Passion for the mission is a MUST!

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Have you ever read a nonprofit job description that included the words, “Passion for the mission”? “Passion for the mission is a must” has lost its meaning. What if you can do this, but the nonprofit is looking for someone who lives and breathes their mission?

Mission or Opportunity

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Do you work for your non-profit because you believe in the mission of the organization or because it is a good opportunity for you? Mission keeps the direction clear and gives you another reason to get out of bed. Having mission can clarify and motivate you to do the work that you do.

Are you in love with your organization’s mission?


Once you brush away the internal politics, the nasty board member out to get you, the job title or raise you did or didn’t get, and so many other things that can drive you nuts, it all boils down to one simple question: Are you in love with your mission? If you are not in love with your mission, you can’t expect your donors to love it. You’ll never be truly successful without love for your mission. Love your mission, learn to love it, or leave.

Focus on the mission, not the money

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Too many times, nonprofit Fundraisers get so focused on the money that they forget to communicate about the mission. Keep this in mind: it’s not about the money you need. It’s about fulfilling your organization’s mission. When you share from that point of view, your appeals take on a much richer tone than if you’re just begging for money.

There Are Only Three Ways to Raise More Money


Every nonprofit organization needs more of two things: time and money. Hey, now that I think about, I could use more of those two myself… Time and money are the most valuable resources in the world , and for nonprofits the impact of having more of either can be immeasurable.

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How to Raise Money On Instagram Using the Donation Sticker

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People are using these tools to give money to and raise money for causes they care about, and it’s important for nonprofits to understand how they work before writing them off completely. 100% of the money raised using the Instagram donation sticker goes to the nonprofit.

Webinar Recap: How nonprofits can raise more money through crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is an incredible way to raise money for your cause and to get your network of supporters involved in your mission. That’s why we recently teamed up with Nonprofit Tech for Good to host a webinar all about the basics of crowdfunding

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INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

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Because you’re allowing them to give you money instead of the government. Money that they would have to pay in any case can now go to you. Don’t be short sighted and focused on short term money. There is this concept in this country that we can just print money.

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Nonprofits have two missions to balance–cause and corporate


You have two missions —a cause mission to change society and a corporate mission to sustain your organization. It’s important to keep clear about these two missions, the tension between them, and the communications resources required for both.

Why does your nonprofit fail to accomplish its mission? 3 reasons.

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Nor are salaries tied to how much money they raise. Tags: Board Conflict Culture clash Lean Development Measuring Effectiveness corruption artificially low wages financial reporting fraud fraudulent nonprofits funding fraud inefficiency low wages mission fail mission not accomplished nonprofit failing at its mission nonprofit wages too low poor wages program reporting fraud status quo

Interview: Zach Hochstadt, Mission Minded Agency Cofounder & Nonprofit Branding Expert

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Zach Hochstadt is a founding partner of Mission Minded , a branding firm working exclusively with nonprofit organizations, with offices in San Francisco and Denver. You can learn more about Zach, Mission Minded, and nonprofit branding by reviewing Mission Minded’s free training guides.

The Mission Myth

Marketing for Nonprofits

As a leader at a nonprofit, there are times when I feel out of sync with my colleagues and wonder if I'm too focused on revenue vs. mission. That is why I LOVED The Mission Myth: Building Nonprofit Momentum Through Better Business by Deirdre Maloney.

Why spend the money?

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Whether it’s a book, a workshop, or a coach, investing in yourself has a tremendous impact on your nonprofit organization, its mission, and the people who benefit. For a nonprofit, there’s no better place to invest money. It demonstrates your committment to your mission. They are uber-committed to their mission and the people they serve. Instead, make sure that what you get for the money is well worth it.

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Get more money with your year end appeal: Interview with Paul Bobnak of DMIQTV and Who’s Mailing What

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Whether it’s a for-profit enterprise and a non-profit, it’s all about driving response, trying to get people to become engaged and invest their money. This is an opportunity for nonprofits to provide a premium that’s mission centered. Paul Bobnak interview 8/22/13.

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4 Keys to Raising the Money of Your Dreams

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Raising money can be easy or it can be hard – it’s your choice. If you’re using tried and true fundraising and marketing strategies, you will raise money. Successful fundraising can be boiled down to 4 key components: Mindset, Mission, Marketing, and Money.

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Make Your Nonprofit Stop Bleeding Money-Interview with Pamela Uppal

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How can you make your nonprofit stop bleeding money with turnover? Because one of our main sort of messages is, if we can offer decent work to the employees in the sector, we’ll have better organizations that are meeting their mandates and their mission and consequently thriving communities with people getting the help and support that they need. It’s a little bit more complicated in our sector, because where is that money going to come from, right? We need more money.

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Can raising money be like building furniture?


Fundraisers care deeply about the missions they serve. So she hands over her hard-earned money. >>eBook: How to Generate More Planned Gifts with Less Money and Reduced Resources. The post Can raising money be like building furniture?

Millennials on a Mission: Idealism, Impact, Innovation

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91% of the female Millennials surveyed donated money to charities, and 84% of the male Millennials had donated. Millennials treat their time, money, and assets as having equal value. Aided by technology, an individual who donates his or her voice may still give skills, time, and money.

Reader Questions: Should we sell X to get money?

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the calendar was not about our mission, (the subject of the calendar was this guy. Why don’t you do a calendar of something more related to your mission?” It’s not your job to help these people make money.

Can You Merchandise Your Mission?

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I mentioned on Friday that one of the four trends in fundraising is to learn how to merchandise your mission. Any remaining money is put to use where it is needed most." Again, finding discrete ways to merchandise your mission may bring new donors into the fold.

10 Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Undertaking a mission can be one of the most fulfilling trips in your lifetime; however, many mission trip participants worry about funding their humanitarian and charitable work. The following are 10 mission trip fundraising ideas that can help make your mission dreams a reality: Business sponsorships. Visit local businesses and ask them to sponsor a portion of your mission trip, such as one day’s worth of expenses. Mission trip dinner.

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501 Mission Place: helping nonprofits do more with less

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501 Mission Place launches today! Here’s the story as it is on the site: 501 Mission Place – Who & Why We Are. Like so many of the organizations that we lead, 501 Mission Place started as a conversation between friends. Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works, and childhood friend Rob Hatch, then Executive Director of Child Health Center, were talking about the challenges of being someone who lives, eats and breathes mission.

3 Easy Ways to Bring Your Mission to Life at Your Next Fundraising Event

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Asking supporters to pledge their money and time face to face makes a bigger emotional impact and further strengthens their relationship with your organization. What better time is there to make your mission and work come to life? " With that in mind, here are three easy ways to bring your mission to life at your next event: Live testimonial. Look for opportunities to bring your mission to where your supporters are.

Part 1: What is an Appeal Letter?

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get tons of money in the mail for your nonprofit. An appeal letter is a letter you send to donors to ask for money. Writing a letter is not the most effective way to get money. However, for some nonprofits, this is the way to get money in the door four to six times a year. .

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Mission Based Thinking Part Two of Two - Examples Of It Enabling Organizations That Use It

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Examples demonstrating how mission-based nonprofit operations best works when it is used effectively by a nonprofit''s staff and volunteers are difficult to come by. In this post I provide examples demonstrating how mission-based thinking can be used among all people operating a single nonprofit from executive leaders through the ranks to day to day staff or volunteers. The mission statement must be the first and guiding principle.

Part 3: How to Send an Appeal Letter

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Why not help the people who stuff your envelopes, as well as fulfill your mission? This is just a tiny slice of what I could teach you about raising TONS more money in the mail. how to send appeal letters in bulk. Are you sending appeal letters for your nonprofit?

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How to Raise Money With Facebook – One Organization’s Success Story

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It will lead to missed connections with supporters, and thus, a seeming inability to raise money using the platforms. However, raising money using social media, specifically Facebook, can be done.

Why Oprah Winfrey gives money to build schools in Africa (the 8 components of impactful giving)


The post Why Oprah Winfrey gives money to build schools in Africa (the 8 components of impactful giving) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. You might have known that Oprah was a philanthropist; but did you know why?

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Mission-Based Thinking - Why It Matters, Especially Today - Why It Works, And Examples of It Enabling Organizations That Use It

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Mission-based thinking, a staple of contemporary, professional, nonprofit, best practices, is often discussed and explained but examples are more difficult to locate. In this two part post I will explain the critical importance of mission-based thinking in this post. Why Mission-Based Thinking Even Exists On the Radar Oregon Governor Kitzhaber signed a law this June that was the first in the United States. So, the mission is the reason the community members (i.e.

The Mission Statement and Why It's So Important

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I've heard nonprofit colleagues refer to mission statements, in general, as b.s. I'm not a 'pie in the sky' or 'starry eyed' idealist about mission statements. I happen to believe that a well thought out, investigated, and hashed out mission statement can both inform clients, volunteers, the board, and staff; and it can direct the organization's work, growth, planning, PR/marketing, and fundraising, etc. Your organization's real boss is the mission statement and its goal.

