Tainted Money?

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Would you return the money? The University of Missouri is wondering what to do with a $1.1 When Robin Hood steals from the middle class to enrich himself, but then gives a little bit back to the poor, how tainted is that money? What if a major donor of yours - one whose name is featured on your building plaque - were to be arrested and found guilty on charges of fraud and embezzlement? Would you remove his name from your building?

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The Social Round-Up


More companies want to be more intentional and take CSR from something to throw money at to a sustainable, organization-centric value that has impact. –Not only does this article feature a Missouri J-School Professor (woot-woot!),

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Pro Tips on Getting the Most Out of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

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Dwayne attended University of Missouri where he received a BA in Business. If you’re about to spend money on a PPC marketing campaign by way of a paid search agency , you need to know a little bit about the song and dance routine most businesspeople have to participate in with these agencies. This results in a confused and often worthless campaign that’s hardly worth the money spent.