Using Cause Marketing Gamification to Reforest Madagascar

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Mobile game developer XEOPlay offers Tilt World that helps to reforest Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island and a hotspot for biodiversity, owing to its relative isolation. XEOPlay’s goal is to plant 1 million trees in Madagascar, which suffers from the effects of deforestation. Zynga XEOPlay Madagascar Tilt World Games and Cause Marketing Gamification cause marketing

10 Ways to Use Visual Storytelling In Your #GivingTuesday Campaign

J Campbell Social Marketing

On World Food Day, Tetra Tech introduced us to five #FoodHeroes from Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Madagascar who exemplify determination, creativity, and commitment to their communities.


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All the Rage: Fundraising on Fury and Revenge

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

26 Oct 2010 — Madagascar hissing cockroach on white background — Image by © Michel Gunther/Biosphoto/Corbis. For Valentine’s Day, the Bronx Zoo invited donors to name one if its Madagascar hissing cockroaches in someone else’s honor. Fundraising isn’t all lofty and inspiring. Lately, a lot of it is quite angry. And quite successful. via GIPHY. Outrage over President Trump’s immigrant ban helped the ACLU raise more money online in one weekend than in all of 2016. .

The 25 intelligent optimists of Ode

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CARE was one of my first jobs and the need that really got me was what I saw in Cambodia and Madagascar. Ode Magazine has published a list of “25 intelligent optimists” and my hero Seth Godin (3,000 posts!) was kind enough to name me as one. You can read the article here. But more importantly, read about the other inspiring folks here. (PS PS - in the article my story is portrayed a little out of order - if only my life were that linear or logical.

On the occasion of my 1,182nd post

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When I lived in Madagascar, people would open the tombs of their dead relatives each winter, pull out the cloth-wrapped corpses of their loved ones and dance with them held aloft. I tell this story in my first post because even if you don’t live in Madagascar, I believe we should keep reminding ourselves of our own mortality and that we as do-gooders should become profoundly impatient. Sometimes people ask me about my blogging, and how I manage to do it each day.

Where Have All the Social Products Gone?


Rather than just create a PSA to curb sexual pressure and abuse among young girls in Madagascar, AED created the red card–a product–that girls could use as an added to tool to say no. The debate between marketing and sales is not an old one. In fact, we’ve looked at this debate here at SB before. But one thing both sides can agree on: is that both have a relationship with products and services.

You are a foreign correspondent

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Like this from Madagascar and this from Cambodia.) Photo from the Guardian Weekly. This is classic Phnom Penh. Once upon a time, I lived in Africa and Asia, and that’s where I had the hardest, best job I’ve ever had. I was a foreign correspondent filing several stories a day, nearly every day, about an entire country. It was fascinating and challenging to try to grasp the raw essence of what was happening – and to make it accessible, relevant and irresistible to readers around the world.