Telemarketing Case Studies #3

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I promised some telefundraising case studies awhile back, but then got distracted by all the usual direct mail and online fundraising stuff. But a promise is a promise, so here’s another case study from Gabe Raff, director of telemarketing strategies at Chapman Cubine Adams & Hussey (CCAH). Telemarketing premium

Telemarketers Rally

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Like tennis pros coming back from two sets down, telemarketers have rallied back from yesterday’s Are You Embarrassed post to score big time! Far too often financial success metrics for the phone are set over too short a time period, and so the necessary investment in good-quality, decent length fundraising calls isn’t made … And of course you can’t package your calls up neatly and win nice shiny awards for them as easily as you can for direct mail or email.&#.


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How to discover planned gifts using interns because you can’t afford a telemarketing firm


Write a letter to the donors but have the intern personalize and duplicate it, hand address envelopes, and mail them to donors letting them know the intern will be calling the following week. The post How to discover planned gifts using interns because you can’t afford a telemarketing firm appeared first on MarketSmart | . Make sure the intern cares about your mission.

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Telemarketing Success … And More

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Here’s a telemarketing success story provided by Operation Smile. Step 2: Phone Blast Message – The campaign launched with an inspiring phone blast message from Operation Smile’s founder, Dr. William Magee, to alert donors about upcoming direct mail pieces. Step 3: Direct Mail and E-Mail – Donors then received the appeal and chaser mailings, along with two emails. Clearly this is much more than a successful telemarketing campaign.

Direct Mail Hanging In

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The Direct Marketing Association notes in its recently released 2012 Response Rate Report that direct mail response rates have dropped nearly 25% over the past nine years. Even so, direct mail pulls a better overall response than digital channels. The report also says that: Cost per order or lead for acquisition campaigns were roughly equivalent for direct mail ($51.40), post card ($54.10), email ($55.24), and paid search ($52.58). for direct mail.

Speaking Up For Mail

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I’m compelled to note, however, that the vast majority of individual donor income for most non-profits is raised through the mail. (At The rest is direct mail, telemarketing and sustainer.) Let’s keep that in mind as we fend off our Boards and Executive Directors who don’t understand why our direct mail budgets haven’t markedly decreased. They will when the mail stops working!&#.

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Nonprofit Scandals Are Hurting Your Bottom Line

Non Profit Marketing 360

First it was CNN’s investigative reports on a veterans organization that paid its direct mail fundraiser $60 million in fees to raise $56 million. Last month Bloomberg News ran an expose on telemarketing fundraisers for major national charities who keep 85% or more of what they raise. When prospective donors asked telemarketers what percentage went to the charity, the scripted answer was 70% or more.

Not Until Your Mail Planning Is Done

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Now, I do not want you to read her article until AFTER you are sure you’ve crossed all the "t’s" and dotted all the "i’s" on your year-end direct mail, email, and telemarketing appeals … to say nothing of your calls to major donors. Here is a terrific article from Beth Kanter on trends she sees taking shape in the nonprofit social media world.

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Spending On Retention Marketing

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social media and direct mail, as this chart indicates: Direct mail Donor acquisition Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Online fundraising and marketing Telemarketing premiumTarget Marketing magazine conducted a year-end survey of 725 marketers (including readers of FundraisingPro ) in December, asking how they would be spending their marketing dollars in 2017. I looked in particular at expected spending on retention.

Monthly Giving Part 1–Why Bother?

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo Communications Direct mail Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Nonprofit management Telemarketing Uncategorized premiumEditors’ Note : This is the first in a three-part — and hopefully practical — series aimed at encouraging small, large and mid-size organizations to pay serious attention to the benefits of building a monthly giving or sustainer program. We’ll deal with the question of ‘why’ monthly giving?

Donordigital Goes Secret Shopping

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They made an initial online contribution to the 16 groups, and then for six months tracked all interactions with these organizations through direct mail, online and telephone. Most organizations did integrate new online donors into their other channels, notably direct mail, but the communications “rarely appeared to be integrated” and these follow-up communications (2nd gift requests) were often.


