Good Things in March: Content Marketing Campaigns, Professional Development, and a Pass Sale

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Here’s what’s happening at Nonprofit Marketing Guide in March: Online Training: March 7: For Nonprofit Communications Staff Only: How to Create Your Professional Development Plan Find out how to create a professional development plan that puts you on the path to success.

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Quick Testing Your Cause Marketing Campaign Ideas

Cause Related Marketing

In April 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion in cash and stock. Even if, like me, you think that Instagram’s price was frothier than a berry smoothie at McDonald’s, you have to admit that the tech sector is building companies differently than everyone else, and this may hold some lessons for cause marketers. When the authors, Steve Blank and Bob Dorf, say super-fast prototyping them mean it. And, again, they mean minimum.

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Best Cause Marketing Campaigns of 2012

Selfish Giving

I searched through all my posts and Pinterest boards from last year and came up with my 2012 picks for best cause marketing campaigns. What were your favorite cause marketing campaigns of 2012? Unfortunately, some cause marketing campaigns bombed this year.…

Cool Cause Marketing Campaigns from Two Commonwealth Countries

Cause Related Marketing

Two cool new cause marketing concepts from two different Commonwealth countries. Proceeds from the ad sales benefit the charity of your choice. The ads tend to be ‘Bing’-like with big and bold visuals. At the left is Molson’s 2012 TV ad for the campaign.

Cause-Related Marketing Home Sales

Cause Related Marketing

Sales Incentives and Cause-Related Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Sprint and Motorola Campaign for RedMany cause-related marketing campaigns require consumers to buy something. Maybe it’s a dessert special or music CD, or some kind of service.While some people will just buy the cause-related marketing product or service without being prompted, usually they won’t. Like life insurance, and a tie that goes with the. Tags: Motorola Sales Incentives Sprint Red Campaign

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Cause Marketing and Branding

Cause Related Marketing

Done right, cause marketing can be a terrific branding tool for the cause and the sponsor. It’s easy to slap together a transactional cause marketing campaign for some consumable item; a box of Kleenix, a candy bar, a toothbrush.

Another Benefit to Cause Marketing: Better Supplier Pricing

Cause Related Marketing

Two professors at the Ohio State University have a new take on the benefits of cause marketing; it helps keep supplier pricing in check. Their paper, called “ A Supply-Side Explanation for the Use of Cause Marketing ” by Anil Arya and Brian Mittendorf, starts with the proposition that, “firm profits under simple(non-strategic) corporate philanthropy wherein the firm pledges a donation amount to charity. They also advise companies not to make their cause marketing universal.

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KFC Concept Restaurant Gives a Nod to Cause Marketing for Local Causes

Cause Related Marketing

KFC, a unit of Yum Brands, is testing a new quick-serve restaurant version of the fried chicken outlet and among the changes is that its cause marketing efforts will be much more local, according to Anne Fuller, senior director of development for KFC eleven. The 11 in KFC eleven is a salute to the 11 herbs and spices in their original recipe chicken. The trade-dress for the test store includes lamp lighting, digital signage with community news, and artwork from local artists.

Fun Cause Marketing Promotion, Wrong Holiday

Cause Related Marketing

Memorial Day is a federal holiday, but also a day to do a little cause marketing. CSK, the big railway company is doing just that with their campaign on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project called, Drop and Give Them 10. It’s a fun campaign that just happens be on the wrong holiday. Drop and give me ten is an American colloquialism that means to do ten pushups. Post it on your social network and CSX will donate another $1.

A Punch List for Charity Cause Marketers Looking for Sponsors

Cause Related Marketing

New research released this week finds that women are more price sensitive than men on almost every product and service category. Since cause marketing has been shown to help companies preserve pricing power , and since women are more responsive to cause marketing than men, the research is a virtual punch list for charities looking for sponsors who need help. But well-designed cause marketing can help companies preserve pricing power.

Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: March 23, 2012

Getting Attention

Please post your nonprofit marketing position here — FT or PT staff, consulting or internship opportunities. 1) Business Development Manager and. Marketing Campaigns Manager. 3) Communications Associate and Director of Development and Communications.

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Book Giveaway: Cause Marketing for Dummies by Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald

Wild Woman Fundraising

Cause Marketing for Dummies by Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald. I’ll be honest, before I picked up this book my interest in Cause marketing was pretty much zero. I just received this book in the mail last week, and so far, I love it!

Impious Cause Marketing?

Cause Related Marketing

I saw a recent post on Just Means critical of Kellogg’s new cause marketing campaign called ‘ Share Your Breakfast ’ and I wondered, should sinners or the impious be permitted to pray? Again, it contains HFCS and 11 gms of sugar. It also makes and sells unhealthy food.

