Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them


The post Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. I always hated when my staff sent me an Excel file showing our astounding growth. You might be thinking, “Why would you hate getting an Excel file that reflects astounding growth?”

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The New Email Metric You Might Want to Try

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A New Email Metric to Track: 23% Are “Our People” Remember that 22% average open rate? What do you think of the “Our People” or “Highly Engaged” metric of those who open your email newsletters at least half the time?

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Are you measuring the right performance metrics?


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Meaningful Metrics for Donor Communications [Infographic]

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You need to examine certain metrics and analyze against sector benchmarks to find out how you are doing – and where there is still room for improvement. For social media, measure your post frequency, follower numbers, and engagement metrics.

3 Metrics Your Nonprofit Should Measure Using Google Analytics

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Fortunately, Google Analytics provides organizations with a cost effective way to monitor the metrics that matter and help your team make informed decisions. Here are three metrics that your nonprofit should be measuring: Audience Location.

My Favorite Fundraising Metrics

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I’ve been fiddling around with a list of favorite fundraising metrics … the fewest numbers I would most like to know about my/your donors to judge my/your direct marketing fundraising performance. Don't Miss these Posts DonorTrends charities direct marketing donor retention fundraising loyalty major donors marketing metrics nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising planned giving social networking

Monitoring Metrics For Your Nonprofit

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When I received this alert — Monitoring Metrics for Your Nonprofit? Metrics, properly used, will help you focus on the fixes that are most likely to pay. Look at These 3 First — from Joanne Fritz, nonprofit orgs expert at About Money, I was keen to see which three she had flagged. Joanne is a savvy, reliable source of good advice and useful resources. But this time I was teased and then disappointed.

5 Fundraising Metrics Worth Monitoring in Google Analytics

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David shares some helpful hints on tracking and interpreting key fundraising metrics through Google Analytics.]. Instead of giving every metric equal weight, remember: All the decisions you make with regards to online fundraising center around online profit. The metrics outlined below don’t matter in their own right. Total profit from online giving is the metric that should keep you up at night.

Donor Acquisition Series #2 – Lifetime Value: The Key Metric

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A drunk loses the keys to his house and is looking for them under a lamppost. A cop comes over and asks what he’s doing. “I’m looking for my keys,” he says. “I lost them over there.” ” The policeman looks puzzled. “Then why are you looking for them all the way over here?” ” “Because the light here is so much better.” ” It’s human nature.

Unconventional Metrics of Cause Marketing Power

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The printed edition of Fortune Magazine runs a regular feature called ‘My Metric’ wherein business leaders identify informal but telling measures of current economic activity.In

Social Media with M+R: How to Measure the Metrics that Matter


Last week, I sat down with Amy Peyrot, Senior Consultant, Social Media Specialist, and resident mathlete at M+R , to discuss all things social media metrics. Here are some of Amy's thoughts on these common social media metrics and how to achieve them. Goal: Engagement Metric: Overall Engagement Rate. Amy recommends setting metrics around the responses a post receives. Goal: Awareness Metric: Total Reach/Impressions.

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Marketing metrics: Are yours vain or accountable?

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When we do, we often fall into self-promotion and vanity metrics. Ah marketing. We love to do it, but we shy away from really measuring it. Here is a superb infographic from Marketo via Beth Kanter that says it all. Namely: -We don’t measure our impact well.

Vanity Metrics

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This article from Huffington Post — Are Vanity Metrics Making Your Organization Sick? ” Vanity metrics are “metrics that only look at the surface performance and don’t relate to the actual health of an organization.” charities Don't Miss these Posts fundraising marketing metrics nonprofit management nonprofitsWhat are you measuring?

Video Improves Conversion Metrics

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Video improves conversion metrics. Why should you be using video in your online fundraising efforts? And in any other call-to-action email/online messages? Simple. For example, here are some figures from Experian. Including the word ‘video’ in an email subject line increased open rates rose by 7%, conversion rates with a video rose by 21% and average order value rose by 24%. If you’re not already using video online, surely you owe your organization a test.