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Communications Direct mail Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising philosophy/profession Nonprofit management Telemarketing Uncategorized premiumWe join with our Circulation Manager in wishing you a Happy New Year accompanied by all our best wishes that your Resolutions make it through the next 365 days. Which brings us to last of The Agitator’s Top Ten for 2015.

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Your Donors Are Old! Celebrate!

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Boomers database marketing demographic trends direct mail direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising Hot Research mobile advocacy online fundraising social networking telemarketing premium

70 Steps To Getting Your Direct Marketing Right

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OK, 35 of the boxes apply to all media employed; the balance then focus on direct mail, then space ads, then catalogs, then email/ecommerce, and finally DRTV. Copywriting / creative Direct mail Online fundraising and marketing Telemarketing premium It’s been awhile since we featured master direct marketer Denny Hatch. Search him in The Agitator archives and you won’t be disappointed. He speaks his mind and he speaks wisely.

Forget About Donor-Centric

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But now it’s September, and you’re madly planning your year-end blitzkrieg … carpet-bombing your donors with X number of direct mail hits, interspersed with Y number of email appeals, and maybe even Z phone calls to your choicest. direct mail Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising loyalty online fundraising telemarketing premium

Communication Versus Transaction

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Acquisition communications direct mail direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts email marketing fundraising marketing metrics online fundraising telemarketing premium Last week I noted some figures that online fundraising accounted for 6.4% of all fundraising in the US in 2013, while the growth rate for online fundraising was 13.5%. And with some math jujitsu I projected that at that rate online fundraising might take 17 years to break the 50% of fundraising barrier.

Making The Most Of Your Agitator Subscription

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Many Agitator have been with us for our entire 10 year history. Many others are recent subscribers, and there are lots of folks in between. AND … some readers haven’t yet subscribed. You can remedy that egregious oversight right here. Regardless of the length of time you’ve been reading The Agitator we want to make sure you take advantage of the treasure trove of fundraising goodies available to you.

Do It By The Numbers

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Copywriting / creative Direct mail Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Online fundraising and marketing Telemarketing premium I’ve been doing some end-of-summer cleaning out of my Agitator ‘inspiration bin’ The place where I store things to write about. I realized that I had gathered a heap of ‘number stuff’ … all fairly recent items, but my how they accumulate! So here are few for you list keepers.

Starting Over #7: Forget Success. Focus On Value.

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Why in the world would any fundraising director, not to mention CEO or CFO or board member, Board Meeting Swipe File Breaking Out of the Status Quo Direct mail Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Fundraising analytics / data Nonprofit management Starting Over Telemarketing premiumWhy do so many nonprofit CEOs and Boards ignore ‘value’ when it comes to fundraising? In fact, why do so many fundraisers ignore it also? Tom’s The Boss Wants to See You!

Lapsed Donors Deliver

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I’m glad she’s not afraid to recommend telemarketing to these folks. Presumably your prospecting mail has more ’sell’ of your cause or mission and the special role of your organization … longer lapsed donors respond to a bit more re-education. With highest value lapsed donors, you might consider a strategically placed cultivation mailing or contact as part of your re-engagement stream.

ROI 62

Acquisition Topics

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Mail — Is mail prospecting working these days? … Acquisition direct mail direct marketing Don't Miss these Posts email marketing fundraising marketing metrics nonprofit management online fundraising telemarketingRoger and I have begun preparing a series of posts focusing on donor acquisition. Here is a list of topics we plan to cover … although perhaps not as systematically as this outline might suggest.

