Susan Emfinger Discusses The Difficulties and Faulty Assumptions of Raising Money

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Susan Emfinger is currently Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations and Development at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Susan Emfinger of UMBC.

How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community


Dear University of Maryland community: In late 2006, the University of Maryland publicly launched the $1 billion Great Expectations campaign. This support has helped Maryland compete for the best students and help make their education more affordable. University of Maryland.

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Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing and In-Kind Sponsorship

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Any expense a charity doesn’t incur is money that can be put toward the mission. Long Fence, a large residential and commercial fencing contractor on the East Coast of the United States, is a Diamond Sponsor of the Komen Maryland Race for the Cure, which took place yesterday.

Reader Beware, You're in for a Scare: 4th Annual Nonprofit Halloween Celebration


Some of their current campaigns include "A World Without Hermoine" that works to raise money to keep girls in school around the world and "Neville Fights Back" which encourages supporters to call their congressman to protect the Affordable Care Act. began as a hip hop conference at the University of Maryland in 2000. Happy Halloween from all of us at EveryAction!

ePhilanthropy 101: Effective & Inexpensive Fundraising in a Downturn

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Network for Good and Maryland Nonprofits hosted an ePhilanthropy 101 event to help local nonprofits learn how to make the Web and email part of their fundaising program. These session materials will help you online fundraising from getting started to getting money. Is your fundraising going the way of our floundering economy?

#FUNDRAISING: Maximizing Your Organization’s Return on Fundraising Events

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We are pleased to welcome back Susan Emfinger of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. was, “We don’t believe that people should come to every event and be asked for money.” For her previous posts on institutional fundraising, please click here.

It’s Time to Kill the “Fundraiser”


In fact I got a call from someone at the University of Maryland telling me they wanted to take me to get coffee so they could update me about what’s going on at the campus. What if a vendor told you they’d be sending a sales person to your office to sell something to you?

9 simple pointers for writing better emails and letters to your donors


I hoped to be a business major at the University of Maryland in the 80’s. Recommendations: >> How to write letters that raise money. >> How NOT to write a letter to your supporter community. I failed to get into business school. But my ability to read, comprehend and recapitulate the institution’s business lessons was not so good. I didn’t make the cut and failed to get even close to acceptance into the business school.

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#LiveClass: Successful Fundraising with Imperfect Boards

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Never again hear a board member say, “No one told me I would have to raise money.” His career has included positions at several Quaker institutions, The Wilderness Society, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland. Playing to Their Strengths.

Defining Sustainable Social Change


In April 2010, Maryland was the first state to sign Benefit Corporation legislation , followed shortly by Vermont. According to the website, SOCAP ’10 is the “largest interdisciplinary gathering of individuals and institutions at the intersection of money and meaning.&#

How Crowdfunding Can Transform Alumni Giving

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According to Andrew Gossen , Senior Director for Social Media Strategy at Cornell, “Crowdfunding is far more than just a tool for raising money online.

Lower your membership amount? Think twice.

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" M+R and two economists from the University of Maryland partnered with a major nonprofit to run a test.

Three Stories Every Nonprofit Should Tell

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This is also my most popular in-person workshop — I’ll be presenting it in Maryland next week , and in San Francisco on April 19.). Trust me, the nonprofits raising the most money and expanding their lists of supporters the fastest know how to tell their stories well. On Thursday, March 10, I’m presenting the webinar, Three Stories Every Nonprofit Should Be Telling.

International Social Marketing Association: 2011 Review

Social Marketing and Social Change

Our accomplishments to date include: Established the iSMA as a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation in Maryland, USA. On behalf of all the Board members, we are thankful for the many social marketers who have contributed money to support the development of the association over the past several years - especially our Founders. Regular readers have shared the history of developing a global network of social marketers.

Capital One® Card Lab Connect: Tips for Great Emails

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Network for Good recently held a training session in Maryland, and one of the participants shared that her most recent giving experience occurred when she received an email written by a child affected by another nonprofit's cause. Talk about information other than "we need money." Show your progress and where the money raised is going. Translate the money your program has raised into something tangible.

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Your Website Doesn't Matter (If Know One Goes There!)

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This was true for Obama's 2008 campaign for President, and remains true for most, if not all, nonprofits raising money online. Yes, you need a secure, functioning website to send people to so they can donate money online. She currently lives in Maryland with her cat Butters

7 Strategies for Mobilizing Millennials

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With their robust social networks, youthful passion and idealism, they can contribute in ways that are more important than money. Check out how our client, the United Way of Central Maryland uses a beautiful image and video to present a clear, simple fundraising message. The United Way of Central Maryland has built a passionate base of Millennial supporters with its Emerging Leaders United program, by focusing on these motivations.

How to Use Email to Build Relationships and Achieve Marketing Glory

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Talk about information other than "we need money." Network for Good recently held a training session in Maryland, and one of the participants shared that her most recent giving experience occurred when she received an email written by a child affected by another nonprofit's cause. Think about how many times you check your email every day versus the number of times you elect to visit different companies' or organizations' websites.

Nonprofit Spotlight: April

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Check out the great things these organizations are doing to better their communities: Honor Flight Capital Region provides DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia World War II veterans with trips to view their memorial and experience a special day of honor and remembrance. The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio empowers the women and girls of Central Ohio to give of their time and money to celebrate, elevate, and educate women in their community and beyond.

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Here’s a good fundraising appeal: I gave

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I just gave them money. The tangible sense of where the money goes. Over the past two years our funding from the Maryland State Department of Education has been cut substantially from $300,000 to $161,000—a 46% reduction. This cut in funding has a direct impact on the 15,000 Maryland students and teachers who receive free or subsidized tickets to attend Imagination Stage field-trip performances each year. Good job, Imagination Stage.

Want to Build Community Online? Become a Bridge Builder.

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And, in Maryland, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, New York and Mississippi, the percentage of non-Hispanic white residents has fallen below 60%. This magnificent photograph is from Giorgo's photostream on Flickr.

Working With Major Donors During a Tough Economy

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Rainier, Maryland). David is a friend and colleague from our work together raising money in Indian Country and in the local community arts scene. Guest Post from David Robinson-Slemp, Development Director, Joe's Movement Emporium (Mt. He offers this idea as a personal approach to major prospects and "high-influence" donors, especially for an organization in the middle of a major campaign where staff are worried about the consistency of pledges during the current economy.

Wish I'd Written This About The Future & Business of Arts Organizations

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They measure success by the amount of money raised or open rates on their email and not the inspiration they offer, people they feed, or happiness they bring. Deliver value and you will be in a position to make money. Rainier, Maryland. Brilliant and important and fascinating and powerful discussion started by Allison Fine.

The Single Most Important Thing A Start Up Nonprofit Can Do Is Network. Here's Why:

Seeking Grant Money Today

For those of you unfamiliar with The Wire, it is a police drama set in modern day Baltimore, Maryland. Burrell (played by Frankie Faison ) turns to a colleague, amid an administrative meeting, and mentions he has no money in the budget to afford a needed but just out of reach police program. Need Seed Money?

The good, the bad and the ugly of the nonprofit world

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The money quote from her post: Playing it safe in social media is a waste of time. Today, I’m hosting the Nonprofit Blog Carnival! No, that doesn’t mean we all get funnel cakes and cotton candy for breakfast.