#ProAging: GAP Index Highlights Global Challenges Of Care For Aging

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Something well worth noting as nonprofits, charities, and government agencies contend with The Great Recession and an aging population of Boomers moving toward retirements: The country whose position flipped to the two extremes of Income Adequacy and Fiscal Sustainability was Mexico.

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Where to Volunteer or Donate to Assist All in Need Due to the BP Oil Spill Disaster Because Two Different Recent Studies Find Volunteers Feel Healthier and Happier & Volunteerism Is On the Rise in America

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and with the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continuing, I encourage you to look over the following posts that list where anyone who wishes to do so may volunteer to assist with various different needs (local people, wildlife, and oil cleanup. Also, despite the economic recession volunteerism is apparently on the rise, across all demographics, in America.; Tags: BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster How To Help volunteerism health benefits of volunteer work

The Nonprofit Sector and Community Solutions Act H.R. 5533

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the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's 2009 study, "Strengthening Democracy, Increasing Opportunities" that found "Research on nearly 70 nonprofits from New Mexico, North Carolina, Minnesota and Los Angeles County over a five year period showed that these groups combined generated nearly $14 billion worth of benefits for their diverse communities, and many other non-monetary gains. The Nonprofit Sector And Community Solutions Act , H.R. 5533 I.R. ,

What Does A Nonprofit Do That's Facing Being Taxed?

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These are difficult times verging on a recession. Nonprofits face the exact same near recession economy as they fundraise, right now, as any other entity: for profit, municipality, or other nonprofit tries to stay afloat. Without a doubt these are extraordinary times, with national and local unemployment levels at record highs for recent years; municipalities, including cities and states facing daunting budgetary shortfalls; and nonprofits in some U.S.