Unconventional Cause Marketing Metrics

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The print edition of Fortune Magazine runs a regular feature called ‘My Metric’ wherein business leaders identify informal but telling measures of current economic activity. In 2011 Michael Glimcher, CEO of Glimcher Realty Trust cited as his metric an increased number of black cars on the streets of New York City as a sign of the U.S. That got me thinking, what unconventional metrics evidence the power of certain cause marketing efforts?

Email Metrics – Explained!

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You don’t have to have a math degree in order to make sense of your email metrics. Find out which metrics you need to be tracking and how to do it in this free download: Email Metrics Explained.

Week of Freebies! Day 4: Email Metrics Explained

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You don’t have to have a math degree in order to make sense of your email metrics. We show which metrics you need to be tracking and how to do it in today’s freebie: Email Metrics Explained. Happy Holidays!

Planned Giving Metrics to Measure Instead of Legacy Commitments


So measuring which planned giving metrics will be more helpful and accurate instead of “proof” of legacy gifts? The post Planned Giving Metrics to Measure Instead of Legacy Commitments appeared first on MarketSmart. Many legacy commitments never actually turn into gifts.

My Big Fat Problem With Social Media Measurement

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They only measure the numbers of followers, likes, views – also called vanity metrics. Vanity metrics may make you feel good –“Look, 10 new Twitter followers this week!” – but the numbers alone are not telling the story. 3) Then choose your metrics.

Email Response Metrics

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Don't Miss these Posts direct marketing email marketing marketing metrics online fundraisingHere’s a new study from marketing agency Harte-Hanks that will allow you to benchmark some of your email marketing stats against the commercial players. They looked at nearly 3 billion email messages delivered by 100 different companies in various sectors. Compared to a year earlier, H-H sees open rates declining from 26% to 17%, while click-thru rates remained steady at 3%.

Your Key Metrics In Minutes For A Stellar 2017

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It’s fashionable these days for many nonprofit fundraisers and their consultants to claim they’re ‘data-driven’ Problem is, most folks focus on the ‘data’ part of the slogan; few understand the requirements of the second word — ‘ driven’.

More Metrics - KPIs

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Basically it's a metric and like all metrics, is as useful as you make it. Here's a video I found on YouTube that seeks to explain things: small nonprofits metrics business terms KPI key performance indicators measurements youtubeWhat is a KPI - Key Performance Indicator?

3 Steps to Meaningful Marketing Measures: Part 2

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Metric mania! 3) INSIGHTS—Five or fewer metrics or other insights that show you’re moving forward on the right marketing path, or not. . Benchmarks and Measurements marketing planning measures metrics Nonprofit Communications what worksRead Part 1 first. It’s all around us. Unfortunately, when we try to measure too many marketing measures, all we get is frustrated.

Breaking Down Your Data: How to Set Your Own Benchmarks

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Accidental Techies Nonprofit Communications #13NTC data metrics We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now.

GET YOUR METRICS! New M+R Nonprofits Benchmarks Has Data on Nonprofit Email, Web, Social & Ads

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Spring is here, and with it, the 11th Annual M+R Benchmarks Study. The 11th edition has a central theme – everything in nonprofit digital has accelerated.

Are you being forced to measure something unmeasurable?

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What I’m trying to say here is: Real, lasting change cannot be reduced to a single metric like overhead or numbers of people “served” Changing a culture or an institution is typically too sloppy, random, never-ending, and elusive to be captured by a mathematical formula or metric. This post is a response to Alison Bernstein’s Metrics Mania post over at the National Endowment for the Arts blog. Let’s say that you are writing a grant.

Oh, so now you been passed over by someone with an MBA

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I was talking with my friend Sabrina the other night and ranting about the new MBA nonprofit leaders with no nonprofit experience and how they want to reduce everything to metrics, reduce people to digits on the bottom line, to treat everyone and everything as replaceable. Earlier this week I wrote about grantors trying to measure something unmeasurable , and the attempted corporatization of nonprofits by their funders.

