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I was blown away with the incredible responses in the All Donors as Major Donors post. ” One major point was that treating all donors as major donors is not possible either logistically or cost-wise.

How to prospect and qualify major donors with Jeff Scheifels- Free Webinar

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Are you wondering where all of the major donors are hiding? “How to Prospect and Qualify Major Donors for Your Nonprofit,” September 23rd, 10am PT -11am PT, and learn how to find major donors for your nonprofit!

Free Webinar: 9 Useful Proven Strategies To Get The Major Donor Visit (Claire Axelrad)


Start the year off strong by learning from Claire some great tips on setting appointments with major donors. When to talk about money. The post Free Webinar: 9 Useful Proven Strategies To Get The Major Donor Visit (Claire Axelrad) appeared first on MarketSmart.

The simplest way to acquire a new major donor— FAST


Everyone wants new major donors. Most nonprofits spend a lot of time and money noodling their data to find them. In my last post, I set forth a simple plan to help you grow your Legacy Society with major planned gifts.

Want to have TOO MANY major donors? Read this.

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We know that events are the slowest way to make money for a nonprofit. We know that if we care about the future of our nonprofit, we need to start cultivating major donor relationships, and start our major gift program. Want to have TOO MANY major donors?

I must sound like a broken record but here’s more nonprofit data that will inspire you to focus more on major donors


Are you focused on events and low-dollar donors? If you’re not focused on major donors with capacity, it’s time to alter your strategy. Remember that an exchange of money will only occur if your value proposition is fair and makes your donors feel good.

I used to hate calling major donors! But now… Interview with Kristen Kennedy

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It’s just part of my day, like documenting donor conversations in my database or working on a proposal. Join us at the Nonprofit Leadership Summit and LEARN: How to Get the Meeting with Your Major Donor. KK: I’ve been doing major gifts for quite some time now.

Cold calling major donors to arrange appointments doesn’t work— but this method does


That’s why, these days, you need to insert a crucial step in between your marketing/communications and your outreach calls if you want to set-up more appointments with highly qualified major and legacy donors or prospects. Your donors really have no reason to trust you.

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The Major Donor Formula: How to Find, Cultivate and Ask Major Donors to Give to Your Non-Profit with Joe Garecht

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Webinar Title: The Major Donor Formula: How to Find, Cultivate and Ask Major Donors to Give to Your Non-Profit. How to communicate with major donors and build better relationships with them. - A simple, step-by-step strategy for making major donor asks. -

Top 2 cringeworthy things some fundraisers say to major donor prospects (and what they might want to say instead)


I guess they figure they’ll ‘wow’ donor prospects into giving because they and their organization are so awesome. Most major donor prospects are not looking for an update.

3 questions every major donor asks themselves after they give


“What did they do with my money?”. Would my money yield more impact if I gave it to another organization?”. “Do Related Posts: >>5 thoughts that might lead your supporters to feel donor remorse. >>Is Is Your Donor “Endangered”? The post 3 questions every major donor asks themselves after they give appeared first on MarketSmart, LLC |. Do they make me feel good or bad?”. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW AND/OR SHARE IT WITH YOUR PEERS!

Two Smart Ways to Acquire New Major Donors


Stop spending so much time and money trying to acquire new donors (especially since most nonprofits do not have an effective plan for retaining those new donors). My recommendations to the Board were as follows: Focus on major gifts. But what about your mid-level donors?

Who is a major donor?

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This is part two in a series of ten on major gifts for your nonprofit. What are major gifts? Why pursue leadership or major gifts? Because this is the way you can get money in the shortest amount of time with the least cash outlay by your nonprofit. The Four Sources for Individual Major Gifts. Old Wealth: families that made money generations ago. If you look on a timeline, even people who give small amounts over 30, 40 or 50 years are major donors!

15 marketing essentials for major donors and legacy society members


If about 80% of your revenue comes from approximately 20% of your donors, you should be spending an exorbitant amount of time and money on your marketing for that audience. Don’t just ask for money, explain the problem/need and empower them to make an impact.

You’ve got leads (identified major donor prospects) but are they ‘outreach-ready’?


