Measuring the Un-measurable

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Sometimes because of one situation or another your organization will not give you measurable statistics. Straight away I’ll make sure that I can measure my own fundraising success to help me in building a future case for measurable results.

What Should You Measure? Ask These 5 Questions First

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I just finished up our two-part webinar series on how to measure the effectiveness of your communications work. (If Part of the challenge with answering the “what should we measure” and “what numbers should I pay attention to” questions for nonprofits is that it depends. But it also depends on other factors, such as how easy those measures are to get and how meaningful they really are. Start with just three for your measurement conversation.

How Nonprofit Communicators Can Measure Awareness

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Because it’s vague and hard to measure, and therefore hard to know what will really work best to increase it. It’s much easier to establish a realistic awareness raising goal and to measure your progress if you pick from that long list of what traditionally comes after awareness.

Learn How to Measure Communications Effectiveness

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Measuring the effectiveness of your communications work can be confusing. Join us tomorrow and learn how to prove how essential your work is during our next two-part webinar series: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work. During this two-part webinar series , we’ll explain and simplify your measurement choices so you’ll know what really works (and how prove it to everyone else). STARTS TOMORROW!

Measuring Your Communications Effectiveness: 3 Concepts to Keep in Mind

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Measuring the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s communications is a complicated puzzle. So what DO you measure? But here are three key communications measurement concepts that you should keep in mind, no matter where you work. It measures the past.

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Communications Measurement

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I’m teaching two new webinars on measuring the effectiveness of nonprofit communications this week. There’s a whole association dedicated to communications measurement. AMEC is the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication.

To Measure or Not to Measure

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It is always good to make every attempt to have and provide measurable results to your donors. I have been frustrated many times with how little measurable and tangible things that I am raising money for.

What’s Your Advice on Measuring Marketing Success?

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Hello Kivi, Do you have any resources that will help me to measure our communications effectiveness? Next I would consider some measures or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that give you information that is not related to a specific communications channel.

3 Steps to Meaningful Marketing Measures: Part 2

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Unfortunately, when we try to measure too many marketing measures, all we get is frustrated. 2) BENCHMARKS— Three to five concrete, specific and measurable (when possible) steps to complete en route to achieving your marketing goals. Establish a baseline measure on each data point or insight over two to three months, then look for upward trending. Absolute measures are largely irrelevant—who knows the role that same element plays in another organization’s marketing?

3 smart new metrics to measure your fundraising effectiveness


But what metrics are you judged on and measuring? But they really measure what the fundraiser does. If you want to measure these kinds of metrics, we should talk since that’s what you get from MarketSmart’s platform. Related Posts: >>Are you measuring the right performance metrics? >>3 3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead). I’ll bet you make lots of calls.

Measurement is Not a Strategy

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So, I came across this very interesting piece of writing about measurements - or what biz folk like to call ''metrics'' and how they should be collected in an effort to support your social media strategy, not be the strategy. Boggie metrics NGO NYTimes Small nonprofit Social media measurement Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, U.S. readers. All the rest of you, what is the deal with importing our Black Friday sales idea? Isn''t shopping tough enough?

Three Musts Before Measuring Your Marketing Really Matters

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Pacific), I’m teaching a brand-new webinar called How to Measure Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Success. Let’s look at how each connects to measuring success. Without at least some level of strategy, there is no real point in measuring.

Are Nonprofits Measuring their Social Media Results?

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While I am encouraged by the increase in interest and investment by nonprofits towards digital strategy, the lack of measurement and analysis is troubling. The post Are Nonprofits Measuring their Social Media Results?

How to measure ROI of social media? Book Review: Measuring The Networked Nonprofit

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Beth Kanter and Katie Paine’s new book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, helps you answer that question. How can you measure ROI on social media for your nonprofit? The next book, Measuring the Networked nonprofit, ALSO has a wiki. How to measure ROI of social media?

