Get Your Nonprofit Content Read, Digested & Acted On—6 Steps

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How to Make Your Messaging More Relevant

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question by making your messaging as relevant as possible to the people you are communicating with. You can create relevant messaging in lots of different ways, but here are my six favorites. The Six R’s of Relevant Messaging. to convey those core messages.

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Reward Your Supporters with Your Messaging

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Zig When They Zag to Spur Action (Nonprofit Case Study)

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That’s right-things, right-now marketing. More ideas on how to zig-zag to increase your message relevance. Blizzard Mania Sparks Right-Things, Right-Now Marketing (2 Case Studies). Right-Things Right-Now Marketing message development Nonprofit Communications nonprofit marketing I awoke yesterday morning to a 6″ topper of new snow here in New Jersey, adding to the 24″ already there. Then we picked up the voice mail from 4:32 a.m.,

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How to Write Stronger Nonprofit Marketing Messages

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To make your organization’s voice stand out in today’s overwhelming chorus of messages, you need a coherent and compelling “message platform,” comprised of concepts, words and phrases that communicate your nonprofit’s value or impact across communications channels. Your messages are one of the most powerful marketing strategies you have ! That's why I'm making a special effort in 2010 to help nonprofits like yours craft stronger messages.

7 Simple Lessons to Remember from Dr. Russell James About Planned Gift Marketing


Deliver planned gift marketing messages with a spoon full of sugar (use non-death-related packaging). The post 7 Simple Lessons to Remember from Dr. Russell James About Planned Gift Marketing appeared first on MarketSmart.

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[FNAME] Never Works

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Axciom is certainly one of the top bananas when it comes to database marketing. So I was struck by a short post by David Baker, Axciom’s VP of Digital Product Solutions, in which he actually warns against going overboard with respect to personalizing marketing messages. These folks breathe data.

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Ep200: How Values & Culture Impact CSR Efforts

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Today on CauseTalk Radio , Megan and I talk to Jessica Li , Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Kansas , about a new article that explores how corporate social responsibility efforts are perceived by different cultures.

Marketing Goals vs. Organizational Goals— A Critical Disctinction

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Spend some time here, even if you think you’ve got this down—this distinction is crucial to setting goals that move your marketing forward in the right direction. Marketing goals are the best ways to focus your marketing (message development, audience research, e.g. the whole enchilada, not just the communications part) to achieve those organization goals. Marketing Goals (to activate influencers such as attorneys, judges and support teams ).

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Video Fundraising: Meet Chuna

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Online video viewing steadily grows, with consumers increasing grouchy and disinterested when marketers don’t provide video support for their marketing messages. Do you think those expectations are any different with fundraising messages?

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How to Show That Your Arts Organization is Critical

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Christmas Cause Marketing on TV

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I started my cause marketing career back when gasoline cost about $1.15 And yet cheap as prices were back in 1992 do you think any sponsor would spring for even one national cause marketing ad on TV? Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Declining Email Read Rates

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Some data points: Across all sectors, only 17% of email marketing messages were read. Subscribers read 27% of the messages they received from the top 100 retailers in Q4-2012.

The 3 types of planned giving prospects


Leads – They will raise their hands in response to your marketing to show interest but most will not want to be bothered with a phone call or a visit. They may engage a lot with your marketing (and that should be tracked carefully).

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Is your fundraising letter as effective as this bag of coffee?

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So it's no surprise that I read the marketing message on the new bag of East African coffee my wife bought for us to try. The message is all about the impact I am having. I like reading obscure things: prefaces to books, notes on receipts, credits after movies.

A call to arms: Let’s win the story wars

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Enter marketers, who have become our modern-day myth makers, for good or for ill. Sachs cites marketing’s first great storyteller, John Powers’ advice—“Tell the Truth, Be Interesting, and Live the Truth.” Check out this fantastic video on the story wars.

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Marketers from Mars

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I just read this report from ExactTarget — Marketers from Mars — which underscored for me how marketers, including fundraisers, can get too far out in front of their audiences. The report makes many comparisons about marketers’ use of social media versus consumers. For example … 90% of marketers own smartphones; only 51% of consumers do. 86% of marketers have ‘liked’ at least one brand or company; 58% of consumers have.

3 ways to wake up your donors

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Second, it often takes more than one message to get donors to act. While marketers don’t agree on a magic number, it pays to consider the effective frequency of your message—that is, the number of times it will take for someone to see your marketing message before they take action. If you’re planning to wait until December to reach out to your donors, you may be too late.

How to market from the inside out

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In my recent interview with Jay Baer on his book Youtility , we explored how companies and nonprofits can use social concepts to make their marketing focused more on helping people, and less about hyping a product or cause. If [your brand is] interesting and useful and helpful, your supporters and prospects will do more of your marketing for you, helping your organization work less arduously and expensively on interruption marketing in its various guises.”

How planned giving marketing is like selling new cars.


Planned giving marketing is a lot like selling new cars. Car companies spend billions of dollars each year to market their goods. So marketing messages for automobiles must be ubiquitous (everywhere) in order to build awareness.

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Meet the Story Wars author and get tips on improving your stories

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Tired of watching your cause drown in the flood of marketing messages? Nike is a master of empowerment marketing. Are you looking for a better way to tell your organization’s story?

