How can you change the game? Gift Planning for Millenials Guest Post by Christina Attard

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Gift Planning for Millenials Guest Post by Christina Attard originally appeared on Wild Woman Fundraising on August 23, 2013. Millennial donors (Photo by Karen Tremblay). I’m pleased to welcome Christina Attard again today as a guest blogger!

Millenials aren’t really that different!

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Millenials aren't really different. Both Gen Xers and some late Boomers have raised MILLENIALS. Millenials have all the characteristics of their parents but there are so many Millenials charities are no longer able to ignore them. Millenials aren't very different.

CauseTalk Radio Ep31: Red Cross Targets Millenials with “Saving Zombies”

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We talk with Jarrett on how this Halloween promotion is aimed at Millenials who prefer new media and are drawn to popular, interesting themes that are as entertaining as they are informative. Taking another page from the Millenial marketing handbook, the Red Cross launched a contest encouraging supporters to create their own Go Bag video that shows what they plan to pack.

What Would You Say? Thoughts on Global Citizenship


By now, you’ve probably heard about the “Millenials,&# those born between 1981 and 2000 as defined by the Pew Research Center. Summed up, Pew identifies Millenials as “ Confident. What would you say to world leaders if given the chance?

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Millenial Philanthropy - An Oxymoron or the Real Deal

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Meet Rosetta Thurman. In case you haven't read it yet, check out my March column in Fundraising Success, Millennial Philanthropy: An Oxymoron or the Real Deal it features an interview with Qui Diaz, keeper of the Alltop blog Evangelist and Director of Strategy for Livingston Communications.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

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Marc Pitman wants you to know Millenials Aren’t Really That Different! Happy, Happy Friday! Join me for some Mixed Links… QGiv has just published its free Mobile Fundraising Field Guide. Early bird pricing for the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference ends today.

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Chronicle of Philanthropy Discussion on Millennials


Question from Sara Koppelman , Sports 4 All Foundation: What are the top three ways you think nonprofit groups can communicate with millenials ? This Tuesday, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted a live discussion -"Engaging Millennials for Social Causes" with guest host Allison H. Fine , a senior fellow at Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action, in New York, and a writer.

What’s Missing On Your Website?

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A heap of stats, in the report — the 2013 Millenial Impact Report — sponsored by the Case Foundation and conducted by Achieve, about likes, dislikes, size of donations, channels used, etc. The Chronicle of Philanthropy just published this great article, 75% of Young Donors Turned Off by Out-of-Date Web Sites , describing what motivates people in their 20s and 30s to donate, and what their giving preferences are.

Waiting For Inspiration

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The New York Times recently headlined … For Millenials, a Tide of Cynicism and a Partisan Gap. They were previewing a series of polls regarding Millenials political and social views by Harvard’s Institute of Politics. A finding that makes me want to throw my hands up in despair is that those age 18-29 split evenly in their views of the National Rifle Association (NRA) — 38% favorable, 38% unfavorable.

Twitter Emerges as Best Rapid-Fire News Source in Post-Election Iran Media Vacuum

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as a whole, and the biggest single gift we bequeath to the Millenials -- as users, we control our own experience. I've continued to ponder the value of tweeting -- even as I do it -- but see clearly its unique value in getting news out of Iran (and organized protest going on the scene) when the more traditional lines (Internet, phone have been shut down). Here's a partial list of folks tweeting out of Iran right now (thanks to Alison Fine ).

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Halloween Fundraising 101: A Killer Guide for Nonprofits

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CauseTalk Radio Ep31: Red Cross Targets Millenials with “Saving Zombies [PODCAST]. It’s Halloween! One of my favorite holidays of the year, especially for fundraising and cause marketing. I could write yet another post on Halloween but I’ve said it all before.

Who’s A Young Donor?