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Got UTM? Measuring Nonprofit Email and Social Media Results

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Accidental Techies Measuring Success Nonprofit Communications nptech Online ToolsYou may have noticed some strange code on the end of links you click in emails or from social media. things like utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email.

How to Measure the Performance of your Government Social Media Initiative

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This post is based on a comment I left on the following OECD blog post the other week : Measuring government impact in a social media world. Measurement analytics impact performance measurement reporting ROI Social Media

Thank-You Videos, Measuring Effectiveness, Adrian Sargeant, and a Pass Sale All Happening in October!

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October 17 & 18: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work, Parts 1 and 2. Kivi will show you how to measure your success. The post Thank-You Videos, Measuring Effectiveness, Adrian Sargeant, and a Pass Sale All Happening in October!

My Big Fat Problem With Social Media Measurement

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I think it’s fantastic when nonprofits want to measure their social media efforts. In fact, it’s vital – consistent measurement is something I strongly recommend (a.k.a. Without measurement and analysis : How will you know what to improve upon? So how to measure the real value?

STARTS TODAY – Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work

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Measuring the effectiveness of your nonprofit communications work is hard. Join us tomorrow for a BRAND NEW webinar series: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Communications Work. Don’t let the idea of measuring your work intimidate you.

Measuring Communications with Chapters – Your Advice?

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Are you measuring how effective your communications are with your members, or chapters, or affiliates? If your organization serves others, like members or chapters or affiliates, how do you go about measuring and reporting the success of those communications ?

How To Measure Social Media

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Measurement Nonprofit Resource Social Media measurementFenton, a D.C.-based based communications firm that publishes some of the most useful materials on nonprofit communications, has produced See, Say, Feel Do: Social Media Metrics That Matter. The guide is available as a free download.

How Can You Measure Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Success?

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Measuring things like email subscribers and dollars raised are pretty straight-forward. But how do you measure things like ideas, writing, and relationships? Measuring the success of your nonprofit’s marketing strategy isn’t just a series of numbers.

Are you measuring the right performance metrics?


” We all know that measuring performance is essential for improvement and optimization. But, according to Einstein, each of us needs to ask ourselves, “What data should I ignore and what data should I measure?” The post Are you measuring the right performance metrics?

Measuring the Success of Your Annual Report

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One important decision we’ll discuss is how you’ll measure the success of your annual report. But picking a call to action, whether donating, advocating, downloading, contacting you or whatever, is one way to measure the success of the piece. .

Jolkona Foundation: Measuring Impact

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Jolkona Foundation has some great ideas about how to measure donor impact. We are very committed to measuring impact and providing our community with as much transparency and feedback as possible.

Measuring nonprofit effectiveness and what’s next for GuideStar

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Anyone listening, overhead is a bad way to measure nonprofits. But unfortunately for a lot of nonprofits, it’s hard to measure results, because but there is so much noise in the system. What is GuideStar doing in the area of nonprofit effectiveness measurement? Lindsay J.K.

Social Media with M+R: How to Measure the Metrics that Matter


Through her work with clients like the Wildlife Conservation Society and her love of (math) problem solving, Amy has picked up a lot of wisdom + I wanted to better understand her process for approaching a social media campaign and measuring its efficacy. It's not enough to measure "likes" for every post and assume the ones with more had the most impact. Measuring beyond "likes".

3 Metrics Your Nonprofit Should Measure Using Google Analytics

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Here are three metrics that your nonprofit should be measuring: Audience Location. For more information about the metrics that your organization should be utilizing download the free e-book, Top 10 Things Your Association Should Measure in Google Analytics. .

Planned Giving Metrics to Measure Instead of Legacy Commitments


So measuring which planned giving metrics will be more helpful and accurate instead of “proof” of legacy gifts? And you can measure that by monitoring engagement activity! That you can measure! Get out your spreadsheet and start measuring today.

How Often Should You Measure Fundraising Metrics?

