Women of Kuwait Win Again

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In Momentum, I wrote about the women of Kuwait using their blackberries and cell phones to email the Kuwaiti legislation in favor of full women’s suffrage. Much to the surprise of the men of Kuwait, laws allowing women the right to vote and the right to run for office were passed in the spring of [.]. Tags: Social Media blackberries Kuwait Rochelle Lefkowitz suffrage

Cause Marketing During Ramadan

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In 2012, the campaign was extended to a mall in Kuwait. In 2012 in the United Arab Emirates, Unilever and the UAE chapter of the Red Crescent Society teamed up for a cause marketing effort that took place during Ramadan, a month-long fast that observant Muslims across the globe annually observe in the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. In 2012 Ramadan began on July 20 on the Gregorian calendar.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Peek beneath the hood of any recent social movement, the Philippines in 2001 when individuals used text messaging to overthrow a despot, Kuwait in 2005 when women used their Blackberries to win suffrage, the unfolding social movements in Tunisia, Iran, Syria, and Occupy Wall Street, and you will find free agents stirring the pots of democracy. Today is International Women’s Day. Hurrah!