The JianGate Twitter Universe Visualized

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Me being me, I decided to pull some quick visuals based on the last 10K tweets as of this morning mentioning any of the following keywords listed below. By the way, the tool I used for the visuals once I downloaded the Twitter dataset was Netlytic.

WHERE ARE MY PEOPLE? 6 Tools and Techniques for Finding Friends and Influencers on Facebook & Twitter

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Here are 6 techniques and tools for finding these friends and influencers on Facebook and Twitter. TWITTER TECHNIQUE: Upload Your Email File. Twitter also lets you import an email file to show you who you already know on Twitter. 5 Suggestion For Twitter Lists.

My Five Favorite Twitter Tools

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I’ve received several questions about the Twitter tools I use, so here are my five favorites. Yes, to use Twitter as efficiently as possible, you actually need to do more than what offers! Of course, you can also set up special searches, like your organization’s name or keywords or tags you want to follow. Selective Twitter for Facebook. But I don’t want everything I put on Twitter to appear as my Facebook status.

What does YOUR Twitter Stream Graph look like?

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If you’re at all interested in what people say about you online, or if you’re in charge of your organization’s outreach and keeping track about what’s said about you in the community, try this fun tool called Twitter Stream Graphs. Follow me on twitter !

Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business?

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Paul wondered if search on Twitter or Instagram could be a good business tool. Connect with Paul Chaney on Twitter | LinkedIn . Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business? - Twitter Search or Instagram Search? Twitter Search.

Twitter 101: Finding Interesting People to Follow

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On Monday, I started the first of three posts I’m calling Twitter 101. Today, I’ll answer the second question I’ve been getting: How do I find people to follow on Twitter? How do I find people to follow on Twitter? Following interesting people is the key to a satisfying experience with Twitter. The only tweets you see on Twitter are those of the people you follow. My favorite directory of Twitter users is Twellow.

Need Marketing Help? Listen to Marketing guru, Vicki Flaugher

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So over the last several months I’ve been meeting with a truly smart woman I met through twitter , Vicki Flaugher. Ruthlessly research your keywords and target your niche more precisely.

Slides from Social Media Presentation at AMA DC

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Why I Don’t Follow Your Nonprofit or You on Twitter

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I have a lover affair with Twitter. So sorry, Twitter. Of course, Twitter isn’t the real problem. I’ve learned a ton on Twitter, and I get most of my blog post ideas from Twitter too. In short, I think I’m using Twitter the wrong way.

Social Media and Local Search Training for Leadership Alexandria

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Speaking at American Marketing Association Panel on Social Media

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2 morning tasks to super charge your nonprofit social media strategies #bbcon

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Austin said that each morning, he'd come into work at IJM and check Twitter's home page to see what was trending. How to make a big impact on Twitter. Austin also said since social media is about connecting humans with humans, each morning he'd review all IJM's new Twitter followers.

Free Resources

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Here are this month’s best: Short and Sweet: The Why’s and How’s of Twitter from Fenton Communications, authors of a number of excellent tomes on communications. The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing from Hubspot professes to cover all the basics from keyword strategies and optimization to blogs, mobile and the all-important conversion of traffic into leads. A heap of useful books are being published online and offered for free.

#SocialNetworks: What Should You Expect From Your Online Outreach?

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How to Do Social Media Spring Cleaning at Your Nonprofit

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Twitter. Twitter. Many Twitter accounts have pixelated or non-existent Cover art. Use Canva to create a beautiful Cover photo for your Twitter account. Use Twitter lists. Twitter lists help control the fire house of information that is the Twitter main feed.

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Finding and following a niche community in 60 seconds

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I call this a tool because it is one of thousands of websites that leverage the Twitter database for a very specific purpose. As a result, it’s essentially a categorical folksonomy of Twitter.

#Enviro: Looking For Work? Jobs For Greenbacks And For A Green Mid-Atlantic

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The MARC we are referring to allows you to search via keywords, ZIP codes, and commuting radius from your home for a job that is listed as working for the environment and/or making strides to reduce use of un-renewable resources. You can follow postings and relevant articles by and about MARC on Twitter as well: @MARCgreenworks. Though Grist can certainly be followed on Twitter , we could not find a Twitter feed focussed on one’s green job search.

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Online Marketing Terms in Plain English

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Keywords. By knowing the keywords that best describe your organization and its work, you can track mentions of those words on the Internet. Long-tail, Long-tail keywords. Typically phrases with three or more words that are much more specific versions of your keywords.

#HOWTO: Time Those Tweets To Test And Build Impact

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First, write your message – no small feat on Twitter, where you have a 140-character limit. Don’t forget that hashtags (#), which allow your tweets to be searched (along with the rest of the Twitterverse) with that keyword – but they also count against your 140 characters. I don’t want an email to remind me each time a tweet goes out because Twitter automatically marks out tweets sent from my account.

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Book Review: “The Facebook Marketing Book”

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I was on Twitter early enough that the handle ‘ paulrjones ’ was still available. In fact, it was so soon after it went live that the early adopters… tip of the hat to Jason Alba … who turned me onto it were using Twitter to enable lunchtime meetups. I joined LinkedIn way back in 2005.

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Using Facebook Targeting to Boost Performance on Organic and Promoted Posts

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The interests section provides keyword suggestions and shows you how many people are reachable with a given set of keywords. While Facebook recommends using keywords that will give you a minimum reach of 10,000, you should base your targeting on your specific goals. Drew Bernard.