People and vendors in our sector talk a lot about identifying donors, but getting them ready to meet with you is a different story. The problem is that most donors simply aren’t ready to talk to you yet. During our chat, I told her that most ‘identified’ major and planned gift prospects need to be cultivated before outreach. Using that tool you’ll capture each donor’s interests, passions and a lot more.

Can raising money be like building furniture?


They care immensely about the donors they serve too. I even know plenty of fundraisers that have developed loving relationships with donors over the years. For the donor, the fundraiser works hard to craft the perfect fit— with precision. So she hands over her hard-earned money.

What really rich people want

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Are you responsible for building the relationship and asking them for more money than you will make in 10 years? I mean, if they have all of the money they could ever need, what would motivate them? Let’s think about our major donors for a second.

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How To Make Requesting a Donation Face to Face From A Major Donor Easier

Seeking Grant Money Today

A major donor campaign is a fundraising method where nonprofits develop existing or new donors that consistently give at larger single donation increments compared to the average individual donor. And yes, asking anyone for money for anything, including a nonprofit, can be daunting, awkward, and even something one works to avoid having to do. On the other hand, no one should be overdoing any interactions between the nonprofit and its donors, either.

Starting a Major Donor Circle

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You'll need half a dozen planner/askers (who are also donors, most of whom will donate a gift on the pyramid). I like this strategy because it's not hard for the fundraising consultant/helper/guide to figure out how to do it, because it's hard to do, because it takes intensive focus and (yikes) volunteers will learn"by fire" to ask for money. For groups who haven't done much major donor fundraising, using this strategy as a kickoff has some real appeal.

Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!


Recommendations: >> Free eBook: Copywriting tips you can use to get more legacy gifts. >> How to write appeal letters to major donors. The post Finally, you can learn what words work to raise money!

Getting Major Donors To Contribute Large Regular Donations Can Stabilize Cash Flow

Seeking Grant Money Today

Due to the economic slow down, Seeking Grant Money Today' s past three posts have provided fundraising suggestions beyond grant writing, because raising grant money isn't a quick way to raise funds. I recommend that your nonprofit consider developing stronger relationships with its donors who give or could give in large amounts. The goal of the major donor campaign is to raise larger amount contributions, that are given regularly (more often), year to year.

Why do people at work treat me this way?

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So often, as fundraisers, we are charged with raising all of this money. And we run up against people’s concepts of money, every day. Or maybe we’re a mysterious money bag, to be treated with awe and a little fear. But what are our own attitudes about money?

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Spruce Up Your Donation Pages (and Make More Money!)

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Tom Ahern, fundraising and copywriting expert, is presenting a two-part webinar series next week only on donor-centered websites : Writing a Donor-Centered Website. During this training, you will learn how to: Welcome strangers into your donor family. Retain far more new donors.

INTERVIEW: How to get substantially more money per donor with Alan Bacharach

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Your donors are going to love you for offering planned giving options to them. Because you’re allowing them to give you money instead of the government. Money that they would have to pay in any case can now go to you. Think long term and your donors will too.

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10 Ways to Use Body Language to Close More Major Gifts


Donors get clues about the emotional intent behind your words from non-verbal sources (such as body language and voice intonation). If your body language and voice intonation are not aligned with your words, donors believe the body language and voice intonation every time.

INTERVIEW: Getting more major gifts with Jeff Schreifels

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Also co-author of It’s Not Just About the Money. I’ve reviewed Jeff’s book before, and I’m really excited to have him today speaking with us about how to get more major gifts. Jeff, can I ask more about your background and why people should listen to you about major gifts?

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Book Review: It’s not just about the money

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Recently I started reading Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifel’s new book about major gifts. It’s called “ It’s Not Just About the Money.” What are major gifts? Do you have a major gifts program? Major gifts is not marketing, or PR.

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Raise Supporters Not Support

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Everyone always talks about fundraising as having to do with raising money or providing funds for an organization. Because I think fundraising is about developing people (see All Donors as Major Donors ) not farming money. Capital & Major Donors activism

Why fundraisers should take some lessons from stockbrokers


Major donors stop giving for those very same reasons. Similarly, donors don’t give to nonprofits. With stockbrokers, investors seek to feel good and make money as a result of their engagement, relationship, partnership, and shared vision.

