasibility study could be leaving a lot of money on the table.


I think most campaign feasibility studies leave a ton of money on the table. That’s why, at MarketSmart , our customers leverage our technologies and strategies to send those who participated in a feasibility study a Survey Report (at the very least).

The Empty Package–Nonprofits, Social Media, and Content Strategy


But once you get beyond appearance to substance, there’s no meat, no content strategy. My concern is that there’s often so little evidence of a content strategy. Think through your strategy for each of them, because they aren’t interchangeable. flickr/minxlj.

Would you give money to this person?


I think all of us would agree that one of the most basic reasons why any major donor would give you and your organization money is because they trust you. The post Would you give money to this person? Trust is crucial, necessary and vital. .

Improve Donor Stewardship with These 5 Proven Strategies

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This article will go over five strategies to improve your donor stewardship. Use engagement strategies outside of fundraising. Let’s get into the different strategies! Strategy #1: Understand your donors and track results. Strategy #5: Build a membership program.

Asking for Money AND Something Else

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I really like this one recommendation from Rachel: Pair an ask for a donation with a “no-money” ask during a campaign. The no-money ask gives your supporters another way to get involved and engaged in your cause whether they want to give financially or not. And it gives you something else to talk about, besides asking for money every time. Here are some of the different kinds of no-money asks that you could pair in a campaign with an ask for a donation.

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4 Keys to Raising the Money of Your Dreams

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Raising money can be easy or it can be hard – it’s your choice. If you’re using tried and true fundraising and marketing strategies, you will raise money. Successful fundraising can be boiled down to 4 key components: Mindset, Mission, Marketing, and Money.

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Drive Donors to your Online Donation Page with These Six Marketing Strategies, Part 1

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Read the first three marketing strategies below, then join us next week for the final three. Segmentation is key to tailoring your marketing strategies and driving the right kinds of people to your online donation page. Abby Jarvis.

How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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It will lead to missed connections with supporters, and thus, a seeming inability to raise money using the platforms. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done. Baldrick’s success and their ongoing strategy.

Is donor retention really where you should focus your time and money?


Many of them make money selling software and services that supposedly help fundraisers improve their donor retention. Here’s why: According to Giving USA , the number of donors is decreasing yet more money has been raised than ever. But trying to retain the most qualified donors (the ones with the most passion and most money) IS a good plan. If I wanted to make a lot of money I could have done that a lot faster and with less aggravation by staying OUT of this sector.

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A Few Ways You Can Raise More Money in 2019

Ann Green

If it wasn’t, I have some suggestions about how you can raise more money – both now and throughout the year. This will save you money because you won’t be mailing appeals to people who aren’t going to donate. A Simple Strategy for Reactivating Lapsed Donors.

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Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money!


I don’t like these titles and I think they cost nonprofits money! The post Why fundraiser job titles suck and cost you a lot of money! My pal Dr. Russell James is at it again. This time, he researched what fundraiser job titles inspire more engagement, connectivity, and giving.

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The Jusk Ask Strategy

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NOT ASK FOR MONEY (THINK 'Beggar' !) Think about getting an appointment with a donor to overwhelm them with information and ask them for money. Get a VISIT. NOT AN APPOINTMENT (THINK 'Doctor/Dentist' !) With a QUALIFIED PROSPECT/POTENTIAL INVESTOR. NOT A DONOR (THINK 'Blood/Organ' !) To do DISCOVERY. NOT TALK, TALK, TALK (THINK 'Blah, Blah, Blah' !) To SHARE THE STORY. NOT MORE INFORMATION (THINK 'glazed eyes' !) To PRESENT THE OPPORTUNITY. SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER.

Are fundraising tricks and gimmicks worth doing?


This is an extremely shortsighted strategy. If you think about the first donation as the first date, doesn’t it make sense to be open, honest, and fair from the get-go even if it means less money now (but much more later)? An old book filled with timeless lessons.

15 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Better Start Raising Money Much FASTER!!!


The post 15 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Better Start Raising Money Much FASTER!!! According to Glassdoor , the following 15 companies no longer require college degrees. Google. Ernst and Young EY. Penguin Random House. Costco. Whole Foods. Hilton. Publix. Apple. Starbucks. Nordstrom. Home Depot. Bank of America. Chipotle. Lowe’s. Related Posts: >>Webinar: How Colleges and Universities Are Using Donor Surveys to Raise More Major and Planned Gifts.

It’s My Party and I’ll Save You Money If I Want To

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Creative Strategies to Get the Media to Cover Your Next Event with Antionette Kerr. Ok, that doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? But it is my birthday this Saturday. And to celebrate I am chopping $200 off the price of our Annual All-Access Pass.

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5 Strategies to Get the Right People at Your Fundraiser

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You’re hoping to raise a lot of money for your cause. Here are five strategies you can use to be sure your VIPs actually walk in the door. I also used this strategy at a business school event. Here’s my favorite strategy of all: 5.

#SocialNetworks: Primary Politics Offer Models For SM Strategy

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But donations and volunteer hours are finite entities, and the fact is nonprofits of all stripes now must challenge themselves to raise their social-networking strategy to challenge for every engaged constituent. Click to enlarge.

A 5-step quide to social media strategy for nonprofits


Yes, nonprofits can reach influencers and raise money through these channels, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. How are these social media tactics going to integrate with your website, email strategy, publications, media relations, and special events? flickr/luc legay.

10 Strategies for Recession Fundraising

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a great series up right now with 10 things to do now, to raise money during the downturn. Look for ways to save money on fundraising. Collaborate to raise money. You need a subscription to read the full articles but here’s their list. It is based on interviews with a variety of organizations. Some of these are back-to-basics ideas, which is what a lot of people are focusing on. Others are about being frugal and innovative.

New Strategies for Increasing Corporate Support

Selfish Giving

Curt Weeden (shown above) is a corporate giving expert, speaker, author and founder of the New Strategies Forum. Cause Marketing News cause marketing corporate giving curt weeden new strategies forum

3 simple steps to get more money from donor-advised funds (DAF’s)


Related Posts: >>Why I don’t cry foul when I hear how much money sits in DAFs. The post 3 simple steps to get more money from donor-advised funds (DAF’s) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. STEP 1- Find out who has a donor-advised fund (among your supporters, advocates, donors, members, alumni, subscribes, etc.). 80% of your problem will be solved once you have that list.

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How to Raise More Money from Matching Gifts Using Email and Social Media

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Matching gifts are an easy way to boost fundraising by earning free money, and we’ve got the tips to help you increase donor awareness through social media and email. There are many types of emails, as well as strategies to optimize messages for matching gifts.

Why I don’t cry foul when I hear how much money sits in DAFs


He also writes and speaks often about the slow movement of money OUT of DAF’s into charity bank accounts. Our clients get a growing number of DAF gifts each year because: We (my firm and they) remind their donors to disperse the money (i.e.- Al Cantor is great. He’s a tiger.

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The simplest and most effective 6-step major gift and planned gift marketing strategy ever


If your marketing strategy doesn’t include these steps, you are probably costing your organization a lot of money. Don’t you owe it to your supporters to steward their funds by cutting costs while raising more money more efficiently? GET A DEMO AND WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU ARE SUCCEEDING WITH THIS 6-STEP STRATEGY. Employ donor surveys.