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7 Free Tools to Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing

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Followerwonk analyzes Twitter users. You can see how influential a user’s followers are or search for users based on keywords in their bios. You can also connect your Buffer and Followerwonk accounts to optimize your tweeting schedule based on your followers’ Twitter usage.

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7 Steps to get your nonprofit millions in grassroots donations

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As I was talking about it on twitter, lamenting that I couldn’t find a video on this talk, Mr. Jantsch heard me, responded, and showed me the location of this video below, a free 60 minute workshop on his book. Do you have a process-oriented approach to nurturing donors?

Setting Up a Social Media Listening Dashboard

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Sure, you can spend all day logging into and searching Twitter and Facebook and Google to see what’s happening, but why not have all of that data sent to you automatically instead? This pulls all alerts for the various keywords into one place and updates automatically.

Newsjacking for Nonprofits

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Not surprisingly, Bezos’ unusual public request has drawn massive media coverage, in addition to more than 42,000 replies on Twitter. You can also start to follow journalists on Twitter and other social networks and start conversations informally.

Mastering the Art of Writing a Good Tweet to Promote Your News

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Boosting the visibility of your message in Twitter searches is easy with PR Newswire’s Social Post™ news release distribution service. Simply submit a news release summary (under 100 characters) with your full release, and PR Newswire will post your message to followers of our general and industry-specific Twitter accounts, along with a link back to your news release. Twitter limits each tweet to 140 characters, including spaces. Looking for additional Twitter resources?

How Nonprofits Can Use Text Messaging

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If your supporters are interested, they can enter the sweepstakes by texting a keyword to your short code. You can find @Alexa_Lemzy on Twitter. Alexa Lemzy. Have you tried mobile fundraising or contacting your supporters via text?

NONPROFITS: 15 Instagram Tips, Tricks and Features You Don’t Want to Miss

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That makes Instagram twice as big as Twitter! That pace of growth is faster than Facebook (23% growth) and Twitter (50% growth). But proportionally, nonprofits have more Facebook followers and Twitter followers. If you’d like, also Enable Keyword Filters.

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Your Google Analytics Questions Answered!

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Q: How do I find the keyword section of Google Analytics to see what keywords people used to find us? You will find the list of keywords from search engines under Traffic Sources > Keywords. These keywords are what your visitors searched before they were directed to your web site. When you access the list of keywords, you can also see related statistics telling you how long a visitor spent on your site or how many pages were subsequently visited.

My daughter doesn’t talk on the phone


Improve results on search engines with keyword-rich content. Social Media and Mobile facebook twitterMy 15-year-old daughter doesn’t talk on the phone. She only checks her email when her school uses it for homework assignments.

Social Media Housekeeping

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Set up alerts to use social media as a listening platform: @ mentions, hashtags, keywords about your cause, etc. Is it easy to find you on Twitter and Facebook? Think about social media as a way to open the doors of your organization to new guests and friends. But unlike hosting guests at you home for an hour or two, social media is open to guests 24/7. Because of the constant accessibility of social media, keeping profiles tidy all the time is a must.

Integrating Social Data into Decision Making (5 Free Tools)

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Main use: Searching for keywords within Twitter bio’s. Results: You will be provided with a list of all the people in your city who proactively and publicly stated on their Twitter bios that they are volunteers. Tool # 3 – MentionMapp (Twitter account required).

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Best First Step into Social Media -- Monitoring Your Nonprofit's Reputation and Issues

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Here's the problem we were helping participants to solve: The daily volume of content and conversations created in social media channels – blogs, Facebook, Twitter and more – is huge, and growing exponentially. How to overcome objections that listening is unnecessary : Compile and share online conversation on critical keywords and themes over a week or a month.

2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends That Affect You—Part 1

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Instead, focus less about having the right H1 tag or the right keywords on the page and more about creating high-quality, original content that is hungrily consumed and shared.

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Do you want more attention for your cause? Order My New Book: The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media

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How about how to get more Twitter followers, FAST? It’s about Twitter. If you want to learn: How to get donations from all over the world, How to stay private online and in social media, How to get 21,000 monthly readers, How to get 3K Twitter followers and.

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The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media Workbook Free Preview!

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It teaches you step by step how to find your target market, how to use keywords to get found in google, how to write compelling articles, how to get more traffic through commenting, how to dominate Twitter and LinkedIn in 30 days, and how to measure everything you’re doing.

[Guest Post] How To Use Google Trends

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You can find Andy on Google+ and on Twitter @crestodina. That means keyword research. Google Keyword Tool *. Since keyword research starts broad before narrowing in, the Keyword tool is a good place to start.

Same monitoring tools, new look, more functionality.

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This is a tool that let’s you observe the aggregate live discussion on Twitter in real-time (in the form of a tag cloud). I’ve always been a fan of apps that try to present complex information in a simple manner.

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LinkedIn for Nonprofit Professionals

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Debra can also be found chatting away on twitter at [link]. Keywords are King. Potential funders, volunteers, members, and organizational entities will search for whom they want to know on Linkedin by keyword. This week, I’m honored to introduce you to Debra Askanase.

Infographics & Data Visualization: Not Your Grandmother’s Pie Chart – Part 4

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The actual file name should be keyword-rich too (rather than some file naming convention you may use internally). Make it easy for users to share the piece by adding the following buttons: Twitter, Facebook ‘like’, Google +1, and StumbleUpon.