INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

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Because you’re allowing them to give you money instead of the government. Money that they would have to pay in any case can now go to you. Don’t be short sighted and focused on short term money. There is this concept in this country that we can just print money.

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Can raising money be like building furniture?


In turn, the donor appreciates the program or giving opportunity that was developed especially to suit her needs. So she hands over her hard-earned money. >>eBook: How to Generate More Planned Gifts with Less Money and Reduced Resources.

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How to Translate Your Program Into a Compelling Video

Getting Attention

When an organization comes to me and says, “We want a video about our program,” I always cringe a little bit. Many non-profits fall into what I call “The Program Trap.” Videos about programs end up putting people to sleep instead of making them feel something.

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Firing Your Development Director? It’s not you, it’s me!

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” That’s right, nonprofits are putting all of that pressure on one person, and it needs to be about everyone helping the organization make more money, in whatever capacity they can. The report finds that high performing fundraising programs promoted a culture of philanthropy.

Guest Post: Christina Attard reveals the secrets about your planned giving program that only donors know…

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Planned giving is when a donor decides to give you money over time, either as a monthly or yearly donor, or in a will or estate plan. Here are the secrets about your planned giving program that only donors know…. What the heck is planned giving and why should you care?

358 Million Reasons to Love Checkout Programs

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That’s how many dollars were collected with checkout programs in 2012. Checkout programs are what I call point-of-sale programs, but I kind of like David Hessekiel’s term better. Here’s what businesses and nonprofits need to know about checkout programs.

The missing link in fundraising programs

Fundraising Coach Habit 2 is the missing link in major gift programs. You’re creating a blueprint for the relational infrastructure of your fundraising program. You’ve been kicked, Marc The missing link in fundraising programs This isn't just the case in major gifts. Are you so focused on grant funding that you don't realize a fundraising basic that grants only account for 15% of the charitable money given each year?

Why do people at work treat me this way?

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So often, as fundraisers, we are charged with raising all of this money. And we run up against people’s concepts of money, every day. Maybe we’re interlopers in the “pure” world of program services. We often make more than program staff.

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How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

J Campbell Social Marketing

It will lead to missed connections with supporters, and thus, a seeming inability to raise money using the platforms. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done.

Where is the money for our schools?

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I mean, they are just going to make even more money. And we are grubbing at their feet for pennies, when we need to take a page from their book and start advocacy programs. The zombie corporations are holding the money hostage. We need to free that money through legislative action. You need to advocate for a greater proportion of city/county/state money to be given to your nonprofit. Lately I’ve been pondering a couple of things.

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Fundraising QuickStart Program

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You’ve been asking for help to easily raise money for your nonprofit and now we have the perfect solution for you! ANNOUNCING THE FUNDRAISING QUICK START PROGRAM! The strategies that you’ll learn in the Fundraising QuickStart program are the ones the BIG nonprofits use and you can too!

The 4 Questions You Need To Answer When Raising Money Online

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Raising money online seems to confound many nonprofits, especially smaller ones. 4) What impact will this money make on our nonprofit, our programs and our clients? As you can see, it won’t work to simply say “we need money to keep our doors open.”

Part 3: How to Send an Appeal Letter

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If you don’t have staff who can lend a hand, or a few good volunteers, you can check around your city to see if there is a “Ready to Work” program which helps people build up a solid work history by doing jobs for nonprofits. In Portland, Oregon, this program is called “Steps to Success.”

[Guest Post] Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Matching Gift Program

Fundraising Coach

This is relatively easy money that many are missing out on. Top 10 Tips for Growing Your Matching Gift Program. by Adam Weinger , President of Double the Donation It seems like there are millions of ways to raise money for your nonprofit.

Reader Questions: Should we sell X to get money?

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The thing about people (usually small businesses) who want to sell things through your nonprofit is that they almost NEVER have the best interests of your fundraising program at heart. It’s not your job to help these people make money.

How DecentWork can take your nonprofit to the next level: Interview with Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, Ontario Nonprofit Network

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MT: For the CEOs and the executive directors listening, and the board members, they may be struggling to make their programs effective. So like I was talking about the number of program participants or the outcomes the program has had over the last ten years. Hey, everybody.

How to make a splash! Marketing Your Nonprofit Educational Programs

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What can you do to help your association succeed, and how can you get more people to take your fantastic educational programs? There are lots of ways to market your programs, but let’s look at one example. How to describe your educational programs? PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS.

Raise More Money With Monthly Gifts

Ann Green

Although I often encourage monthly (or recurring) gifts as a great way to raise more money, I just started making them at the end of last year. It should also be relatively easy for you to start or grow a monthly giving program. Let’s say you run a tutoring program.

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Starting a Business Program- PART 2

A Small Change

When starting your program you can look to develop in a few different ways (cont’d): Have businesses sponsor event or programs. Lots of businesses have money that they want to give to local and national community projects.

Why spend the money?

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For a nonprofit, there’s no better place to invest money. Instead, make sure that what you get for the money is well worth it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs that returned value to me like mad in terms of new revenue, new opportunities, enhanced skills, new connections, and more. If you are a nonprofit director, you know that the budget line item for training and development is often the first one to go when things get tight.

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Ep205: This Waste Disposal Company Gives Nonprofits Trash Bags Full of Money

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How did Waste Industries educate customers about the program? Focus of the program is on local charities. Waste Industries works with local nonprofits to communicate the success of the program. The impact of the program has been intergenerational.

