3 questions to ask before you spam, spray and pray


But too many nonprofits turn those effective channels into “spam” and “junk mail.” ” I call this brand of offensive, obnoxious, and irritating marketing “spamming, spraying and praying.” By removing the least likely to give, you’ll save a ton of money on printing and postage. I know a fundraising firm that charged a nonprofit $360,000 last year for their digital services yet their spam efforts only resulted in $126,843.

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What Email Spam Rates Mean for Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign


Between 2016 and 2017, spam rates rose for nonprofits across the board, averaging at 24.16% for the year. Here is how spam rates affected nonprofit fundraising last Giving Tuesday, and what you can do to ensure a successful 2018 campaign. on Giving Tuesday as a result of spam.

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How Much Is Spam Hurting Your Online Fundraising? [New Study]

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Spam software. For their report , EveryAction studied 55 organizations and found that, on average, 18.21% of email was delivered to spam folders every month in 2016. GivingTuesday 2016 also saw spam rates climb 9.27% over 2015’s rates. So why would you be marked as spam?

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What Does Spam Do to your Email Fundraising? [INFOGRAPHIC]


If you’re sending fundraising emails, then you’re losing money to spam. The question then, is how much + why? email fundraising deliverability infographic

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2016 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study: Spam Still Costing Nonprofits Thousands


Today, EveryAction released the 2016 Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study , an exploration into just how much spam is negatively impacting nonprofit online fundraising. Simply put, better email deliverability practices could actually make you money.

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But is spamming your donors really donor-centric? That means, we should try to send considerate, highly relevant, personalized email messages that truly inspire passionate support — not spam! Or did the email just ask for more money? The post STOP SPAMMING YOUR SUPPORTERS!

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3 Simple Email Improvements to Make More Money During EOY Fundraising


It’s affected by a lot of factors (and the rules are always changing), but spam and spam-related issues are generally the most common determinants of deliverability successes and failures. That’s because each month, 7.03% of nonprofit emails end up in spam folders.

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Bay Area nonprofits score well, Learning from SPAM, and a Happy New Year

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Knowing that donors are looking at these reports, and are aware of the costs of outside services, do you need to re-evaluate how you're raising money for your organization? No, he's not suggesting that we spam our donors or potential donors. Tags: surveys Nonprofit marketing email spam administrative costs fundraising First off, I want to thank all of my readers and subscribers for your support in 2006.

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4 big reasons why you should not ask for money when you survey your supporters


We’ve sent out hundreds of millions of surveys by now and generated hundreds of thousands of highly-qualified leads for major gift officers and legacy gift officers to help make them more efficient and effective while sparing donors from spam, junk mail, and interruptive cold-calls. I was told that we should always include an “ask” (for money) along with the “ask” for feedback and engagement. Don’t ask for money when you survey your supporters.

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The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween


Rising email spam rates Many nonprofits depend on email as the backbone of their digital fundraising programs. Unfortunately, despite growing list sizes and an increasing average number of sends, spam rates also grew.

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13 Tips for Raising Money Online | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Ask for money for special projects or other hot items, not for general support - and set a deadline. Its generally easier to raise money for something specific with a deadline than for institutional support. Ask as many people as you can (without spamming).

Imagine This…


Imagine them also telling her that I really needed money for my future. Imagine them telling her that she should give me money. Also imagine if my letters and emails told her how she should have left me money in her will because, if she didn’t do that… the IRS would get it. Furthermore, imagine that each of my letters involved complicated legal tactics for giving me money along with confusing legal jargon. 3 Questions to Ask Before You Spam Spray and Pray.

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8 Tips for Email Fundraising | Online Fundraising & Nonprofit Marketing Resources & Tips | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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They will be far less likely to consider you spam. Focus your message on your audiences interests, aspirations and desires rather than your own need for money. Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators (And a Giveaway to #MCON)

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Find out How to Spam-Proof Your Email Marketing. June 6 & 8: Donor Newsletters That Raise More Money with Tom Ahern (Registration for Part 1 is $99. Credit: [link]. It’s the end of another workweek. Join me for a few Mixed Links… Giveaway time!

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The Top 3 Reasons Spray-And-Pray Fundraising Communications Fail


Spray and pray marketing communications tend to be unengaging (usually only asking for money, not involvement), so they fail. 3 Questions to Ask Before You Spam Spray and Pray. The traditional spray and pray marketing communications tactics just don’t work. Here’s why: 1.

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Why Deleting People from Your Email List is a Good Thing

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If people aren’t regularly opening your emails, odds are good that they will at some point tag your email as spam. Want to stay out the spam filter in the first place, and get your emails delivered quickly? The unengaged could be costing you money.

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Musical chairs, your donors, and fundraising?


As a result, when they don’t get enough value from the experience in return for their money, they quit the game. They want to give and they need to give partly because they have money to give.

A Beginner’s Guide to Analytics for Nonprofits


As above, analytics has the power to make your marketing much more effective – less money needed to gather funds, so more money spent on your cause. Most traffic – 52% according to this report – is from bots or spam accounts. by Zoe Allen.

6 Tips to Ensure your Emails are Read (and Enjoyed)

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Always avoid using ALL CAPS, dollar signs, and exclamation points, all of which will raise flags for spam filters. To increase your email delivery rates further, always use a spam filter test ( Constant Contact has a great spam checker!)

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5 thoughts that might lead your supporters to feel donor remorse


Here are some of the thoughts crossing your donors’ minds while you’re asking them to support your cause: Will they say thank you or just take my money and run? Will I now get flooded with lots of spam or junk mail asking for more money? Will they call and badger me for more money? Will they tell me what they did with my money and whether or not the impact was achieved?

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Do fundraisers donate to charity?


