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We are very excited to have donor research expert Adrian Sargeant join us for a brand new webinar this month on donor loyalty. Adrian will show you the latest research and findings from the world of donor retention and how you can apply it during a BRAND NEW WEBINAR you won’t want to miss: How to Build Donor Loyalty: Lessons from Testing and Research. And he knows how you should use the Four Big Drivers of Donor Loyalty in your fundraising program.

Customer Loyalty is not Customer Retention

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One popular application of a customer retention strategy is a loyalty campaign or loyalty program. Just about every business has one, and we love to see our customers completing loyalty programs that truly drive their customers to new levels of engagement. Retention is a much deeper and complex problem to solve with just a nice loyalty rewards program. Lets look at a few areas of customer retention that loyalty programs do not address.

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Ultimate Collection Of Loyalty Statistics

The Agitator

The authors — loyalty program marketers Access Development — report that they’ve recorded every publicly available piece of data they could find regarding customer engagement and loyalty and compiled it in the Ultimate Collection of Loyalty Statistics. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment premiumOf course I can’t personally vouch for the claim made by this headline, but it’s so audacious that I decided to pass the article on nonetheless.

Loyalty To AARP

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Here — from loyalty360 (sort of a trade association for loyalty marketers) — is an update on AARP’s elaborate loyalty program , called ‘Rewards for Good’ In a nutshell, through this program AARP members earn. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Innovation Integrated fundraising and marketing premium

10 Ways to Build Loyalty Among Your Online Community Members

J Campbell Social Marketing

Instead of focusing on growing your social media numbers, how about focusing on building loyalty – retaining engaging the fans/followers that you do have? Here are 10 ways to build loyalty among your online community members through celebration and acknowledgement! Building loyalty is vital to the success of nonprofit organizations and applies to all donors, stakeholders, volunteers, staff members, members, and the like – and your online community.

Loyalty 360

The Agitator

This Week in Loyalty is a loyalty newsletter that shows some promise. From an outfit called Loyalty 360 — “The loyalty marketer’s association” — it’s aimed at commercial marketers from what I’ve seen so far. Still, it offers links to case studies and loyalty marketing initiatives, as well as other blogs on the subject, we might learn from. loyalty

Loyalty Inflection Points

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Is organizational loyalty infectious? But I’m not talking in this post about ‘infectious’ … the word in the title is ‘inflection’ So, first, a definition from a fascinating white paper, Inflection Points: Seizing the Moments in Customer Loyalty , authored by loyalty marketing firm, Aimia: “The term ‘inflection point’ has multiple definitions. Don''t Miss these Posts donor retention loyalty premium

Loyalty … By Carole King

The Agitator

In one of the best songs ever written (IMHO), timeless Carole King worries about the enduring loyalty of her lover. The next time your team gathers to talk about donors, retention and loyalty, get in the mood … play Will you still love me tomorrow? Don''t Miss these Posts donor retention loyalty premium Roger is revving up the retention engine, as you saw in yesterday’s post. Today I’d like to help set the mood.

Mashing Up Loyalty Programs and Cause Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

In my wallet are cards and keyfobs for a half-dozen loyalty programs from the sophisticated, like SkyMiles and Marriott Rewards and a couple grocery chains to several no-tech buy 10 get one free punch cards from a bakery and a couple of restaurants. But is there a potential match between loyalty programs and cause marketing? Sprite Spark Park is not Coke’s first or only foray into the mash up of loyalty programs and cause marketing.

Astounding Donor Loyalty

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Here’s the story of a donor (Gail) whose loyalty I find truly remarkable, under the circumstances … She’s been giving to several groups continuously for thirty years, generally in the $25-$50 range, and generally unrestricted. Don't Miss these Posts You Oughta Be Fired accountability charities database marketing donor retention fundraising legacy marketing loyalty nonprofit management nonprofits planned givingIn response to our Lazy or Careless Fundraising?

6 big recommendations from Abila’s donor loyalty study about content.


Here are 6 big recommendations from Abila’s donor loyalty study: 1. The post 6 big recommendations from Abila’s donor loyalty study about content. “Content is money!” ” That’s what Abila says. Spend time on content and your content strategy: Donors are turned off by poor content, which may cause them to stop giving to your organization. Make it easy to understand, highly personalized, and relevant.

