KFC’s Shows They Don’t Give a Cluck. This Time with Juvenile Diabetes

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I just can’t understand what Kentucky Fried Chicken is thinking with its latest cause marketing program. Causerants cause marketing jdrf juvenile diabetes research foundation kentucky fried chicken kfcThis picture says it all. Buy a HALF-GALLON of soda – with 800 calories from 56 spoonfuls of sugar – for $2.99 and a buck goes to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I’m actually more astonished that JDRF would sign on for such a pact.

Komen’s Cause Marketing Program Isn’t “Finger-Lickin’ Good”

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I want to love Komen’s new cause marketing partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken, Buckets for the Cure. Tags: Causerants breast cancer causes cause marketing cause-related marketing causes finger lickin kentucky fried chicken kfc komen komen for the cure partnerships

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Lessons from the KFC, Juvenile Diabetes Cause Marketing Fizzle

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It’s been an interesting week since I wrote my post on the cause marketing promotion between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. For Kentucky Fried Chicken. I wouldn’t want anyone to say the stuff I’m serving is worse than Kentucky Fried Chicken’s cause marketing. Cause Marketer's Journal cause marketing jdrf juvenile diabetes research foundation kentucky fried chicken kfc the huffington post

6-Figure Cause Marketing Grad Uses Pinups, QR Codes to Help Homeless

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Capplause Cause Marketing 101 cause marketing kentucky fried chicken kfc maggie keenan pinups qr codeI love when students put their education to good use. Maggie Keenan , a branding and cause marketing consultant in Savannah, Georgia, is a graduate of my Six Figure Cause Marketing course , which shows nonprofits and businesses how to develop and execute an effective and lucrative cause marketing program.

Why White Castle’s Cause Marketing is Better than KFC’s

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Shortly after Steve’s tweet, Estrella Rosenberg said what a lot of us must have been thinking: Estrella is referring, of course, to the Komen/Kentucky Fried Chicken Buckets for the Cure cause marketing program that has sparked outrage both online and off.

KFC, Dairy Queen Show Nonprofits How to Raise Money at the Register [VIDEO]

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Cause Practices cause marketing kentucky fried chicken kfc maggie keenan pinupsTwo weeks ago I wrote about Maggie Keenan , a graduate of my Six Figure Cause Marketing Program and happy owner of Cause Marketing for Dummies. She’s launched a pinup program with her KFC and Dairy Queen stores in southeast Georgia that’s doing very well. I’ve asked Maggie to stop by and update us in the comments section of this post.

Should My Nonprofit Start a #GivingTuesdayNow Campaign on May 5?

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A great example is the Countdown Toolkit that I created with the Kentucky Nonprofit Network. I’ve seen this question a lot lately – Should my nonprofit start a #GivingTuesdayNow campaign?

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Cause Marketing Matchmaking Freebie

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Here’s a freebie for Ball jars, which sells food preserving jars and equipment, and Grow Appalachia, which teaches the people of rural Kentucky how to grow, cook and preserve their own food. According to the website, Grow Appalachia, formed under the auspices of Berea College… a nonsectarian Christian college in Berea, Kentucky… has several pressing goals: “Basic diet-related health concerns – obesity, diabetes, heart disease."

Using Social Media in Fundraising

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Some ideas included posting photos of early ticket buyers with the reasons they were looking forward to the events, highlighting auction items as they are donated and even asking for early bids ahead of time, and asking trivia questions related to the event themes (“Wines of the World” and the Kentucky Derby). On Friday, I taught a workshop called Social Media: Your On-Ramp to Future Fundraising at the annual conference of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

Unbelievable—Komen Flunks Crisis Communciations (Again)

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Komen for the Cure, with its screw-ups in de-funding Planned Parenthood , suing other organizations with “cure” in their organizational or program names and partnering with the heart-stopping Kentucky Fried Chicken —restoring confidence and support is almost impossible. Once your organization’s reputation is seriously damaged, it’s difficult to restore trust and focus on successes.