Yes and Yes Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

4 post titled, ‘Transactional Cause Marketing is Not the Boogeyman.” In it I dismissed people who get heartburn from the practice of transactional cause marketing, that is, when a purchase triggers the donation. Here’s what I wrote then : “Transactional cause marketing is a promotion. So are coupons, sales flyers, sampling, among many others. Cause marketing pulls many of the same psychological strings. And so it’s not the same.”

Father's Day Ad Can't Save the Manatee

Cause Related Marketing

That’s why you see chocolate promotions in February near the time of Valentine’s Day, and back to school sales in August, not long before most schools in the United States restart after the summer break. Merchants and retailers use holidays as a hook to hang their promotions on. It goes without saying that there’s nothing coded in the world’s DNA that compels back-to-school sales to take place in August, however. Manatees are big and slow moving.

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Lessons on Cause Marketing From Fred Astaire

Cause Related Marketing

In 1946 Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly did an extended song and dance number called the Babbitt and the Bromide in the 1946 MGM musical Ziegfeld Follies. As was typical of the choreography of both men, when Astaire and Kelly danced together their steps mirrored each other.

Bounceback Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Cause marketing sponsors might have several reasons for engaging in cause marketing including boosting sales, building brand, and bolstering PR, among others. Informally, it’s called a bounceback and you’ll see it commonly in retail settings for food and other consumables.

KPIs for Cause Marketers

Cause Related Marketing

If you ask a regular marketer what his KPIs are he may have a handful. But ask a digital marketer what her key performance indicators and she may have 100 or more. Allen, a product marketer at Adobe Marketing Cloud at an American Marketing Association meeting yesterday is that digital marketing generates a huge pile of data that can be efficiently cross-tabulated in countless ways. Which prompts the question for cause marketers, what are your KPIs?

Transactional Cause Marketing Is Not the Boogeyman

Cause Related Marketing

For a short while signs have appeared that seem to suggest that a company’s halo shines just as brightly whether they sponsor a transactional cause marketing effort as when they just make a lump sum pre-donation and promote that. So are coupons, sales flyers, sampling, and many others.

The Legalities of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

In the United States the practice of cause marketing is subject to governmental regulations, mainly at the state and local level. On that count, today’s post on the legalities of cause marketing comes courtesy of a guest poster, Maria E.

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The Best Cause Marketing of 2011

Cause Related Marketing

One of the things I love about cause marketing is also one of the things I love about my wife; it (like she) continues to surprise me. And sometimes all of those adjectives at once! Here in date order of the original post are my top eleven Best Cause Marketing Efforts of 2011.

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Memorial Day Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

It’s Memorial Day on Monday in the United States, a Federal holiday that recognizes the men and women who served in the military and died. It’s also fair game for cause marketing around military veterans and causes. Kroger the giant grocery chain, for instance, is running a year-long campaign on behalf of the USO that has a natural inflection point right now. Regular readers know how much I love those big budget cause marketing campaigns.

Where’s Kmart’s Cause Marketing Effort?

Cause Related Marketing

Sunday’s newspaper was clogged with flyers from most of the major retailers in my market; Macy’s, Walmart, Target, JC Penney, Sears, Kohl’s and Kmart. The first six listed all devoted at least some space in their sales flyers to their respective cause marketing efforts.

The Best Cause Marketing of 2010

Cause Related Marketing

The year 2010 was a memorable year for cause marketing. What follows are, in my judgment, the 10 best cause marketing campaigns of the year. Thousands of cause marketing efforts take place each year. This list is necessarily my own and peculiar to me and my thinking.

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L.L. Bean's Cause Marketing in Six Words

Cause Related Marketing

Twice now I’ve written about cause marketing campaigns that can be summed up in six-words. Both times I heard back from readers inspired to pen their own cause marketing summation in six-words. The tagline, therefore, distills the campaign very well.

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Fuzzy Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

billion (sales) software company has an interesting cause marketing campaign going right now benefiting the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) that is kind of a head scratcher. The campaign… which features celebrity crime fighter John Walsh… centers around CA’s Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 and Internet Security Suite 2009, both of which carry a premium. CA, the $4.3

A Turnkey Cause Marketing Promotion for Restaurants

Cause Related Marketing

If you’re a restaurant, even in the quick-service category, it’s hard to imagine a transactional cause marketing campaign you could launch more easily or quickly than a dessert promotion. For some of the same reasons appetizers can be a good choice for cause marketing, too.

The Sponsor/Cause Match in Pink Ribbon Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Research and experience show that the match between the cause and the sponsor is an important determining factor in the success of the cause marketing campaign. There’s a few notable exceptions…namely when the cause and the sponsor are very well known.

