Memorial Day Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

It’s Memorial Day on Monday in the United States, a Federal holiday that recognizes the men and women who served in the military and died. It’s also fair game for cause marketing around military veterans and causes. Kroger the giant grocery chain, for instance, is running a year-long campaign on behalf of the USO that has a natural inflection point right now. Regular readers know how much I love those big budget cause marketing campaigns.

The Art of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Today I profile two cause marketing efforts that use art as a vehicle to fundraise on behalf of two different nonprofits. The first, from the Alden Keene Cause Marketing Database, is sponsored by The New Yorker magazine. The prints start at $125 and range up to $445.

Corporate Partnerships & The Law: Advertising Disclosures ??

Selfish Giving

Karen Wu of Perlman & Perlman and I received a lot of questions about corporate partnerships and the law. Over the next few months, Karen and I will be releasing a four-part series on the four key legal issues for which you requested guidance. The FAQ’s below were taken directly from the survey - although Karen and I modified some of the questions for clarity and for other questions that come up. Komen for the Cure, and subsequently revised its disclosures.

Law 43