How a war in Libya can kill your website

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domain was taken down as a side effect of the war in libya (.ly It would be wise to have said, “Hey, the war in Libya affected our service. When it comes to registering domain names, most people will choose top level domains like “ com,&# “ org,&# and “ net&#.

#SocialMedia: Turns Out, Twitter Can Start Revolutions Mr. Gladwell

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But what about now that dictators have fallen in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and perhaps Syria – and the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement has gone global this past weekend? Yet the Tunisian uprising continued to grow, then spread to Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, and Libya – with unequal (or as yet unclear) results. What a difference a year can make – not always for the better, mind you.

Get Off Your Butt Or Get Out

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Libya. I only wish I could stop crying as I write this, my last post of the year. 28 dead from the Newtown shootings in Connecticut. Lives that will never progress, will never be part of our shared future. All a result of an unspeakable tragedy. Lives snuffed out by a lack of political will and guts. Lives I might have helped save had I been a better consultant to the handgun control movement.

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Habitat for Humanity fundraising campaign features March Madness


The fighting in Libya and then the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan all probably impacted Habitat’s March Match fundraising campaign, but you can’t plan for those events!

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Does the phrase “tax deductible” kill donations?

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How a war in Libya can kill your website. Last night my flight home to Maine was cancelled, presumably due to the manhunt in Boston. So I got to spend more time in NJ. While there, I turned on WDHA, a rock station in New Jersey.

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Barry Diller at SXSW: The evolution of media

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There is nothing between you and all consumers, except perhaps in China and Libya.&# I’m at SXSW Interactive , at a session with Barry Diller on the future of all things media. He has been a visionary on technology since as he put it, in 1992-3, he saw QVC and was fascinated by a screen being used to do something other than to tell a story. He spoke about new and old media. Here were key insights he shared: The control that is passing to consumers.