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Research Can Tell You Which Words to Use

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She told me how she and her partner, Kellie Heckman, were using market research to change the way they talked about spaying and neutering pets — and some surprises they discovered along the way. Copywriting Market Research Messages and Tag Lines Nonprofit Communications

Nonprofit Marketing Tips from 19 Experts

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As my friend David Mersky was introducing me, I put this question across various social media platforms: RIGHT NOW: Nonprofit people, what marketing tips would you tell a graduate class on philanthropy? Marketing Tips for Nonprofits. Don''t market your organization.

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6 STEPPS to viral success for your cause

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Fellow cause marketers, wouldn’t you like a dollar for every time someone told you to ‘make it go viral?’ We may not be able to make things go viral by sheer force of will, but Jonah Berger has a few ideas about how to engineer messages and campaigns that are more likely to spread. Jonah outlines six key STEPPS that will transform your cause marketing messages into content that will entertain, inspire and incite people to spread the word.

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Viva Cause Marketing!

Cause Related Marketing

Jose has a half-dozen years experience in cause marketing in North America’s second largest country. With this post, Jose gives us an update of where cause marketing has been in Mexico and what it’s future might be. A Glimpse at Cause Marketing in Mexico It's 7 pm in Mexico City.

Why the #IceBucketChallenge works

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There’s not too much to think about there, which is the hallmark of an effective marketing message. Are your social networks full of friends being doused in icy water? You’ve witnessed the #IceBucketChallenge.

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Test To Impress

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There’s heaps of advice floating around, especially in the commercial space, for how to improve response to email marketing messages. With so much in email marketing that could be tested, where do you begin? How about: who is the message from? communications copywriting Don't Miss these Posts email marketing online fundraising

The things you never see

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  Market it well."   Many factors that lead to great art and/or great marketing are things that you never get to see.   The art is excellent, the marketing has been strong, tickets are flying out the door. Once they did the hard work of creating a clear artistic vision for the work it became much easier to translate that expression into a marketing message

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Fundraising Losers: Saving Your Job This Year

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Get Your Message Together. According to Chuck… 84% of all organizations characterize their marketing messages as difficult to remember. 76% of organizations feel that their messages connect with target audiences only somewhat or not at all. Even more frightening, as if ‘frightening can get worse’, is that a third of the respondents to Nancy’s survey say they lack expertise in developing appropriate messages. Here in North America we can now get back to business.

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Getting Inside Your Donor’s Right Brain

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So I was delighted to read this manageable article written by Jim Gilmartin on Engage:Boomers that draws marketing lessons from The Master. Gilmartin is a marketer focusing on Boomers and Seniors, so he’s especially attuned to insights from The Master that relate to his target audience: “…the whole business of marketing, sales and public relations is about getting information into people’s brains and persuading their minds to buy or do something.

3 trends in digital marketing for 2012

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Silverpop has a good white paper on where digital marketing is headed in 2012. Here is my take on three of the key trends that nonprofit marketing folks should watch. MORE PERSONALIZED THAN EVER: The more we know about people and their behavior, the better we are able to target them when and where they’re most likely to be receptive to our message, with a message tailored to their interests.

Influencer Marketing: Interview With Danica Kombol

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To celebrate Diva Marketing's 12th Blog Birthday (!). an extra special interview on a topic that is sizzlin' hot -- Influencer Marketing with Danica Kombol founder of Everywhere Agency. Influencer marketing's roots began in the blogosphere programs of what we called blogger relations.

The Two Absolute Requirements for #GivingTuesday Success

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Beyond technology, your marketing message, or your fundraising goal, you simply cannot succeed without these two key pieces. When I’m not wearing heels, I’m all of 5’1” tall. I like to think of myself as “small but mighty” and I have developed a bit of an independent streak. This might also be due to the fact that I was born on the 4th of July.)

8 Ways to Start A Social Media Committee for Your Nonprofit

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They need reframe their entire way of thinking about communications and marketing. In conclusion: Social media is about community and connections, not about pushing out marketing messages or purchasing advertising.

Simplicity Marketing

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The mantra on advertising’s Madison Avenue these days is ‘simple’ This NY Times article headlines the point: Paring Down Marketing Messages to a Few Simple Basics. Columnist Stuart Elliott says marketers are reacting to three trends: “how busy life today seems, the growing complexity of technology and the increasingly complicated economic picture.

Cause Marketing: The All Packaging Edition

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One way to activate a cause marketing campaign when the sponsor sells a physical product is on the packaging. The savviest sponsors realize that their only guaranteed means of reaching actual customers with a cause marketing message is by putting it on packaging.

A 5-step quide to social media strategy for nonprofits


But first, understand that social media is not about marketing, it’s about community. flickr/luc legay. Many nonprofits have already dipped their toes into social media. They see others doing it and figure they should be doing it too.

Meet the new consumer: Box-turning, value-conscious and cause-friendly

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They are dedicated “box turners&# who don’t necessarily trust the marketing message on the front of the box, but look to the list of ingredients, NGO certifications or third-party proof behind product promises.

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What’s Not To ‘Like’?

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” The study notes that only 42% of active Facebook users agree that marketers should interpret “Like” to mean they are a fan or advocate of the company. And CMR observes: “‘Like’ does not equate to permission for one-to-one marketing. Instead, it represents consent to receive broadcast marketing messages, while leaving the door open (or at least unlocked) for taking the relationship further.”

National anxiety means big shifts, interesting openings for marketers

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There was an excellent piece by Bonnie Carlson in AdAge recently about how our national mood of anxiety is causing interesting marketing trends. She says, “the national mood is a catalyst that’s changing marketing strategy, for the better. Those coping mechanisms have influenced important marketing trends.&#. Social media grows: People trust friends’ opinions more than corporate marketing messages, hence the growth of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare.