How to Connect Your Communications With Your Mission

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This is especially true in the nonprofit world, where communicators are constantly having to raise enough money to keep the lights on while also achieving the mission. This is about truly embedding mission into every story we tell and every word we utter. Mission-Focused Communications.

What’s missing from most nonprofit mission statements?


Take a look at the following mission statements and see if you can guess what’s missing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a charity mission statement that includes their donors — the very people that provide the funding to fulfill each charity’s mission.

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Are you in love with your organization’s mission?


Once you brush away the internal politics, the nasty board member out to get you, the job title or raise you did or didn’t get, and so many other things that can drive you nuts, it all boils down to one simple question: Are you in love with your mission? If you are not in love with your mission, you can’t expect your donors to love it. You’ll never be truly successful without love for your mission. Love your mission, learn to love it, or leave.

Mission or Opportunity

A Small Change

Do you work for your non-profit because you believe in the mission of the organization or because it is a good opportunity for you? Mission keeps the direction clear and gives you another reason to get out of bed. Having mission can clarify and motivate you to do the work that you do.

How Mission Affects Marketing Choices

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On a Mission to Measure

Social Media Bird Brain

Via Wikipedia Commons Measuring Your Mission Social Media was a hard sell in the beginning because there was no real way to measure its impact. Late last week I ran across these articles and wanted to share them with you. That's changed somewhat with businesses and NGOs measuring things such as Likes and Retweets. But maybe it's time to move on from there. At Medium, Jackie Mahendra asks.

Is Community Engagement or Awareness Essential? Depends on Your Mission.

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Over the seven years that we’ve done the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , we’ve seen few significant differences between nonprofits with different missions. Will the way an arts organization approaches its communications work vary significantly from a social service agency?

Is your mission compelling?

Get Fully Funded

Having a compelling mission is a key to Getting Fully Funded. Watch this short video as I explain what a compelling mission is.

Is your mission compelling?

Get Fully Funded

Having a compelling mission is a key to Getting Fully Funded. Watch this short video as I explain what a compelling mission is.

Click Me: An E-Newsletter Makeover with Mission India

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

We love “Before and After” posts, so I jumped at the chance to get Lindsay Ackerman to share about Mission India’s recent e-newsletter format change. Guest Post by Lindsay Ackerman of Mission India. Lindsay Ackerman.

India 217

Is your mission statement trying too hard?

Fundraising Coach

Can you recite your nonprofit's mission statement? Your nonprofit's mission is vital. Lynn knew they actually needed vision and a mission statement that the community could get behind. But there was nothing that touched the heart in their mission statement.

The 76% Percent: Is Your Mission Statement Ready for Prime Time?

Getting Attention

A sneak peek at early responses (1,025 so far) to our Nonprofit Messages Survey shows a startling fact— 75% of nonprofit organizations like yours use their mission statement to communicate with external audiences. Most mission statements just aren’t ready for prime time.

Gatorade Mission Control = True Business Intelligence

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

mission control social media audit social media monitoringI know I sound like a broken record whenever I stress the importance of monitoring social media as a form of business intelligence, so instead I thought I’d share this video with you.

CASE STUDY: How MomsRising Uses Hashtags to Help Meet Its Mission

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

MomsRising Mission. Image credit: p/7HCgw9. Hashtags and advocacy go together like peanut butter and jelly. The hashtag distills an issue into an instant, searchable sound bite that can not only travel far, but fast.

Romayne Levee Appointed as Mission Minded’s Director of Education Strategy

Mission Minded

If you’ve worked with Romayne Levee on a project you know she brings a dogged approach to ensuring Mission Minded clients. The post Romayne Levee Appointed as Mission Minded’s Director of Education Strategy appeared first on Mission Minded.

Thank you for connecting donors with mission

Fundraising Coach

The post Thank you for connecting donors with mission appeared first on Happy New (fiscal) Year! For many readers, today - July 1st - is the start of a brand new fiscal year. The amount raised starts at zero but the goals are set higher.

How to Make Your Mission More Compelling

Fundraising 123

I often get questions like this one from D ei rdre : " As an organization with a mission that is a bit more abstract than, say, feeding hungry children or saving whales, we often struggle to make our work concrete. Describe your mission as a destination. . She could have described her mission in ways that focused on the building or the philosophy. Give your mission a pulse. .

