Why you don’t need to update your planned giving web pages as much as you might think


Microsites are not websites. Planned giving pages sold by outside vendors are microsites while your organization’s main online presence is a website. Microsites should generate leads (using landing pages), cultivate leads and engage supporters. What so-called marketers have been telling nonprofits for years is that they need a big, complex, online brochure microsite that tells supporters how to make planned gifts — transactions.

Adventures in Customer Service

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Image via Bruce Sallan There are a lot of new services out there and I looked at one this week called Readymag, which helps users create ''microsites, portfolios, photo stories, magazines, and presentations'' using templates. As I browsed through their examples I wondered why a person or NGO with an already significant social media presence would want to use their service. So I sent them an. customer service NGO Readymag Small nonprofit Web application

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Main Ingredients to a Nonprofit Digital Campaign


Dessert - Microsite. Nothing makes a better cherry-on-top for your campaign than a microsite. Last week, we were joined by Cindy Phan, Creative Director at ShareProgress to discuss how to achieve the right "secret sauce" for a nonprofit digital campaign.

National Organization for Women targets women’s rights offenders


And we’re just about to deploy an interactive microsite that features a gallery of sharable “Women’s Rights Offenders” images and opportunities to take action on the recent issues. Who do you think is the #1 women’s rights offender?

Share Our Strength: Getting to 100,000 “No Kid Hungry” pledges


You can sign the No Kid Hungry pledge on the organization’s homepage or on its own microsite.

Twitter Fundraising: Operation Smile's 140 Smiles Campaign


But 140smiles, is an entire microsite dedicated specifically to a Twitter-based fundraising goal--140 smiles raised from Tweeple. And props to them for creating a campaign that is clearly targeted to the social-media engaged donor: 1) The 140smiles.org microsite is specifically for Twitter traffic. For a while, most questions one would hear about Twitter would be "what is it?"

Online tax receipt portal scores for AmeriCares


The AmeriCares Online Tax Receipt Portal was a multichannel donor-centric campaign, anchored by a custom tax receipt microsite designed to engage donors by allowing easy and free access to their tax receipts for their online and offline donations.

Must. Somehow. Work Super Bowl Advertising and Cause Marketing Into This Headline

Cause Related Marketing

For people who choose the JDRF donation option, when the survey ends they could be linked to the JDRF site or maybe some interim microsite that would offer thanks and reinforce their core message. The microsite could also offer subscriptions to one or more of JDRF’s e-newsletters. In the moments and hours after the Super Bowl advertising executives appear like earthworms after a rainstorm to grade and critique the television ads.

NSPCC offers virtual flowers by email or mobile for Mother’s Day

Giving in a Digital World

On Sunday it was Mother’s Day here in the UK.

NSPCC offers virtual flowers by email or mobile for Mother’s Day

Giving in a Digital World

On Sunday it was Mother’s Day here in the UK.

Niche Crowdfunding

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The Wall Street Journal just published this piece on ‘niche crowdfunding’ Lots of web entrepreneurs are trying to ‘do good and do well’ by establishing microsites that connect donors directly with small projects seeking donor support.

Message QR Codes Better to Improve Market Penetration

Cause Related Marketing

Charities should think hard about what is most appealing about their cause and direct QR traffic to a microsite, a video, contests, games, or their own special offer. A new study out suggests that people with smart phones and tablets would scan more QR codes, if only they knew that their mobile device could do it. QR codes help companies and cause span the physical and online. I recommend to many of my cause clients that they use a QR code to help add urgency and emotion to their appeals.

Online Marketing Terms in Plain English

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Microsites. I came across 17 Email Marketing Terms Every Business Should Know last week and it’s a nice summary written in plain English.

Cause Related Marketing - Untitled Article

Cause Related Marketing

The code could point a shoppers smart phone to a Facebook page, a microsite, open a video or picture, send someone to a sweepstakes sign-up page, or even launch some kind augmented reality. Not all cause-related marketing is about raising money, per se.

How to Approach a Nonprofit Job Interview with a For-Profit Attitude (and Résumé)


Mock up wireframes for a gorgeous microsite for a fictional campaign. This guest post originally appeared on Idealist Careers blog.

Branding Your Org in Social Media - Tips from #09NTC

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

She would prefer the NPCA logo to be on everything and does not want individual program managers to set up microsites or their own pages on Facebook. Yesterday I attended a workshop organized by one of my favorite bloggers (and NTC roomie) Nancy Schwartz on how you deal with branding issues for your organization within social media. The panel featured Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Federation; Felicia Carr, National Parks Conservation Association; and Wendy Harman, American Red Cross.

4 Cause Marketing Campaigns, 3 Causes, 1 Day

Cause Related Marketing

You can also donate directly to the USO at a special microsite. On Wednesdays in my market all the major grocers insert their flyer in the local newspaper. Yesterday all of them save WalMart had a cause marketing element in their respective flyers.

The Joys of Google Grants, Part 2

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Making the Most of the News Cycle In September 2008, NWLC launched a voter education microsite that included a register-to-vote widget, and we started running Google ads on keywords like "register to vote."

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An Interview with Advocate Health Care: Case Study #StoriesOfTheGirls

Diva Marketing Blog

New in the 2014 Stories of the Girls campaign is a message board prominently on the StoriesOfTheGirls.com microsite. Breast cancer still impacts too many lives. Advocate Health Care launched a unique program to bring attention to breast cancer prevention, treatment and support.

5 Reasons Nonprofits Should Take Search Seriously - Part I

Donor Power Blog

Many nonprofit organizations are building microsites around their holiday campaigns and inserting themed content throughout their various communication channels. Did you know that search is one of the only marketing channels where you can 100% determine ROI? Hopefully you received a copy of our Donor Strategist newsletter this week that talked about search marketing.

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8 ways to become the most enchanting cause on the block

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This can be achieved by embedding the donation form within a campaign microsite or adding an awareness petition to your Facebook profile instead of making people click off to another site to take action. Today my wonderful Network for Good colleague Kate Olsen guest posts.

12 digital fundraising trends for 2012 #11 Properly Joined-up Digital Planning

Giving in a Digital World

Countless hours spent negotiating over whether your key campaign should get priority on the homepage; yet more hours trying to help manage an ever changing schedule of emails that each team wants to send; and then you end-up having to build a microsite to get the functionality you need within the time constraints you face.

My Favorite Tweets

Donor Power Blog

Created a microsite to engage the Twitter community specifically including videos, the ability to log in and donate using Twitter accounts, see who else had donated, as well as displaying a running counter. Does your organization Tweet? Maybe, maybe not, but I’d be willing to bet this whole “tweeting thing” has been at least discussed in marketing, fundraising, and perhaps, even board meetings.

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The Best Charity You’ve Never Heard Of - Till Now

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I had three storytelling ideas to help VillageReach with their existing site and this newer microsite. A few weeks ago, Holden Karnofsky of Givewell called me up to discuss an interesting problem: The highest-rated charity for effectiveness according to his rating system was invisible. The problem: it’s small, it has a small following, and it’s in the sector of “health system logistics.&# In other words, VillageReach lacks marketing reach. Health logistics?