Cause Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty

Cause Related Marketing

I like the idea of Fireside using cause marketing to build loyalty. But there’s almost nothing in the way they’ve approached it that’s likely to build loyalty, starting with the paltry donation amount. Facebook Loyalty Fireside Natural Gas Georgia Public Service Commission cause marketingSuppose you face a fiercely competitive consumer-facing marketplace that was once a served by a regulated monopoly. How would you compete?

10 Ways To Build Donor Loyalty

The Agitator

Advice doesn’t get any more straightforward than these ten suggestions and examples for enhancing donor loyalty from Bridget Brandt at Sage North America, writing in Fundraising Success. Leverage donor loyalty. Don't Miss these Posts donor retention fundraising loyaltyListen to your donors. Share your good news. Measure (and report) your success. Survey your donors. Involve donors in the cause. Get social. Customize your approach. Recognize repeat donors. Say thank you.

Acknowledging Donor Loyalty

The Agitator

I could easily spend a couple of hours each day reading articles (and books) on customer loyalty and loyalty programs in the commercial space. P.S. Of course, if your nonprofit is doing something far more sophisticated to recognize donor loyalty, go ahead, brag to us! Tags: Don't Miss these Posts database marketing direct marketing donor retention fundraising loyalty nonprofits

Online Personalization Builds Loyalty

The Agitator

Don't Miss these Posts charities communications donor retention loyalty nonprofits online fundraising online publishingAbout nine months ago, The Agitator noted the online approach taken by CARE International in the UK. There, with, personalized online reporting of the charity’s results connects donors with the specific projects they initially joined to support. This approach cut attrition amongst face-to-face acquired donors in half.

Nonprofits: Create “customer pathways” to build loyalty


These staff are responsible for creating customer profiles through data gathering and annual surveys, then creating loyalty action plans. flickr/eggonstilts. Recently, I was sent a free copy of You’ve Got to Have Heart , a new book about how to achieve success in the nonprofit sector by Cass Wheeler, longtime CEO of The American Heart Association (AHA). I went right to the “Big Brass Bands&# chapter on marketing.

To Be or Not To Be- Donor Loyalty

A Small Change

Is donor loyalty changing? When I look at Haiti as an example of the new kind of donor loyalty I’m not sure if I should be encouraged or discouraged. Does the decline in donor loyalty impact they way that we thank one-time annual fund donors? Is your organization experiencing a decline in donor loyalty? It would appear to me that older generations were more consistent about their giving.

Taking Donor Loyalty Seriously

The Agitator

Earlier this month we noted a blog post by marketer Seth Godin on loyalty. Here’s some customer and donor loyalty experience from Agitator reader Andrew Kramer that I didn’t want to see under-appreciated in Comment limbo … “I recently switched electricity providers from an all wind provider with a great brand (one that made me loyal for a very long time mostly because I liked what the story they told me made me feel about my self) to a cheaper, dirtier provider.

Seth Godin On Loyalty

The Agitator

Some good observations from the marketing guru on loyalty. First, an interesting definition:&# Loyalty is what we call it when someone refuses a momentarily better option.&# Then some bad news: “Loyalty isn’t forever. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts Seth Godin communications donor retention loyalty Not too sentimental … at first glance.

Foursquare Cause Marketing Starts with Loyalty Programs

Selfish Giving

The challenge was Finagle’s traditional loyalty program, the Frequent Finagler , which was expensive and it wasn’t social. Social media, and especially Foursquare, is suddenly central to their loyalty strategy. Working with Finagle gives me a case study on the opportunity of mobile loyalty programs that I can shop to other businesses. Shortly, I hope to add that the change was successful and that customers are using Foursquare to reap their loyalty rewards.

How Correcting Errors of Substance Builds Credibility & Your Base's Loyalty

Getting Attention

Back in November, I received this email from the folks at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). It's a powerful example of how acknowledging an error of substance (i.e., not a typo or missing photo) can be a good opportunity to reinforce your organization's brand (in this case, reliability, accuracy and passion for the truth).