Busted Nonprofit Brand, Part II: Anatomy of a Corporate Sponsorship Meltdown

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Komen for the Cure’s® cause partnership with with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), launched via a huge TV advertising campaign. Your feedback by May 7 please! Choosing a corporate sponsor for your nonprofit has tremendous potential to either help or harm your organization and its mission.

Transform Your Supporters into Powerful Marketers

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The University of Kentucky has put giant Facebook place icons throughout the campus to showcase its connectivity to prospective students.

Your Favorite Topics for Fall Webinars

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Jennifer Milburn, Kentucky Waterways Alliance. Thanks to the 154 nonprofits who completed our recent survey about what should go on the webinar schedule. Here are the top three webinars you selected. How to Create, Reuse, and Manage All of Your Content. This webinar has been scheduled for Thursday, November 4. Registration will open late August. Rethinking Your Newsletter Strategy. This webinar will be held Thursday, September 9. Registration will open in two weeks.

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How to Know It’s Time to Fire Your PR Group

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There are three press releases for SIGNARAMA stores in Edmonton, Alberta, Peterborough, Ontario, and Louisville, Kentucky all with exactly the same leads or first paragraphs. The most common way to activate or promote your cause marketing campaign is via public relations. If your firm has complications like multiple locations doing the same cause marketing promotion at the same time then your PR crew has a responsibility to step up their game.

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Let’s Give! The Big List of National, Local and Collegiate Online Giving Days (2016 Edition)

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APRIL – Kentucky Gives Day. Are you thinking about participating in a Giving Day? Good news! There are so many organizations that have given it a try, and YOU can learn from them (the good AND the bad). Look at their websites, donation landing pages, countdown clocks, emails, social media accounts, images, and hashtags. Do a Google News search to check out the earned media these days have achieved. Reach out to a fellow nonprofit and ask them to share their experience.

Is it a pink nightmare?

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So Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing a cause marketing promotion for the Susan Komen Foundation. You know, the one that fights breast cancer. And there are a lot of people scratching their heads about that. Some are even angry. Many are calling it a huge blunder. It’s tough to understand how greasy fast food and fighting breast cancer go together.

Are you as creative as Red Box?

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If you’re Western Kentucky University , you could have a contest of alumni hugging red towels. Yesterday, I got an email from Red Box asking me to take a picture of myself hugging a Red Box. Hugging a huge DVD dispensing box. Why haven’t I done this with my nonprofit?! This is a simple tactic of creating buzz. And it’s really easy! If you’re the World Wildlife Fund , you could have a contest of people hugging pandas.

Regal Enteratinment Reports the Results of its Cause Marketing Campain Called 'Straw Vote'

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Harland Sanders didn’t open his first Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was 65. Yesterday Regal Entertainment announced the final tally of its August Straw Vote; Boys and Girls Clubs of America garnered $97,721 and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals collected $65,692. Regal also split another $320,000 between the two causes. In the promotion, which I highlighted on August 1 , Regal donated $0.50 for each medium or large frozen fruit drink sold during the month.

10 Amazing Nonprofit Websites

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Kudos to Side by Side Kids , Miriam’s Kitchen , Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society , CASA of Travis County , The Aslan Project , Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland , Pro Mujer , Diablo Regional Arts Association , Alameda County Community Food Bank , and Autism Community Network for being wonderful examples for other nonprofits to follow! A few weeks ago I shared tips for assessing whether or not a visitor would consider your nonprofit’s website open for business.

Build Your Nonprofit Story Bank (Case Study)

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Here are some of the stories RWJF community members have shared with Meghan and team: Bringing Health Care to Rural Kentucky. Welcome to guest blogger Meghan Hurley, Special Events Intern at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a senior at Loyola University Maryland. . Congrats to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) for 40 years of persistent work to improve access to, and quality of, health care.

