Setting Up a Social Media Listening Dashboard

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I pull in RSS feeds from the various websites that contain information relating to our mission. This pulls all alerts for the various keywords into one place and updates automatically. I’ve also used Google Translate and set up Hebrew keywords to monitor our organization in Israeli media well. I use the same RSS concept to pull in Flickr alerts, Myspace and Facebook.

Online Marketing Terms in Plain English

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Keywords. By knowing the keywords that best describe your organization and its work, you can track mentions of those words on the Internet. Long-tail, Long-tail keywords. Typically phrases with three or more words that are much more specific versions of your keywords. For example, if one of your keywords is “homeless shelter” then “homeless shelter for families” and “homeless shelter New York City” would be examples of long-tail keywords.


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How to Know It’s Time to Fire Your PR Group

Cause Related Marketing

I get press releases from this wire service as a RSS feed. The keyword for my feed is, naturally, ‘cause marketing.’ The most common way to activate or promote your cause marketing campaign is via public relations. If your firm has complications like multiple locations doing the same cause marketing promotion at the same time then your PR crew has a responsibility to step up their game.

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LinkedIn for Nonprofit Professionals

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Keywords are King. Potential funders, volunteers, members, and organizational entities will search for whom they want to know on Linkedin by keyword. Identify a combination of 10 keywords and keyword phrases that best describe you. Integrate these keywords and keyword phrases into your personal and company profiles so that you can be found. This week, I’m honored to introduce you to Debra Askanase.

Best First Step into Social Media -- Monitoring Your Nonprofit's Reputation and Issues

Getting Attention

How to overcome objections that listening is unnecessary : Compile and share online conversation on critical keywords and themes over a week or a month. What to listen for and best free listening tools : 1) Google Alerts and RSS feeds (searches blogs, websites) for keywords (org name and URL, issues, leadership names, competitive/colleague org names); 2) Twitter search.

Best of the Blog 2008 & Your Suggestions for 2009?

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Where to Put Keywords on Your Web Page. Switch to an RSS feed reader like Google Reader and you can subscribe to this blog and others, without clogging your inbox. I did a quick review of my traffic stats for this blog and here are the top ten most visited posts, ending with the most popular: If Social Networking Isn’t Marketing, Why Bother? Moving Your Print Newsletter to Email - 7 Tips. Bunches o’ Studies and Stats on Nonprofit Marketing.

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Twitter Search or Instagram Search: Which is Better for Business?

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Bill pioneered RSS advertising years ago and, despite his boyish good looks (which belie his clean Midwestern upbringing), is a long-time veteran of the social media marketing wars. To use advanced search, begin by entering a keyword in the search field located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Recently I was chatting with long time BBF, Paul Chaney , about the changes in social media from the days when we began in what was then called The Blogosphere.

How You Self-Educate Will Determine Your Success as a Cause Marketer

Cause Related Marketing

I use an RSS reader and Google Alerts for certain keywords, including cause marketing. How do you, my fellow cause marketers, keep learning? How you answer the question of self-education determines things like: how successful your cause marketing campaigns are, indeed, how successful you are; your income and your lifespan. Researchers have even shown a correlation between happiness and education. It’s almost axiomatic that more you know the more you want to know.

Mixed Links: Good Stuff for Nonprofit Communicators

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Josh Koster explains Al Franken’s online ad buys , and in the process, shows how you can use keywords to reach particular types of audience groups (also via the Social Marketing listserv ). Switch to an RSS feed reader like Google Reader and you can subscribe to this blog and others, without clogging your inbox. Happy Friday! Here are some “ Mixed Links &# - my version of a Friday cocktail hour of refreshing stuff for nonprofit communicators.

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Why I Don’t Follow Your Nonprofit or You on Twitter

Selfish Giving

I followed in another way – on Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS – that is a better way to communicate with them. I did create a couple more keyword columns to monitor topics of interest. I have a lover affair with Twitter. But it has too end. So sorry, Twitter. I give you way too much time and attention. I have a business to build and can’t give you more time than you deserve. Of course, Twitter isn’t the real problem.

Affordable New Tools and Strategies for Online Activism | Network for Good Learning Center - Learn how to raise money online for your nonprofit

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Reaching Activists via Their Preferred Platform Online organizers are facing a migration from email to social networks, instant messengers, RSS feeds, and SMS text messaging. One way to use Mozes is to set up your keyword and then ask people at an event to text message your keyword to MOZES (66937). Tis the season for email marketing. We can help.

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