Asking for Money AND Something Else

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I really like this one recommendation from Rachel: Pair an ask for a donation with a “no-money” ask during a campaign. The no-money ask gives your supporters another way to get involved and engaged in your cause whether they want to give financially or not. And it gives you something else to talk about, besides asking for money every time. Here are some of the different kinds of no-money asks that you could pair in a campaign with an ask for a donation.

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Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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That’s why I’m opening up my 6 month fundraising coaching program to just 3 lucky people. I want to help you shine and raise all of the money you deserve! Draft 1 of the letter, page 1.

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Why Not Raise More Money?

The Agitator

The other day, this headline caught my attention: What’s Holding Your Nonprofit Back From Raising More Money? ” And I thought, sound strategies are fine (and I guess fun to prepare and of course needed), but the hard yards are won by persistently formulating specific hypotheses about various aspects of your fundraising programs and testing them. So why do many of us not raise more money?

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[Guest Post] 5 Reasons Your Peer to Peer Program is Failing

Fundraising Coach

5 Reasons Your Peer to Peer Program is Failing. Anyway, here are the five reasons why your peer to peer program might be the big one that got away (someone please stop me): Losing the forest for the trees when you can have both.

Cause Marketing 101: 5 Tactics for Raising Money from Businesses

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Cause marketing programs should be win-win situations for everyone. This isn't about companies giving you money. Cause marketing raises money and raises awareness because you are gaining access to your partner's most valuable asset - their customers. . The right store is key to the success of these programs. This is a great first step in a cause marketing program as you can then build on this relationship for further outreach. . Your program should be free.

Does the Raiser’s Edge Help Raise Money?

JCA Insights

Does any fundraising software really help raise money? The Raiser’s Edge has sophisticated functionality to manage virtually every facet of the most complex fundraising program, but it can only help raise money when senior leadership mandates that all staff use the system. Which board members are actively raising money? Should it?

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3 Resources to Raise More Money with Products & Services

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After a charity pinup program , purchase-triggered donations are one of the more lucrative cause marketing fundraisers. 15 percent of the purchase price of the Balls of Steels Whiskey Chillers support testicular cancer cure research.

3 Proven Ways to Raise More Money with Charity Checkout Fundraisers

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Nonprofits and businesses that run charity checkout programs are always asking me how they can run a more successful program and raise more money. Here are three strategies that are guaranteed to raise you more money.

Pop-Up Register Programs Support Boston Bombing Victims

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Register programs are similar to pinups in one important way and different in two distinctive ways. For me, POS cause marketing is anything that happens at a business’ register that raises money for a nonprofit.

3 tips to dramatically increase website donations

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Make your programs into modules. When I saw how they were putting the stories of each person they helped on their website, I knew that the multi-social service nonprofit I worked for should also make “modules&# of each program. Have you ever bought something online? OF COURSE!

Training Your Board to Raise Money – a book for your new year

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The new book Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money is just that. Train Your Board to Raise Money can help. Train Your Program Staff about Fundraising (5 exercises). Train Your Board (and everyone else) to Raise Money can help you create that change.

7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Kill Your Printed Planned Giving Newsletter


How long and what did it cost to raise that amount of money in the first place? I know, I know… you love your planned giving newsletter. After all, it’s an easy marketing option (especially if you buy them from a vendor who has been creating them for you for decades).

The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

Selfish Giving

I combed through the Selfish Giving archives and came up with the best and worst local cause marketing programs of 2010. I took the unprecedented step of not including any of my own cause marketing programs. (I Here are the seven best local cause marketing programs for 2010.

How your donors view money

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According to Jacob Needleman’s book, Money and the Meaning of Life, “Money can be treated as an instrument for exercising our sincerity. When this happens, money becomes an instrument of the search for truth. “What are your impressions of our programs?”

Share Our Strength, Shake Shack Team Up for Pinup Program

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If I’m The Pinup King , this program between Share Our Strength and Shake Shack is fit for one! The two have teamed up for a cause marketing pinup program called the Great American Shake Sale at ten Shake Shack locations on the East coast.

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Komen’s Cause Marketing Program Isn’t “Finger-Lickin’ Good”

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Cause marketing programs work best with lots of locations and lots of foot traffic. The program also has lots of extras too, like pink buckets you can’t miss and lids with calls to action to get involved.

How to rock your development plan: Webinar April 19th

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A step-by-step guide to planning that magical plan that will help you raise all the money you need. THIS is why you’re not making the money you need to make! How do you start planning your major gifts program and prospect research?

How to discover planned gifts using interns because you can’t afford a telemarketing firm


Have the intern view videos, read reports and talk to program staff (and beneficiaries) so they are familiar with stories about the impact your organization delivers. Mention that the intern will not be asking for money. Write a script for the intern that includes: “Thank you,” “I’m an intern” and “I’m not calling to ask you for money” Include a personalization point for relevance and context if possible (i.e.

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Mysterious Power of a Fresh Approach (Case Study)

Getting Attention

I was thrilled to hear from Getting Attention reader Elizabeth (Betsey) Russell recently, with news of her just-released mystery, Other People’s Money. I thought it would be fun to go behind the scenes, so to speak, and tell a story from an insider’s point of view—in this case a program officer. Betsey: Other People’s Money is the story of Katie Nelson, a program officer in Atlanta’s largest foundation.