Help KFC Earn Its Cause Marketing Wings

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Last Friday, Joe appropriately ranted that Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest “cause marketing” promotion (we cringe to even call it that) pushing mega-jugs of soda to “support” Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was, well, chicken. In 2009, it launched Re-Freshed by KFC , a local public works program in Louisville, Kentucky that filled unsightly potholes with fresh asphalt topped with the KFC logo. Megan Strand of InCouraged.com joined me in writing this post today!

Cause Marketing for Smaller Causes and Buisnesses

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Above is a flyer with a coupon from Coit cleaning in Louisville, Kentucky and benefiting Susan G. We see evidence of big cause marketing all the time. You know, cause marketing so massive… like the Red campaign or Boxtops for Education… that it seems to create its own gravity. Plainly, when properly designed, cause marketing scales up very well, thank you very much. But what about the little guys? Does cause marketing scale down as well as up? Here’s why this is an important question.

KFC Concept Restaurant Gives a Nod to Cause Marketing for Local Causes

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The KFC eleven test store is in Louisville, Kentucky, KFC’s headquarters. KFC, a unit of Yum Brands, is testing a new quick-serve restaurant version of the fried chicken outlet and among the changes is that its cause marketing efforts will be much more local, according to Anne Fuller, senior director of development for KFC eleven. When it opens August 5, 2013, it will feature rice bowls, flatbreads, salads, KFC original recipe chicken among other items, plus sides.

October Preview

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October 26-27: I’m the featured speaker at the Kentucky Nonprofit Leadership Forum. Here’s what happening this month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide. Three Webinars. We are presenting three webinars this month. October 4 (Tomorrow): Getting Started with Email Marketing and Fundraising — an overview of all of the major best practices in email marketing and fundraising that you might be missing.

Part II: The Demographic Time Bomb


This blog comes to you from Blue Grass airport in Lexington Kentucky, where I am waiting for the next four hours for co-workers who missed our connection in Charlotte due to "mechanical" problems and there is literally NOTHING else to do at this airport.

#PROAGING: Republican Budget Realigns Medicare But Ignores Long-Term Care

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The macro-economics of aging over the next 40 years do not look great: the first Baby Boomers reached the age of Social-Security eligibility 15 months ago, but the crest of this so-called ‘Silver Tsunami’ will not come until about 2030. It will not recede for another couple of decades. The issue is not the number of people so much as the economy’s ability/preparation to deal with the number.

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Groupon’s Fumble Gives Causes Chance to Score Big

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But last year when Komen got caught in the chicken coop with Kentucky Fried Chicken suddenly nothing stuck, and, despite waves of criticism, Komen weathered the storm well.

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How my waffle got scorched – a lesson in systems

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I drove my Mom to Kentucky for a memorial service for my uncle who passed recently and on the way home, we stopped at a Waffle House for breakfast. There are lessons all around us if we’re willing to look. I’m big on creating systems in your office to make fundraising (and everything) run smoother and easier. Here’s a great experience I had a couple of days ago which reminded me of the importance of systems.

Business to Business Cause Marketing from AmpliVox

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Profits from its ‘gear’ store benefit Habitat for Humanity, local food banks in Lexington, Kentucky, veteran’s organizations and the Longhopes Donkey Shelter). Most cause marketing faces the consumer. You can imagine why. The lady who buys, say, printer paper where you work almost certainly is under the obligation to find the best price she can.

Top 10 Papers on Social Marketing for 2011

Social Marketing and Social Change

Vigorous physical activity among tweens, VERB Summer Scorecard Program, Lexington, Kentucky, 2004-2007 Evaluation of a successful community-based social marketing effort to increase physical activity among tweens. It's that time of year for retrospectives on the state of whatever. Here we offer our top 10 papers on social marketing published in 2011.

Paper 68

Calling Out a Faux Cause Marketing Pinkwasher

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Consequently you get really silly things like pink sex toys and pink-labeled watermelon and pick pocketknives and more insidious stuff like these collectible ornaments that were advertised in Sunday's Courier Journal newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky that are a clear and unambiguous case of pinkwashing. One of the infuriating things about the pink ribbon, emblematic of the fight against breast cancer, is that no one owns it in the United States.