Get ‘Em While The Grief Is Hot – Part 1

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If your organization’s advocacy mission is directly related to or affected by the results of the 2016 elections, I hope you’re in the mail, on the phone, online and meeting with your donors right now. Breaking Out of the Status Quo Media usage / trends Nonprofit management Online fundraising and marketing Social media Telemarketing premium

Telefundraising Revisted

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Today, 60 months later, we’d appreciate an update from our readers on what’s what and what’s working with this “neglected stepchild” Here’re some readers’ comments from 5 years ago: First, from Adrian Salmon, writing about the experience of Save the Children UK: They printed full-page colour advertisements in newspapers asking readers to text in the word ‘ceasefire’ to show their support for Gaza, and mailed their existing supporters with an.

UK 65

Are You Interrupting Your Donors or Engaging With Them?


Mass direct mail appeals = Interruption fundraising. Unsolicited telemarketing = Interruption fundraising. Spam email blasts = Interruption fundraising. Informative Webinars = Engagement fundraising. Tours or personal meetings = Engagement fundraising. Interactive widgets = Engagement fundraising. LIKE THIS BLOG POST? PLEASE SHARE IT AND/OR SUBSCRIBE. The post Are You Interrupting Your Donors or Engaging With Them? appeared first on MarketSmart. Fundraising

Blasts 109

Lying to donors or good business sense?

Fundraising Coach

There have been some pretty high profile news stories of direct mail firms and telemarketers pocketing 75% to 85% of the money raised for a charity. I remember hearing in one seminar that an acquisition mailing might cost up to $1.25 The most respected practitioners remind us that the value isn’t in the one mailing, it’s in the giving over the entire relationship with the donor. Ask Fundraising Secrets fundraising secrets telemarketers

Resolved: No Fundraising Silos

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If that means a direct mail piece and a check, then great! communications database marketing direct mail direct marketing Don't Miss these Posts fundraising innovation marketing metrics nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising social networking telemarketingAs we noted last week, the superb comments offered by readers of The Agitator are a delight to me and Roger. And we’re gratified that these have grown strongly in number over the past year.

A Multi-Channel Renewal Strategy

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Nine chapters plus eight case studies on how to pull together direct mail, online, social media, mobile, telemarketing and more for high impact fundraising campaigns. Don't Miss these Posts charities database marketing direct mail direct marketing donor retention email marketing fundraising nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising telemarketing

Get ‘Em While The Grief Is Hot – Part 2

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Want to stand out in the flood of emails, direct mail and other post-election communications? Breaking Out of the Status Quo Communications Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Media usage / trends Telemarketing premiumJust pick up the phone and talk to your donors, members and supporters. A great use of the phone in this ’emergency’ climate is the Telephone Town Hall.

Disaster Fundraising: Hurricane Sandy The Perfect Storm

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Nightly e-mails, tweets or Facebook posts with more stories and specific needs will keep people coming back to check in. What about direct mail? Mail is being delivered into these areas much more slowly than normal. Obviously there is nothing that can be done to mail that has just recently dropped into these markets. At this time we are not recommending that clients cancel any campaigns being mailed into the affected areas.

Japan 67

A Reminder About The Personal Touch

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Now, the lesson here is not to rush out and put Post-it notes on all your mail. Rather, for me the study is just a reminder of the value of a personal touch … however you can accomplish that under the circumstances of any given mail or email campaign. Note that telemarketing campaigns do this inherently — “Good evening Tom. ” communications database marketing direct marketing Don''t Miss these Posts fundraising major donors research telemarketing

A Nonprofit's Guide to Improving Digital Engagement


We live in a digital world, and while tried and true tactics like direct mail and telemarketing aren’t going away anytime soon, donors and activists increasingly expect nonprofits to communicate with them through digital mediums. Digital engagement with donors, volunteers and supporters requires a proactive approach to be successful, particularly because of the quickly evolving nature of the online world.