Mission Minded Wins National Marketing Awards

Mission Minded

Mission Minded won Gold and Silver Brilliance Awards this week for our work on Marin Academy’s Website and Drew School’s Admissions Video in a national competition hosted by InspirED School Marketers.

Nonprofits have two missions to balance–cause and corporate


You have two missions —a cause mission to change society and a corporate mission to sustain your organization. It’s important to keep clear about these two missions, the tension between them, and the communications resources required for both.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Why “Mission Driven” is a Deceptive, Destructive Term

NonProfit Branding

The phrase “mission-driven” pops up frequently. Last week I wrote about a dragon. This week is about a unicorn. No kidding. I’ve written 64 posts for this blog, up to today. It seemed like a good concept. However, I recently had … Continue reading →

Interview: Zach Hochstadt, Mission Minded Agency Cofounder & Nonprofit Branding Expert

Non Profit Marketing 360

Zach Hochstadt is a founding partner of Mission Minded , a branding firm working exclusively with nonprofit organizations, with offices in San Francisco and Denver. You can learn more about Zach, Mission Minded, and nonprofit branding by reviewing Mission Minded’s free training guides.

The Mission Myth

Marketing for Nonprofits

As a leader at a nonprofit, there are times when I feel out of sync with my colleagues and wonder if I'm too focused on revenue vs. mission. That is why I LOVED The Mission Myth: Building Nonprofit Momentum Through Better Business by Deirdre Maloney.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Here Be Dragons: How Insecurity Undermines Mission

NonProfit Branding

“What dragons?” ” you ask. The dragon is a form of pressure. It makes some nonprofit administrators become too focused on advancing themselves and defending their turf. That’s how the dragon keeps their nonprofit from accomplishing its goals.

How to Call Out the President’s Racism When Your Organization’s Mission isn’t Specifically Tied to Social Justice

Mission Minded

The post How to Call Out the President’s Racism When Your Organization’s Mission isn’t Specifically Tied to Social Justice appeared first on Mission Minded. Recently, a client approached me with a challenge: is there a way that our organization can call out the President.

Focus on the mission, not the money

Get Fully Funded

Too many times, nonprofit Fundraisers get so focused on the money that they forget to communicate about the mission. It’s about fulfilling your organization’s mission. I’ve seen this in direct mail appeals, grant proposals, and major donor visits. . Keep this in mind: it’s not about the money you need. It’s about helping people and changing or saving lives.

Compelling Images for Nonprofits: When Babies and Puppies Aren’t in Your Mission

Fundraising 123

So what kind of images can you use if your mission isn''t related to a smiling child or a playful puppy? Would an on-site photo shoot or a series of pictures of your fieldwork do a good job of illustration your mission? The verdict is in: Donors love puppies and babies.

Question: Are Strategy & Mission The Same?

A Small Change

Strategy, Vision, Plan, Mission—these words gauge a strong response from anyone who is listening to them. It is also necessary to have something like a mission that you can use to describe the work that you do. Beyond having a mission and a plan, it seems to me that everything else is repetitive. People often confuse the difference between mission and vision. What are your thoughts on strategy, vision, mission, and planning?

Community Leadership and Serving Your Nonprofit Mission

Social Media Bird Brain

Last week my time was completely eaten up by a event for a small nonprofit I volunteer for, which was why there was no new post. The event came together like a couple of rain-swollen rivers at a confluence. I was in charge of printed materials and signage and when I’ve done this stuff in the past, I generally have a few weeks to get it all together. This time, I pretty much got my marching

Vote With Your Mission!

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

A new initiative from the California Association of Nonprofits (aka CalNonprofits ) is the Vote With Your Mission virtual campaign. To not speak out when we must, and vote when we can, is to contribute to the very problems our missions seek to redress. Yes, it is, and CalNonprofits has conveniently included a legal FAQ on the Vote With Your Mission website. If you're involved with a California nonprofit, I hope you'll sign on at the Vote With Your Mission home page.

Get a free month of 501 Mission Place!

Fundraising Coach

I’m thrilled to announce the relaunch of 501 Mission Place ! We started 501 Mission Place because we were tired of seeing our nonprofit friends and colleagues get burned out. Starting 501 Mission Place was our way of drawing a line in the sand and saying, “NO MORE!”