Join Me Today for a FREE Webinar: The Mission Myth

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Join me today for a FREE webinar called The Mission Myth. You also need the four Ms - Management, Money, Marketing and Measurement! The webinar, inspired by a book of the same name by Deirdre Maloney, will show why you need more than passion to make your nonprofit succeed.

Do you want something “for” your donors or “from” your donors? The answer could mean everything to your mission.


Recently Howard Freeman, CFRE [Senior Campaign Director at Young Life, Greater NY Division] reminded the participants in a discussion that the key difference that defines the tone of your relationship with those that support your mission is whether you want something ‘ for ‘ your donors or ‘ from ‘ your donors. If you only want money ‘from’ your donors, you’re doing it all wrong. I love LinkedIn groups.

Where’s the Grant Money for Your Marketing and Communications? Webinar Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, Betsy Baker of Your Grant Authority will present a webinar for our All-Access Pass Holders on how to find grant money specifically for your nonprofit’s marketing and communications programs. Betsy Baker.

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What does “value” have to do with raising money?


And, if your organization is ordinary, then why would one more person support your mission and why would a supporter give one dollar more to your cause? Therefore, the simple key to commanding more money (and this applies to just about any financial transaction) is to provide more value. If this is done well, more money will follow. The post What does “value” have to do with raising money? Want more donors ? And, want more donors to give more ?

9 reasons why people put money in holding pens (such DAFs or foundations) instead of giving directly right away


So they put the money in the holding pen as a ‘circuit breaker’ 3. At this time, they feel that no organization is deserving of their money (possibly because the staff they’ve met with at various organizations has been off-putting, their missions seem unclear or they are not sure they can be trusted). So they put the money aside in hopes that that will happen sooner or later. They DO want their money to be used to help others. Indecisive.

3 simple steps to get more money from donor-advised funds (DAF’s)


Align your mission and programs with their philanthropic interests. Related Posts: >>Why I don’t cry foul when I hear how much money sits in DAFs. The post 3 simple steps to get more money from donor-advised funds (DAF’s) appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. STEP 1- Find out who has a donor-advised fund (among your supporters, advocates, donors, members, alumni, subscribes, etc.). 80% of your problem will be solved once you have that list.

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3 Easy Ways to Bring Your Mission to Life at Your Next Event

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This is the natural season of giving money. What better time is there to make your mission and work come to life? " With that in mind, here are three easy ways to bring your mission to life at your next event: (Another big thanks to Terry Axelrod of Benevon® who shared these with us at the October 20 Nonprofit 911 training!) The holidays provide a great opportunity for you to bring your mission to where your supporters are.

What kind of money are you raising?

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Are you trying to get gifts from donors or are you just trying to raise money? Transactional gifts occur when the donor receives something in return for their money. When you buy a box of Thin Mints, you give the girls money and you’re on your way with your yummies. Creating relationships with donors who make transformational gifts is how you raise all the money you need and fully fund your mission. Don’t just raise money.

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How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money


Align their personal life mission with yours. So, if you can help them realize their dreams and feel good and be the hero in their own life story, then you’ll get more money. The post How to use verbatims and digital body language to raise more money appeared first on MarketSmart | .

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Firing Your Development Director? It’s not you, it’s me!

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” That’s right, nonprofits are putting all of that pressure on one person, and it needs to be about everyone helping the organization make more money, in whatever capacity they can. Fund development is viewed and valued as a mission-aligned program of the organization.

8 Ways Digital Storytelling Will Make Your Nonprofit Better

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Seeing Your Mission with a More Critical Eye. Can you make people care deeply about your mission? Donors are giving you their money, and they want to know that they are affecting change in real lives.

TEST RESULTS: Donors Don’t Care How You Spend Your Money. They Care How You Spend Theirs.

The Agitator

It sounds like a semantic difference – after all, if donors are donors, then their money becomes your money. Here were the conditions: Control: “Our goal in this campaign is to raise money for the projects.

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Market like your mission depends on it

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When we fall short of our mission, it hits our personal pocketbooks. All staff get paid less if we raise less money than goal, help fewer nonprofits or fail to achieve both excellence and efficiency in our work. If your job is to fight diabetes, what if you earned less money if diabetes rates went up? I know we’re in it for the mission, not the money, but reward structures say a lot about our expectations. I work for an unusual nonprofit.