How To Measure Loyalty

The Agitator

In this mini-debate from DMNews, three approaches to measuring loyalty are advanced: 1. Thinking in fundraising terms, which of these do you think is the best measure of a donor’s loyalty? And what’s more important to you, confirming past loyalty or predicting future loyalty? P.S. Have you read our DonorTrends white papers on donor loyalty? Lifetime value — the person who buys (donates) the most over the longest period.

Online Loyalty Building

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There’s probably no one out there who is not a "member" of some sort of loyalty program sponsored by a commercial merchant. Tags: Pushing the Creative Envelope charities communications creativity database marketing direct marketing donor retention email marketing loyalty nonprofit management online activism online fundraising social networking

Who Gets The Most Loyalty?

The Agitator

This week, a brand you’ve all heard of — and probably enjoyed — announced it was beginning its first ever loyalty program. " "Creating a loyalty program now is imperative to create a stronger relationship with [Brand's] highly-engaged customer base, especially given the current economic conditions. "Over Before I identify the brand, consider the following chart from Donor Loyalty: The Holy Grail of Fundraising , one of our DonorTrends white papers.

Loyalty Lesson From The Who

The Agitator

New ads for Shure , the microphone maker, feature various artists — like Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of The Who — professing their steadfast loyalty to the brand. Tags: fundraising loyalty Don't Miss these Posts donor retention Says Daltrey: "These mics are the only ones I’ll use." " Do you have stories of commitment from your most loyal donors? Have you asked for them? Don’t you think you might find a use for them?!

More Re Online Loyalty Building

The Agitator

Last week, The Agitator posted on online loyalty building and asked readers what they are trying along these lines. Do this, and do it consistently, and you’ll draw donors into the experience and deepen loyalty. Tags: Don't Miss these Posts communications direct marketing donor retention email marketing loyalty nonprofit management online activism online advocacy online fundraising

How to Fan the Flames of Donor Loyalty in 2016 and Beyond

NonProfit Hub

The latter will go a lot farther in securing donor loyalty. The post How to Fan the Flames of Donor Loyalty in 2016 and Beyond appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. This article was originally featured in our Nonprofit Hub Magazine, a bi-monthly printed magazine offering insight from the best in the industry. Reserve your free copy today. Nobody likes a break-up. But relationships, including the ones you have with your donors, don’t survive well on autopilot.

Warmth plus competence equals consumer loyalty

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

I cited a study that shows this in stunning fashion: The Relational Capital Group and a team of researchers at Princeton University recently evaluated the impact of warmth and competence perceptions on purchase intent and loyalty toward eight national brands – McDonalds, Burger King, BP, Shell, Tropicana, Minute Maid, Tylenol and Advil. Yesterday I spoke with my colleague Kate Olsen on the evolving world of CSR (presentation posted here ).

Donor Loyalty - New Agitator White Paper

The Agitator

This paper, dealing with donor loyalty, is available only as a benefit for subscribers to The Agitator’s Premium Service. Our new DonorTrends paper is titled Donor Loyalty: The Holy Grail of Fundraising. But that’s what we’ve struggled with in Donor Loyalty: The Holy Grail of Fundraising , an update from our earlier analysis in 2005. The Donor Loyalty White Paper includes our recommendations for nurturing loyalty amongst your donors.

Flat Earth Fundraising: Ice Cream Murder And Donor Loyalty

The Agitator

It identifies the seven key steps an organization (not the donor, but the organization itself) can take to improve donor commitment/loyalty and thus increase its bottom-line dramatically. database marketing direct marketing Don't Miss these Posts DonorVoice Flat Earth Fundraising fundraising loyalty marketing metrics nonprofitsLooking for a shorthand way to understand how you can improve donor lifetime value by 130%?

What a double espresso says about human behavior and donor loyalty

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

Here’s my December column from Fundraising Success. I lived in Ukraine a few years ago, and a friend who just returned from there told me a great story that holds the secret to inspiring generosity. Really. My friend was eating breakfast at a pricey hotel frequented by his international agency. Two beverages came with the breakfast package. He ordered the first: a double espresso. Toward the end of his meal, he ordered another. “No, sorry, you can’t have one,&# the waiter said.