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Measuring key metrics monthly provides the president to “move fast.” The post How Often Should You Measure Fundraising Metrics? Take for instance a three month trend in donor lifetimes values. If month over month over month you see LTV decreasing it would be a sign that something is going on in the minds of your supporters. appeared first on Fundraising Report Card. Analysis

Are you being forced to measure something unmeasurable?

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But on the grant requirements page, you see that they want statistics on a whole range of things that you have no way of measuring. Now they tell you that if you can’t measure it, they can’t make sure you’re using their money wisely, THEREFORE you won’t get the grant. What if you didn’t weigh it and measure it enough? If you REALLY want to measure nonprofit effectiveness, measure how well the nonprofit is treating its workers.

Budgeting and measuring online conversations


Online efforts, she told us, should be driven by our ability to harness and measure. Sure, measuring the "ROI" of a group on Facebook can seem impossible, she told us. The importance of having a benchmark to measure against was my key takeaway.

Reader Questions: How can you measure if your mailings are working?

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Do you have any ideas for how to measure if your mailings are working? Reader Questions: How can you measure if your mailings are working? That’s a headscratcher all right!

How to Measure the Impact of Your Nonprofit Marketing

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The right marketing measures deliver huge value to your organization…. But you just can’t say no to assessing impact, whether via metrics or anecdotal insights (and marketing measures have to include both types of insights, otherwise you’re getting only half the picture). BENCHMARKS: Three to five concrete, specific, and measurable (when possible) steps to complete en route to achieving your marketing goals.

RIDDLE: How do you measure the success (or failure) of your planned giving program?


I was speaking with a client recently about the success he’s been experiencing with our software and strategies when he asked a really great question: “How can I measure the success of my planned giving program in comparison to others?”

Your Boredom is a Bad Way to Measure Success

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Measure the right things. . I get this question a fair amount, and it came up in the Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits E-Clinic this week: Once we find the voice and style that works for us, how much do we need to get creative every month?

Measuring Donor Experiences – Part 2

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In Part 1 I indicated why measuring specific donor experiences represents such a fundamental shift in mindset for most organizations. However, it’s a shift well worth making because measuring the donor experience at various interaction points — and of course acting on what you learn — is one of the ways a nonprofit can grow. The key, of course, is to measure what really matters.

NONPROFIT BRANDING: Promotional Media – Measuring Cost & Impact

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You can measure the value your nonprofit receives from imprinted branding products. Start with cost and impact data for a product. Stack them up against the same metrics from promotion in standard commercial media.

Cost 122

Measuring Donor Experiences- Part 1

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Old-fashioned, traditional organizations measure the efficiency of the organization’s own internal actions rather than the effectiveness of how the organization’s actions directed toward the donor actually affect donors’ attitudes. A surprising number of fundraisers fail to understand a basic axiom of the organization-donor relationship: It is the actions an organization takes toward its donors (donor experience) that determines the attitude positively or negatively of the donor.

Book Review: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

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Her latest book, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit , which is co-authored by Katie Delahaye Paine , teaches us how to measure what we’ve done. The whole idea of measurement and insight has been on my brain for two reasons. How was success being measured?

3 big reasons why email open rates don’t matter (and what you should measure instead)


Then I asked, “Why are you measuring open rates? I’m here to tell you that there’s simply no good reason whatsoever to measure them. So what should you measure instead?: First, a short story.

Measuring Engagement

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Debra Askanase posted this great outline of how to measuring online engagement against the SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound) initially outlined and the commitment and engagement of the community.

Measuring Marketing’s Worth

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Here is an excellent article from McKinsey Quarterly on evaluating an organization’s overall marketing effectiveness … that is, getting more bang for the marketing buck. McKinsey boils it down to asking five questions. Or more accurately, five lines of inquiry, each with a host of questions. If you have reason to be taking an overall evaluation of your fundraising program, these five ‘questions’ provide a pretty decent framework: 1.