The Images You Choose in Cause Marketing Activations

Cause Related Marketing

The image you choose to illustrate a cause marketing campaign matters. But a cause marketing activation in print requires literacy. The images are no less important in cause marketing activations online or on video. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Outré Cause Marketing?

Cause Related Marketing

A special sale of the knife at the SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) in January 2011 in Las Vegas generated $22,000 for the Cascade Pacific Council in Northwest Oregon, where Gerber is headquartered. As a result the BSA has been a lightning rod for litigation and boycotts for years.

The Best of Social Marketing in 2014

Social Marketing and Social Change

Keeping up with the evolution of social marketing research and practice can be a tough problem. To help you out, this is my fourth annual review of papers that document in the peer-reviewed literature how the field is developing (here are the links to the 2011 , 2012 , and 2013 selections). I do not consider papers published in our two journals, the Journal of Social Marketing and Social Marketing Quarterly , as I presume that people are looking at them already.

The Art of Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

Today I profile two cause marketing efforts that use art as a vehicle to fundraise on behalf of two different nonprofits. The first, from the Alden Keene Cause Marketing Database, is sponsored by The New Yorker magazine. The prints start at $125 and range up to $445.

An Early Favorite For the Worst Cause Marketing of 2012

Cause Related Marketing

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, hundreds on what I call Instant-On cause marketing efforts have sprung up. Active Energy Boost is a line of energy drinks sold from self-liquidating point of sale displays. Active Energy is offering 100 free distributorships… or, as the press release puts it: “donating 100 businesses to victims, police and firemen, EMT responders, medical personnel, or any one who was either a victim or provided a service during Hurricane Sandy.”

Can Suze Orman Afford to Do Cause Marketing?

Cause Related Marketing

Right now best-selling author and financial advice doyenne Suze Orman is appearing in ads on behalf of the QVC Channel’s annual Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) shoe event, which benefits cancer research. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good.

Cause Marketing Q&A with Dan Fink, Editor of the Reading-Eagle Business Weekly

Cause Related Marketing

Dan Fink, editor of the Reading-Eagle Business Weekly in Pennsylvania, called me recently for some national perspective quotes on a story his staff was preparing on a local cause marketing effort. Many of his readers are small businesses, so I was especially happy to be able to reach out to that audience with the message about the power of cause marketing. Dan’s questions are in bold and my answers follow in italics. But that money isn't cause marketing, per se.

You Can Learn a Lot About What Reporters Think of Cause Marketing By the Questions They Ask

Cause Related Marketing

Yogi Berra, the former Yankee player and manager was famed for his fractured English, or Yogi-isms. And, "it's like deju vu all over again." (The To that I'd add, you can learn a lot about what reporters think about cause marketing by the questions they ask.

Cause Marketing When You Can't Use the Phrase 'Super Bowl'

Cause Related Marketing

With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month behind us, is not too soon to start talking about cause marketing and the next big holiday coming up, namely Super Bowl 2013. In a 2011 article, Bloomberg Businessweek put Rudolph’s sales at around $100 million.

A Cause Marketing Study I’d Like to See

Cause Related Marketing

Since cause marketing usually faces the consumer, retailers are under pressure to engage in cause marketing campaigns for causes large and small. Sales from the items benefit the charity. Here’s the cause marketing study I’d like to see done.

Where's the Social Media in this Youth Targeted Cause Marketing Effort?

Cause Related Marketing

The direct sales business… think Amway, Avon, and Shaklee… has a demographics problem, namely attracting the next generation of sales reps. Avon has addressed the challenge by launching Mark , which targets 18-30 year olds with bright, fun, less expensive products than Avon’s mainstream line and sold by youthful reps using a heavy dose of social media. Cause-Related Marketing does a world of good. Facebook Social Media Ashley Greene Avon cause marketing

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Some Questions to Answer When Cause Marketing With Franchises

Cause Related Marketing

In the United States there’s one place where you’re all but guaranteed to run into some kind of cause marketing and I'm not talk about a nail salon. No the kind of place you're most likely to see cause marketing is at a retail franchise outlet.

Transactional Cause Marketing Versus Lump Sum Charitable Donations

Cause Related Marketing

Been thinking a lot about the topic of transactional cause marketing versus publicized corporate charitable donations. Cone’s most recent Cause Evolution study found that people are only slightly more favorably inclined towards companies employing transactional cause marketing (53%) than to lump sum charitable donations (47%). Transactional cause marketing is when the sponsor ties its donation to a purchase. GNC sells supplements and nutritional products at mall stores.

Improve Your Cause Marketing by Flashing a Little Sock

Cause Related Marketing

I happened to catch a few moments of Gene Kelly and Van Johnson dancing in the 1954 MGM musical Brigadoon on television the other night. As was typical of Kelly’s choreography, when he and Van Johnson danced together their steps mirrored each other. For money and attention.