Would you give money to this person?


I think all of us would agree that one of the most basic reasons why any major donor would give you and your organization money is because they trust you. Don’t you think a major donor will look there to see who you are before they meet you?

Working With Major Donors During a Tough Economy

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David is a friend and colleague from our work together raising money in Indian Country and in the local community arts scene. He offers this idea as a personal approach to major prospects and "high-influence" donors, especially for an organization in the middle of a major campaign where staff are worried about the consistency of pledges during the current economy. In addition, these same donors would be eligible for a charitable deduction because of the cash donation.

Case Study: How can you make your letter appeal better?

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Helping you find new donors. Helping you convince sponsors to sponsor your event, Helping you keep the donors you have. I want to help you shine and raise all of the money you deserve! Draft 1 of the letter, page 1.

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Are you asking for a transaction? Or a relationship?

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Today we are interviewing Jeff Brooks on major gifts-the typical mistakes people make when trying to get major gifts, and how you can cultivate your major donors. JS: Well, I don’t know if I would actually call that asking for a major gift, necessarily.

Discovery, Cultivation, Solicitation & Stewardship

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How often do we talk about creating a great process to cultivate or steward donors and then never actually take the time to spend with the donor? Discovery: This is taking the time to talk with a donor about their interests. This process is about finding donors that are interested in the kind of charitable work of your nonprofit. Cultivation: The process by which you improve and grow the relationship with a donor. This does not include asking for money.

24 Reasons Why Board Members Won’t Ask For Money & What To Do About It

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So it figures that in the course of his guiding, goading, and persuading board members to seek funds for the organizations they serve, Jerry has heard a lifetime’s supply of excuses from board members about why they simply can’t — or shouldn’t — ask for money. Board Meeting Swipe File Donor acquisition Fundraising philosophy/profession Major donors Nonprofit management premium

How Your Restaurant Waiter Can Teach You About Fundraising


Your waiter is basically working to inspire you to donate money after your meal to fund their livelihood. What are you giving your donors? The theory of reciprocity is powerful. And nowhere is it displayed more dramatically than in restaurants every day. Think about it.

Focus on the mission, not the money

Get Fully Funded

Too many times, nonprofit Fundraisers get so focused on the money that they forget to communicate about the mission. I’ve seen this in direct mail appeals, grant proposals, and major donor visits. . Keep this in mind: it’s not about the money you need. When you share from that point of view, your appeals take on a much richer tone than if you’re just begging for money.

The Value of Saying No

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Sure, I like hearing yes much more, but “No” is my second favorite answer when I ask for money. The majority of asks that I’ve done in my life result in a vague answer that can be really hard to figure out, does not help in terms of sorting out what to do next.

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All Talk And No Give

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A pet peeve of mine is when a development office spends all their time talking about donors and none of their time talking to donors. And it is also a good idea to gain input from those experts at your nonprofit that know how to ask for money and know the donor you are talking with.

3 things every fundraiser needs to consider before they talk politics in front of their donors


But what about your donors? Bottom line: Whether you lean left or right, be very careful with your political discourse unless you are absolutely sure about your donors’ leanings. Related posts: >> 15 telephone call don’ts for major and legacy gift fundraisers. >>

How to ASSURE a Gift

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ASSURE is an acronym (or as I call it an ASKronym) that we are currently using with our campaign when we approach a potential donor. A – Acknowledge – Thank the donor for their past gifts or volunteer involvement. Maybe mention how the money was spent or what difference it made.

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Thank you for being part of our growing ecosystem


I created Engagement Fundraising and invented our software because I’m really a donor, not a fundraiser. Although, some (fundraisers) might say I’m also a major donor while some others know that I am a legacy donor too.

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A Tool from the Vault – Simple Solicitation Letters

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If you are like many non-profits today you probably said, “my letter was a page and a half, I told the donor all about my administrative rate, why they should give, how it will help them, what the program they are giving to is, what the program does, where their money went, where there money will go, how many people we serve, etc.” Your letters should be under a page and describe what you are asking your donor for and why. Where the money will be going?

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