Sharing your knowledge base: Meet the user’s needs, think beyond PDFs


A few weeks ago a reader asked me to blog about effective ways that nonprofits and foundations can share their knowledge bases. They still have a role, but they should be just one piece of a more diverse knowledge base. flickr/jessamyn.

Detecting the various forms of account takeover

The Agitator

This information can be very dangerous for bank contact centers that still use knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods to validate their customers over the telephone. To effectively and confidently secure your contact center and protect your customers, banks need to remove conventional knowledge-based challenge questions that are easily defeated by today’s fraudsters. Not all account takeovers are the same. .

Top 10 posts of the year: Happy 2010!


Sharing your knowledge base: Meet the user’s needs, think beyond PDFs. No way around it, 2009 was a tough year for everyone—especially nonprofits. I hope we’re looking at much more good news in 2010! Here’s a year-end round-up of my most read posts. Thanks for tuning in this year, and a special thanks to those who shared comments! How nonprofits can succeed in the new sustainability paradigm: 6 big lessons from social media.

Get CALM: L is for Logical

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

Then be willing to experiment, to learn from those experiments, and to share your results with others too, adding to the greater community knowledge base.

Shifting from SMART Objectives to RISKY Ones

Social Marketing and Social Change

However, are they the best way to think about social change goals in which wicked problems may require broad-based, long-term, structural and policy change? Rights-based : acknowledging basic human equality and dignity, working for structural change rather than taking a charitable approach,

Expert versus Asset: Which One are You?


They are not in a leather chair with shiny Italian shoes, but they are in the jungle of the marketplace navigating knowledge, ideas and society for applications of thought. One works for himself and his own knowledge base, the other, wants to be valuable and enjoys collaborative efforts.

Ethics 130

My response to the Twitter debate on the NYT and New Yorker Blogs

Public Sector Marketing 2.0

What I would love them to understand though is that even as in-actives, they will soon be tapping into this collective knowledge base regardless of Twitter (the tools will change) since the broader concept of a “real-time content/conversation channel&# is here to stay. Chain of events: George Packer rants about Twitter on his New Yorker blog. Nick Bilton from the NYT Bits Blog rants about George Packer’s blog post.

Should we hire a fundraiser and pay him a percentage raised?

Fundraising Coach

The last time I blogged about it seems to be this percentage based fundraising post in 2007!). A fundraiser worth hiring for your nonprofit will have worked to develop a skill set and knowledge base worth investing in. Or am I off-base?

Science Communication and Social Marketing

Social Marketing and Social Change

In most social marketing programs, what we are working with is how to translate science-based evidence and findings into products, services, messages, policies and, yes, behavior change programs. Communication, knowledge change, or understanding risks and benefits, are not enough, period.

Get more money with your year end appeal: Interview with Paul Bobnak of DMIQTV and Who’s Mailing What

Wild Woman Fundraising

Presentation that is heavily based on getting people angry about the treatment of animals. If you’re starting off at a zero knowledge base, there are 10 other people that are more knowledgeable than I am about this stuff. Paul Bobnak interview 8/22/13.

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Interview With American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein

Diva Marketing Blog

When you have a knowledge-based enterprise like the AMA competing in a world of open sourced innovation, a sharing economy, and lateral economies of scale, there are tremendous downward pressures on the costs of information. Knowledge is a fluid and perishable product.

How deadly are stupid nonprofit ads?

Donor Power Blog

Start talking to an agency that practices disciplined, knowledge-based direct-response fundraising -- *cough* * Merkle * *cough* -- and get some work done that will move you forward in measureable, meaningful ways. How much can stupid ads hurt a nonprofit? Plenty.

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The Foundation Center Now Provides Free Website That Teaches How To Do Grant Writing

Seeking Grant Money Today

But GrantSpace is anything but traditional, harnessing the power of technology to build community, share ideas, and offer knowledge that is indispensable in today's nonprofit landscape." Video and audio recordings of on site Foundation Center presentations, along with links to the most relevant FAQs in the extensive Knowledge Base, accompany each topic. and, increasingly, global grantmakers and their grants — a robust, accessible knowledge bank for the sector.

New Social Media Network Road Map

Diva Marketing Blog

Based on an interview that Guy Kawasaki conducted with INC Magaine , Jay wanted to know, "Is social media strategy required or redundant?" As I began to join the comment thread, I realized that my response was a "post" and not a "comment." Answer : We have no history to base our decision.

Development of a Global Social Marketing Community

Social Marketing and Social Change

In turn, many of these investors may expect to benefit from such investments by being able to take early advantage of advances in knowledge and practice these academic and research projects produce and apply them to their other programs and portfolios.

New Development for Open Source Epidemiology

Social Marketing and Social Change

This means not just communicating to people when and where they are open to it, but engaging them to contribute to our collective knowledge base as well. When I first started using the term open source epidemiology to describe illness and disease surveillance systems that any one could contribute to, my focus was on wikis such as ProMED sponsored by the International Society for Infectious Diseases.

What's The Trick Nonprofits Successfully Raising Funds, Even In This Economy Use to Create Their Success? Planning. All About The Development Plan That Works.

Seeking Grant Money Today

You and I know that the key to a nonprofit's effectiveness is its ability to successfully deliver its mission goal to the community, through its programs and services, and to achieve positive outcomes based on the current as yet (mission-related) unmet needs of the organization's beneficiaries. All of this is based on finalized organizational planning and budgeting having already been completed before the development plan (for the coming time period) is begun.