Pro Tips on Getting the Most Out of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

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If you’re like me, you haven’t engaged an agency to conduct a pay-per-click campaign. If you’re about to spend money on a PPC marketing campaign by way of a paid search agency , you need to know a little bit about the song and dance routine most businesspeople have to participate in with these agencies. Here’s how you make sure you find the right one: Meet the People You’re Paying.

What Blogging Can Do For You

Marketing for Nonprofits

And while billions are spent on Pay Per Click (PPC) and other ad-centric strategies, nearly all of the clicks on search results come from an organic area.It Click on the screen shot above. I love blogging. I love having a voice on the issues I care about.

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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Nonprofits


That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have a user-friendly website and donation system when your supporters click through from your ads or social media profiles. Click here to learn more about the different areas of SEO or read this guide on SEO for nonprofits.

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits


You can pay to have your content show up in people’s feeds, encouraging them to watch a video, engage with a post or click through to your website. When most of your money needs to go into your cause, fundraising that is efficient and cheap is essential. Similar to PPC.

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