Millennials on a Mission: Idealism, Impact, Innovation

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Editor’s note: I’m pleased to introduce Network for Good’s Chief Giving Officer, Jamie McDonald , as a contributor to The Nonprofit Marketing Blog. Jamie will be sharing her insight on philanthropy and trends in giving, as well as updates from the field.

Curate Like Costco to Tackle Information Overload and Market Your Mission #13NTC

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Can You Merchandise Your Mission?

Marketing for Nonprofits

I mentioned on Friday that one of the four trends in fundraising is to learn how to merchandise your mission. Again, finding discrete ways to merchandise your mission may bring new donors into the fold.

Missions Versus Plans

The Agitator

But missions are better. Missions survive when plans fail, and plans almost always fail. Missions are a dime a dozen. Saving children from poverty is a noble mission. Thousands of nonprofits and NGOs work on this mission. From a donor’s perspective, the mission is a given. So I say missions are great. What do you say … mission or plan? A very short post from Seth Godin, called There’s nothing wrong with a plan.

501 Mission Place: helping nonprofits do more with less

Fundraising Coach

501 Mission Place launches today! Here’s the story as it is on the site: 501 Mission Place – Who & Why We Are. Like so many of the organizations that we lead, 501 Mission Place started as a conversation between friends. Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works, and childhood friend Rob Hatch, then Executive Director of Child Health Center, were talking about the challenges of being someone who lives, eats and breathes mission.

Getting Ahead at Your Nonprofit or Mission-Driven Company

Cause Related Marketing

If the mission is a legitimate part of an organization’s identity, that tends to be the case,” he says. Stuart Bunderson… apparently you had to have a J in your first name to be part of this research team … surveyed teams at organizations with a mission-based culture. Having a mission-based organization has great potential to recruit and retain talent,” Bingham said.

10 Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss

Fundraiser Ideas

Undertaking a mission can be one of the most fulfilling trips in your lifetime; however, many mission trip participants worry about funding their humanitarian and charitable work. The following are 10 mission trip fundraising ideas that can help make your mission dreams a reality: Business sponsorships. Visit local businesses and ask them to sponsor a portion of your mission trip, such as one day’s worth of expenses. Mission trip dinner.

Ideas 171

Your mission is the gift. Really.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Our firm has run programs in which we’ve used specific, mission-based asks in place of incentives and have achieved the same results, with lower costs and higher mission awareness. And, it will become increasingly hard to hit “reset” and re-focus your program on mission.

Mission Paradox

Nonprofit Consultant Blog

Today I'd like to introduce you to the Mission Paradox Blog of Adam Thurman. The particular post I'd like to direct you to is one that all too many of us need a refresher on from time to time: Talking About Your Mission. His first hint is to "Translate your mission into a language everyone can understand." Whenever I work with a group on a mission statement I fight hard to keep them from filling it with jargon and technical terms that only other nonprofits get.

3 Easy Ways to Bring Your Mission to Life at Your Next Fundraising Event

Fundraising 123

What better time is there to make your mission and work come to life? " With that in mind, here are three easy ways to bring your mission to life at your next event: Live testimonial. Look for opportunities to bring your mission to where your supporters are. This "event in a box" is a great opportunity to get the company on board with your mission and encourage them to build a lasting relationship instead of a one-day program.

Do you want something “for” your donors or “from” your donors? The answer could mean everything to your mission.


Recently Howard Freeman, CFRE [Senior Campaign Director at Young Life, Greater NY Division] reminded the participants in a discussion that the key difference that defines the tone of your relationship with those that support your mission is whether you want something ‘ for ‘ your donors or ‘ from ‘ your donors. I love LinkedIn groups. By joining, you can learn from some amazing people for free!

Mission-Driven Careers

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Those of us who've made a career of the nonprofit sector do it as part of our personal mission. Mission is what drives us to work long hours for below average wages and next to no benefits. Mission is what makes all of that bearable, and even inspiring. We may occasionally be tempted to look for greener pastures, but we always end up back on our missions. Tags: careers Nonprofit jobs mission

Mission Drift: What Is It, Potential Impacts, & Recovery Methods

Seeking Grant Money Today

In everything that any organization does (for-profit or nonprofit) its mission statement, the clear statement that says what an organization does, for whom, how, and sometimes also why, and where; provides clarity, in the case for nonprofit organizations, for anyone and everyone who either volunteers with, works for, donates to, collaborates with, or considers requesting assistance from a nonprofit. The mission statement provides clarity for everyone about that specific nonprofit.