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Nonprofit Marketing Jobs: March 23, 2012

Getting Attention

16) Marketing and Sales Manager , Actors Theatre of Louisville (Louisville, KY). NEW OPPORTUNITIES. Marketing Campaigns Manager.

KFC Concept Restaurant Gives a Nod to Cause Marketing for Local Causes

Cause Related Marketing

The KFC eleven test store is in Louisville, Kentucky, KFC’s headquarters. A second test location is set to open in Louisville before year’s end. When it opens August 5, 2013, it will feature rice bowls, flatbreads, salads, KFC original recipe chicken among other items, plus sides. Why step into the quick serve space?

Cause Marketing for Smaller Causes and Buisnesses

Cause Related Marketing

Above is a flyer with a coupon from Coit cleaning in Louisville, Kentucky and benefiting Susan G. for the ad from Louisville.

Calling Out a Faux Cause Marketing Pinkwasher

Cause Related Marketing

in Louisville for the lead! In a word, no. As a result you can get an Android phone from all the handset makers except Apple and RIM.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

I will be parked on my couch Saturday watching my beloved Auburn Tigers take on Louisville. I am so ready for the weekend. Nonprofit Training.

Help KFC Earn Its Cause Marketing Wings

Selfish Giving

Megan Strand of joined me in writing this post today! Other quick serve restaurants will no doubt benefit from the discussion!

How to Know It’s Time to Fire Your PR Group

Cause Related Marketing

The most common way to activate or promote your cause marketing campaign is via public relations. At left is proof. 16, 2012. But effective?

Knows Nothing About Fundraising

The Agitator

The organization is headquartered in Louisville and started as a program of the YMCA there in 1983. Or at least that’s what Jason Falls claimed on his blog, Social Media Explorer. Then he proceeded to pass along the advice he had offered in a webinar on behalf of National Safe Place. Jason’s three bits of advice: Tell a story.