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He’s warning against hyperventilating over a recent report, Millenial Impact Report , based on the survey research that Jeff loves to hate (as opposed to hard data), that enthuses over giving by the age 20-35 set. He kind of sniffs at the 93% of Millenials who claim they gave in 2010, noting they include, together with real (i.e., Jeff Brooks at Future Fundraising Now just wrote a post, Don’t get too excited by survey on Millennial giving.

Donor Relations FAIL: Northeastern, what are you doing?

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” And people wonder why millenials aren’t buying houses or cars. According to Gawker , many Northeastern University alumni were texted a message that offered them a chance to win $1,000 off their debt if they donated to the university.

Baby boomers most generous – Gen Y most likely to increase donations

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Another interesting finding is that Generation Y (or Millenials) is the generational cohort most likely to increase giving in the next 12 months. Nonprofits that effectively engage millenials now will reap benefits for years to come. Baby boomers represent 43% of giving in USA.

How Millennials can help you boost corporate sponsorships

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Myth: Millenials don’t care about communities. We’re pleased to announce the release of our new guide, Engaging Millennial Employees.

How Do You Live Online?

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I pulled up data for total US and for the "Millenials" - age 18 - 24 and this is what jumped out at me. SlideShare src="[link] View Upload your own Forrester Research has created this great tool to help you understand who is online and what they are doing. Simply choose the age, geographical location and gender of the folks you want to reach and the tool will tell you HOW your stakeholders live online.

Flying Blind Fundraising

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If you think Millenials are a marketing segment, or Boomers for that matter, you may as well target by Scorpios and Capricorns while you’re at it. In Make It About Me and More…About Me , Tom and I emphasize the importance of ‘donor identity’ in answering fundraising’s most critically important question: “Why does this donor give?” ” First, let me begin with the following important side note….

Latest Cause Marketing Research

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The 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study notes that moms and Millenials (age 18-24) are the biggest believers in cause marketing. Thanks to Joanne Fritz at for alerting us to the latest report on cause marketing from Cone. Cause marketing is Cone’s specialty … they know their stuff.

Disruption : Evolving Models of Engagement and Support

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The benefits of traditional membership are not adequate to engage Millenials and inspire them to give. The Monitor Institute released a very interesting study – and the best news about it isn’t that it isn’t a report!

[Guest Post] 5 Reasons Your Peer to Peer Program is Failing

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Don’t aim for a demographic that is too wide -- millenials -- or too narrow -- 23 year old left handed females who own dogs. Today, I''ve invited Dave Linn to teach about peer-to-peer fundraising.

4 Disney Lessons to Transform Your Donor Retention

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You''ll likely communicate differently to a retired Baby Boomer than to a starting-their-career Millenial. I''m just finishing up another family trip to Walt Disney World. Every time I''m here, I study the culture, habits, and design of the parks and resorts.

Nonprofit fundraising & Groundhog Day’s Ned Ryerson

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Millenial? Happy Groundhog Day! It’s become my Groundhog Day tradition to repost my 2008 post: Fundraising Secret #11: Don’t Be A Ned. Enjoy! And don’t be a Ned!). Fundraising Secret #11: Don’t be a Ned. Click on the image to watch the clip.

A Salute to Ground Hog Day

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Millenial? In a salute to Ground Hog Day, I’m reposting Fundraising Secret #11: Don’t Be A Ned. Enjoy! Fundraising Secret #11: Don’t be a Ned. Click on the image to watch the clip. Does this sound like your fundraising efforts? Ned: Phil? Phil Connors?

Good news about Millennials and Fundraising

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I’ve asked her to share her take on engaging millenials in funding causes. This week, I’m thrilled to introduce Christina Attard. Christina is an accomplished Canadian fundraiser with a particular expertise in the areas of planned giving and millennial.

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7 Questions to make better corporate relationships-taking your sponsorships to the next level!

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They think like that, especially millenials. If you like this interview, Bruce Burtch will be teaching a free webinar on June 11th, 2014, 1pm ET, 12pm CT, 11am MT and 10am PT on how to go beyond sponsorships and learn more about cross-sector partnerships!