Brand, Reputation, Authenticity, and Interaction

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social communications branding NTEN Facebook metrics honesty reputation nonprofit brand authenticity Nonprofit Facebook Guy SSIRQuirky DigiDudes Portable Camera Tripod and Keychain via iTech News Net Your brand is what makes you recognizable. In the olden days, this was likely a logo like Coca-Cola's. These days, it could be how you personally are known. For example, there's a guy whose current brand is President of the United States. Nice brand.

Using Email Metrics to Determine Success

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Now that you’re using metrics to track data in your account, you’ll want to understand what it all means so that you can make informed decisions about your next steps. These two questions can be answered by looking at various metrics inside your email account. We’re going to use Campaign Monitor for screenshots from the system that I provide to my clients as an example of what can be done with email metrics.


Make This Improvement Your #1 Fundraising Priority

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Don''t Miss these Posts donor retention fundraising loyalty marketing metrics nonprofit management You Deserve a Raise premium Debbi Barber at Grizzard, in a post last week titled One Simple Way to Improve Retention , hit the nail on the head.

The Rest Of The Retention Story

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communications Don''t Miss these Posts donor retention fundraising loyalty marketing metrics premium I’m just about finished with my book — Retention Fundraising – that will be headed to the publisher at the end of this week.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Social Media Use

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Facebook goals Instagram metrics Pew Research Center platforms Small nonprofit social communication Tumblr Twitter "Let me play you the song of my people!" So Amy Poehler hates selfies and Tina Fey thinks social media is boring. Likely you don''t completely agree with them, or you wouldn''t be on a site about how to use social media. Are they right or wrong? Trick question.

Measurement is Not a Strategy

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So, I came across this very interesting piece of writing about measurements - or what biz folk like to call ''metrics'' and how they should be collected in an effort to support your social media strategy, not be the strategy. Boggie metrics NGO NYTimes Small nonprofit Social media measurement Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, U.S. readers. All the rest of you, what is the deal with importing our Black Friday sales idea? Isn''t shopping tough enough?

Dangerous Myth #1: Too Much Solicitation Causes Poor Retention

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direct mail direct marketing donor retention DonorVoice fundraising loyalty marketing metrics research premium

[INTERVIEW] 8 Questions Answered about Online Fundraising!

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What metrics measurement tools do you use for your social media campaigns? Get Schooled! In online Fundraising! Thanks to Claire Kerr ( @snotforprofit on Twitter), I met Noelle and Laura at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco.

Your Boredom is a Bad Way to Measure Success

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Your personal level of boredom with something is a terrible metric for when you should stop talking about it or doing it — at least in marketing. Content Marketing Copywriting Creative Ideas Fundraising Nonprofit Communications metrics

The Investment Paradox – Barriers To Growth, Part 2

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Acquisition Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising innovation marketing metrics nonprofit management You Deserve a Raise premium There’s no question that the shortage of investment funds for fundraising is perceived as a principal barrier to growth. That sentiment was voiced by many attending the DMANF Leadership Summit last week, and it’s certainly a reason offered in a lot of the comments and email from Agitator readers. The solution to this problem may lie within your organization itself.

Fundraising Intermission #1: Retention (Again!)

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Don't Miss these Posts donor retention fundraising loyalty marketing metrics

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Shape Content for Action


The author writes: What matters varies from campaign to campaign, but there is one global truth: the one constant in metrics is ROI. On Digital Metrics. Photo by Derek Lyons. Public health is in dire need of increased online advocacy.

How to measure ROI of social media? Book Review: Measuring The Networked Nonprofit

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Success Metric: Percentage reduction in cost per dollar raised. Success metric: Percentage increase in new donors. All of the approved ways to read this book: ???? Flipping : Osmosis: Showing the funny parts: Smirking. Do you want to do social media for your nonprofit?

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