But I’ve been wondering (from a marketer’s point of view): Do fundraisers donate more money and/or more frequently to charity than others? . As a whole, the industry would raise more money. Spamming would stop.

Email deliverability is more than double opt-in

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But some they'll turn into spam traps. The rest they mark "promotions" or "bulk" or "spam.". So spend a little money to have an expert make sure your MX, SPF, and DMARC. Nonprofits love sending email. It doesn't take all the printing time of direct mail. And it costs less.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


can help you determine who should stay and who should go, keep your fundraising emails out of spam folders , and provide a clearer picture of your audiences.

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7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Kill Your Printed and Electronic Planned Giving Newsletter


How long and what did it cost to raise that amount of money in the first place? And what about SPAM emails? Do you like spam? The true definition of spam is irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.

12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


There is a lot of learning and experimenting going on in digital fundraising, which is fueling new innovations in how to raise money across the whole spectrum of digital channels. With our easy to use self service portal, your donors can update their information at anytime ensuring that you and your staff save both time and money! Having a healthy list means your emails are not going to spam which means your targeted audience is seeing your content and donating or taking action.

Is Populist Fundraising for You?


So, for the vendor that makes money on a per-transaction basis, it’s better to promote the populist approach. Politicians need votes in addition to money. The populist approach did indeed raise tons of money for the Obama Campaign.

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When you should NOT conduct face-to-face fundraising


When fundraising staff meet with highly qualified, major and or legacy gift donors and/or prospects; When part-time staff stand on street corners interrupting passersby asking them to give (I call this ‘street spam’). Then, they feel pressured when you asked them for money.

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Are you a piñata fundraiser?


If they don’t get what they want, they pound some more until the donor relents, their heart splits open, and money breaks out. >>3 questions to ask before you spam, spray and pray. Piñatas are decorative, papier-mâché containers usually filled with candy.

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When Sponsor Promotion Consumes Your Communications Channels

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In all these cases, the communications directors rightly fear that the communications they are producing look and feel like spam. Yes, the sponsor money comes in, but getting people to actually register for the event is hard because the event marketing is bogged down with sponsor content.

12 questions to ask yourself to avoid disrespecting your supporters


Are you asking them for too much money too frequently? Worst of all, are you spamming your supporters or sending them junk mail that ticks them off? In the for profit world they call it customer service. All of us get frustrated when we feel slighted or disrespected.

Know Your Audience – A Lesson from the Ridiculous Pitches I Receive Daily

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And stop wasting your time and money on the general public! Pictured: Me reading these stupid pitches… Whether you are writing a social media update, crafting an appeal letter, or trying to get a journalist to mention your story, you must: Know. Audience.

And another thing about donor-advised funds…


It motivates lots of people to move money into DAFs. Then money gets distributed. So, are the DAF holding pens just making money off the generosity of donors? Yes, but if the money wasn’t transferred to a DAF, they’d be making money off the savings and investments of those same customers. Probably more money! They got the donor to move the money from an investment account to an account earmarked for charity.

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Why Gmail’s New Unsubscribe Feature, and Unsubscribers in General, Are a Good Thing

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I also don’t ever remember interacting with 247 Sports, but it’s possible I did at one point so I did not want to mark them as Spam. Others will resent you asking them for money or to volunteer.

Two Smart Ways to Acquire New Major Donors


Stop spending so much time and money trying to acquire new donors (especially since most nonprofits do not have an effective plan for retaining those new donors). And, you can stop interrupting your supporters with spam, junk mail and telemarketing.

How to Choose the Right Online Communications Platforms for A Small Nonprofit

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Use email to keep them in the loop with you, to show them what you are building together, not to just spam them incessantly with fundraising appeals and event invitations. What did you do with my money? Why should I give you more money, or give you any at all in the first place?

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How Nonprofits Can Be #InstaAwesome on Instagram

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Download my Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Small Nonprofits for even more tips and actionable ways to use Instagram to raise money and awareness for your cause. This avoids a lot of spam and helps give the platform a cleaner, more streamlined feel.

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7 common major gift marketing mistakes you should avoid this year (including planned gift marketing)


Believing that you are imposing on your supporters by asking them for money. Spamming your supporters. Save your money. Remember, they want to give. The key is to think of yourself as a facilitator, not a fundraiser.

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3 simple steps to break your transactional, spray-and-pray fundraising addiction


They spam their wonderful (albeit mostly low-dollar) supporters again and again, they pound them with direct mail, and they call and interrupt them at dinnertime. Need more money? We got some money in. Nonprofits tend to get addicted to transactions.

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Today I think I’ll take a victory lap. Will you join me?


I get things wrong all the time. Back in 1993 when I quit my first ‘real’ job in the newspaper business I predicted printed newspapers would be gone by now. Sure, they are having a hard time these days but they are still kicking!

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How to understand your donor’s consideration process so you generate more major gifts


When people think about giving up their hard-earned money, they either make the decision to move forward quickly or slowly. Usually the timeline correlates with the amount of money they are considering giving up since that alters a convenience quotient (so to speak). First things first.

Volume Has Been Tested. The Results Are In

The Agitator

It costs money to send an extra person an extra postal mail piece. It costs no money to send an extra person an extra email. That’s the amount that the average nonprofit lost to spam last year according to the excellent 2017 EveryAction Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study.

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How to Create Your 2019 Digital Content Strategy

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In study , after study , after study , it is always “revealed” that donors simply want to know 2 things from nonprofits: What did you do with my money? What did you do with my money? Why should I give you more money, or give you any at all in the first place?

3 myths of email fundraising

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It''s as though there must be a great pool of donors just waiting to give and putting up a website will funnel all their money to them. This time costs the nonprofit money. To make sure too many people aren''t reporting your email as spam. And I email can raise money.

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