Time for Labels and Boxtops for Education to Rebrand?

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Kentucky Fried Chicken wanted to get away from all three of its names, so it became KFC. For some time now the two big prominent label collection efforts, General Mills Boxtops for Education and the much more senior and yet smaller Label’s for Education. founded by Campbell’s. have opened their respective campaigns to non-competing brands. It’s the classic win-win. In so doing, they broaden their exposure and increase the amount of possible funds raised for schools.

The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure

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This isn’t Komen’s first branding debacle: See the Kentucky Fried Chicken incident and suing smaller charities for using “for the cure” but I’d say it’s the biggest one yet. Yesterday afternoon, and continuing into today, I believe we are witnessing the accidental rebranding of what is surely one of America’s biggest and most well-known, and even well-loved, nonprofit brands.

Cancer 220

The 2012 Social Marketing Conference: Getting Better at Doing Good

Social Marketing and Social Change

A major meeting on "getting better at doing good" will take place in Clearwater Beach, FL 15-16 June 2012. This theme for the 22nd Annual Social Marketing Conference reflects the global reality that government institutions, not-for-profit groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities and colleges and businesses are searching for better ways to improve people's health, the environment, work force development and social welfare.

For Direct Relief, Cause Marketing, Disasters are a Game

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While Komen had its misstep with Kentucky Fried Chicken , fast food chains make excellent partners for cause marketing. There’s social media, and social networking and then there’s social gaming. And they’re all growing like crazy and can be used for cause marketing.

Why Aren’t Cause Marketing Gifts Real Gifts?

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The Komen/Kentucky Fried Chicken partnership is a bad example of cause marketing. Brigid at Actually Giving doesn’t think cause marketing gifts are real gifts. &# Despite what consumers (and the product marketers) would like to believe, these transactions are simply Not Gifts.&#.

6 Cause Marketing Promotions You Can Learn From

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Please, there were many good, productive ways Kentucky Fried Chicken and Komen could have worked together. I’m always finding good examples of cause marketing on Twitter. I have a few open searches on Tweetdeck that capture most of them.

I Hate the Big Check Photo

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Putin) as equally plausible to me winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness only to come up just short at Belmont.

Cause Marketing, Selfishness Drive Consumer Giving

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Even after Komen’s misstep in 2010 with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Buckets for the Cure , the program still raised $4 million and had little ill effect on the nonprofit’s brand.

Walgreens Checks-in to Controversy with 4sq Cause Marketing

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I faced a similar reaction when I wrote here and on The Huffington Post on JDRF’s partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is a guest post from the Center of Social Impact Communication at Georgetown University. It first appeared on their blog. I’m reprinting it here with their permission because it’s an excellent case study on the trouble cause marketing can stir and how to deal with it.

Busted Nonprofit brand

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I’m hugely impressed with Nancy Schwartz’ analysis of the Komen For The Cure’s (Komen) disastrous cause marketing partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Nancy does a terrific job of both dissecting the bad idea itself and then commenting on Komen’s communications response (or more accurately, lack thereof). She calls her article a case study … and it’s that indeed. Keep it in your file. Bad things can happen to any of us!

Are You Talking To Hispanics?

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Moreover, the states with the largest percent growth in their Hispanic populations include nine where the Latino population more than doubled , including a swath in the southeast United States — Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina. Here from Pew Research is a nice wrap-up of the 2010 US Census figures as they relate to America’s Hispanic population. We all know the growth is strong — 43% over the past decade.

The Best & Worst Local Cause Marketing Programs of 2010

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Details: 50 cents of every bucket ordered by Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant operators during the promotion period went to Komen for the Cure. I combed through the Selfish Giving archives and came up with the best and worst local cause marketing programs of 2010.