3 Ways to Build Trust with Donors in a Virtual World

NonProfit Hub

Featured Donor Loyalty Donor RetentionHow do you build trust with donors? These days, it can be easier to get the attention of thousands of little fish online than a few big fish right in your own pond. It’s the law of large numbers.

Trust 58

Escape from Fairy-Tale Fundraising—Roger Craver, Part 2

Getting Attention

Right now, he’s all about donor loyalty, all the time. 4) Hunt down drivers and killers of donor commitment and loyalty. Fundraising: Innovations & Research donor loyalty fairy-tale fundraising fundraising fundraising success happily-ever-after fundraising innovation nonprofit marketing roger craver Part 1 —In which Roger advises how to stem the tide of lost donors. Roger Craver tells it like it is.

Are Your School’s Messages Right for Right Now?

Mission Minded

This guide will help you create the messages that will inspire commitment and loyalty from your existing and new families. The post Are Your School’s Messages Right for Right Now? appeared first on Mission Minded. Blog Independent Schools

We Suggest You Have A Merry Christmas

The Agitator

Donor retention / loyalty / commitment premiumRoger and Tom.

Escape from Fairy-Tale Fundraising—Roger Craver, Part I

Getting Attention

Your only chance of getting to happily-ever-after fundraising is 24/7 focus on donor loyalty, says Roger. Fundraising: Innovations & Research donor loyalty fairy-tale fundraising fundraising fundraising success happily-ever-after fundraising innovation nonprofit marketing roger craver What a week it was! Among other adventures last week, I met and learned with famed fundraiser Roger Craver at the fabulous Engage Conference. Roger is a guy who doesn’t hold back.

Retention: Step #1

The Agitator

Don't Miss these Posts donor retention loyaltyEstablish emotional connection. Fantasies don’t count!

Donor Relations … A One Way Street?

The Agitator

The buzzwords and talk signal that ‘donor engagement’, ‘donor experience’, ‘donor loyalty’ are supposed to matter. Donor loyalty for most organizations. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment premiumA sure sign that not much of anything worthwhile is being done in the area of donor relationships is the growing presence of lots of buzzwords surrounding this subject.

Are You Trusting That Trust Will Just ‘Happen’?

The Agitator

Commercial marketers are as concerned as nonprofits, probably even more so, about customer loyalty. And building the trust that serves as the foundation or prerequisite of loyalty. This article by Stephanie Miller of the Direct Marketing Association, Investing in Trust to Gain Loyalty , gives some insight into the commercial direct marketer’s thinking about loyalty and trust … and using data in a way that earns trust.

Trust 56

Starting Over #11: Knowing WHAT And WITH WHAT To Communicate

The Agitator

A key driver of donor commitment and loyalty is the donor’s perception of just how effective your organization is in achieving its mission. Communications Copywriting / creative Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Starting Over premiumNo one buys a Chevy because GM needs the money. By the same token, donors don’t give because your organization has a need to balance its budget or meet your quarterly numbers.

Guesswork: The Enemy of Retention

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The numbers cited in Tom’s post on the Ultimate Collection of Loyalty Statistics are not only frightening, they’re unlikely to improve by continuing down the same path year after year. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment DonorTrends / DonorVoice Fundraising analytics / data premium

Dear Donor: You Suck

The Agitator

Communications Donor Centricity Donor Centricity - Case Studies Donor retention / loyalty / commitment Major donors Online fundraising and marketing premiumSometimes the behavior of folks who call themselves ‘fundraisers’ leaves me speechless. For this example, I’ll let Adrian Salmon ‘s first-hand report speak for all the real fundraisers who care about donors.

Fixing Hidden Leaks #4: Credit Card Hell

The Agitator

Getting down in the essential weeds a bit more, here’s an important message about another processing ‘leak’ — and loyalty opportunity — in the retention bucket. Donor retention / loyalty / commitment premiumIn Hidden Leaks #2 , I warned of the likelihood that a bad Donation Page will drive even the most loyal of donors to the exit.

Cards 77