Guide 105

Integration: Fundraising’s Elusive Grail

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And while Novice, Junior and Intermediate sophisticates are tracking direct mail retention, they need to start focusing on the other channels as well. Don't Miss these Posts Hot Research You Deserve a Raise database marketing direct mail direct marketing fundraising marketing metrics nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising telemarketingConvio has just released its latest Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Study and it’s well worth a careful read.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

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Marrying the offline (mail and telephone) engagement data to the online data (which, as noted, can include robust information on donor interests and preferences), and now mobile, becomes the holy grail. Some simple examples … A direct mail appeal can be targeted at a member who signed up online for a program-specific e-newsletter or blog feed. Integrated marketing. We’re all for it, aren’t we? But exactly what do we mean?

“Will You Puhleeeeze Take This Call?”

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No mode of fundraising takes more hard knocks than telemarketing. If telemarketers haven’t ruined your exquisitely timed dinner, then you’ve probably at least read the horror stories where 99.9% of the funds raised go to the telemarketer. Roger keeps promising that he’ll write a post on the positive fundraising contribution of telemarketing. I already support what you guys do… I give by mail. Please, just send me something by mail.

Your Fundraising Priorities

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3.88 - our direct mail program (37% rated this a "5"). 2.04 - our telemarketing program (54% rated this a "1"!!). Over the next 12 months, how much resources would you expect to devote to improving your nonprofit’s fundraising potential in each of the following areas — direct mail, telemarketing, email fundraising, website tweaking, and social media. Social media was the 4th-ranked priority, followed by last-place telemarketing.

Test 52

New Generational Giving Data

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The resilience of mail, even for the younger folks. As expected, amongst Matures, 77% give via check in the mail compared to 25% via websites. But even amongst Gen Y donors, 26% give via mail and 29% via website. And whereas Matures list their sources of information about their "top charity" as mail (49%), emails/e-newsletters (24%) and websites (14%), for Gen Y the corresponding channel preferences are mail (26%), emails/e-newsletters (29%) and websites (36%).

Terrible Fundraising Headline

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But equally without question, the vast preponderance of direct response giving today is direct mail generated. For virtually all nonprofits, their actual giving data will continue to justify strong investment in direct mail programs … even as they begin to see their online giving ramp up. I love Todd Cohen’s Philanthropy Journal. Excellent range of content. I’m a faithful reader. But I hate this March 26 headline: Fundraising out of sync with giving habits.

Faith 63

Single Channel Is Dead

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Here’s the lead from his recent blog post : “Direct mail is dead. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts direct mail direct marketing donor retention email marketing fundraising marketing metrics nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising social networking telemarketing Boy, did Steve MacLaughlin at Target Analytics make today’s post easy! Email is dead. TV and radio are dead. Face to face is dead. Telegraph is dead. Social media is dead.

Holiday Online Giving Will Top $4 Billion

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Tags: Don't Miss these Posts Hot Research charities direct mail direct marketing email marketing fundraising nonprofit management nonprofits online fundraising online publishing social networking telemarketing

No More Impulse Giving?

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Maybe we’ll see that in response to DRTV and telemarketing appeals. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts charities communications copywriting direct mail fundraising loyalty nonprofits online fundraising telemarketing I read an article that proffered various " new marketing realities " that marketers need to consider coming out of the recession (if and when!). Among the observations: "Customers are no longer buying on impulse.

A Reminder About Offer Testing

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Tags: Don't Miss these Posts copywriting direct mail direct marketing email marketing fundraising online fundraising research telemarketing

Test 43

Calculating Your Online $$ Potential

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Convio is brandishing a new " fundraising calculator " that claims to compute the future value of your integrated direct mail, telemarketing and online fundraising stream. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts database marketing direct mail direct marketing donor retention fundraising marketing metrics online fundraising telemarketing

The Skinny on Direct Marketing 101 – The Basics: A Participant’s View


Mark Mitchell (SD&A) debunked many of the myths surrounding telemarketing. Telemarketing is selling what you don’t want. Benefits include real-time results, driving higher direct mail and online response, and it being a low risk investment. Integrated Fundraising direct marketing DMAW telemarketingThis following article was originally published in March 2016 by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington and is reprinted with permission.